new baby koi. (need help new at this)

thebrownsJuly 29, 2013

K, we had a almost 5k beautiful approximately 1000gallon pond put on specifically for koi. Friends have us 7 koi. Couple butterfly and not sure what they others are. (Def not hold fish). We have a nice little set of aquatic plants that act as a bog. We had 90 plus weather so the water temp went up a bit. I purchased a couple barley bales which cleared the water after a mouth and it is very clear... Beautiful again. However I just noticed about 15ish small fish swimming around. I mean really small. They look like baby minnows. One or two are a little bigger, maybe an inch. I really want to keep them alive and I'm not sure how? I've heard koi won't eat them after they are born but will eat the eggs? But I've also heard they will eat the smaller ones? Do I separate the babies into another tank until they are big or leave them alone? There are large rocks they hide behind. And if I do need to place them in a separate tank, how in the world do I catch them? If I don't need to replace them, what do I feed them? I'm obviously new at this but it's fun and the kids love them. What do I do to keep the b a babies safe and one more question. I only have orange and white koi. Does this mean they will only be orange and white or could there be yellow, black etc
If anyone can give advice I would greatly appreciate it! My email is

Thank you Jeremy

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

The babies will get along fine eating algae and stuff in the water. I put a few pinches of Tetramin Pro or other high quality flakes over the fake plants I sank in the pond. The big guys get most of it but a little gets into the fake plants where the babies prefer to hang out. I use fake because koi destroy most real plants they can reach. The little guys use it to hide.

It is pretty much up to you if you separate them. You will lose some either way. They grow fast. If all of them survived you would run out of pond very quickly. Seven koi are probably too many for 1000 gallons without a lot of filtration and aeration. It would be impossible to maintain 22 koi in 1000 gallons. They get big!

Since you have a mix of types the babies will probably not all be the same coloration as the parents. Even then markings can change as the fish grow and water chemistry and food affect color. By the time a spawn is over there might be several daddy fish.

It is possible the babies you see are not even Koi. Fish eggs sometimes travel in odd ways such as on the legs of birds, fur of animals that come to more than one pond or hidden in a plant . Some people mistake insect larva or tadpoles for fish. Time and observation will tell.

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Yes I agree with sleepless. I have a koi pond with approximately 10 large koi fish. I also have small mosquito fish swimming alongside them. Chances are, a few baby koi will survive, because koi fish do not intend on eating other fish do to their peaceful nature, BUT koi fish will mistake smaller fish as food! When I feed my koi, they oftentimes swallow mosquito fish on accident. If you have a spare tank and a proper filter, you could scoop some pond water into the tank and get it running. To get the babies out safely, I would either patiently try to scoop as many tiny fish I can with a net OR partially drain the pond to the extent where the babies are visible and easy to catch and the parental koi are not stressed about the condition. If you choose to leave the babies in the pond, their only MAIN danger would be being snacked on by their parents, but they will not starve, so feeding is not necessary. Either way, u will loose some babies, but it would be a good experience for everyone.

To answer the second question, MOST likely, you will get orange and white colored fish. But if they are sun burnt or are suffering from stress or malnutrition or any other environmental factor, they may slightly change their color tone. Another possibility is that your parental koi fish is carrying a recessive trait (color in your case), and happens to pass it directly to their offspring. In that case, you may get yellow or black koi.

I think this will be interesting and I, personally would like to know if they really are koi fish babies or not. Please update your findings when you get the chance to. :)


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

LOL! cat, you are right. Sometimes the koi do accidentally scoff up a tiny fish with their food. Most of the time though I have seen them spit them right back out.

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LOL mine don't!!! My big daddy koi fish opens his mouth for like 10 seconds and sucks in everything......including tiny innocent mosquito fish...... and...... nothing comes back out... unfortunately..... my big daddy koi died a month ago along with most of my other koi..... that was a sad day for me:(


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Are you positive that all of your fish are koi? Do you see barbels on all of them?

My personal experience is that it's a bit unusual for koi to spawn in a pond that size and for the eggs to survive to hatch (they voraciously eat the eggs immediately after they are released).

I have had a huge pond for almost 10 years and have never had a baby koi.

Goldfish, on the other hand...they are BREEDERS. lol

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I usually just let nature take its course in regards to baby koi I have a spawn every year and there always seems to be 8-10 that grow to adult size.Between the other fish eating them and the eggs not hatching odds are slim. Koi do change color and patterns, that's what some people find attractive is that you really never positively know what your going to end up with color wise.
Cat sorry to hear of your loss, I hope you folks don't mind but i am linking our website to this thread.I am the newly appointed webmaster for the club and believe in helping maintain their fish and ponds in the best possible shape.
the picture attached are of my Koi, not all of them but most I have a 6000gal pond and most of the larger fish I have had for going on 12 years got them as babies some were born in the pond

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby koi

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