Idyll 236 -- Autumn breezes

just_tNovember 14, 2005

The winds are blowing the last of the leaves from the trees.

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And the gutter people are nowhere to be found! The later the better as far as I'm concerned (while the rest of the leaves fall), it's just bothersome when tradespeople don't show up when they say they will! Maybe Eden will come clean my gutters. You just need a 30 foot ladder and no fear of heights :)

Taryn, thanks for updating us! Sorry it's going this way. Maybe don't call them again or they'll just figure out a way to lower your price further. If it's priced right it will sell, maybe these aren't the right people. Or perhaps seeing other houses will help them to make a decision on yours. Hugs!!!

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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

I don't know about where you are T, but where I am the winds are downright wintery...autumn would be a welcome change at this point. First frost this morning and my car had frozen solid since I washed it yesterday but was then too lazy to dry it off, it sat outside overnight, and guess temps dipped low enough to freeze - wasn't expecting that.

Taryn, I keep checking and checking hoping for goods news from you. Have you guys given any thought to listing with a full service agent? I know it is expensive but sometimes worth the extra money just for the hassle factor.

Hearing about everyone's fall garden cleanup makes me realize that I really need to get out there myself. It has been raining solidly here for 2 weeks now, this week we're supposed to get a little guess I'll be out of an excuse not to get it done.

Chelone - sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished lately.

Remind me to post before pics later...DH demolished the bathroom last weekend. We are making it larger to accommodate a large bathtub for two and a seperate walk-in shower. Plus we didn't like the colour scheme and now we can do it up to our taste :)

Gotta get back to the grindstone. Nice to see Jerri and Janie and Da and Yeona and Lisa checking in on the last thread.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Thanks guys. Cynthia currently on, searching Cambridge for 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 story houses there are 44 listed. The cheapest 2 are rentals, then there is us. One is priced about the same, one 10K more, 3 20K more, 5 30K more and the vast majority 40K or more higher. Not brand new homes either, and many with smaller square footage and lot size. We are underpriced. Older homes two streets away recently sold for $290,000 and $320,000. I think the biggest problem is that we are heading into Christmas season, along with winter, and with 4 bedrooms it is a FAMILY home, and kids are nearly half-way through the school year now. This couple sold their third home in January and have been renting since then. They told me they've looked at a LOT of houses and our's is well worth the asking price, so I don't understand the flipflop, unless it's their agent's way of bringing us down even further. We haven't phoned them since Friday, it is strictly agent to agent now. Though if nothing materializes I may phone later in the week to inquire about what happened.

Barb, our agent says the market is slowing considerably with Xmas approaching, and that having had 4 agents bring people through in 2 weeks is good. He's got one house that hasn't had ANY one come and they've been listed longer. He has been great with being available right away regarding this offer and will be getting a big bottle of his favourite poison from us when this is over. If we don't sell soon we likely won't until spring. If we go full service it will be with him. Chances are that we will sell a four bedroom in town cheaper than our sellers will sell a 7 bedroom home in the boonies. Maybe they'll extend again. I'll winter over all my pots at my next door neighbors, in case we move in winter. Just wish we knew, the waiting is the worst.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Good luck Taryn!

Well, hubby took a sick day today due to intestinal probs. The weather was so nice that I used another half day and came home to finish up cutting down perennials. He helped by picking up my messes again. We moved all the deck furniture inside since we didn't get to that yesterday. I think my coworkers were jealous b/c I keep taking half days when the weather is nice, but I work all of Xmas week when they all have off. I'd rather take my vacation during nice weather and I don't have kids with that week off.

I just ordered bulbs from Van Engelen-they are having their annual fall sale, but this year it is only 20% off. I couldn't resist a few lilies and some tulips for my annual pot for my Mom's Easter present.

Martie, your bday is the same day as Da, another Idyller.

I went to the dentist last week to get a few small 'pits' filled. It only took 15 minutes so they really must have been tiny. No novocaine needed thankfully. I go thru phases where I floss and use stimudents every day and then I don't for a few weeks. Depends on how much time I have in the morning. I hate going to the dentist b/c in my 20s I didn't go for a few years and when I finally went it was terribly painful and I had tears flowing down my face. I started asking for topical novocaine for cleanings and they complied. Lately I've stopped since it isn't painful if I floss. Also I have this thing about needing to swallow while they are working and it gets uncomfortable.

Deanne, hope you had fun at your dance lessons.

T, too funny about your daughter being the hygenist. I think I would feel more comfortable with a relative or friend cleaning my teeth. Altho, I would probably complain more about any pain.

Jerrie, don't get me started about the idiot who'd rather shoot the puppies instead of just spaying the mom. No logic for that person!

Here is a link that might be useful: Van Engelen's end of season sale list

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A good day (after the tooth cleaning) in the garden. Got the garlic patch dug out, the perrenial sweet pea with roots to China divided, the gooseberry tidied up and the creeping Charley removed, the crabapple tree trimmed so that it no longer sports a Mohawk style hairdo of water sprouts, a few ghetto plants stashed away in the veg garden, then some compost spread around. Of course there's lots more to accomplish as regards preparing roses and clematis for winter, but those are the LAST two things nescessary to complete this Fall. YES!

Yesterday DH and I tried to catch a mouse in the kitchen. What a fiasco. There are always mice in a country home, and this is the time of year they love to come inside to join us. Well, the mouse won the contest of wits. He vanished in thin air...

I found a litter box that is both large and I think I already mentioned, but the cats have not all adjusted to the entrance yet. I can wait, but I hope not for too long.

I have a new Ken Druse book to snuggle up with tonight. Seems like a wonderful way to spend the evening!

Sweet Dreams Friends!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Another nice day here but I think that's the end of the nice weather - rain and cooler/cold temperatures in the forecast for the next few days. We rearranged the end of the south alley paths this afternoon and it looks much better plus the paths now run where my feet want to go - but I sure wish I had got it right the first time! My tendontitis is killing me tonight - too much yardwork the past three days!

Chelone - the mantel sounds like a nice finishing touch. Somehow the narrow profile of the fireplace (or is it a stove...?) and the color reminded me of pictures I've seen of European ceramic stoves for some reason - very unusual and attractive. Next picture, can you take a close-up of the fireplace/stove? - it sounded unusual too and I like things that are different. A friend had one of those free-standing gas fireplaces by Vermont Castings that looks like a stove. It was a nice mid-green and they had it in the corner of the room with a royal blue ceramic tile surround that had William Morris reproduction decorative tiles at chair rail height that had the same green as the fireplace and the blue of the surround tiles - all very striking. I should have done something more unusal like yours or Pam's when we did ours here but I was lacking in inspiration at the time!

Taryn - hopefully something positive will happen soon on the house deal! How's your DH holding up? Mine would be climbing the walls with anxiety by now in that sort of situation!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Dance class was really really fun! I have to learn to follow! Jeesh...

Sue have a great time tomorrow.

Monique, Hope Les is feeling better. Sounds like you got a lot done today.

Taryn, bummer... Rats, I was really hoping you had positive news.

Marian, what a drag your warranty was up on your glasses. Thats a pain. Thank heavens you didn't get in an accident.

Bug, so you are almost done your fall cleanup? wonderful. I'm not even close yet.

Did anyone notice the gorgeous full moon tonight? Well I decided to take my scope out of mothballs today

Nite all,

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Martie, congrats on the new job! Hope it turns out to be as wonderful as it sounds!

Yes Marie, it is the time for mice. Gumbo and Draque had much fun with one poor 'lil bugger a few weeks ago, until Glenn put an end to it. I feel like "the mouse" about now!

Monique, sounds like you and Les are nearly done with fall cleanup. Good for you! I've got what I HAVE to do done, but want to cut back and tidy some more. Supposed to be rainy tomorrow then high prob of flurries Wed to Friday so I may have missed the boat on that. Always spring, and maybe someone elses tasks by then. I DO need to sort pots in the GH still, but can always fire up the natural gas furnace and do that in relative comfort at any time.

Woody, Glenn is pessimistic by nature and this is driving him bananas. I'm trying to tell him that it will work out how it's supposed to and try to go with the flow, but it's very stressful, and he handles it worse than I do. Not that I feel like a Zen Goddess at the moment, but I'm trying to look big picture and stay distracted.

BTW, meant to say before that " Chances are that we will sell a four bedroom in town FASTER (not cheaper though that's probably true too) than our sellers will sell a 7 bedroom home in the boonies." Meaning I am hopeful if it takes a while to sell this place, that one will likely still be available. I don't know how they sleep at night carrying two mortgages, and sure wish we could end this to everyone's benefit soon...All three kids have Glenn's cold now, oh yay. But in the glass half full mode, I DON'T!

Thanks again everyone!


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Gorgeous moon Deanne. I can't follow in dance class worth a bean. I'm hilarious to watch with my two lefties. Tai Chi is going great though.

Martie congratulations on your new job. I'm sure it will be just right for you. Did you have to give notice at the old job, or did you just leave?

Marian, sorry the glasses weren't covered anymore. When my glasses broke I tied the two ends together with fishing wire. No one noticed unless they looked closely. I hope you aren't too uncomfortable in the wallyworld frames.

I hate going to the dentist due to the pain. I also can't have mercury fillings or get it removed due to the poisoning potential for my kidneys, and I can't have many fluoride treatments either for the same reason. I walk a fishing line fine thread with my health stuff sometimes. When people talk of drinking tea, coffee, and merlot and eating cake and cookies I get real envy. I try not to but I do!

Hi everyone else. I'm off to sleep as it's 12:45 and I'm beat.


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So Deanne... slow, slow, quick-quick... did you start with the basic box or did you begin with the travel? :) One of the very hardest things about learning to dance is allowing the man the time required to learn to lead. Universally, they are hesitant to really "muckle on to you" and push and direct you. Once it clicks you're really ready to roll. You're making me think it might be time for us to get back to that. How fun.

The moon was lovely last night, and your picture of it is startling in its detail. I watched it rise from one of the fairways on the golf course. I believe the course is officially closed now; they were using that rig that pops little plugs out of the fairways, the flags were off the putting greens, and the markers for the tees were gone. The entirety of that lovely place now belongs entirely to Rex and me.

I've lined up Friday as the day I will do the glazing on the south wall. It takes a fair piece of time to do it because I have to work in smallish sections to maintain a wet edge. The key to success in the process is to have everything ready to go; gloves, steelwool pads, bags for saturated pads, plenty of glaze, and thinner for touch ups. OH, and have everything taped. I'll put some pictures up as the process moves along. And a close up of the stove for Woody. It's our "first major appliance" and holds great sentimental value for us. We knew we wanted a woodstove and I had my heart set on one of the enamel stoves by Vermont Castings. The helpmeet was unimpressed when we went stove hunting, still thinking we should get one out of the classifieds. We went into the 2nd or 3rd store and he spied our stove, "Now THAT'S a nice stove". I had to agree, but it was a lot more money than we'd budgeted. We took a brochure home with us and determined we would simply pick up some extra work and buy it when we had the dough. I came home from work a few days before Christmas (our first Christmas in this house) and it was in a box on the trailer; he'd gone to the factory to pick it up. He and his brother installed it the next day and we lit our first fire in it on Christmas Eve 1991. In all that time the hearth and chimney has remained unfinished and this year I want it DONE. I'm tired of looking at the pretty stove sitting in front of a cement block chimney. I hope the stone guys don't "shelf" my itty-bitty mantel until after Christmas...

My next worry is getting the slip seats done and getting the chairs back!

I'm rattling and have to get going, I wish it was Friday already.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Rain here and a gloomy fall day.
Indoors, more painting, this time the basement windows, final coat I hope.
If it clears up at all, I'd like to spread compost on the hellebore garden.
Couldn't see the moon here last night, but I did watch it for several nights before that. Venus too was very bright.
The hunters are still about and so Charlotte is especially well supervised these days.
Off to start the day in my very grubby paint attire.

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A true November morning here in CT. It cannot possibly dampen my mood, however!! Watched the moon rise yesterday and realized that after the Next full moon, will be the Winter Solstice!!!

Love the idea that my b-day coincides with other folks. Da -- particularly love the idea that a share a b-day with someone so creative!!!

Outside gardening has now officially wound down and will be tied up this weekend. I have to stop putzing. Kids wanted to know why I was building mountains at the bottom of roses. Today will go find some more inside pity plants to play with. Also got the tools out from under the bed and to the basement. (DH relented a few more square feet :-)

Chelone: Was telling a friend about your mantle idea. She's been in the market for a long time and yesterday went to a granite countertop place and found a perfect remnant piece, with enough left over that she can do a piece on the floor in front of the stove to match. She thanks you long distance :-))) (She'd been stuck on wood.)

Yeona: I'll be "leaving" my current job this afternoon, only after two long-standing appointments that could turn into a few extra $$. This is definitely a "cut my losses" departure but I earned the appts and am not going to hand them over to my unscrupulous manager without one last shot at closing. Can't imagine them wanting me to work out the week.

Deanne: Have fun with the dancing!! How'd you get DH to go?

On to my day -- a fun marketing project (private contract) for a good attorney friend and then on the road. Then, home to roast pork with apples and onions. Umm Have a Great One, Everyone!!


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I woke up to a cold, wet and gloomy November morning. It's supposed to get colder as the week goes on too so I'm worried about the banana that I haven't winterized yet. This morning I'm definitely thinking I need to get on a workout schedule and get in better shape. I'm so stiff and sore and I know I'll be dragging all day. I think I did too much yesterday but am glad it's mostly done. Oh, and I hunted down the hulled sunflower seeds. They aren't readily available around here in large quantities though. Just small 3 lb. bags. I did find a place that sold them in 20 lb. bags but it's about 30 minutes away. Anyway I drove out there last night and picked up 2 bags. I think they will be so much better. No more cleaning up and raking under the birdfeeder on cold winter days!

Martie, congrats on the new job. Sounds like a winner to me.

Deanne, what a beautiful moon shot that is! I can just picture you and Doug dancing, how cool that you're taking lessons. I know you'll really enjoy them. What fun!

Monique, tell Les to feel better. You didn't make him work in the garden while he was feeling sick did ya?

Taryn, still hoping the deal works out for you or a better one comes along real soon.

Chelone, can't wait to see the finished projects around your house...

Sue, hope you have a fun field trip, lol. Have you winterized your m.basjoo yet?

Cynthia, I can send Brad to do the gutters . He's the one that got up on the roof here. I'm not a height person but he has to climb alot at work so he's used to working up high. He'd be fine with doing yours.

I'd better get up and move around while I still can. Maybe once Bella gets here and I start hauling her around I'll start to limber up. TTYL, Eden

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I don't feel so bad now. Brad just got up and he's just as stiff and sore as me and he's at the health club most every day either working out or playing racquetball. I guess he just used different muscles helping me garden yesterday. He says it's from all the bending from picking up leaves and putting them in the shredder. I say he's just getting OLD!


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Autumn Breezes move cloud shadows across our valley. We are below in center of photo in between the trees. Only top of white chimney visible. Lots of leaves to move. This morning 60 degrees, windy, had thunder and rain during the night. More photos on our fall album. EP

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Cool & rainy here, too cool for the thin raincoat I ran out to school in! Little extra time today, have to run a work errand before hitting the highway. Teacher conference this afternoon with DS's teacher. I respect teachers so much, I don't think I could do what they do. Many parents at the school are critical of the teachers, but my feeling is that they went to school to learn to be educators and I did not, so I respect their expertise. DS retains his enthusiasm for school despite his learning difficulties, so the teachers must be doing it right.

I dislike the dentist also, after having impacted wisdom teeth removed while I was semi-awake. I can still hear the creaking sound those buggers made during removal. Shudder! After that, I couldn't stand the thought of anyone "going into my mouth", so I skipped cleanings for a few years until DH gently persuaded me to return. He made an appointment for me, forewarned them that I was nervous, and even drove me there and waited for me. After that I have learned to go every 6 months - it is easier to make it a habit, and I don't dread it so much any more. I even drive myself there now!

Janie, that Holly is adorable!

Jerri, your Jazzy is awfully cute too. Congrats on the 12 pounds too.

Deanne, my sympathies on the cable box. My DD even knows more about the cable TV than I do. My DH takes care of all the electronic stuff around here. He leaves the computer and the programmable thermostat to me for some reason though. That moon picture is beautiful! How did you get so close? Do you have a telescope or a rocket ship?? It is the beaver moon, so-called because now is the time to set the beaver traps before the water freezes over. No, we are not trapping beaver here in suburbia, I heard it on the radio!

Monique, hope Les is feeling better today.

Martie, so glad you found a new job. Will you be travelling as much as before, or even more?

Taryn, I'm glad you said that it will all work out as it is supposed to, because I've been wanting to say that to you, but not knowing you well I wasn't sure how you would take it. There really is a reason for everything, even though we have trouble seeing it that way at the time. You are more of a Zen Goddess than you think! Still sending good thoughts in your direction.

Marie, where were your cats during the mouse fiasco? I thought that was their job to catch the mice! I love Ken Druse, what book are you reading? I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at the flower show a few years ago, he was a riot. He said that he and his gardening buddies called themselves "Plantasexuals". He autographed my shade garden book for me.

EP, that picture is wonderful - what a view! I'll try to carry that sunny image with me as I slog through the rain today.

Have to run, duty calls. Enjoy the day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning,

I'm late getting going this morning. Weather is pretty gloomy here but still warm enough for me to finish cleaning out the garage. As soon as Doug gets his stuff cleaned up in the basement I'll be able to start getting this stuff downstairs.

Yeona, thanks! ~~LOL about dancing. I'm surprised that you can do Tai Chi but have trouble dancing.~~ I get the food envy when people talk about a lot of yummy stuff like pizza and Mexican food that I just can't eat anymore. Too many fat grams and calories.

Sue, you know that cutting of the variegated brug? Well it has a bud that is opening to a flower under the lights. I'm waiting to see if it actually opens.

Chelone, yep, slow, slow, quick-quick. LOL Basic box. I didn't realize that I had to go backwards in high heels for an hour! Jeesh! I walk forward in the shoes just fine but backwards for an hour doing something totally new was a challenge. Lower, sturdier shoes next week. Doug did REALLY well for never having had a dance class before and we both had a great time. The instructor gave us a 'lead/follow' exercise to do with arms at frame width but only touching fingertips, I have to close my eyes and follow what he is going to do by the change of pressure on our finger tips. You have to stay 'in frame' to make it work and really pay attention to following. I'm not very good at it yet but the instructor did take me for a few steps and I see what it is about. You are right the guy has to 'muckle' on and push you around. ~~ Thanks! so glad you like the moon photograph. I actually got a pic of Venus but it is just a blur. My scope just isn't powerful enough to get a shot of the planets.

Eden, sorry you are sore this morning but working out might not have saved you from that. It is true that no matter how much we work out when we do something new it does use the muscles differently. ~~ Gloomy and colder here today also ~~ Glad you like the moon photo. One of these years I'm going to do a series of the phases. That would be fun to do but you'd need a stretch of clear weather.~~ You are so going to love those hulled sunflower seeds. I'm telling you, there will be no going back now! LOL It really is so convenient not to have all that mess to pick up. I also think it is better for the birds not to have all that material about that can carry avian diseases.

Wendy, I'm an 'Icon Queen' when it comes to the computer. And forget about figuring out how to tape a TV program. Doug likes to tell people that I"m not very mechanical. I can use a hammer and screwdriver but forget about loading softwared on the computer. I think it is a need to know thing. I don't need to know this stuff yet. LOL~~ LOL about a rocket ship... I use a Zeiss spotting scope that is used for birding then attach a digital camera to take photographs through the scope. I use this set-up for doing my bird photography. Lots of fun but very time consuming and I don't normally do any bird photos during garden season.

EP, what a lovely photo! You are certainly in a beautiful location. Thanks for sharing with us.

Martie, Doug and I had such a great time dancing at his class reunion in September we both wanted to start classes. I didn't even have to drag him. He was a willing participant. I was amazed!

OK this wasn't quick at all and I've got to get to the gym.
Have a great day all,

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Deanne, gorgeous shot of the moon!

I took my photo down already just because I wasn't sure if it was okay to use a cartoon that was probably copyrighted. I know nothing about copyrights & using things without permission.

EP, what a lovely autumn photo!

I'd better get back to the is a frosty 29 degrees here this morning. The grass looks silvery, the elk (8 of them) were just in the upper backyard (on the new grass), the sky is a pretty blue with jet trails criss crossing all over it. A very pretty day but also a nice on to spend indoors with a cup of something warm.

I've finished reading My Sister's Keeper and would be happy to send it to anyone who would like to read it.


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

chilly and wet here too...started just as I was leaving work last night ...and the weatherperson predicted it WOULD! egads, are they getting better at the forecasts? LOL

Been spending lots of time with Holly trying to find out her little quirks...suspecting lots though... (She hides if I have a newspaper in my hand). She misses the kids when they are at school and will stand by the window and wait for over an hour. Don't leave anything foodish on the counter or it'll be gone..LOL. I am trying to get her to go potty in a certain spot rather than in the gardens...I stood out in the rain for about an hour total today .
Neither of us old dogs can be taught anything...LOL.

BUT - she is sweet and very much loved here...with a new collar that only goes on her when she needs to go outside (at least until the spot on her throat heals up)

She appreciated all the well-wishes

Taryn - don't get too frustrated..I know this will happen!

time for a potty lesson !

Waving hi to all!!!See ya

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What a quiet day on the list!

I received a request for the book so it will be mailed out this week.

Janie, hope Holly understands about the potty spot soon. :o)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here it is the cats having potty lessons. The door on the covered box is frightening it seems. Perhaps we need three separate boxes? Oh nooooo!

Well the window painting is finished. Should be dry enough to re-install tonight. No, I did not paint the hinges for those of you who are fastidious!

I also managed to empty a wheelbarrow of compost, but the rain was getting mighty serious and Charlotte and I ran indoors and didn't spread the pretty black earth as we should have.

Inside, I made some cookies. Today is DH's busy day with voice lesson and hockey added on to his work load, so I think he will enjoy them. They are simple to make using few but rich ingredients. (butter, sugar, walnuts, flour, vanilla and Icing sugar- which is confectioner's sugar in the USA) Why is DH so slim? He loves cream in his coffee, ice cream with nuts every night at the computer...etc.

Yesterday I received email from our friend Sam in Nigeria. It has been months and I was worried that we had lost touch with our last contact of those years of our lives. It seems that computer connections are just impossible there, that his account keeps vanishing because he is unable to make a connection for months on end. I hope he will send me his snail mail address which is now more reliable than email. This is so awfully sad for a country which was Africa's greatest hope several decades ago. I can hardly stand to think about it.

No news from DS in Cairo. I was hoping... This is going to be a long wait for me!

We think that friends will give us their old aquarium for our "baby" turtle. He has grown so big this summer and fall that he can hardly swim in his present home. I sure hope s/he is released this coming spring! I refuse to give it my bathtub.


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EP, that's a lovely picture... the panorama is very different from the countryside here. (But you know that).

A shock collar and a fear of newspapers, Janie?! it would appear her former jailers knew nothing about the canine persuasion... . What they need and WANT is a "job", to know what to do to please you. You get a lot farther with them when you "spell it right out" and encourage the behaviors you LIKE/WANT, and correct the behaviors you don't. Poor thing! Holly is going to have a hard time with "correction" since she's never experienced it administered properly. Take an obedience class! works WONDERS for a dog's confidence and really gives YOU insight into how their little pea-brains work. (I hate dogs)

It was a cold, raw day here in Maine, too. A mere harbinger of what lies ahead, I'm afraid. It was unfulfilling in the shop, too. Replaced zipper pulls on 4 cushions. Cleaned and organized the big work table. Cleaned, polished, and went carefully over 4 curtains for our biggest commercial account (will do 4 more tomorrow morning), then did a layout for a series of 4 large curtains to enclose a porch on an ocean front home. YAWN.

The chairs will be finished tomorrow, I will collect them on Friday AFTER wall glazing. I went to the upholsterer, showed him my book and one of the slip seats. I left with the burlap, "decking", and cambric required to accomplish the job. I flipped him a $20 and he got all "stupid" about getting change. "Relax! double your money... fold it in half and put in your back pocket, you have the accounts with the suppliers and you should be paid full retail. I don't have a problem with that." Jeez, the way I see it, he was doing ME the favor... .

Another good exercise for leading and following when learning to dance is for the LADY to lead the man... I was shocked at how hard it was when we tried that one, Deanne. How long is your class going to run? and what dances will you be learning (foxtrot, waltz, jitterbug, cha-cha)? Be sure to practice in between classes, too. I'm serious; you will be AMAZED at what a difference 15-20 minutes every day will make. It really does ram the step sequences into your head. The best part about the foxtrot and the waltz is that you get to "travel", circle the dance floor... I love to really step out and "cruise" at a foxtrot. And I LOVE to waltz; the helpmeet's long legs and my own long stride allow us to cover some ground effortlessly. We need to dance more!

'bug, I'm not sure I like the idea of covered catboxes... the theory is great, but it makes it too much like one of the dreadful chemical toilets none of US like to use. I have this phobia of being in one of them and having some joker tip the sucker over, DOOR DOWN. (I know, that's really weird).

Martie, I'm glad your friend was able to solve her mantel problem so easily. You really do learn the strangest things on internet sites, huh? it's just fun to see what other people are up to and thinking about.

I made my second to last IRA contribution today. I'm feeling very virtuous, and oh-so-grown-up... (say it ain't so!).

House... Taryn... hope it comes through...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's cold, gray and rainy here and the s word is in the forecast for tonight. I have two meetings on the calendar and I think I will skip BOTH and stay inside tonight. Sounds fair, right?

Not much news here so I'll keep it short and get a little more work done.



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I am renaming my part of this thread. Cold, snowy, windy and nasty here.

Deanne, what a fabulous picture of the moon. Rick and I took dance lessons about 10 years ago. I decided that I am not very cordinated ;oD

All the talk about dentists reminds me of the dentist that I went to as a child, his name was Dr. Scary pronounced like the scar that you would get on a cut. Of course thats not what us kids called him.

I've lived on the farm for 9 years and only had 3 mice in the house. All one year. We do have a newer basement and the house has been totally gutted and remodeled and so is pretty tight.

Taryn, I'm wishing the best to happen for you.

EP, what a lovely view.

Stay warm

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A very cold, dark, dreary afternoon here. I've only been able to stand being outside for a couple hours and had to come in because my hands hurt they were so cold.

Cynthia, I understand why you just leave your cannas in the pots. Holy moly and a plethora of expletives deleted, those stupid things need a chain saw to get out of the pots. I just decanted the container garden that had the only 'City of Portland' canna I wound up with. That also had my large iresine that I also wrestled out of that pot. I hacked the daylights out of the iresine and cleaned it up really well and it is now tucked under the lights with my other experiments. If it lives great and if not I've got cuttings going. I wonder what happened to my just let it all go with the frost attitude I used to have.

Bug, Oh no on the litter box woes. I'd definitely not be happy having to clean up three boxes. ~~ Just how big is this turtle these days?~~I can't imagine your DH creams his coffee, and eats ice cream with nuts every night and stays slim. Not fair, not fair, not fair. ~~ Funny you made cookies today also. I did too although my version is very low fat and healthy. LOL speaking of which,

Woody, I've gotten this recipe to where I'm happy with it. I think you are going to like these, they are somewhere between an oatmeal cookie and a granola bar..

5 Grain Cookies

3 Cups uncoked 5 Grain Cereal (Or you can substitute uncooked oatmeal)
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup skim milk
1 cup honey or maple syrup or I use 1 cup Splenda
(If you use the honey or maple syrup you will have to adjust the amount of milk down)
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup unsweetened applesauce
3/4 cup Eggbeaters
3/4 cup chopped almonds
3/4 cup golden raisins

Heat oven to 375F. Lightly coat cookie sheet with vegetable oil. I use cooking spray. Combine dry ingredients and mix well.

Mix Eggbeaters, skim milk, vanilla and applesauce. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients mixing thoroughly then stir in raisins and nuts.

Place rounded spoonsful of blended ingredients onto cookie sheet. Bake approximately 10 minutes. Makes 50 cookies.

If you make these with the splenda instead of the honey these are 52 calories per cookie, have 1g of fat, (no saturated fat) 9 carbs, and 2g of protein, 2g fiber. The only sugar in the cookie are the natural sugars from the unsweetened applesauce and from the raisins.

Jane, Holly sounds like she is going to fit in really well with your family. You've got to love a dog that misses the children when they are in school.

T, thanks! Glad you liked the moon shot. (I crack myself up every time I say that. LOL)

Chelone, so far we are just signed up for six weeks. Haven't yet decided what other dances we will tackle in that time frame. I guess it depends on how quickly we learn the foxtrot. LOL We already practiced last night when we got home. Decided if we didn't remember how to do the turn we'd forget and practice it wrong all week. Anyway, we are committed to learning this and it really was just so much fun to get out together and do something totally different.

V. so it is nasty cold and raining there too? Must be a conspiracy.

OK DD just showed up with my two new 'Grand Cats'. I'll try to get a couple photos.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Just call us the mouse house. We've been INVADED! I've never had such brazen, in your face, on the counter, mice! I hate mice! The kitchen reeks of bleach and detergent, the suggested method of cleaning up after mice. We've got every trap out and both cats are catching them like mad. So far it's 10 down and a million to go it seems. It is cold and very wet here, but this invasion is unprecedented. It's time to consider poison baited traps, which I hate, too. Chelone, at least dogs can be trained! I hate mice!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

These guys are not on the job. In fact, we found a dead mouse in the basement this morning and the cats have not even been there yet since I painted it. Lazy guys!

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Just checking in to see what's going on with all of you. Nothing's going on here today. My big accomplishment for the day was doing a few loads of laundry. The weather hasn't improved throughout the day. We've had a steady light rain and it's raw and cold. Things are predicted to deteriorate this evening with thunderstorms, possible tornado warnings and the the darned wind is supposed to pick up again after midnight. The house behind us and the shack (can't justify calling that place a house)nextdoor both lost large parts of trees in the winds last Sunday. High winds worry me. We've never had a mouse in the house but my neighbor saw one in her house last week. Must be a banner year for them. Stay warm and dry everyone, Eden

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Nasty cold and wet here today and not looking much better in the 5-day forecast!

Deanne - tomorrow looks like a good day to try that recipe! I'll probably make the low fat plum pudding again too to age for Christmas - we ate the one we made a few weeks ago...

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DH is practicing drums which gives me seed purusing time before dinner. I'm liking the looks of Bright Lights Chard as a container plant and think I better stop, now.

Breeeeeeathe in aaaaaaand out.

Managed to peacefully and ethically make two sales today, then resign my position with an Agent's agreement (I get paid). Told owner at 8am that I was going to resign at noon and had two appts first. "Don't let *$$^*(sales manager) know but good luck." Glad that's over.

Had another 100 bulbs delivered today by kid I must have paid with cash -- no record on my end. Yippee!! He had heard about the other two digging and waited to come until it was raining. No Such Luck. He's coming back on Thursday :-)

Deanne and all other dancers -- I have always wanted to dance in some sort of elegant fashion but am just too short. My legs can't keep up with anyone over 5'10" which eliminates DH and any of my brothers. Keep the reports coming!!! Between this and horses: vicarious living at its best!

My mind is mush and I need to make quick call to *new* boss. Thanks, 'bug, for the cat snoozing pics. Rest .... Hope all is continuing well for everyone.

FIVE DAYS OFF!!!!!!!!!! Greenhouse trip, anyone, even cyberly?????


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Skimming quickly - 'mouse' caught my eye. Audreyhepburn Alloneword has been racing into the cellar at every opportunity. And animals are not allowed in cellar. Too dangerous. But she is busy down there and I've not set mouse traps yet so not as dangerous as it could be. Tonight, I went down to move laundry and she had left a dead one at entrance to laundry room, and a dead one at entrance to a narrow storage area. Good girl Audrey!!!

Mouse Woman:

Yeonna, I know you will think carefully about using poison with the kits around. Even if they can't get into it, they could find a dead or half dead one and be poisoned too. How awful they are in your kitchen. I've had an ocassional one in the main house, and they seem to climb up the dishwasher pipes to get access. Maybe some foam sealant where they may be getting in?

Wonderful moon picture Deanne. You have not been treating us with pictures lately, so this one is especially appreciated!

And EP, your views are so peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

Martie you move fast! Hope you enjoy your new job.

Hi Metoo you beautiful kitty you.

Holly, keep practicing.

I know I've forgotten lots. Remember, I just skimmed.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!
I'm still not all caught up reading, but did want to do a quick post and say howdy. We didn't get blown away in the tornadoes. That was in Evansville, which is quite a way south of us. Sounds like there was more of the same this evening in several areas. Couldn't get over the one hitting Evansville in the middle of the night, though. What a horror it must have been to be living in the trailer park that got hit.
Crops are all harvested. It was quite a marathon, but we finished pretty early. Now, I can turn my full attention to Thanksgiving dinner. Have a lot to do before them...starting with a big trip to the grocery store. There are around 50 of us when we all get together, so it takes some planning. I do the turkey, pies, dipped chocolates and am thinking of making pickled beets and eggs.
Will sign off for now...

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Have you seen this on the comments and suggestions forum?


At this time, we will no longer be accepting new contributing memberships until further notice and currently plan to open any closed forums to all visitors in the coming weeks. While contributing memberships are non refundable, we intend to extend the majority of the terms of all current contributing members for a calendar year, which would include offering the same advertising-reduced board pages for existing contributing members.

Joshua Mack
VP Gardenweb

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm going with Michelle's revised heading because her nasty weather is blowing in this way. Yes, the winds are howling again and the rain has been non-stop almost all day. But I'm not complaining about the rain part since it's good for the bulbs and shrubs I've planted. Snow is supposed to come in later tonight.

So I get home from work and just clean up the first doggie disaster (Mystic wet in his kennel but I know this one truly was my fault) and the power goes out. Mind you, this is before the winds really start to howl. So we bump around in the dark, light some candles and decide that if it's not back on by 6:15 pm DD and I are going out to eat. Then DH calls from Texas and tells me I can cook dinner on the gas grill using the side burner. "But sweetie, it's POURING RAIN outside!" she wails, knowing he is currently driving to dinner at a very nice restaurant... Well, 2 minutes before we were going to depart, the power returned and we had a nice litte dinner cooked indoors. :-O

DH did not like the fact that Sunrise was sleeping on DS's unused bed during the day when everyone was gone, so he closed the bedroom door to keep the dog out. Today I noticed that the loveseat is covered with yellow dog hair. Guess where Sunrise is sleeping now? You know, the bedsheets were really easy to strip and wash, but the fabric on the loveseat is the kind that really grabs hold of dog hair. The loveseat itself is in bad shape so it's not worth getting a slip cover. Sigh - I hate husbands, umh, I mean dogs!

Martie, congrats on the new job!

I'm getting the feeling I should post this before I lose power again. The wind is quite fierce tonight. Hope everyone stays warm tonight!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, Well I grabbed a few pics of the new
'Grand Kitties'. What a couple of cute boys.
Believe it or not these are kittens. This guy is three months old and has the most amazing curiosity and attitude.

This guy is a month younger than the other and is very shy.

What a cutie

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What a treat tonight to see all the kitty pictures. I just keep going back and looking at them. What great personalities they all have. It's been pouring rain here for hours. They did cancel the tornado watch a little while ago so that's good news. Now if we can just survive the winds that we're supposed to get later tonight and tomorrow and an inch of snow tomorrow night. And this is just the beginning of all the winter weather to come. I love winter as much as Chelone hates dogs. Now me, I hate cats.


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It took me 2 hours to get home from work (normally 45 min.) I have never in the 9 years I've been commuting had such a horrible ride home. There were white outs where I had to stop in the middle of the road. Fortunately the cars that were following me were creeping also. At one point I sat at what I thought was the side of the road and couldn't see even the side and thought I can't go anymore. I cried. Rick started out from home with the 4WD pickup with fog lights and the higher position for better visiblity. He met me 4 mi. from home. There was a car in the ditch and one behind me. The one behind was our neighbor who had went to meet his wife. While he was following her she went in the ditch. The car in the ditch was a gal from our church. We took her home with us. Her DH did come and get her. I told her just to stay over. When he came it seemed clearer but I just talked to him and he said it picked up again on their way home.
I was so worked up when I got home. I had a glass of wine to calm me.

Cynthia's Audrey looks like my Georgia and Deanne's G-cat with all the ear hair looks like one we used to have called Mo. Such a cutie.

I got a garden magazine in the mail, so I think I'll try to relax with that.

Trying to stay warm


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Michelle what a night you had! Sorry you and your neighbors had to go through that. Hope it is not an omen for winter weather to come. Hope the wine helped. Sleepy tea for me. Hope it works tonight.

Love all the kittie pics, moon pics and EP's valley in autumn.


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((Michelle)) That sounded terrible: (! Glad you're Ok Eden; ) I've had thought of all the idylls affected by the turbulent weather. Hold on and tomorrow is hopefully better.


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Michelle, I'm so glad you made it home safely. Nothng more stressful than driving in that kind of weather. I'd have been crying too!

Babs, HI! Where've you been? I bet your weather wasn't so great today either?

I don't know why I'm still up. I was watching a presentation by Allan Armitage that ended up lasting about an hour. Here's the link if anyone's interested and has an hour to kill. Grab a glass of wine first.

I'm off to bed. G'nite.


Here is a link that might be useful: Allan Armitage Presentation

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Oh Michelle! So glad you are okay.

Neat kitty pictures everyone!

I hope Sue had a nice day.

Babs, so GOOD to see you!!

night all...

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I've got the "slows" this morning; overslept by 10 minutes after a night of VERY strange dreams. Everytime I tried to stir I was thoroughly pinned down by cats (Spencer under my chin and Vera pressed close behind my knees).

I've been stuck in a white out once. It was on the highway in Pennsylvania and it was really frightening. I wonder if they occur more in areas where the wind can really whip over long, open spaces? because even when we get a real nor'easter there isn't complete loss of visibility. Good that you kept your cool and are home safe now.

What do you make of the comment on the suggestion board? are we about to witness the decline and fall? That would make me very sad.

Brenda, I can't even FEATURE having 50 people at a holiday gathering! I can well believe it takes some planning, lol... sounds like nothing short of staging a wholescale invasion... . What do you do about china and silverware? and do you make the "chillun" do the dishes? It must be a relief to get all the crops harvested; no wonder they used to have parties to celebrate it.

Cat pictures are great; I was looking at some "baby" pictures of our crew the other day. It's hard to believe they were ever so tiny; I even have one of their first kill... a vole. I found one of Spencer curled up with Mum that was absolutely precious.

I hope my boss doesn't bring her two little dogs to work today (she was hinting at it) and I said, "great, I'll bring Rex, too". She has 2 Rat terriers; neat little dogs but completely untrained and predictably uncontrollable. They are disruptive (explosive fits of barking) and they jump on everyone. I don't care that they weigh 15 lbs., I don't like being jumped on. And I have refused to be responsible for them when she is out of the shop; one is more timid and I worry he will try to bite someone. Sad thing is, they're so smart they could be trained in about a week with some commitment. It could be a long day, or a short one depending on how I feel when I get there, lol.

Can't postpone the departure any longer.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Man, it is 6am and Chelone has already left for work. I could NOT deal with such long days!
Last night was horrid weather here too, with high winds (AGAIN) and the gutters overflowing onto my favourite clematis plant...the one that cannot ever be replaced. I think the chipmunks have built nests in the downspouts and major cleaning out needs to be done....if the rain/snow ever ends.
DH enjoyed his hockey game and his team won last night. I certainly did not brave the elements and go watch an 11pm game.
All the talk of white-outs... In the abstract they are intriguing, but terribly frightening when personally involved. You can have some terrible multi car pile ups in those conditions.
Yesterday was a lovely day for cat photos here. I wonder what Wednesday will bring us?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Wednesday has brought a very thin layer of white this morning. Michelle, your drive home sounds awful; I'm glad it turned out okay in the end.


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((((Michelle))))) I know the feeling. ((((everyone else))) living with impending warnings and watches.

Yes, Cynthia, I do move fast. Kindergarten teacher simply wrote "fuss budget" on my report card. Some things don't change :-)

Drizzly here with rain expected but in the 60's. Winter can wait .... Found a crocus blooming that I didn't plant. Am taking it as a good sign of things to come.

Love the pics of cats. They are so calming even in cyberland.

Should be a very laid-back day. Do need to get some window rods to put up quickly-made living room drapes (better than nothing at this point) and get books organized. Yes, we've been here for more than a year but some things got put on Way-Hold. Also will be spending some quality time with catalogs (Eden, you are a baaaaad influence) :O

See you all later!


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Good morning

Glad all the Idylls are safe. All is well here with work, home, family, pets, Cubs, Girl Scouts, music lessons, parent conferences etc. etc. Computer time has been in short supply but I hope to get back at the weekend as I've missed talking with everyone.

DH tried to fly to LA yesterday via Chicago. He left at 2.30PM for the airport. At close to 8PM they still hadn't left due to bad weather. His annual job evaluation is today (in LA). As DH didn't come home again I'm hoping he made it part way at least and can find an early flight this morning.

We will have some wild eather today. Its 70F right now but will fall to the low 30s with snow tonight and high winds. I have a feeling all the leaves I raked at the weekend will be blown back onto the lawn along with many of our nieghbors (we pile them by the curb and the town sends a large vacuum truck to suck them all up). Good upper arm exercise I suppose but I think some of my fall clean up will turn into spring chores.

I'm very excited as a book I've been dying to read and have been on a hold list at the library since August finally came up. It's The Historian by Elizabeth Kostov. I heard her interviewd on NPR and she and the book sound fascinating. Its 620 pages long so should be perfect for evenings by the fire.

Fabulous kitties everyone.

Welcome to Holly.

Taryn - I keep thinking of you and the house. (((Hugs)))

Hi to everyone - it was especially nice to see posts from a few we haven't heard from in a while.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning to all,

Michelle, OMG! Your drive home last night sounds like a nightmare. So very sorry!!! I had a commute like that one time where I was trying to get home from Cambridge MA to Nashua NH and it took me five hours to drive what normally took one. That was in the blizzard of '78. A very bad storm that dumped three feet of snow on Boston. So glad you made it home OK.

Eden, lol about your hating cats! Right... Like I believe that and that you love winter... te he.

V and all with the horrible weather stuff going on. What the dratted heck is going on with the weather lately. Thunder storms and tornados this time of the year???? What is with that?

Hi Babs!!! How great to hear from you. We've been missing you lately.

Brenda!!!! 50 for turkey day?? Holy moly. I thought we had a big crowd here.

Cynthia, love AudreyHepburn Alloneword. What a fabulous kitty. And an efficient mouser as well.

Hi Mary, nice to hear from you as well. WE are supposed to have the warm weather today as well but I didnt' see any snow in the forecast for later. Maybe that will be tomorrow. Bummer about the leaf raking up. Doug has cleaned this yard up three times this fall and is feeling like the job will never end because the oaks keep on dropping their leaves in dribs and drabs. This is the very first year he has done all the raking up of the leaves and I'm loving it. Do you guys remember the year I had to do it all myself because he was in that cast? So now you are going to laugh because he is thinking there are more leaves this year than there have ever been? LOL

Mary, hope your DH gets to LA and back OK. That is always a worry when traveling in this weather.

Bug, your DH plays hockey at 11PM? I'm long into my nightly snooze by then. He has a lot more energy than I do. That must be why he is so slim. Bummer about the gutters. Love, love your kitty pics! What cuties.

Martie, have fun with your catalogs.

OK I'm off to the gym. I was able to get on the Stairmaster again yesterday after a week off it. I'd injured my right hip somehow between the stairs or the abductor/adductor exercises and it seems better this week. Today I have to do another ab workout, lower body strength training and 45 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow I have an hour appointment with Steve again to revamp my workout and include more strength training and cut back on the hours of cardio. (yea!) I want to cut back on the time involved since it is not making any difference to my weight loss goals but keep putting in enough time to maintain my fitness level. What a treat it will be to only do cardio four days a week instead of six or seven. Tomorrow AM I've got to go for bloodwork again. I'm suspicious there are thyroid issues again. I've been a minimum of 1,000 calories deficient on average per day since August and I've only lost five pounds in three months. Muscle or not I should have lost more than that. Not to mention I'm getting symptomatic of being hypo again. What a pain. I have to believe that perseverance will win out in the end.

Have a safe day all. I hope the weather is better all around for everyone today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm now at work after fleeing the house! I slipped slightly coming out of the shower and then managed to knock my coffee cup off the cabinet, which of course broke in a million pieces. I picked up the big stuff but left some of the mess because the roads were bad and I didn't want to feel rushed driving to work.

Then I realized coffee had sloshed on top of the cabinet, and in trying to clean that up I knocked over a box of band aids. Of course it was open...

And on into the kitchen where the dishwasher was flashing F2. It didn't finish running last night and the bottom is full of dirty, soapy water.

I may stay at work all day and all night...

Mary, I heard a lot of travellers slept at O'Hare last night. Hope your DH gets to LA safely. Tell us more about The Historian after you read it.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Oh, V - dont you just hate days like this - I usually decide I need to touch as little as possible - no big planned projects should be attempted on days like these "jinxy" ones because they're doomed for failure/problems....

eeewww - w/ all this talk of mice -- living in a townhouse next to someone who's away a lot brings me this problem but usually not til early Spring - and I confess I hate "dead bodies" - when we first moved into the house (new construction), the first year we had about 13 mice - I paid my 8-yr. old DD to pick 'em up - $10 a body - but after the first 5 the price went down -- to this day, I call her to see if she wants to make some quick cash if I know there are traps or such to "cleaned." Some of those beasties are Soooo rude arent they, Yeona? dancing all over the kitchen and in the drawers, etc. - I used to say I'd be happy to co-exist w/ them if they would just stay out of my kitchen - but they never pay attention to that suggestion.

Martie, congrats on the new job -- and 5 days off - wow - what fun to look forward to - hope the new job is everything you hope and more.

It must be the "east coast" time for all the wind, drop in temps, etc. -- gonna blow up here soon and be blustery and cold -- but leave that "white stuff" where you are V and Michelle -- I find it so nerve-wracking too to drive in that stuff.

Im hoping today at ofc will be calm and quiet - fighting off some Metro "germs" a sickie must have breathed upon me -- Im starting to think gas masks or sterile masks are a good daily commuting accessory -- can you picture a train car full of people wearing masks w/ their Ipods? LOL... but it would probably cut down on catching all the stuff that's running around right now.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

V, hope your day improves. You're making mine feel slightly better though.

Sleepytime tea should be renamed Pottytime tea. Was up 4 times between 11:30 and 3:00am then managed to sleep until Glenn came to bed at 5:00am. Not fit for much today, and with the boys all home from school for the 2nd day in a row with nasty coughs, a nap is not likely. Tonight instead of a pot of sleepytime tea I'll make a cup. And maybe toss in a small measure of rum for the dehydration factor. And medicinal purposes (yeah that's it) so I don't get this cough too. ;)

The last few weeks have been pretty brutal. Did I tell you guys that last Wednesday, the day the offer didn't materialize, I also had my Ebay account hacked into and the password changed? Seems someone was trying to list a Kubota tractor under my membername. If we get the new place we'll NEED one of those but I certainly don't have one available to sell. Don't know why someone would break in to SELL stuff, but was relieved they hadn't bought anything, like Blackie's hacker did. I was alerted when I got an email from Ebay telling me my password had been successfully changed and then I couldn't log on. Spent 2 hours changing passwords on email, paypal, and Ebay and having Glenn check our firewall. It had been disabled, probably to download something and never enabled again so that's how the hacker got in.

Then we also had our compressor stolen out of our shed. At just under $500 to replace it's less than the deductable on our insurance, and so far the police report has resulted in squat. Also had one of my favourite planters, an oval copper tub, emptied into the basement window well and stolen. It was only $10 at an antique mall, but I loved it, and now have a pile of soil to dig out of the window well. More fuel for the "there goes the neighborhood" fire. Hope things start improving soon.

Deanne I'm due for bloodwork tomorrow too. The full works including cortisol and dhea, testosterone, thyroid, estradiol, glucose, cholesterol WBC count and a bunch of other stuff. They are also doing a 2 hour glucose challenge. Many women with glucose intolerance show perfectly normal fasting glucose levels in the morning, but high levels only show up when they test 2 hours after ingesting sugar. So we test it twice. I was supposed to be doing some more sensitive saliva hormone tests by tomorrow as well, but the kit hasn't arrived in the mail yet, so may need to wait until the next lunar cycle to do them unless it comes today. Hope we both get some answers soon. Do you have to do a 14 hour fast? Not looking forward to nothing but sugar water at 10:0am tomorrow until after the 2nd test at noon. Must plan a filling snack for 8:00pm tonight. Speaking of not eating, have you considered that a 1000 calorie deficit per day has probably shut down your metabolism, forcing it into starvation mode? That sounds awfully low Deanne, especially for your fitness and activity level. Wouldn't it be great if the secret to losing weight is to eat MORE? I like the concept, lol! Got to get back on track with diet and exercise once my energy and sleep improve. Resolving the house issues will go a long way towards that I guess.

Yeona I'm so sorry about the mice! That sounds awful. I'm paranoid about hantavirus every time I see droppings. With the cats now we usually get one mouse sneak in but get caught relatively quickly, but before we had them I remember Glenn trapping a dozen in a 24 hour period. They are like rabbits how they multiply. Hope you can safely and quickly get rid of them.

Hi Brenda! Hi Babs! Hi Mary! Nice to hear from you guys, and hope you'll pop in with more news soon. Is anyone in touch with Sylvia? She hasn't been here in ages. Mary check in and confirm DH is safe. It is very windy here too, and like you all the leaves left streeside for the vacuum trucks are all over the place again.

Well my brain is mush with 2 hours sleep. I seem to either sleep way too much or not nearly enough lately. A happy medium would be nice. Will be a long day, so I'm caving and making strong coffee for this one, toxin or no toxin. Hi to all...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This is what the outdoors offered us this morning:

High water

High winds and a touch of blue

Squabbling chickadees

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good early afternoon all,

Bug, such nice photos. Love the little chicadees. I've got some pics someplace (on my downstairs computer) of a bunch of squabbling goldfinches. They are really scrappy birds. They look so sweet but really get into arguments over the food ports at the feeders. ~~ NO blue sky here, just lots of fog. It is grizzle (gray and drizzle) weather today. ~~ The water in your creek looks high for this time of the year. It is normal to be like that in November?

Taryn, yep, I've got to do a fasting blood test. RE the calorie thing. The nutritionist also told me to eat more and when I did I started to gain weight so that isn't an option. My one billion fat cells think it is party time whenever I eat more than 1,800 calories per day. I try to keep it at 1,500 but I'm hungry most of the time, especially when I'm lifting. Pretty depressing. The last several times I was at this type of impasse with the weight loss thing it was thyroid related so I'm assuming that is the case here again. I'll tell you, I get to the point where I get pretty blasted tired of having to be this disciplined ALL the time. Right now if I ate what everything says is my maintenance I'd blow up like a baloon. Enough. I know you guys must get a bit tired of my rants about this issue but sometimes I can't help but vent my frustration.

V, Oh no! Don't you just hate days like this? I haven't had one for a while and I hope I don't anytime soon. The last time I did I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand then flinched (of course) knocked the coffee everywhere, then poked hole in my nylons, you get the picture. I dont remember if that was the time I also dropped my diamond earring in the toilet. Anyway, don't touch anything meaningful to you today. This kind of luck normally lasts 24 hours.

Cinde, If I had to travel on public transportation this time of the year I'd probably wear one of those masks. They do all the time in Japan and people are just used to it. It is considered very rude if you have a cold not to wear one.

OK time to hit the shower and get out of here. Must run errands today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The day just took a turn for the better - hot tamale delivery! Three of our employees (a mother and two daughters) who are laid off for the winter spent two days making 600 tamales from scratch. They take orders and sell them for $1.00 each and they are delicious. The leftovers in the fridge will keep for a day; I'll enjoy my tamales today!

V. :~)

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No wretched little curs at work today! (maybe the threat of Wrecks was enough... ). But it was BORING; more curtain cleaning, more curtain lay-out, a couple of really piddly repairs, and the construction of zip on screen panel for a guy taking his 44' Gulfstar south very soon (big sailboat). I was alone much of the day and it was really FOGGY all day long.

I was asked to swap Friday off for tomorrow but I simply said "I don't want to" and left it at that. I nearly offered, but then thought about what I want to get done; and the helpmeet will be home tomorrow and I don't want him "in the way" when I have to really put it to the coals to get what I want done! I rarely refuse to rearrange my schedule at work when asked, but I still feel a little strange about being so immediate in my refusal... weird, huh?

Mice and rodents don't bother me at all. I don't think twice about disposing of the bodies. I pick them up by the tail and either chuck 'em into the woods or drop 'em into the trash. With 4 cats cruising around, there is at least one every day. The only time they've ever been in the house was when one of the cats brought it back to the den for dining. I have found the remains under our bed more than once, lol. (Cindy is probably ready to faint right now). About the only thing I find really hard is taking a shovel to a "flopper" to end it's agony. I hate it when that happens, but count to 3 and "let her rip" (I won't pick those up, though). I pick up snakes, too... in case you were wondering. :)

'bug, great shots. I love the sky through the tree branches; so perfect for the "in between" seasons. And there is something so appealing about the "little bandits", I think Chickadees are adorable. So much courage and self-sufficiency in their tiny bodies. They have the most endearing habits; any creature that size that will LAND on you in such a short time is amazingly "ballsy". When the helpmeet is gardening they land on him all the time.

You know who is staring at me. He's given me the "squeaky yawn", the outstretched foreleg stretch/"bow", and he's now staring out the window with studied intensity. It's lookin' like I have to go...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Flurries at times heavy. Amount 2 to 5 cm. Wind northwest 30 km/h. High plus 1C.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Well gee, just when I thought the house situation couldn't get more stressful, it seems there may be another offer coming in on our dream house! If so we'll have 48 hours to remove our conditions (selling this and home inspection) or lose it. Agent for THAT house just called to see what was happening on our end. Nothing yet, though we called our agent for THIS house earlier, and the couple who put in the offer here Friday is meeting up with their agent today to decide. Holy stress! Think I need something stronger than Calgon to take me away. Yikes!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am convinced things will work out for the best...whatever that will be. Taryn, there are advantages either way. But I am feeling the pressure even from a distance. BEST OF LUCK.

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Brrrrrrrr! Today's the first day it's really felt like winter here. 30F now and headed down to 22F tonight. I got the banana winterized. It will be interesting to see if he makes it to spring. I was talking to the tropical guy at Goldner Walsh and he says he doesn't know of anyone who has successfully overwintered one outside in z5. Doesn't hurt to try, right? If it doesn't make it I'll just get a new one next year.

Boy Taryn, things just keep getting more intense don't they? I truly believe that these things work out the way they're supposed to in the end. Who knows, maybe there's a buyer out there willing to give you more for your current house and maybe there's another house out there for you that's even dreamier if this deal doesn't work out.

Marie, beautiful pictures. I especially like #2. It does look cold at your house.

V, glad those hot tamales came along and improved your day. Hope it keeps going up from there.

Gotta go. Bella's being a little hooligan, lol.


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Getting cold here too. Temp has been between 64F and 67F all week, even at night. Just dropped to 54F and the wind picked up. Go ahead, throw a snowball at me :)

Taryn, if this doesn't work, there's a house you will love even MORE out there. I know this!

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Did someone mention rodent?

As a family with a host of pocket pets here is the latest addition, little Peanut, an albino hampster, born to David's male (we were told) miniature hampster. The red eyes make him look rather evil but so far he has been a perfect pet.

I guess I should qualify that none of our pet rodents have tails (a preference on my part). Peanut accompanies David on play dates and even sleepovers. The children did tell me they are now saving up for a ferret but here I draw the line!

Taryn - hang in there! DH did arrive in LA but not till 6.30AM the next morning so it was a short night.

Ruth and her DH found a house to rent in Rockville MD. It sounds perfect for them - I just hope fuel bills this winter won't be too much of a killer. Their new landlord has a 4 year old son and has been sending them info on schools and playgroups. I've noticed Ruth has had a huge surge of energy and enthusiasm since the decisions were made and our house is cleaner than ever!

GB - what lovely photos! I love watching chicadees at the feeder.

We're having meat loaf and salt potatoes for dinner tonight and the kitchen smells yummy. The cold weather called for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal.

have a good evening


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, how strange with the cold weather with you guys. THis front has just blown through here, literally 'blown' with high wind gusts but the temp is 67! Cripes. If we don't get some mammoth T storms when the cold hits this tropical weather we'll be lucky.

V. I LOVE tamales! Lucky you! Sounds like your day has gotten better.

Taryn, Oh dear, just when you think you can't take anymore something else comes up. I agree with everyone else here that if the 'dream'house falls through there will be something else even better out there for you but I know that is difficult to contemplate when you had your heart set on it.

Mary, it sounds like Ruth's family is going to finally get settled after all the horrible upheaval. Good news. They must be really happy.~~ Peanut is really that, how tiny! ~~ I would not want a ferret. My friends had them for years and they smelled! Not their fault they just have a musky odor that I seriously don't care for.

Cynthia, that is way too strange that it is colder down there than here right now. I'm going to check out the weather channel and see what's up.

Doug doesn't know it yet but he is taking us out for dinner tonight. I just got home from shopping for, Ahem, undergarments and surprise of surprises I found a couple really good items that do the job. Incredible. But as I just walked in the door there is no dinner on the table or in the oven and I'm not feeling inspired at the moment.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Thanks you guys. And Wendy too, who said the same yesterday. Geez, I said as much myself! The thing is,intellectually I know this is so, and it will work out for the best in the end, whether with this house or an as yet undiscovered gem. The problem is, emotionally we have convinced ourselves that this is the be all/end all of houses and are having a hard time just letting it happen. It would help if it wasn't taking so LONG to happen! I need to turn off my brain for a while, but can't find the off button! Maybe some merlot will temporarily short it out, no? Will postpone my tests until Friday. Cortisol would no doubt be unusually high anyway. Thanks again for being my sounding board everyone. Can't phone my mum or sis or bro or a friend without tying up the phone line we need open, so appreciate the vent!


My mousers (no offence Peanut!):

Here is a link that might be useful: more recent kitty pics

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A quick picture of what the little hooligan's up to this evening...


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Oh Bella is a cutie!

Fun to see everyone's cats and little Peanut.

Mary, so glad to read that your sister & family have found a home in Maryland. Being back together as a family should perk up everyone's spirits.

Taryn, sending good thoughts to you.

I was gone all day so accomplished little to nothing here. I should go build a fire so the 'home fires are burning' when DH comes home.

Oh EP, asked DD about what a patient should expect from a thorough teeth cleaning and she said that the hygienist should go over every tooth completely. Not just checking between some teeth and in some areas. Expect that they will go over the entire tooth surface to find/remove the calculus. She also said that studies show polishing isn't necessary for many patients and is sometimes damaging to the enamel (hope I remembered that correctly).....but that we expect it and don't feel that our teeth are 'clean' without having them polished, so polishing continues. If you have any specific question I can ask her for you, let me know and I'll be happy to quiz her. ;o)


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Bella is a total "party animal", isn't she? Rock on, girlfriend!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Listen to this! I wonder if it would keep mice away from the kitchen....
There are other nifty ones too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Serenity

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi all! I guess the cold moves in here for tomorrow. Right now it's 51 F and raining though. So far this hasn't been a November too tough to take. Eden, Musa basjoo is supposedly fully hardy to zone 7 without protection so a few nights in the 20s won't hurt it. We plan to winterize ours next weekend but it's planted in what I think is a zone 7 microclimate so I'm hopeful.

Our trip to NYC yesterday was fun. It's always an experience to stroll the streets of Manhattan. The Christmas show at RCMC was a bit hokey fanokey for me but if you have kids they would probably enjoy it. The very first part was a 3D segement of santa in his sleigh flying through the streets of NYC. That part was cool-you had to wear the cut out cardboard 3D glasses. The Rockette line dance numbers were good too but they lost me with the dancing bears and toy soldiers. We ate lunch at the Waldorf and Glen Campbell was a few tables over-probably in town for the country music awards last night. The years have not been kind to that man. In fact I barely recognized him. I guess he has a drinking issue. We left at 7:30 AM and didn't get home until almost 8:30 so it was a long day. I have a renewed appreciation for our drivers who can navigate a 55 passenger motorcoach through the streets of NYC-egads, I wouldn't even want to take a car in there!

At any rate, work is busy, I'm trying to maintain a workout schedule at night and I have to get everything ready for Thanksgiving next week so my idyll time may be limited but I enjoy reading about what everyone else is up to. Keep the pictures coming too.

Well, the swordfish is ready to come off the grill.



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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Cold and windy here today. Over the past 48 hours we had a total of 44mm (1.7") of rain so things aren't going to be going into winter too dry this year! We've almost matched the total for all of November last year and we had more than double last October's rain this year. I wonder what winter will bring - at the rate precipitation is going since October, it looks like we're gearing up for a snowy winter!

V - you sure got off to a bad start this morning! I hope the noontime improvement carried the rest of the day!

Taryn - what can I say that hasn't already been said?! Hang tough!

Martie - I keep forgetting to say good luck with the new job!

GB - I liked the 'high water' shot, although I'm sure it wouldn't be my favorite if that water was near my yard! Your forecast sounds more dire than ours - just chance of flurries here but tonight is the first below freezing temperatures that have been forecast.

T - that's reassuring to know re polishing. I never have polishing done when I go to the hygenist (3x a year...) because I feel that all that abrasion must wear away enamel and, if the hygenist is doing their job right, I don't feel there should be polishing required.

All the kitty shots on the thread have made me wish the cat allergy "I grew into in my 30s would go away. I miss my kitties...:-( Peanut is cute but I'm not 'into' rodents - would have no problems disposing of any wild life of that kind that ventured indoors....

We made the Christmas plum pudding today. We also tried those cookies Deanne. They didn't turn out all that great for me for some reason. I used oatmeal because I didn't have/wasn't sure what 5 grain cereal was. Was there supposed to be salt in the recipe? I added some after the first batch and that helped a bit. I used maple syrup and didn't need to add any milk because the dough seemed quite wet - is it supposed to be? Are the cookies supposed to spread out and be thin or stay as sort of mounds? I think I'd have to experiment a bit to make them work for me. And I think I'd end up using some canola oil in the recipe - there's no getting around the fact that fat makes things taste better! (That's according to DH, the food scientist:-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

GB, I'll see your wail and raise you a howl. Here's our current weather forecast: Tonight: Snow showers and flurries ending. Partly cloudy skies. Gusty winds diminishing after midnight. Low 14F. Winds WNW at 25 to 35 mph. Tomorrow: Plentiful sunshine. Cold. High 29F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

It's incredible how bitter cold it is right now, with the strong winds making it feel much colder. Even though the weather was worse than over the weekend, I broke down and hauled the pots in from the deck tonight. The forecast low is just too low to leave them out one more night!

The tamales were wonderful, and I brought more home for DD and I to have for dinner. The dishwasher is all better - all I had to do was to run the garbage disposal thoroughly and it was fine.

Taryn, what more can I say? It will work out for the best in the end but it will take a little bit of stress to get to that end. Here's hoping that the outcome will be what's best for the family.

Eden, methinks you spoil that little sweetie-pie!

Okay, one last project to tackle before bed - the last remnants of the coffee disaster. Then I will need to climb into bed with an extra blanket and maybe a dog. I have a small one on my hip right now but I will need a larger one tonight.

Before I forget, did anyone else hear the NPR piece about lobotomies this afternoon? It was an absolutely stunning piece of radio. I should have been leaving the office and literally sat in my chair with my mouth hanging open for probably twenty minutes. The link to the website info is below but it was quite powerful to hear this story in the man's own voice.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Lobotomy

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T... thanks for the input. I just wondered.. I've always had my teeth cleaned thoroughly by my dentist. Never by a hygienist. I decided to change to a nearer dentist to save driving time. I specifically asked for a 'thorough cleaning' and expected the dentist would be doing it. Was surprised that a hygienist appeared, gave my teeth a polishing with an instrument. The dentist came in looked in my mouth gave me a toothbrush and some toothpaste. I didn't know what to think. Didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings. Paid my bill and left. Wrote note to dentist in that it was not what I had expected and was very diappointed in the service. Hand delivered the note the next day. He kindly voided and returned my check. I made appointment with previous dentist even tho is is a 50 mile round trip. If I ever change services again I will enquire what is regarded by them as a 'thorough cleaning'.. but at this point in time it is preferable to me to drive the extra distance.
V.. that is a lot of tamales. I used to make about 12 dozen at a time now only make about half that. I used to send them to Partner's office during the holidays and they were appreciated. When we first moved here I continued the tradition and gave them to all the neighbors for the first couple of years that we were here. It is usually a 2 day job and time consuming so we haven't made any for a while.. but been thinking about it.
Getting cold here. The petunias and luecantha finally got frosted. They've been beautiful for a long time. Thinking of everyone and keeping up with your input. EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh V, that is hard stuff for me to read, but interesting historically. I know two people who were asked to be lobotomized and refused. One woman friend was in fact encouraged to have the procedure done by here husband, a pathologist. We all would like quck simple solutions for serious problems I guess. We rely now on medicines in a similar fashion at times. Doctors have told us not to be concerned about medication for our son's heart problems, that the medicine has been tested "for years". When asked how many years, the reply was THREE. It just seemed to us that three years is not enough to determine side effects on a 12 year old- or anyone. Another doctor, about 15 years later, determined that the first one had misdiagnosed our son's problem and proposed a great new surgical procedure. Again, it was a sure thing, just invented 5 years before. Honestly....we must do our own investigating these days and the web is a great place to begin. It sure helps if the doctor is trusted, has lots of experience and has good contacts and communication skills as well. Mind you, would I try an experimental drug or procedure? It all depends I guess. My friend who is a survivor of pancreatic cancer has followed a new mainly dietary routine. It has been very time consuming and difficult, but for him and us, ever so worth it!

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hard to read but really, really hard to listen to so much pain! I should have been attempting sleep half an hour ago but after reading V's link, downloaded and listened to it all. (Insert major sniffles here). See why I don't follow the news?

Very scary to think such a procedure had a green light for years. Shane is nearly as old as Dully was when he was subjected to this horrible procedure, and he was just a normal boy! Very, very sad that his own stepmother brought this on him.

How many unsafe or unproven and/or horribly painful cultural procedures/drugs (thalidomide, fen/phen, Vioxx, Celebrex and so many more unspoken ones) have victims, and their families that still suffer today?

I'm a great believer in being responsible for my own health and finding the best preventions and treatments there are out there. I'm very fortunate to have an MD that is open minded enough to hear me out, but his hands are tied with red tape in so many instances. He saw me before and after acupuncture and knows it can work wonders, but is unable to prescribe it for his patients. I am happy to have access to a successful treatment that has been working for thousands of years, though think how many more could be helped, so much suffering ended if insurance would pay for it. They've been trying for years to get board certification across Ontario which is what it will require. My MD knows the blood tests we're about to do again have previously not been too conclusive, but has little else to offer. If he writes me a prescription for the much more accurate saliva tests I'm having to pay for myself through an American lab, I MAY get some of that money back. I have to convince him, and maybe I'll get it back. Then maybe if the results are there that the blood tests don't show, he'll be convinced they are worth doing. Maybe others will benefit at some point in the future. It is not "in the system" currently. Sharing life stories is a good thing, even when the stories are bad. Keep your eyes open and always ask lots of questions is all I can say. Thanks V, for a much-needed change of perspective. Selling a house is stressful but no permanent damage, well maybe other than that raccoon look...


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I am basically an NPR junkie. Morning Edition every day, and usually the Diane Reem Show (sp?) and The World, sometimes Evening Edition. I happend to hear "My Lobotomy", too. I was washing dishes and stood in the living room, patting a cat, absolutely transfixed. I had the same thoughts as you... what routine things are happening now that will be revealed as unwarranted in the future. The gall of a physician to presume the natural tendancies of a 12 year old would require such a procedure... . I, too, pondered it over the rest of the evening.

It was raining here at 2AM, as I lay in my feline straightjacket thinking about lobotomies... . The helpmeet refers to Vera as a "barnicle", but I've decided she is more like a tugboat. She curls up in snug little ball, propped right up on your thigh. And she pushes... easy, relentlessly, adorably, all night long. I think I may have stumbled on the answer, though. I filled a hot water bottle and put it under the covers. She nestled right up to it!, tonight I will move it bit farther away from my person. ;)

When I was a kid, I wanted a Hamster or a Guinea Pig so much. Mum was adamant, NO! A friend of mine has a couple of rats and they're great; very affectionate, really. They love hanging out on your shoulder and cuddling under your neck. Birds are really cool, too. Those piercing red eyes made me chuckle... especially when described as "evil"...

Sue, I haven't been to NYC in YEARS. And I've never seen the Rockettes, but would love to; I laughed at being lost with the dancing bears and soldiers. I've suggested foing to NYC for a weekend, but the helpmeet always looks at me as though I have rocks in my head. I think it would be a blast; Museums, "sites", "a show", but he just can't "catch the fever". As a kid I always wanted to take dancing lessons, but never did. Both Mum and my late aunt (for whom I'm named) took dance for many years. Betty actually auditioned for the Rockettes in the '40s, but she wasn't tall enough; my grandmother and her sisters were HORRIFIED and quickly put the kibosh on Betty's aspirations to pursue dance. Instead, she went to secretarial school. She worked for the Dean of Admissions at a well known college in Boston for over 50 years. Until the last months of her life she took fitness classes and was always as slim and flexible as a reed; she was nearly 85.

I was thinking about Glenn Campbell, too. I heard "Rhinestone Cowboy" the other day (great tune) and was thinking we should have a greatest hits album of his stuff in our musical "liberry"; he's very talented. Remember his TV show? He did some serious "large livin'" in the '70s, I guess, but he's not alone in that regard. It catches up with with them, I guess.

Well, off to the salt mines; could be an early one if the crunch for "real estate" in the shop becomes too challenging. I'll groan when I see the paycheck, but free time carries a hefty pricetag. I'm bracing for wind and chilly temps, too.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)


Well it cooled off last night from 67 degrees at 5:30 to 40 degrees this AM. We had some deluges overnight but no T Storms which is what I was worried about with such warm and tropical air.~~ Im now in a panic because I canÂt believe Thanksgiving is next week! Good heavens where oh where does the time fly. ~~ We had a bit of unexpected good news yesterday. The property tax bill came in our taxes went down by a couple hundred dollars. Incredible. The re-assessment came in at 50K more and I was dreading the bill but they lowered the tax rate so we came out OK.

Eden, that is such a cute pic of Bella! She isnÂt spoiled or anything is she? LOL

Bug, that purring link is neat. There really isnÂt a more contented sound to be had is there. IÂm going to send it to DD. She brought the new GKitties over again last night and Rahjii and LukeÂs noses are way out of joint. The gray kitty has the most enormous feet and as it turns out DDÂs vet thinks based on his size and age this cat will mature out at 18 to 20 pounds. Holy moly! That is a lot of cat.

Sue, glad to hear you had a great time in NYC. IÂve not been for years since a friend and I went in to see CATS.

Woody IÂm really bummed out that the cookies didnÂt turn out OK for you. Yes there was ¼ tsp of salt called for in the recipe but it said that was optional so I didnÂt use it. IÂm posting the original recipe without any changes and there is a link to the 5 Grain Cereal on the bottom.

3 cups uncooked 5 Grain Cereal
1 ½ Cups whole wheat flour
½ tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. baking soda
1 cup honey or maple syrup
¾ cup softened margarine
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
½ cup chopped nuts (optional)
½ cup raisins or chopped dates (optional)
Heat oven to 375F. Lightly coat cookie sheet with vegetable oil. Combine dry ingredients, mix well. Mix honey, margarine and vanilla until smooth. Add egg. Blend dry ingredients, mixing thoroughly. Stir in (optional)raisins, nuts. Place rounded spoonfuls of blended ingredients onto cookie wheat. Bake approximately 10 minutes. Cool

My cookies stayed as mounded shapes on the cookie sheets. My dough was way too dry which is why I had to add the milk and extra eggbeater. But IÂd substituted the Splenda for the honey. The texture of the five grain cereal has more Âtooth than just oatmeal. Sorry!

Taryn, love your mousers!

OK IÂve got to get ready to get to the gym. IÂve got another hour session with Steve the trainer this morning and will be a hurting puppy later on. LOL

Have a great day everyone,

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Good Morning, It's really cold here. We've had a few snow flurries but they haven't amounted to much. I'm so glad we've got the garden cleanup pretty much finished. Looking at the 15 day forecast it doesn't look like the weather will be conducive to working outside for quite a while. I do have to remember to go out and mound my roses once the ground freezes. Bella spent the night last night and is sitting next to me talking away. She's gotten very vocal lately and I hear alot of bababa's and lalala's. Megan got called for jury duty today and had to be there early this morning.

We've seen the Radio City Music Show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit when the kids were younger. It's a good thing to do as a special holiday outing as a family. We'll probably take Bella to see it when she's older too but it's not something I would go to just for my own enjoyment.

I saw Glen Campbell being interviewed on tv last night. I agree that the years haven't been kind to him and I've also heard that he's done some hard living. I used to have his autograph around here somewhere. Back in the early 70s I had a boyfriend that worked at one of the country clubs around here and GC was there playing golf.

Deanne, what's the amount for the baking soda in the recipe? You've got two there and I'm thinking one might be baking powder? I'd like to try these. My mom and dad will be down again for Thanksgiving weekend and these sound like cookies my dad would love.

Bella's wanting breakfast so gotta run. Stay warm everyone.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Better feed that cute 'lil hooligan Eden, lol, so she can plan her (your) busy day, lol!

Today's weather: "FLURRIES. WIND WEST 30 KM/H GUSTING TO 50. HIGH 1." Translation: "FLURRIES. WIND WEST 18.6 MI/H GUSTING TO 31. HIGH 33.8." BRRRRRR!!! Oh yay, it's winter! I can tell even without the white stuff. Side panel door froze shut on the the Aerostar so kids had to climb over the front passenger seat and around the stick shift to get to the back seat. And Shane's already lost the first hat of the season, after I made sure they all had warm fitting winter attire a few weeks ago. Yup, it's winter!

Got it out of the gardens, but guess I'd best get this stuff into the shed huh? Debatable whether I cut back the kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, amaranthus and castors or let mother nature do most of that for me.

But first, a nap. Awoke at 5:00am and that was it. Ebay listings are nearly done, the kids are thankfully back in school again so it's quiet here. I would LOVE to be awakened by the jangle of the all important phone call...

Enjoy the day,


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Good morning!

I have a cup of coffee

and here is one for you, too.

There you go! :oD

I'm going to head to a quilt show this morning and am excited to see what quilts are there and what new tools, toys and fabrics that the vendors will have to dazzle (and tempt) me. Credit card & checkbook are being left at home......My new motto and lifestyle is **If I don't have the cash, I can't have it** . Not as much fun as getting what I want 'now' but much wiser. Being wise isn't as much fun as buying.......but no credit card bill is wonderful.

EP, I'll mention to DD about your experience and find out her thoughts on it. She hasn't been out of school all that long so she may not have anything to offer, but I'll ask.

V, I too, was bothered greatly about the lobotomies and the story link you shared. I wonder how many of the current (and accepted) procedures will be found to be barbaric?

Okay, you have your coffee and I need more.

Taryn, hope you get that *YES!* phone call today.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I DO NOT enjoy dealing with the IRS over Mom's taxes. That will occupy me for a few weeks/months now....

I DO NOT enjoy the wind and cold and s**w.

I DO NOT enjoy all sorts of mundane clean-up around the house, but it is better than the other two items mentioned.

I do enjoy photos though and good news, so keep them rolling my way!

Marian? Yoo Hoo! Can you see anything yet?
Hi to everyone!


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Uh oh, trouble here. The water heater's started leaking this morning. Plumber can't come replace it until tomorrow so Brad's going to do it himself (I hope). He's at Home Depot buying a new one now and he's not a happy camper. No water here, not a good thing...


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Deanne - ditto Eden's question re baking soda repeat... Thanks for the link - I was wondering if the 5 grain cereal was something like Red River Cereal.... I'll have to try substituting that instead and try incorporating canola oil into the recipe for some relatively healthy (if there is such a thing...) fat. I think I'd jazz up the spicing a bit by adding some allspice and nutmeg - my favorite spices in combination with cinnamon. I think I'd be inclined to go with some dates with darker raisins. This could be fun - we can all experiment and come up with our own variations! That's what I did with our mincemeat recipe - saw one to start with and substituted things I thought would suit our tastes better. It's fun to customize recipes I think.

Taryn - no white stuff here other than a few flakes fluttering down now and then but it is COLD this morning! I've decided I like the look of north alley logs so much that I'm adding them to where the weeoland/shade beds meet the back lawn on the south side of the yard so we were out measuring to see how many we need. We didn't stay out there long!

Good day to make lasagna for supper I think!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Eden, Whoops, that 1/4 tsp should be salt! Woody had specifically asked about salt then I made a typo. Jeesh. And the salt is optional.

A quick update. Taryn, well sounds like you were right on. Steve gave me a real 'talking to' about not eating enough. When I told him I'd gained a few pounds eating 1,800 calories per day he said it is completely normal to gain a few ANY time you change diet or exercise routines. That I hadn't given it enough time. So my 'task' for the next few days is to pay very strict attention to my hunger and eat ONLY when I am hungry but eat EVERY time I feel hungry (that is the important part)and stop eating before I get full. He said I should never let myself get that hungry with the kind of workout schedule I'm keeping. It is probably messing me up being way too calorie deprived all the time. So I thought you'd enjoy hearing your were right. Hmph... So I'm going to keep track of my calorie counts doing it this way and it should give me my maintenance amounts. Should be interesting.

OK Im off to Tilton, I went to wear one of my cotton Turtle Necks and it was ENORMOUS on me. 90% of my winter clothes from last year are too big and I'd like to have a few tops that fit. Also, almost all my wool blazers and my winter coats are too big. I'll have to check out the Wilson's leather outlet while I'm up there.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, I was mopping up water from the newly painted basement floor last night. We've had so much rain. I know it comes from one of the window wells, down through a wall and into the basement. Just what to do about it is a I continue mopping. At least it is easier now with the painted floor than with the raw cement.
DH fixed the water heater leaks twice...but I see a new one in our futur. Also a new furnace. It never ends does it!
Outdoors it is VERY white, low visibility.

Deanne, I thought Taryn was right...and let's hope this is effective sooner rather than later. Always feeling hungry doesn't seem right at all. Good luck on the shopping! By the way, any Linde Armstrong seeds left?

And now, some words of wisdom from a book my kitties have been reading:

To make sure your human understands that you are alpha cat, head of the family and pack leader, institute a status-reduction programme immediately. Your human must learn that you have first right to all chairs, beds and doorways. You expect to be fed first and go through doors before it does. A happy human knows its place in the pecking order - well below that of the cat.

Remember. Humans have the mental age of a one-week-old blind kitten. They cannot express themselves in body language because they have no tail and no whiskers; their hair can't stand up and their ears are completely inflexible. They can learn only a few words from the huge body-language feline vocabulary.


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Megan just called and I feel so bad for her. They wanted to put her on a jury that would last at least until December 15. There's no way she could do that. She and Bella would be in the poor house. Being a waitress she totally depends on her tips and would have no income except the $35 a day the court would pay her. She said she got really upset and sat there in the jury box crying with all the other jurors looking at her. The judge called a sidebar to talk to her and excused her from the jury but she has to call back every night for the next week and a half and could possibly have to go through this again. Things just aren't going well around here today.

Marie, lol on the kitty wisdom. So that explains why my cats are always giving me "that look."

Deanne, thanks for the clarification on the recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out. The way your trainer told you to diet is how I do it simply because it makes sense to me. When I want to loose weight I really pay attention to eating only when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm not. It works. It's amazing how much extra the average person eats just for enjoyment, out of boredom or stress or from habit if you start really paying attention. I'm not speaking about you though, I know you pay attention to every morsel that crosses your lips and are very careful. I think your trainer's right, you've put your body into starvation mode by eating too little.

Mary, such great news about Ruth's family finding a home of their own again. I'm really happy for them. Peanut is a cutey. We used to have gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs when the kids were younger. Once had a "male" gerbil who lived a solitary life alone in his cage give birth to a litter of babies a few weeks after we brought him home from the pet store.

Boy, I wish someone would show up with some hot tamales here so my day could start to improve.

Later, Eden

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I totally "bagged out" early today. I've spent the past 3 days working on a curtain job in fits and starts, all of it relating to a "work order" scribbled on a piece of paper; first the measurements were unclear; then the basic dsign was changed, then there was no information for siting grommets and other hardware... . All week long I've done repairs that were small and quick and I've cleaned/polished, mended curtains, while waiting for the requisite information to be collected/confirmed so I could finish the curtains. I've done it with a smile. Today, I asked about the hardware for the curtain job and was snapped at about disturbing her concentration and "just wait, will you?!". WRONG thing to say to me today. I cleaned the shop and then set the hardware. I then calmly said, "I'm going home now. I want to do things that remind me I am intelligent, capable, and creative. I do not wish to be snapped at because the work order I'm assigned is lacking pertinent information for the completion of the job. I do not wish to be treated like 10 yr. old any more today; moreover, I don't want to give in to irritation and say something unkind. I'll see you on Monday morning.". STUNNED silence. Then it occured to her that on the back of the paper with the job I just finished was a small item for a job I finished last week... . I finished that piece for her and then I left. Things will be fine, but every so often my patience is sorely tried.

I will sniff paint this afternoon. ;)

I signed the death warrant for another turkey today. And I ordered a cake from the lovely bakery next to the meat market. I want to buy a cake stand, too... (I am a sucker for lovely, genteel items like that!).

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:
Grammy and Spencer (as a baby)



Daddy and "Pollyness"

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A little colour for Eden's day. I don't have any hot tamales.

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The purring is great! I don't think there's anything more restful to me.

The crabapple shot is amazing in its detail. You really have an artist's eye for the dazzling beauty of the smallest things. Beautiful! (would make a wonderful card for the holidaze).

Eden, I hope things perk up in your house soon. No water is not good at all, in a way it's worse than no heat.

I'm procrastinating now... still feeling peevish about work; aha! I'll listen to some more purring... :)

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nickeys(z6 IL)

GB those picture are absolutely gorgeous.... Thanks

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

GB - wow, what photos -- how do you even "think" what to grab a close-up of? you're truly a "photo-artiste" as David called you, I believe.
It warms anyone's mood who looks at those photos! Thanks so much.
Hope it improves everyone else's day too looking at the great photos all posted here...

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Thanks Marie, those are both just beautiful pictures. What an artistic eye you have. I always enjoy your photography so much.

This day is going so wrong it's starting to be amusing. Yesterday I called Brad's Dr. to have a prescription written. We have to be mail-order it in so the Drs. receptionist said we could pick it up today. His office is about 1/2 an hour away and since Brad's working on the water heater I volunteered to drive out and get it while Bella was taking her nap. When I got there, guess what, sign on the door said the office is closed today. The receptionist must have forgotten when I talked to her yesterday. Good news though, Brad put in a new valve so we now at least have cold water and I don't have to go to the neighbor's to use the bathroom anymore. I do realize this is all just silly little day to day annoying stuff and life in general is very good.

Chelone, good for you that you stood up and said what you needed to and went home. Hope all that purring has you in a zen kind of mood by now.

Hi Cindy!

Hi Nickey!



Bye for now, Eden

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Hi, everyone. Quick stop by ..

I've so enjoyed looking at the pictures. Was there water in that toilet?? LOL. Darn, Marie???? I just got it that the 'bug part of you is 'photo-'. Ah, Duh.

Have been a domestic goddess for the last two days and have gotten quite a bit done. This place is beginning to feel like home. I've reached the boxes of "stuff" that made it through four purges and am popping things here and there. Taryn, I hope your turn is SOON!!! The twists our paths take .....

I feel for Megan, and am glad that a judge listened. Um, Why shouldn't Bella look so dazzling when she has all that Great Stuff??? LOL I'm sure I'd do the exact same thing if I were in your shoes, Eden.

Can't stick around -- next task is putting away tubers and roots without getting colors confused. Yea, Right :-)

Oh!! First cactus blooms are coming in. Then they'll die. (A well-known fact about me amongst friends is that I can't keep cactus alive to save my life so everything gets treated as an annual).


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi ! Thanks for noticing ...Marie and Eden . I'm just 'coasting' .
I went out in the cold and shook down some more persimmons . I am wanting to try baking something with them , or making persimlets . I wonder if that would work ?

Good to see all the kitty pics .( The last thread kind of 'went to the dogs ' , lol .) That cute little red-eyed hampster is special , and the "little hooligan" is a sweetie ! All of Marie's pics are beautiful . Chelone , your kitty in the potty is a great shot , the others aren't too bad either . :-) EP's pic is lovely . ( I hope I haven't missed anyone's .)

Our low was 20F last night ....goodby to all outside vegetation ....three and a half months of wintery views . I will dwell on the inside plants . There is always something in bloom . One of the Thanksgiving cactus is right on cue , and others will be close behind . The Dendrobium blooms look just like they did when they first opened .

I must get some of the house grubbed out for the holiday .
I sure am not in the mood to do it .

Nolon cut off the dead trunk of the Hemlock tree . It was a double-trunked tree and one side died from the drought . I think the remaining side will be okay .... a little sparse , but should fill in . I pruned back some of the long lower branches , hoping that will cause it to put out new growth on the bare spots .

Hugs for those who need it ( espacially Taryn ). Congrats for all who deserve it .


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Opps ! I missed mentioning Deanne's great moon shot , and Taryn's snow pic . It was cold enough here the past couple of days to have snowed , but none yet . We did get over 3 inches of much needed rain , but are still needing more .

No mice in the house , so far , at least I haven't seen any evidence , and the cats are showing no interest . They are staying close to the heating stove !


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Paradise on the farm!!! UPS just dropped off 11 pounds of bavarian chocolate :) WOO HOO! Too yummy! Gotta make a trip to the grocery store, then I'm ready to turn the kitchen into a pie baking and chocolate dipping factory.

Chelone-we have our Thanksgiving at a local community center (none of us has a house THAT big, lol!) and they have dishes and stuff there. And, as a matter of fact, the "chilluns" do the dishes :) Several of my nieces and nephews do the clean-up. Of course, they're all grown up and have youngsters of their own now.

Aw, GB...I'm really sorry to hear you've got water on your newly painted floor. I was very impressed with your before and after pictures!

Mice have moved in on us, too. Can't live on a farm without mice, I guess, but YUK!!

Gotta run, just wanted to pop in and see what everyone's up to. Nice pictures, everybody! You guys are going to "picture" me into getting a cat if you're not careful!
Take care and have a good night, all!

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I have the first coat of gloss on the crown moulding at the top of the chimney and the first coat of gloss on the "apron" below the hearth, 2 more to go with sanding and "tack ragging" in between. The helpmeet took the cornice boards down tonight so I may drag behind them. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow morning to help illustrate some basic concepts of drapery work for friends (looking forward to that, actually!). Then it's time to glaze and drag the wall. After that, the bank, and the collection of the 8 dining chairs. I feel weak, already.

I'm glad to learn Eden has cold water and can pee in her own home. :) But the trip to the doctor that ended in frustration would have really irritated me... but maybe that's residual irritation from a frazzled week speaking. Like you, Eden, I tend to see the humor in situations pretty quickly, it's easier to get through life if you don't take yourself TOO seriously.

Martie, I had a friend come to the house with her 4-5 year old daughter some years ago. The kid needed to pee and was showed the bathroom. We didn't hear anything for a long time, so my friend went to check on her... she didn't know which "toilet" to use, LOL! Was she ever surprised to learn that one of the "toilets" was actually a SINK "for washing your bum"; the look on her face was absolutely priceless. I'm so used to it I forget it's not "standard equipment" in most homes. ;)

I did not get the geraniums in today. I have them swaddled in blankets (the second floor windowboxes) and am hoping I'll get a reprieve from Jack Frost. I love having some flowers throughout the long, cold months. Only time will tell. I put off the transplanting in hopes I'd be able to locate more attractive plastic planters than the dreadful blue ones we've used for years now. I haven't found anything better and may have to "settle" for the sake of flowers... IF they survive the night.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Eden, will it make you feel better if I tell you that my water heater is leaking too?


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It's almost time for my hot water heater to die. I have a note in my maintenance file to check out the 'on-demand' or 'instant' hot water heaters. I only bath or shower once a day and run wash maybe 3 times a week. It seems silly and wasteful to have 50 gallons of hot water available all the time. I've nixed timers, because I don't have a set schedule.

Cold here too! 27 degrees, so I cooked the turkey I picked up for Thanksgiving. By the time Thanksgiving comes it will be soup :)

GB, that crabapple (is that what it is?) is art. I especially like the little bits of snowdust in the air.

EP, I think you handled the cleaning issue well. That doesn't sound like a thorough cleaning to me either. I like T's explanation from her daughter. It makes sense.

Hi Bella :-)

Michelle, I feel for you on that drive home in the snow. Though there isn't a lot of snow in this area, we get icy conditions often, and I'd rather drive in snow. My longest snow drive was from Maynard Mass back to NH in 1986? 5 and a half hours and I had to pee and the car was overheating. It should have taken an hour and a half in rush hour conditions. Awful.

Love all the kitty pictures! Did I mis Sue's New York pictures: :-)

So I finally have a relatively easy week-end to do outdoor clean-up. Hope it warms up by then! Gutter people still haven't arrived... They were supposed to be here Monday. Then Tuesday or the next day....Guess I'll call them again tomorrow.

Good Night all ~ Cynthia

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Still no hot water. In desperate need of a shower. The saga continues...


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Good morning

I just watched Annie (12) leave for school. She looks so grown up now. She had on a simple outfit of black pants, furry boots and a turquoise top but she has so much more style than I ever had at that age. I delight in the young woman she's turning into but do so miss my little girl!

Heres hoping hot water returns soon for Eden, V's heater stops leaking, GB's floor dries, Chelone has a rejeuvinating day at home, Deanne no longer feel hungry, Marian enjoys her indoor blooms, Taryn has a last mintue offer and everyone has a good Friday. Must be time for Sue !


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

It's chily breezy and 31 degrees out here this morning. I can't type because my hands are too cold. It is amazing to me that I used to be comfortable with the furnace set at 62. Now I'm freezing at the same temps. Extra fat really does keep you warmer.~~So never assume you are so fit you can't get muscle pain. The charming exercise Steve had me do for the abductor and gluteus max have me so sore I can hardly walk this morning. He is so going to do that laugh of his when I tell him he is a terrible man.~~ Doug and I actually practiced our dance steps last night. Doug went and put on the shoes he wore for our lessons and we finished up with a couple very good turns. Woohoo! YOu can teach old dogs new tricks. LOL~~ Shopping was a blast yesterday and I now have a nice selection of winter tops that fit. This is a good thing. The best find of the day was a really neat sweater I found at the Liz Claiborn outlet that will go well with my hostess skirt. I'd been wondering what to wear with it now that it fits and pouff the solution jumped into my shopping bag.

Eden, that is just awful about not having any hot water. I'd be pretty cranky without my shower.~~ So sorry for Megan's difficulties. That must be so difficult for you and Brad to see her struggling like this. ~~ And that doctor's office being closed! I'd have been frothing at the mouth if I'd driven 1/2 hour to get something and the receptionist didn't tell me the office was going to be closed. I sure hope today is a better day.

Chelone, love your kitties!

Cynthia and all with water heater problems, Thank you for reminding me to talk to Doug about replacing ours before it springs a leak. We've had this one for a very long time now and I'd rather fork over the money for a new one than risk having it leave my studio in a foot of water. Have you seen those alarms that you can put on the floor around your water heater that are as loud as a smoke alarm? They have sensors that detect water and can alert you if the water heater springs a leak.

Brenda, 11 pounds of Bavarian chocolate??? Holy mackerel! Sounds divine. I order chocolate covered pecans from a place in Georgia that are to die for. Doug wanted to open up the box last night and I had to put my foot down and tell him not until Thanksgiving. He'd eat his way through half the box by next Thursday if it was opened. I also get pecan 'turtles' from them and their mixed nut selection that has macadamias in the mix. Yum! Hopefully my gallbladder won't explode on Thanksgiving. LOL

Marian, I can't believe it has been colder there than here. How strange you have had nights in the 20's. Is that unusual for you this time of the year?~~Right now I only have a very few orchids in bloom here. I have a very small phalaenopsis that throws 'babies' and it almost always has flowers on it. I should pot up one of those babies for you as it now has about eight of them on the plant. Won't be able to send it to you until spring but it will be getting established. I've given a couple of them away so far and my friend and sister really love the plant.

GB, those photographs are stunning! I hate snow this early but the pics are a real treat.

Woody, you'll have to let me know how the cookies turn out with the dates and extra spices. I quite like dates and was thinking I'd try a batch with them. I also want to make a batch with the dried cranberries. Canola oil would be a good substitue for the butter. I try to keep my fat grams under 30 a day which is difficult so I have to skip the fat even though it makes them taste better. Doug really likes the recipe with the golden raisins. Yes, this is a lot of fun to experiment with recipes. I've been doing this for a while to accommodate my dietary needs and it is getting easier as time goes by. I've been having a couple of these instead of half a power bar for a snack and they really do take the edge off my hunger.

OK must run to the gym. Have a great day all and I hope all those struggling under a 'bad-luck-bugaboo' have a better day.

Later all

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It's time to begin collecting the items required for glazing and dragging. I think a trip to the "hahdware" store is in order. I seem to be low on the lowtack painter's tape and I'd rather not run out of course steel wool in the middle of the project.

I haven't unwrapped the geraniums to see if they survived, but tonight is really going to wipe 'em out, so it's do or die for transplanting today.

I have to get rolling on my project.

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Frost last night and 23F this morning. Drat, I forgot to take in the mandevillas. And they are way expensive to replace. I may have to change that arbor to roses. Fortunately I remember to close GH door yesterday. Can cut the fuschias down this week-end and take those in finally. The agapanthus doesn't look like it was even touched.

Eden, I hope you have hot water soon! Deanne, look at the on demand heaters. They're more expensive than regular heaters but can cut your hot water costs as much as 30%. Break even point for me is about two years based on current system and costs.

8:30 meeting so I need to finish caffeinating myself and get the neurons firing.

Happy Friday !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well this is how my day began:

"MARIE! One of the cats has gone beserk in the basement!!!"
"What do you mean?????!!"
"It peed on the floor, destroyed some throw rugs and all your plants...."

Good thing I hate coleus....
You get the picture.

At least the dear man helped tidy things up with me.
The two youngest cats just adore the basement and bounce off the workbench and walls, climb the window panes in the outside door and generally go on wild escapades. If I enter the room, they curl up and purr. Hmmmm.

DH decided to turn on the humidistat on the furnace as the 17C temperatures make for very dry air. That's when the water began pouring out of the drainage hose onto the floor.

I'm not waiting for a third yukky event. Something good has to happen next, like 11 pounds of chocolate being delivered or pecans from Georgia.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woops, that was 17F temperatures I meant to type. It hasn't been a good start to my day as you can see.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


We didn't get the low 20 temps they were predicting here. In fact I don't think it went below 30 last night. I did toss the remaining pots into the house though. What the heck am I going to do with all these plants? That purple Bauer's dracaena is a thing of beauty right now but I have a funny feeling that after a month or so in the house it will not be so handsome.

No hot water heater in my house-just a 65 year old furnace that runs perfectly and spews continous hot water. We had a hot water tank in the house in VT. If you wanted a hot shower you had to get to the bathroom first or second otherwise you were sh** out of luck. I hate cold showers so will never go that route again.

OK, busy day coming up here so I'd better get to work.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Guess what I didn't get to yesterday?

And now we have 2" of snow! Sorry about your day Marie. Bad start to the day here too. Seeing the snow I went into the garage to get the boots. Recall yesterday I said I'd made sure the kids had winter apparel that fit? Well we dontated the rest. Long story short, I think we donated an entire garbage bag full of boots in error! Not just 3 pairs of kids' boots, but expensive winter boots of Glenn's, and 4 pairs of mine, including short ones, snowmobile boots and 2 pairs of dress boots. I feel sick. Sent the kids off to school in snowpants and runners, and guess we have to cough up more money to replace boots we just gave away. We better move soon, $12,000 in debts with renovations and repairs and counting, with xmas on the horizon...

Including the hot water heater in September, right after we cleaned up the basement from the flood. It's a rental, so didn't cost us to replace as it was old, but I don't think they put the right size in. When I fill the jacuzzi I have to sit and monitor it, as hot water runs out and the bath will be cool if I don't gradually reduce the cold water as it's filling. Eden hope your hot water woes are fixed soon. And good thoughts to Meg as well. I was called for jury duty 5 years ago when the kids were little, and was extremely worried about how I'd pay for babysitting for 3 little kids for weeks while it went on. Fortunatly for me the guy pleaded guilty (drug trial) and the trial was averted. They told me too I was still on the list though and could be called again.

Deanne I'm glad I was right about eating too little, not to be smug about it, but because now you can eat as you should. It's not right for someone who's working so hard to deny herself fuel and be hungry, so I'm hoping you adapt quickly and the pounds start dropping again. Sorry you're sore today, but you know what they say about no pain, no gain.

Re house, talked to the couple's agent yesterday and he says he was very surprised they walked away. He said their financing came through fine but the bank guy said he thought they were going to wait awhile now. House buying cold feet? Dunno, but the clock is ticking. At least I didn't hear about another offer going in on "our" house yet. Still, my stress is getting stress! Stress-induced eczema on my palms and between fingers is awful, itchy, red and raw, so I've been putting a very strong presription cortizone I dont' like using on it at night. Yesterday morning it had cleared a bit, but new outbreaks were on my wrists and all around the old ones where I didn't put the ointment, where I don't usually get it! Plus I have a lovely rash on my forehead and chest, new one for me, I don't get eczema there. So now I'm a leper without boots.

Get to show off my new look at the lab now, time to get blood taken and have a scrumptious sugary glucose test for breakfast. Then must wait another 2 hours and get retested before I can have real food. Hope the day gets better for all...

Sue, yes cheer us up with big apple pics please? (food on the brain, NYC of course)


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