Chocolate Bell Peppers from seed

katkeeper36March 11, 2013

Hey everyone...I see people questioning all the time about growing Bell Peppers from seed. Alot of people seem to complain about long germination rates and looking for hints/pointers on bettering their productivity. Last year I started them along with my tomatoes and I was picking all green ones just b4 the frost here in New England. So this year I wanted an early jump on them ...

Just an FYI...i started my Bells 5 days ago. Dr. Earth potting soil in old yougurt plastic cups with holes in the bottom. 2 inch propagation dome/no lights all atop a seedling heating mat...5 days, no additional watering and 5 of the 12 have popped as of this morning.

Hope everyone has a great week...peace.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Snowbound Gardener

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Congrats on your success! I agree and usually start my peppers at least 2-3 weeks before my tomatoes since they do tend to be slow to germinate and even slower to grow.

Enjoy your peppers. :)


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Hoo Haa! Great news! 5 days is FAST. Heating is the magic ingredient.

Last year my peppers from seed were a total flop. But I'm on the right track now. I started 60 seeds (6 seeds * 10 different kinds of peppers) on 02-26-2013. 12 days into it, I have 65% to 70% germination with plants at or above soil level. That's over twice as many as I have room for in the garden (and about 40 more seeds than germinated last year). Help! It worked too good!

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Thanks, I'm only a 3rd year gardener....but I'm learning. I love experimenting with different plants and reading on others experiences. Alot of what I've read is to expect up to 21 days for germination. So I figured I'd share my story.

I've seen alot of people questioning (in this forum) the heating mats. I keep my heat in the house around 60-62 and this mat is on my kitchen table on top of a folded towel.
The mat is big enough to fit 2 full seed trays on....or one tray and a large orange cat. I would say they are TOTALLY worth the money ( so far ). Each year you use it the cost just keeps going down.

Thaks for the pos feedback...hope anything I've shared helps someone else...

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Those are the two secrets... a heating mat, plus figure out how many plants you want and plant AT LEAST twice that many seeds!

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One week after sprouting...heat mats off. T5's on 16-18 hrs a day.

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