SOS..Newly planted rose laves turning yellow

angel-faceFebruary 19, 2014

I have newly planted a own root floribunda, most likely blushing iceberg. But 2 days after potting, many of its leaves have turned yellow. Some of the buds are dropping too. We have enough warmth here in tropics even during this part of the year, so that is not the problem. I have ensured that i am not over/ under watering the plant. What else could be the reason...Remedy?????

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Sometimes when you plant a rose the roots get damaged, and cannot support the top growth, and it dies. To prevent this, I would immediately prune back your rose to maybe 12 inches high. Take off all of the blooms and buds - they will be replaced if it survives. After you have pruned it down to a small size, DO NOT feed it - just make sure it has lots of water (which it needs temporarily because of lack of roots) and good drainage - that is very important. If it survives, it will just sit there for a while (weeks) looking like it is not doing anything. It is actually growing roots under the dirt, which you cannot see. Then it will start to sprout leaf buds, and eventually flower buds, and away you go.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Transplant shock. Trim back, keep watered--and wait. In about a month, everything should look fine.


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