Perennial Design Class - Saucy's Attempts!

saucydog(z5MA)November 26, 2008

Okay, so I guess I have put off showing you for long enough. I dabbled with different mediums....the velum being my favorite outcome, I think.

This is the bulb garden. GB was the inspiration for this one....I don't remember what she said, but fritillaria was in there somewhere :) And that began the color scheme: From Saucy's Photos

The "flash cards" were so that I could keep up with plant material I had never worked with...I liked the concept and think it would work well with a client who is unsure of plant material.

Here's a couple more shots: From Saucy's Photos From Saucy's Photos

Project 2 was a Traditional Long Border...I did the purple/orange color scheme. This is done on velum so that you can see different bloom times through the season...just flip the pages: From Saucy's Photos From Saucy's Photos

And the last project (there were a couple more projects in there, but they're black and white and teeny words!)....this was my least favorite art-wise, but favorite concept....this would be the "island" in the GG: From Saucy's Photos From Saucy's Photos


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Those look like they were a lot of work! I'm suddenly nervous about what I may have got myself in for with the course I signed up for :-) I think it's much easier to do it all in your head and imagine it all without having to comit it to paper! I like your drawings; I doubt that I'll be very good at that.

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Saucy, couldn't help but notice a Godess here and there ..I love your drawings, obviously much time and care went into them. I'll bet this helps you to envision the GG ?

Kathy in Napa

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Saucy, the plans look great! I'd wager they took a fair piece of time to execute, too. Did you have trouble coming up with an easy-to-use scale for your drawings? I'm always a put off when "to scale" is required.

I see Alchemilla mollis and Frances Williams in your island plan. I have both (the former is great abundance) and haven't forgotten that you wanted some Frances Williams. Start reminding me as we begin to feel spring approaching and I'll delightedly share some with you. Maybe I can lure you into helping me pry her out of the ground?

Woody, I have great confidence in your abilities, too. :)

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Looks like lots and lots of thinking and research before the beautiful drawings were done. I really like the way you draw Saucy. I see winter to the north :-) in last rendering. Are spring, summer, fall lined up on the west side? It's a neat approach.

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Yes, that's the other three on the west side near the dry stacked wall. Winter is the odd woman out since she is finished in a different color. Plus odd numbers are easier.

There are lots of plant lists to go with these, too :) It was work, but fun work since I researched things that I was interested in. I think it would be harder to find things that someone else might like.

Woody, your class should be more technical than mine, I would think. My class was more about the perennials and "vision" and landscapers have more of a template....I think.

I have an engineer's rule, Chelone, but I just used the blocks on my graph, and somewhere on each one, it tells you that one block equals one foot.

I found it odd to try to plan a garden without the bare soil staring me in the face! Most of the time I end up going to see what is happening at the nursery and that guides my buying decisions. This was fun to research plant material and have a "plant by plan" on paper! Hopefully I'll be able to give this a try.

Some of my frustration with GG has nothing to do with the vision, but the physical labor required. I get pretty upset with my family when I am going at a good pace and everybody descends on me to ask me what is for dinner. I need a machine, or a handy man, or a lot more years.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Saucy! Wow! These are VERY cool! What a sense of accomplishment this must give you! Are these all sort of theoretical or do you now get to actually put these plans into practice? I don't know, Woody, it looks to me like fun - and I am sure that all of Saucy's renderings were not done in a day!

Cheers, guys!


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This is really good, Saucy. A lot better than a lot of "professional" renderings I used to be presented with by homeowners looking for way-too-obscure plants. Also looks relatively low maintenance -- Smart!!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Saucy...very impressive! You really did a good job on presenting your project. I wonder will you be graded? I think the design itself is very welcoming. It looks like a cozy place to sit on a beautiful spring morning. Some of your tulip selections are so pretty. I love the photo of the pink on the left and the two tone dark purple toward the bottom. I can't make out the name of them though. Is the other darker color, Queen of the Night?

Tell the truth, aren't you impressed with yourself? :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Saucy, I wish I could spend an afternoon chatting with you about all this work/fun you have done! I'm very impressed and know each page represents hours and hours of effort. Maybe we'll get to see some of this transpire in YOUR garden?

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Wow, Saucy those are extremely impressive. I love how you have even used shading to enhance the drawings. They are art in themselves. What a great idea to use the velum.


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Saucy - those are wonderful. Such care and thought and artistic use of the media. You'll be teaching the class next session!



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Saucy, these are great! Many years ago I used the gridded paper to make charts of my yard, but they were never as nice as yours. :-) You have so much more detail. Hang in there. You WILL get it done.

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Saucy, looks like much more than an attempt. More like a great plan. I love the idea of the flash cards too. You did such a nice job on your drawings. I especially liked the long border drawings. Hope to see the plans for the GG executed next spring. You did a great job!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

This is really beautiful work Saucy! You spent a lot of time, effort and thought to do this. Beautiful!

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Finally made it over to see your handiwork, and it's so impressive, Saucy. There is an unmistakable "Saucy" charm to the drawings, not at all dry or lifeless. You have a real talent for rendering.

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