how many seeds in pots

birkjarMarch 13, 2010

Hi, I am growing some ornamental grasses form seed. i was wondering how many seeds per pot. I was told to put seeds in 6" pots right from beginning. I didn't have any 6" pots yet so i put them in 4" and going to put in bigger pots later.The seeds are up about 4" tall now but there is only 1 of these 4" grass stems coming from each seed in each pot. Was going to transplant now but was thinking maybe I should put 4 or 5 of these together in a 8" pot or will each seed spread and get more bushy. The grasses i am planting are:

Ornamental Millet- purple majesty, these are 4" tall, single blade of grass.

Ornamental Millet- Jester, these are 4" tall, single blade of grass.

Ornamental grass - twisted arrow, these have just popped out and not ready to transplant yet but when time comes i will need to know if i should put more than 1 plant in bigger pot.

Ornamental grass - Pennisetum Ruppelianum, i did put 4 seeds per 4" pot but maybe should of put more. Just single blades of grass coming from each seed. these are not ready to transplant yet either. but will need to know later.

thanks anyone who could help me out here. i would really appreciate any info anyone could give me.

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I read your post with interest because I'll be starting some ornamental grasses for the first time this year too. I suggest you google your varieties to find out what their growth habit is, and have no more than one in a pot if its a specimen or clumping type. The spreading types could be grouped together to get them to fill out faster.

As I say, I'm just a beginner, so if anyone wants to correct me I won't take offense!

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i did google it but it didn't really give me info on this. it just said to plant in large pot but not how many to plant in each pot, so i just planted one in each pot. i want them to be full. so i thought maybe i should put more than 1 plant in a pot.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Gardenweb has a moderately trafficked Ornamental Grasses forum that gets some regular visits from a few who share some quite good advice.

My experience was that most ornamental grasses require a bit of patience. I've some three year old plants from seed that are just beginning to get interesting.

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

For all your varities, I would put 6-10 in a 8" pot.

Grasses are tough, you could always divide them before you get them in the ground in Spring if they get fuller by then.


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