Blue holly 'Castle Spire' & ' Castle Wall' questions

christie_sw_mo(Z6)January 20, 2006

Wondering how big these will really get. I was planning to put one at the corner of my home but I don't want to have to prune it to keep it off of my sidewalk. This says three to four feet wide "with age". How much age do you think that means? lol

Will there be any difference in size between the male and the female?

How close together do they need to be for pollination?

I love the dark leaves of blue holly so hoping this one will be dark also.

Please let me know if you've read anything bad or good about these. I've ordered one of each but I can be swayed. Thanks

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JMLehrer(z7 LI NY)

These are brand new introductions from Germany so I doubt there are any mature plants in this country (or anywhere?). Nobody here will know your answer, only the breeder might (Hachmann). His mother plants no doubt haven't reached mature size yet. In general, you only need 1 male for 6-8 females and the male can be a decent distance away (30'-50' perhaps).

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

The grower describes it as narrowly pyramidal to at least ten feet tall (in time!) and never much more than three feet wide. I suspect that it will actually exceed those measurements eventually but not for several decades.

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Hmmm...30 to 50 feet isn't very far. Do you think it would still be a worthy plant without the berries if I plant the male too far away? I'm starting to wonder about heat tolerance too. I think this might have been a poor choice. The spot I was thinking of is on the northwest corner of my home so it would get quite a bit of afternoon sun.

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JMLehrer(z7 LI NY)

Afternoon sun is potentially more damaging in winter -- like now -- if your area receives prolonged freezes. Winter sun (and wind) promotes dessication of broadleaf evergreen leaves.

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How fast/slow do these grow?? If I can get a 4' plant how long will it take to become 6-8' tall for a screen?

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