# 461 Idyll Fall Roll Call !

dodgerdudetteNovember 7, 2009

Hoping for a post from everyone, no matter how small..

Time to check in !

Kathy in Napa

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Put in 5 at the awfice today, tomorrow we conduct physical inventory, so a full day is on the agenda. How nice it would be to never have to attend / orchestrate another one of these. A 5 year goal -by 2014 I will be out of the inventory business . Hope I can pull it off. Id rather be gardening.

Waving !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)


I also heard a call from bug for photos. The selection is rather slim tonight, as I took many photos of the same view, trying out my new filter and experimenting with my camera settings. Tomorrow I shall try for a greater variety of shots. But I have two to share tonight.

Kathy, you asked what a polarizing filter does. In the simplest terms, it cuts the sunlight and allows you to shoot in bright sun without washing everything out. This photo was taken almost into the sun, and had I not used the filter, the sky would have appeared almost white, and there may have been a glare from the water.

This next photo is taken from the deer condo. The small structure that you see is DH's duck blind. Again, I'm shooting towards the sun but avoiding a glare on the water. I could have done better on this shot. I did this in full manual mode, and I'm still working out in my head how to get the best settings. Tomorrow I need to go out with pen and paper so I can record what I'm doing as I go and do a little cipherin'. This is just what I personally need to do to get this straight in my noggin!

It was a lovely day today - probably nicer than any day we had in October. We hit 70 degrees! I spent the morning helping out at our church's Christmas bazaar. My MIL came by and dropped a giant hint, which I graciously picked up after she left. When I was done there, I headed over to Trader Joe's for my monthly stock up trip. Now you must understand that TJ's is about a 30 - 40 minute drive for me. As I turned the corner of the first aisle, I thought that the young man down the aisle looked a lot like my son. Not only that, but he was with my son's wife! Yes, I bumped into them at TJ's. The funny part is that she had never been to TJ's before.

After TJ's, I stopped at a local store that was having an open house called "Wishful Thinking". I got some really lovely stocking stuffers and a couple of nice things for myself.

Mystic walked with me out to the deer condo, but when it was time to go back down the stairs, he did not want to do it! The stairs have a slightly steep pitch, and he was balking at going down. I knew I wouldn't be able to carry him down the steps, so after a lot of cajoling, shoving and beating I finally got him to go down. He won't go out with me tomorrow!

DH is on his way to the Napa Valley area right now. I'm immensely jealous - I could be doing inventory with Kathy tomorrow!


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Count another as accounted for!! First off, Boo would like all Idyllpets to know that he studied your pics very closely and has learned to execute the fine art of sun bathing with stretching.....

Took a long look at the gardens yesterday and have made the master list of what plants will go in what gardens, what needs to be divided, what needs to be hoisted, what I feel I can do myself and what the Pro+Kyle tasks will be. Very exciting and I found myself in tears at one point when I realized that this place is a dream come true. Wow!!

I need to vent just a bit so if you're in a particularly wonderful mood and don't want to feel the least bit otherwise, skip: For the last several months (necessitating my absence from here and leaving things like repotting on the shelf) I've been immersed in the State of CT budget and particularly the social ramifications of what's left of the coffers. My brother's hospital has been officially closed, and there are 101 clients who will be "relocated." Problem is, there are only 78 available beds anywhere in the mental health system. At the same time, it was announced that $1M would be taken from the Dept of Children and Families (what kids will have the rug pulled out from under them and leave them absolutely alone in horrid situations, I ask?????) and a prison closure study is underway which means that dangerous people won't be able to be sentenced and law-abiding people will need to be more scared than they are now. In the meantime, businesses are getting millions of dollars in tax breaks, ditto the most affluent of our citizenry. This while the State's bond rating has taken a nosedive and we are already in a deep deficit. While I realize I'm breaking my own rule of not entering politics into any Idyll discussion, in this case it's more a matter of the heart and soul, watching the State's most vulnerable people be dropped off a cliff while others are reaping the financial benefits of letting them fall, and I'm mad. I'm now on a volunteer task force made up of social workers, lawyers and liberal mortals (we were actually called that by a member of the Governor's staff) to make sure the people who are displaced have somewhere to go other than the street. In all reality, since a prison will undoubtedly be closed and there aren't enough mental illness community or residential beds available, we have visions of these folks being literally put on a bus and taken to cities where more services for the homeless are available. I've been tasked with being sure that each of the 23 people (yes, they are people!!!!) being put out of the hospital have an advocate, since it'll be easiest and most efficient to let go of those that don't have the ability to stick up for themselves. These folks are being asked to leave a secure, consistent, supportive environment and handle their own meds (a HUGE undertaking), behaviors and demons. I just can't sit back and let that happen. This little rampage on my part is to ask that our group be lifted up in any way you feel comfortable, and that "the 23" be kept safe in the long run. Thanks for the opportunity, here!!!!!

Happier notes:

Kyle and Lauren will be hear today to take 40# of apples from heirloom trees and make them into applesauce. It's a longstanding tradition that got put aside, and Kyle asked that it be resurrected. What Mom would say no to their 23 year old son who wants to spend the afternoon with his wonderful girlfriend in a kitchen?????

Took some time to go through back Idylls and loved the wedding, vacation, general travel and around-the-house pics. Still sorry I missed the New England IU........

So inadvertantly, this became all about me, but wanted you to know the reason that I'll probably be absent again for a bit. All computer time is spend writing letters and emails to anyone who might listen, and researching out-of-state placements for The 23. I promise I'll pop in when I can. Please know that the virtual support I'm asking for is being returned 10-fold for any trials, tribulations, or celebrations that come along in this amazing group of gardeners.

Woody -- you will particularly be in my thoughts.

Best to all -


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Did I hear someone call my name? Here! (raising my hand)

A bit of news that I'm only sharing here for now. Jen and Randy announced that Kate will be a big sister come June. Remember back when I told you all she said she wanted to have them close together. Guess she wasn't kidding :)

Beautiful day here today. Planning a bit of garden cleanup and planting the one and only package of bulbs purchased this year, allium nectaroscordum. Then out for Mexican food and margaritas with Brad later.

Happy Birthday to Kenzie! Hard to believe it's been 5 years since our special little girls came along, isn't it Michelle?

Marie, great video of Ivy! She's really moving! Kate's more of a sit and study kind of girl. She'll sit and play with a toy for an hour at a time but no crawling yet, heck, she doesn't even like to roll over unless she absolutely must. That Ivy sure is a cutey!

Off to enjoy the day! Have a great Sunday. Hope you're all having the same wonderful weather we are this weekend.

Wonder what that fuddy duddy, Chelone, is up to today?


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Present - but not feeling very chatty...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Checking in.....
I managed to get over half of the frontyard flowerbed's dead plant tops removed yesterday. They are now piled in my garden cart.
I bought some tulip bulbs awhile back. They are still in their bag. :-(
The weather finally took a turn for dry and sunny, and warm. Today is cooler than predicted, and is fairly cloudy.

It appears the 'boss' lady and her boyfriend decided it was more important for the grannddaughters to do something else this Thanksgiving Day than go to their paternal grandparent's home. Apparently the fact that we may not be around, or up to, another such get-to-gether, is of no consequence to her. It will be only the second time this has happened since the first GD came along....16 years. She was born just before Thanksgiving Day 16 years ago.If my memory is correct, we went to their house that year. I makes me both sad, and angry...but I will just have to get over it!

This is the least pretty fall that I have seen since we moved to Arkansas! Now almost all the leaves are off, and all of last January's ice storm ugliness has returned. I dread seeing that for 4-5 months! Oh well, I have lots of pretty pics on my computer. I will just avoid looking out. And there are all my indoor plants, so there will be blooms all winter to enjoy.

Martie, that really sucks! Bless you for your efforts. I hope they pay off.

I will not even attempt to address each one...suffice it to say, I am happy for all that have good news, and sad for those who do not.


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I am hopelessly behind, so I won't even try to catch up. I did see that Eden will be welcoming a new DGC...so congrats are in order. The Idyll family is getting bigger and better.

Good thoughts going out to martie. You're doing the right thing.

I'm spending my computer time on Pathwords at FB. I swore I'd never get into those, because they can be addicting. I see kathy nibbled for awhile at it. come back and play. :)

Birthday party tonight for Will who just turned four.

Hi to all.


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Lots of garden clean up was accomplished yesterday. While I was doing it I wondered what your tools of choice are. Just clippers or a variety. I use a hedge clippers which works very well for most this and has telescoping handles so you really don't have to bend down much. I also have a garden scissors and a clipper in my pocket for the occassional plant that doesn't work with the clippers.

I've just returned for a long walk enjoying yet another super day.

V, you have a great property for all your hubby's hunting activities.

These days our roads are either filled with farm equipment or orange garb. There is lot of manure being spread, so its quite odiferous these days.

Eden, I'd love to see some pictures of your fall garden. I remember you mentioning that it was the best fall ever. I'm interested in what plants/shrubs are doing particularly well for you. Wow, congratulations on the coming addition. I believe mom and grandma will both be busy.

Martie, you go girl! Sometimes it only takes one small voice.

Happy birthday to Will too. I called Kenzie but the neighbors had just stopped over with a gift and she was too excited to talk. She will call back after gift opening is over.

Marian, sorry your precious time with your granddaughters won't happen on Thanksgiving. Split families are so difficult.

Hugs to all that need them.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Here! It's a quickie-steaks are just coming off the grill. We've gotten a decent start picking corn, and we have what will be our last group of pigs in the building. Thank goodness, enough of THAT already, lol!
DD is doing well, fat and sassy ;) Next Saturday, we get to go see the 4D ultrasound.
Gotta run, I'm getting the stink-eye, lol!
Hugs and Hi to all!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

I'm here, too. Hello to all. It has been a tough couple of weeks here with watching a dear friend/former co-teacher end her fight with cancer. Amazing woman-such a loss.

Marian, I am sorry about your Thanksgiving plans being turned upside down. I hope the girls can make it over the weekend. My son always says the turkey sandwiches are even better than dinner. Hope the girls feel that way, too.

Martie, looks like Boo has a thing or two to say about the closings, too. I hope things turn around. It seems the most vulnerable get hit first when the economy is bad. Sending all good thoughts your way.

Anita, I think a birthday party for a four-year-old would be grand right about now. Enjoy!

V,love your pics. Wish we were on the water. Alas.

Eden, congrats on the news of the new baby coming. That always makes for fun times in anticipation.

Kathy-inventory-yuck. Time for another vacation!

Was out in the yard all day-70 degrees and beautiful. Planted almost everything I hadn't gotten around to putting in the ground-only a couple of hosta left to go and will put them in when I get home from school tomorrow. Hands are feeling very achy now though, so I am off to take some aspirin and read in bed.

Wishing everyone a splendid week. I will try to do better keeping up with all of you!

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Im glad to see the check-ins from around and about. Im not a finely tuned machine tonight after my Sunday at work, and dinner is a ham and cheese sandwich better than nothing and about all I have energy for though I was able to pour a glass of wine !

V your photos are awesome-and I wonder if your DH is close enough to Napa to be staying at the hotel where my DS works. ..

Adding my ((Martie)) too, and I admire your tenacity and advocacy for those who cannot help themselves.So many people are slipping through the cracks at the present. We look forward to pics of the goings on a the Park whenever you are able to provide them.

Hi Woody, thanks for stopping by, no chattiness needed.

Wow Eden, you are going to have to add on another room if your DDs keep cranking out the rug rats, lol.

Ok, Hi to all and hope to comment more tomorrow when I am more alert !

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all, checking in, still crazy busy with getting my fall house cleaning done and trying to finish up getting the plants in from the garage. Huge job! Why oh why do I do this to myself? Ummm... well to save money on plants next spring of course... LOL

Hugs to one and all

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We enjoyed a beautiful weekend here with lots of clean up involved (and I had lots of help!). I've cleaned off my front porch too, as it is getting a face lift: I hired proffessional painters! I'm excited to have it done before the snow flies.

Martie, I agree with all said here - what a nice thing to be an advocate for your brother's care. Hugs to you, Martie - you're due a break, I think :)

Nice to see you, Woody...you don't need to say much here, you're amongst friends :)

I'm off to work. This has been good to leave the house everyday, but I'm mourning my old life and wondering what I will do when this job ends (as that is the plan). I am feeling like the kids are getting older and starting to think of my own plans....decisions, decisions...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Today is another warm one. It is alternately sunny and cloudy. I woke after only an hour and a half of sleep to the sound of coyotes nearby. They fascinate me! Unfortunately I did not get back to sleep. Something has been tearing up our "lawn" too, perhaps coons or skunks. This morning I cut back peonies, penstemon, lilies, etc. Every little bit of work is a bonus now for spring.

There seems to be much hope in the world as witnessed by Brenda's and Eden's daughters. An exciting journey!

Today I received this personal account from my friend in Berlin about the fall of The Wall. Today is a day of remembrance of that day 20 years ago...
Everywhere, including on CNN and BBC World Service, people are being asked to retell their memories of the Fall of the Wall. But no one has asked me - So here is my eye-witness account of those historic days. It will sound little like what others have been saying, but then it is the unvarnished truth...

Actually I missed the opening, which was in the night of the 9th. I hadn't been listening to the radio and didn't know anything had happened till the next morning. I did hear it then, but the meaning of it didn't sink in and I drove to work as usual. My route to work took me past a roundabout from which the wide street that leads to the Brandenburg Gate departs. Traffic was immobile and after a long wait in the jam I realised I wasn't going to get to work. I managed to park the car (a miracle in itself) and started walking. In the distance I could see something was up at the Brandenburg Gate so I headed that way, a walk of about two kilometres. The excitement at the Wall in front of the Gate was incredible, with mostly young people from both sides standing and sitting on the top and others, below, climbing and being pulled up by them. That part, at least, really was just as it is portrayed by the media. I wanted to climb up myself but stupidly I was wearing my "office" clothes: skirt and high-heels. I had to give up.

Eventually I walked to my job at an advertising agency, another few kms, and told everyone what was going on at the Brandenburg Gate. They all wanted to rush over, but our boss's reaction was blas�: such a fuss over nothing. But he did turn on the TV and after a while we all just left and headed over there.

That was probably the last positive experience of the fall of the wall. By the following day the Ossis (nickname for East Germans) were flocking over in droves and the city was offering everyone who passed through the wall 100 Marks as "Greeting Money". What does one do with 100 Marks on one's first visit to the golden world of capitalism? That afternoon (it was a Friday) I went to Kurf�rstendamm - the main boulevard in West Berlin - and saw: One buys beer. Bottle after bottle, and drinks oneself into a semi-stupor. The wide boulevard was chock-a-block with Ossis (the male of the species) half dazed from beer, not really taking in the sights or situation. They could have been anywhere.

Then came the weekend, bringing even more into West Berlin. I was out again, to watch the Ossis. My husband finally agreed to join me for a while, though his first reaction when I suggested Ossi-watching was as blas� as my boss's. Now there were mainly families, people whose jobs had kept them away the days before. The department stores were more crowded even than hours before closing on Xmas eve. It was astonishing to observe what caught the people's attention: one of the greatest attractions turned out to be decoratively packaged sweets, pralines and the like. I saw families photographing each other holding boxes of chocolates. I didn't see anyone buying the sweets, apparently just seeing the boxes, and being photographed with them, was enough. Loudspeakers in the department stores were advertising special offers for anyone with East German ID papers - with the obvious intent of getting those 100 Marks into their tills before the Ossis spent them elsewhere.

I also went to some small clothing and other boutiques in side streets. Occasionally an Ossi would wander into one of those, though the prices were well beyond their 100 Mark reach. The reaction of the boutique owners was identical everywhere: nasty and cold. There were no sales to be made here, so no need to be polite. What did these people, these Untermenschen [inferior people](yes, that is very much what it felt like...) imagine coming into shops for us rich Westerners. This attitude persisted and was later extended to include Poles who would drive to West Berlin and stock up on inexpensive goods from Aldi and Lidl. Not just the shop attendants, the other shoppers were rude and angry that these people (see above) were lengthening the queues at the tills where only we, by right of birth and bank account, were entitled to shop.

Back to that first Saturday after the Fall of the Wall: One of the most touching scenes we saw was a very pale little girl sitting on a step in front of the Underground station waiting for her parents to come out of some shop nearby. Her parents had spent a chunk of their Greeting money fulfilling their daughter's greatest wish and had bought her a Barbie doll. The joy and adoration in the little girl's eyes and she unpacked the doll nearly brought tears to ours. A Barbie doll, of all things! Just shows how effective advertising is, even across borders and in a country where, at least theoretically, it was illegal to watch the television channels that carried it.

I didn't do any more Ossi watching after that, because it was all just more of the same, though the crowds abated as it became clear that the Wall was staying down and there was no hurry. The other side of the story was that now we, for the first time, could visit the immediate and more distant surroundings of West Berlin. And we did, almost every weekend. We ate in restaurants where meals were invariably dreadful and unbelievably cheap. The official rate of exchange was 4 East Marks to 1 West Mark, but even calculated one-to-one prices for goods were insanely low, in spite of which we repeatedly saw arrogant Wessis (citizens of Western Germany) insisting on paying at the four-to-one ratio or else making a great display of generosity and agreeing to 2:1. We always paid the price, as written, but in West Marks, since the price, as written, was a joke by Western standards.

I finally was able to visit the historical nursery and garden of Karl Foerster in Potsdam. That was a highlight.


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I'm present too!

Thanks for sharing your friends account Bug. That was interesting to read.

I'm really tired as I have been going nonstop during this nice weather, so I'm just waving for tonight.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Present! (Hand up in the air waving madly).

Beautiful weather here too. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I have pretty much completed my fall clean up and so the only bonus I get from the weather is the chance to hang laundry outside still, and nice afternoon walks with the terrors.

Things are going well here too.

We received the psychologist's report for TCS. He indeed has a disconnect between what he reads or hears with what he can write. He scored at the 97th percentile for orally responding, and at the 4th for processing speed for writing. He wasn't even administered the actual writing test as the doctor said it was just "too painful to watch him trying to write". The doctor told us it was his IQ (around 125) that allowed him to get to Grade three; he had never seen such difficulty with physical aspects of the written word. So we have a bunch of recommendations for the school, and the next step is trying to get the school board to implement...We expect it will take us about a year to get everything in place. Meanwhile, TCS and I work every night in his office, one on one to get work done. I find that if I print one word, he will cheerfully print the next. Baby steps for sure. He had to do a book report for school. Silly child loves to read so he picked a book with 164 pages! It took us all day Saturday to get the report done, working for half an hour, taking a half hour off, working for half an hour....

DD's on-again-off-again relationship is currently on, so she is pretty cheerful. Although she is stuck working both Christmas and New Year's this year, she is pleased to be off work for 15 days at the beginning of December - some sort of stat leave that they get for stress relief.

DS has had some dreadful difficulties in the past, and is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least seeing that there is a light. He is cheerful and full of hope, and healthier than he has been in years. He is doing well.

DH stood outside in the cold rain for five and a half hours last week to get his H1N1 shot. He is in the high risk group, being diabetic. I am pleased that a)he got his shot, and b) hasn't gotten sick from the miserable conditions. I won't even comment on the boondoggle surrounding the vaccine availability in Canda.

That's my check-in for now. My JJob today involved pulling out all the furniture in TCS's room, cleaning the baseboards, rearranging everything and finally mopping the floor. Tomorrow's JJob will be cleaning the fridge.

I am trying to clean up my photobucket account, and take some pictures of the before-and-after variety of the baseboards to share with you. Probably tomorrow.

Cheers, all!


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Working without a weekend makes one slightly confused about the actual day of the week, and as long as I get trash collection day right I will prevail!

Two nights in a row we have had frost on the rooftops, but it has not hit the ground yet-Dahlias are still standing although they all look uniformly crappy (except for the fabu Mystic series plants) and even the basil is still kicking. I knocked off the awfice at 4 today so I could come home and feverishly move stuff inside and/or under shelter before it got dark. I have a nice little Coleus-succulent-Plectranthus-Begonia display in the room where I sit now and will get a photo tomorrow when the light is better. I dont think there will be frost tonight as it is a bit overcast.

And what a very nice surprise to see an envelope from Michelle in my mailbox ! Thanks Michelle ! I have expanded the space for my seed setup and it will be fun to grow these.

bug, my DH was given a small piece of the Berlin Wall by a business colleague from Italy. I never shared with him my skepticism that this was the real deal as he was very pleased and excited by it..I have still kept it all these years even though I am unsure if it is legit ! I guess I correlated it with saint relics and pieces of the True Cross.

((Cyn)) so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Please dont sweat the inability to keep up with us! We all have lulls from time to time , and I think all would agree that even a small post and check in will suffice .

All for now ..Buenos Noches friends..

Kathy in Napa

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Hi Everyone! Checking in here.

Eden, congrats on your next grandbaby! I know you are excited about that. What kind of TG crafts did you decide to do with Bella? I am planning to paint a turkey on an old window. Don't know if I mentioned it, but my new job is helping Skip with his construction, window, siding business. Actually, I am mostly doing it, because he still has his other job. Anyway, I have access to a lot of windows for my greenhouse:) Now if he only had the time to build it. I have been collecting them for years, long before he started this business.

Kathy, funny that you mention the piece of the Berlin Wall, because Skip and I each have a small piece of it, given to us by our supervisor at the time, who happened to be in Germany when they took it down. One of the pieces just looks like cement, or some such rockish. The other piece has a tiny bit of paint on it, possibly a graffitti. Just guessing. It is now in my curio cabinet, inside a small piece of Tupperware.

Brenda, I bet you are so excited to meet your grandbaby. Do they know boy or girl? One of my girls is going to find out (not far enough along yet for the sonogram), and the other one is going to be surprised. I was so convinced she was having a girl last time, it took a couple of seconds to absorb that it was Charlie-boy!!! :)

Chelone, how is it going over there? I hope all is well.

Hi Cindy. I know you are busy, but wanted to say hi in case you had a second to stop in an read. Hang in there.

Saucy, how nice that you get to hire out your painting. I have been waiting forever for Skip to get my outside entry painted. In the meantime, the bathroom ceiling started collapsing, so it moved up the priority list. Crossing my fingers to have it done for Thanksgiving. We will see what he can get accomplished. We brought the fish in and worked in the yard this weekend.

Hi Woody!!! I hope you enjoyed the sunnier weather we have had the past couple of days.

Martie, hope you are making inroads with your battle for your brother. Sounds like you are giving it your best shot.

Cyn, I don't think I have gotten to meet you yet, but I am sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I hope you are doing okay.

Julie, it is probably nice to know where you stand with TCS. Sounds like you have a plan of action that seems to be working. I stood in line for the flu shot for about 3 hours a couple of weeks ago. It was okay because my mom, daughter, grandson, husband, and SIL were with us. Ended up my daughter who is preg decided not to get it, and she didn't give it to her son either. I got the seasonal one, I have gotten it since I worked at the hospital, and sort of got in the habit. My husband got called away, so he missed, and my son is teaching a class at a local college, he had to take off. There must have been 3 or 400 people in line.

V- great pics. I bet you are having fun with the new skill. You fit a lot into your days:)

Marian,sorry you won't get to physically be with your grandaughters. So many times I am thankful we live in an age when we can stay connected easily to our family, even when we don't get to see them. I send my son text messages, etc, but he is one that will not call me on his own. I know he is thinking about me, but doesn't think to call, etc. I can remember years ago, I heard from my Grandma only when she wrote a letter, which was about 3 times a year. Long distance phone calls were not encouraged back then either. Twice I got to go and stay with her for a week, after I was 13, and I loved it.

Michelle, Happy Birthday to Kenzie, and Will from me too!

I took an iPhoto class at the Apple store the other day. They didn't really teach much, mostly just talked about their products, and at least three times led into additional sales for other items. I understand their reasoning, but I had hoped to find some ways to easily post on here. I am going to try to find some online tutorials. I hear they are available.

Hi to all I might have missed:) Not intentional, but I am falling asleep.Combo of dark at 5:30-6, and I seem to have a little sore throat. I am a bit of a germaphobe.. but I blame the lady at the drug store who sneezed halfway through checking me out the other day. I should have just left, but didn't. She used Purell right after, so I gave her benefit of the doubt. I don't like when they have sick people handling my stuff, but I know they can't really help it. I refused to take coffee from the runny/wiping nose Starbucks worker, and other food servers who sniffle then touch my food. Feel sort of bad about it, but I can't help it. Ever since the grocery clerk who was coughing sneezing etc made me sick years back, I speak up. (usually:) Okay, now I need to end on a happy note. Hmmmm, let's see.... I got a lot of stuff out of the basement, and have been putting things by the curb before Skip can "save" them. Today I threw away about 20 plastic file stackers. They lasted 15 minutes.I was glad someone could use them.
In addition to that, I got rid of about 6 construction size garbage bags of things no one would even want.
Hope you all have a nice evening!!!


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I feel like I killed the idylls....

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Drema, that one liner just cracked me up...too funny!

I'm almost ready to leave for the airport. DB is arriving for a visit this week so I thought I could do a brief read to stay current until time allows for posting. Couldn't do it, thanks to Drema's comment!

Waving to all, on my way...still laughing!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Drema...too funny.

So I went to do errands this morning and discovered that the Christmas push is in effect: Lots of gingerbread houses, amaryllis plants, artificial trees, etc. So I actually bought a few things. I found appropriate tree decorations for each member of DD's family. I tried to get a special one for Reed but nothing was perfect for such a situation and I just bought a tiny snowman. But I felt drained by my decision. I also bought Christmas tights for Ivy. Then I found a leather leash for Ms Phoebe, but not as nice as the one Charlotte used to have. There was only one that was 6' long. All the rest were 4'. I picked up my next book club read from the library too.

Upon my return I found my buddies cleaning up my island beds! What a very pleasant surprise!

I've begun work on the first hand puppet for Skyler & Ivy now. I sure hope it is a success! I've never tried the pattern before.

My thoughts are with Martie...I'm hoping that something sensible works out for those involved in that ugly situation.

Julie, I'm so pleased that you moved ahead with the psych report on your own. Waiting for schools to move on such things is like waiting for glaciers to move. I sure hope a plan comes into place soon and that he feels the results and some pride soon! The sooner the better! You're a great advocate for that little guy and how wonderful for him that he came to live at your house.

On that note, I'm hoping that Skyler's future gets cleared up with the help of a family coordinator - soon. I'm very anxious about his terrible situation. I guess Marian and I are both worried grannies. ;)

In the meantime, I think the joint coffee table book by Deanne and V is looking more and more likely with every photo each posts here!!!! And I'll be able to say that I knew them way back when... :)


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Hopelessly behind here, as well. But I would have been here sooner had Drema not "killed the Idylls". :)

We cleaned the front of the house up over the weekend and we put the new fence posts into the ground today. Not sure what is going to become of the arbor, but one thing's sure: it won't be moved anytime soon. I dug a very crowded and underperforming clump of bulbs a month ago and finally put them back into the ground yesterday. I rearranged some plants to accomodate a few that were in pots, and I mowed the Fertile Cresent for the final time.

Have been rather down lately; boring and unfulfilling at work, grunt work at home, and feeling low about my friend's death. It'll be OK, but right now things are looking rather grey...

Now I have to help bring in the groceries. I'm very tired and interested in a nice warm shower (and a pit/leg shave). ;) Maybe after that I'll feel like reading.

Hi all! Wish I had it in me to make a cake; something chocolate would be nice about now...

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Hi Guys. I will try again....

Chelone, I am sorry you are having the blues. It is hard sometimes. I have a cookbook called the Cake Doctor. You take cake mixes and make them into something fancy, all with a little dab of something. I love to read cookbooks, but then I stay in the rut of the same old food for dinner. Yesterday I bought a bunch of root veggies, sweet potatoes(of course), rutabaga, turnips, beets, and anything else I could find that was a root. I am going to roast and carmelize them, adding onions as I go. I am thinking a little crispy bacon to add some salty flavor. If it turns out good, I might add it to the menu for Thanksgiving.

I think we need a cheerful visit from *Eileen*. It is always fun to hear from her.

I have a new plan to make a food journal on FitDay.com. I used to do it, but got out of the habit. I have to say that starting the new venture, plus being on the road a lot doing appts, etc has added some poundage. I have to get back to paying attention to what I eat, plan ahead and take cheese and apples with me, instead of stopping at Taco Bell when I get hungry. Luckily they tore down and are rebuilding the one by me, so that will help for awhile.

Bug, when your friends are finished at your place, send them this way. It is more fun to shop for gifts when you aren't under the time gun, isn't it? I am going to try to keep it simple this year, because with all of the marriages, babies, significant others, etc, we are going to be opening gifts forever. I would just write a check, which I think everyone would like, but Skip wants gifts. I am thinking useful things, like grocery gift cards, etc. (Not for the babies:). I got Charlie a cute little cookware set for his soon to arrive on his BD kitchen. I am looking for play food. Nina got a Cabbage Patch newborn. We don't know if it is a boy or girl until it is "born". Of course, everyone is looking forward to their pack of socks. Lots of times they try to find that package first, to put them right on:)

I am going to go watch a chick flick rub Vick's on my chest, gargle my salt water, and go to bed:) Not necessarily in that order. TTYL


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Gotta start them early! Here's Ivy working on her Julie Job. She and Daddy are installing a new floor together in the kitchen and hallway.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Now now Drema...I am the official Idyll killer! :-)

I drove my little Contour to Jasper today, to renew my driver's license. It was just a few days from expiring. No problems with the car. Keeping my fingers crossed......

I have all 3 of my GDs as friends on Facebook, but they are at the age that they are more interested in boys, than grandparents. Drema, I would love to have my GDs, one at a time, come spend some time with me, but I am afraid they would be bored to death out here in the boondocks, and I am not up to driving them hither and yon for entertainment.

(((Chelone)))) This too shall pass.....You need some pretty flowering plants indoors. :-)

Marie, yes, I am another worried grannie. The other side of the family have much more influence on them than we do. I just hope a little of what I have tried to teach them will 'take'.

Back to Drema.....your post was great. It was no way a 'killer'.

BTW, although we do not have extensive conversations on Facebook, it is so nice seeing so many of my Idyll friends there.....

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Made it through another day as I journey towards my 1st day off since the 1st of the month. I retain some brain cells.

Chelone, I am sad that you are feeling low, and I do recall that fall is just not your time . Strength of character will see you through my friend-I know you have plenty of that ! I continue to read with interest of all the projects that are ongoing at the Compound. . I am confident you will kick the dog when needed.

Lol Drema, I am very lackadaisical about germ exposure, in the theory that the more germs I encounter the better my immunity will bewho knows if this is right or wrong. The last time I called in sick was over 10 years ago. I usually get one cold every other year or so and I just hole up in my office and stay away from the co-workers and go home early.

Hoping for the best outcome for Skylar, and hugs to Julie with all the issues she juggles, and waving to all

Here is the first wave of the winter plant move ..a bad pic taken in haste but you get the idea. I will have groupings like this in various locations around the house ..

Kathy in Napa From Garden Fall 2009

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

chelone, sorry you are feeling blue. Sounds like the stars are conspiring against you. I am trying hard to celebrate my friend in little ways, but it is easier because I have other teachers at school who feel the same and lots of hugs from several of our students of last year who were just told today. Your thought of chocolate is a wonderful idea-send someone out to get something for you! I'm suddenly craving hot fudge over chocolate ice cream-darn! Walking the pups at dawn helps me, too-starts the day off right. Then again, if you 'hate dogs' that might not work-teehee-maybe a morning beating-gives you something to look forward to...

Julie, feel free to ignore the following thoughts which you have probably already heard in some form, but here in the US, a lot of my LD kiddoes are given the accommodation of either dictating answers to me or using a word processor/laptop to complete written work. The important thing is that he be able to get his ideas down, not how he does that. Also, there is a handwriting program called Handwriting Without Tears by Jan Olsen. There is a website if you google it-inexpensive workbooks that you can order.

You are too funny, drema and thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the hug, Kathy. I think it's cool that you have a (maybe) piece of the wall. Whether it is real or not, it would be fun to have a reminder of the fall of the wall.

'bug-every picture of Ivy is cuter than the last!

All for now-past bed time! Sweet dreams, all.

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Good morning -- I can feel the support emanating from this group and it is wonderful.

Eden -- Congrats, Grandma!!!!!

'bug -- Maybe a tiny angel would be appropriate for Reed's ornament? What a mixed bag of emotions......Love that Ivy is learning to do remodeling at such an early age? Passed along the Berlin Wall story to Ky, who with Lauren is planning a Germany trip in the next year or so to see friends they've met along the way. How interesting to see a first-hand account.

Kathy -- Your inside arrangements got me motivated and hardening in will start this weekend. Wasn't going to do much, but why let perfectly good plants freeze?

Julie -- TCS is so lucky. Ditto your DS. Lots of families just throw the whole load of issues on school systems and then wonder why there's no massive and immediate improvement. A step at a time....

Drema -- Good to see you!

V & Dianne -- There's enough good marketing talent lurking around the Idylls that a book really could be a possibility. I've found that recent releases concerning gardens and plants are redundant, and that something new and refreshing would be welcomed.

Marian -- Never expected the vernacular "sucks" from you but you hit the nail on the head. So perhaps there will be a special day just for you and your granddaughters to celebrate?

Happy Birthday to Kenzie!

Hello to everyone not specifically mentioned -- running today as I have a big promotion interview at work and then have a meeting with the Commissioner (just appointed) to reiterate why putting mentally ill people on the streets on purpose may not be a great idea. You get the picture.....one extreme to another.

Don't Forget to Thank a Veteran Today no matter what country they served!!


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Today sucked. Couldn't do anything right at work (what's new?). And the "li-berry" was closed for Veteran's Day and I couldn't pick up my book on Earle Sande (phenomenal jockey from the late 'teens-1940s).

Instead of ignoring the continual dosing of TDC (thinly disguised contempt) over the course of the morning I replied with a broadside salvo of my very own. One that dripped with sarcasm and was every bit as demeaning and insulting as the one just received. And one that was direct and very much to the point.

Time to kick the dog.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I see no point in encouraging someone to behave abominably Chelone. You have been aiding and abetting her with your silence/TDC. I think being direct is a good plan, as long as you don't mind being sent to the principal's office. I think you are in a fine position personally, with talent and charm, a fabulous studio and customers at the ready...if need be. She seems not to realize that her behavior is not getting her where she'd like to be.

Phoebe is out for a walk with her friend who needs a break from various stresses. They are using the new leather leash.

I cleaned up the raspberries, zucchini patch, rhubarb mess, asparagus row too. Then cut back the zinnias and emptied the planters.

I'm stuck with my knitting pattern which seems to have an error. Maddening. My friend can only help me on weekends too...

Kathy, love your bright yellow room! It looks so cheerful!


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A new leather leash?! how can such a simple thing bring me to the verge of tears? ;) Ummm... don't make the mistake I've made twice... put that new leash in a safe place, far from eager mouths looking to vent nervous energy.

I am not keen on yellow (as a rule) but usually like yellow rooms. What I REALLY like, however, is the bold upholstery, Kathy. I think it's cheerful, vibrant, and I love the way you've used ENOUGH of the color to provide a solid, anchoring foil to the walls. Always bothered me that people would ask for help with color and then wimp out and use it so sparingly that the impact was totally lost! Pretty clock, too...

Had a nice talk with my brother, informing him of turkey and a bed should he be interested in a free meal on a certain holiday... ;) He is of the opinion that I'm at a point where working solely for myself may be what will make me happiest. He raised the analogy of burning the candle at both ends, one I've not really considered. But that's how I feel lately. I'm trying to hold "outside" work at bay so I'm not overburdened and am fresh for my "real work". Read: "job".

I like the work I do. I like my boss (on a personal level). But I don't like feeling that my capable, professional hands are tied because my "boss" can't quite get the organizational aspects of a project together enough to just "hand 'em over". I absolutely hate losing my temper and turning the personal "cannons" on people. It makes me feel weak and incapable. Sadly, after the fact when recourse is too often lost. And it makes me feel that I don't communicate adequately enough to make the point without being mean. I hate feeling "mean".

My brother pointed out that I'm passing over opportunities because I still have one foot on the "job dock" and am wasting creative energy trying to keep the skiff close enough to the "job dock" for comfort. In short: time to -hit of get off the pot.

I love Ivy helping with the floor... about as much help as a cat, and not nearly as cute. :) (I hate kids)

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Chelone, as I was reading along, I had the same thought as your brother and bug. If you are not dependent on her for health insurance and retirement plan, I bet If you decided to go out on your own, as soon as the word hit the street, you would have business, probably some of hers.I think you are in a small shop, and people probably already ask for you to do their work. If you didn't like working for yourself, she would undoubtedly hire you back. Are there a lot of people in your area with your particular skill? I don't know any around here, and we have a lot of boaters. I bet you could carve out a little niche for yourself that would do quite nicely. I have been able to sort of do that here for us, and it seems to be going okay. The part I don't like is the bookwork. I need to hire someone for that. It isn't my strong point. But I like working with people. It can be frustrating at times, but they seem more like challenges than when I was working for others. I do like the freedom to set my own schedule. I can work as early or late as I want. If you decide to stay, it is nice to know that you have options. Sometimes it makes it easier to stick in a situation that isn't ideal, more like it is your choice, instead of something you "have" to do.

Hope I helped.


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Drema, you sound just like me - the books are not my strong suit. We both need to outsource with V :)

Chelone, ditto what all have said, but you know that. Since you like your boss, can you have a heart to heart and ask for sole responsibility over your own jobs?

Ivy is such a smart girl helping her daddy :)

Kathy, I've got plants all over, too. My orchid is going to bloom again.

Today I found a letter from my Grandma from December 17th 2000. It was a 5 page letter and was nice to read. I have them stuck all around the house (this one was in the glove box of the car) and like to come across them. How lucky am I that she wrote me quite often? I felt like she was with me today.


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Drema, don't ever think you killed the Idylls again. We are happy you are posting. Sounds like you are doing ok with the new venture. And nice that you have a new source for windows for the future greenhouse.
So Charlie likes to cook?


Kathy, I like your room too. You sure will be ready for the weekend. We have had a couple of frosts that didn't get everything so my knockouts are still blooming which is a blessing since the Japanese beatles did such a number on them mid summer. Also one of my Rossanne geraniums is going strong and a few other random blooms. Looks like tonight may be another frost so that may do everthing in.

After a sick day yesterday(dizzy from an inner ear thing I think) I was back out today. I started planting bulbs but kept getting sidetracked with pulling weeds and cutting backthings.
I did take the dogs for a walk too. We won't get to do that much the next couple of weeks due to deer season. DS was here this afternoon sighting in his gun and cats and dogs were heading for cover.
DH is hunting this year too, for the first time in probably 15 years. I think it is part of his trying to be more active and lose some weight. Hooray for that. He is doing good with the eating right as well.

Michelle I was thinking today while working outside about my favorite garden tools. I carry a pair of garden sissors in the ruler pocket of my carpenter jeans at all times. I have a favorite trowel and shovel too. But today I was using a new tool I bought this year that is fast becoming a favorite too. It is a long handle clipper with a squeez grip and even holds on to what it clips. Saves a lot of bending over cutting dead stems off and works great for deadheading butterfly bushes and such.

Martie I wish you well with your meetings.

Julie it's good to know that you have more of an understanding of TCS problems. I hope it will make his life a little easier.

The tile Ivy is helping with looks very simaler to mine except mine has no grout lines.

Cyn, sorry about your friend.

Off to read my book. It is "Merle's Door" (Lessons from a Freethinking Dog) by Ted Kerasote. I think Woody and Chelone would enjoy it.

Have a good evening all.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, I'm ready for Denise, PM2, Wendy...and why not David too? I guess Sue just isn't going to show... :( Cindy, we're waiting.

Saucy, periodically I find letters from my mother and aunt. Instead of feeling guilty about my disorganized ways, I hope to adopt your approach of surprise and delight. :)

bug again...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Checking in again. Unfortunately, I know exactly how Chelone feels. Yet another dispiriting day at work. No awful news today, just meetings that take far too long and accomplish far too little. 'nuff said there and I shall move on.

I was pleased to learn today that our town's farmers market is ranked number 1 in the state and 41st in the entire country. Not too shabby! they are working on plans for a winter market; hopefully to roll out next year.

Also ran into DD's middle school band teacher, who was pleased to hear news of her jazz concert a few weeks ago. Nice that he was so interested in how she is doing.

Norma, funny you should mention the book "Merle's Door". I just got a recommendation on that one from someone else. I'll have to check it out!

I also just got Barbara Kingsolver's new book, The Lacuna. I had some points at Borders from answering online surveys, so I got the book for about $4 in shipping and sales tax. Can't beat that with a stick!

Drema, nice to see you posting again!

As one of those who venture over to the "dark side" (i.e. Facebook) on a daily basis, I have to tell you that it can be a dangerous place to be! This evening, the chat window popped up, and my niece asked if her sister's girlfriend could join us for Thanksgiving. I said of course she could, then asked if my nephew was coming also. Why, yes, and he's bringing his girlfriend as well. Hmm, in the blink of an eye I got two more Turkey Day guests. Beware those chat windows!

Interesting observation in the grocery store the other day. There was a young woman, probably about 20, and her mother waiting in front of me at the deli counter. The young woman was conversing in Polish with her mother, and her voice was soft and lovely. Then it was their turn to be served, and the young woman switched to English - and switched to a harsh, nasally voice. You almost couldn't believe both voices came from the same person! Then back to Polish and back to the lovely voice. I fear she learned her English from Fran Dresher.

That's all the news that's fit to print, and then some, from these parts. Book club tomorrow night, so I may not check in. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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Yes , where has PM got to ? I did contact Denise ---maybe yesterday ? With my shortage of days off I'm having trouble keepng track. She's ok, just extremely busy with various concerns.

DS and I went to the theater tonite for a one man show- John Clese. Everyone needs an injection o Monty Python once in awhile...

Waves !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another frosty morning here, but the sun is shining and perhaps it will get warmer later on.

DH had two meetings yesterday. The first was just as V described, with an individual who spoke at great length about very little. Even Power Point can't rescue some speakers. The second meeting was a departmental meeting with over 60 people which went on and on and on with nothing decided but with many people enjoying the sound of their voices. When you actually know how to run a meeting well, as DH does, such nonsense is very frustrating, especially when you have students you need to meet with and other tasks to accomplish. It seems to be a universal epidemic.

Today is the day for Phoebe's appointment about her knee and ligaments. We shall see.

Tomorrow a friend comes to visit for the weekend and we will see a play in a nearby town.

V, I enjoyed many of Barbara Kingsolver's books, but not so much her most recent ones. Keep us posted on the latest one. Certainly the price was right! What did you discuss at Book Club? Our next book discussion will be on Monday evening to talk about An Audience of Chairs. I'm so pleased that our small group's members actually reads each book! Many do not it seems. Will today be the day that Chelone gets her book on Earle Sande?

Time to get moving here.

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V, LOL learning her english from Fran Dresher.

Bug, I hope Pheobe got a go ahead and run.


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Busy, busy here. Harvest is once again in full swing. Rain is predicted for tomorrow. Im really supposed to be making sandwiches for the guys right now. Things at work are still stressful. The new hire seems to be smart and catching on well, but appears to be somewhat of a drama queen/troublemaker. I feel like I have a teenager under my care again ugh.

Its a good thing that much of the garden clean up is done as it is nearly dark by the time I get home. Jaden and I take a quick walk and thats it.

When I talked to DD this a.m. it was only 4 degrees warmer in Florida than here.

DD called this a.m. about a confrontation with several people at her apt complex over a "found" dog. DD and a friend saw a poster about this dog. The neighbor who had found it had already decided that she would like to keep the dog. DD gave the phone number to the neighbor and the neighbor said she called it and said it wasnt the dog. DD not one to give up called the number on the poster herself and gave the address of the neighbor. The dogs owner showed up with the cops and claimed the dog. Now the neighbor is ticked with DD and some nastiness is pursuing. DD just cant believe that the neighbor would think it right to keep the dog which appeared to be a pure bred. The neighbor thinks that DD did it for the reward, but DD turned down the reward money saying that if Lucky (her dog) was missing she would love for someone to return him. As if she doesnt have enough going on in her life these days. Sheesh.

Ive returned, the sandwiches have been made and delivered.

Saucy, your grandmothers letters are surely very special and what fun to discover them occasionally. Sometimes I run across a handwritten recipe card from my grandmother. The problem is I dont bake much anymore and rarely get into the old recipe box.

Kathy, love your room. Im glad to hear the seeds arrived, if I dont make it to CA next summer, at least my seeds will be there.

Julie, TCS is certainly a lucky little boy to have you in his corner.

Cynthia, so sorry to hear about your friend.

Chelone, I agree that you would prosper in business with your skills and level headed way of doing things.

Marian, thats the thing I really dislike about Facebook is the lack of real conversation. Everything is mostly one liners.

Is Ivy sporting one of grandmas sweaters? What a precious shot.

Drema, you sure are on the ball with the Christmas shopping. Our kids are requesting gift cards more and more, but the kids love to unwrap gifts.

I think I should get going and try to accomplish something constructive this evening.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle, that story of the dog is EXACTLY what happened with Indy last year, posters and all. Thank goodness the wicked thieves were intimidated enough to set her free and she was nabbed by the pound and returned home right after. But it was 3-4 days of agony for all.

Yes, that sweater of Ivy's was knit by your's truly.

Well Norma, Phoebe's story isn't as good as hoped for. Although the swelling has disappeared, the ligaments are still allowing the knee cap to slide to the side. I actually felt it slip and it was a very creepy moment for me to realize what was going on in such a , well, tangible way. And so we must continue to keep her calm and schedule very expensive surgery. We are comfortable with the diagnosis, the vet and the surgeon's reputation, although not the cost....It involves THREE MONTHS of calm behavior after the surgery too, so I'm not sure how all this works with our Christmas get away plans. Her other knee is solid, no genetic problems either. At least DH is reconciled to it all.

30F here at the moment and more garden cleanup has been accomplished in the "flats". More to go, I hope tomorrow.

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Wel, I stripped off the bathro0m wallpaper this morning. It was WAY overdue. The ceiling is collapsing, the whole room is ugly. It actually looks better now without the wallpaper and with the ceiling sort of trimmed up than it did before. Under the plaster in the ceiling, I discovered a layer of wallpaper they had used to hold up the second plaster ceiling years ago. I don't think it provided a very sturdy base for the new layer, lol. Next comes the Z-brick from the 70's that halfway up the wall. I went to Lowe's to price tile. I thought I could just paint over the brick again, but it is in pretty bad shape. We don't even take showers in there anymore. I went to Lowe's to look at tile. They have some nice patterns, but I am having a hard time deciding exactly what to do. I really need to completely tear the whole thing out and start from the ground up. And I did happen to see a really cool copper sink at Lowe's that has a mosaic all around it. And I'm not even supposed to be thinking about sink replacement!!!

Michelle, glad you hired your new person. Hope she works out.

Did Mary go on vacation? I don't remember seeing any post from her.

Saucy, good idea hiring an idyll to do the books. Can this be done long distance?

Bug, Ivy is a little doll baby. I saw the video of her crawling, so cute!!

Going to bed. Throat still a little scratchy.


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Good evening IdyllsI am glad to see this week coming to a close , and a whole weekend off after tomorrow ! I will spend a couple hours at home in the late morning tomorrow as I have the electrician coming to fix several small but annoying issues around the house.

Well thanks for all the nice comments about my room..I ought to get a better photo of it for you. Im trying to do some fix-up in the winter reading room, but there is no point til I get my new stereo speakers .

DS and I enjoyed our theater evening last night- John Cleese was hilarious and I went into work an hour late this morning as I had stayed up past bedtime !

GB, Im sorry that Phoebe will have to have surgery after all. Hopefully this will set her to rights for many years to come. The money we spend on our pets is surely staggering sometimes.

This is all for me tonight, I should be able to catch up a bit better at last over the weekend. Another long week is on the horizon shortly.

Buenos Noches my friends.

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

((Phoebe and gb))

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all...

Michelle, I agree about the facebook conversations, but I persist in writing more than one liners. :-) I don't get too many comments, but that's okay. Maybe it will evolve into more, with more older folk getting on there.
The lost dog episode is one to add to my anger about mean dishonest people. Thank goodness for your DD's hanging in there. That sounds like something I would do.

An update on my Thanksgiving plans....It is now scheduled for the Tim and the girls to come next weekend....which includes my birthday, and Tim and his new lady to come the following weekend! So, I will be preparing two dinners....if I survive the first..LOL. I am not too concerned about the food part, but sure do need to grub out more of the muck in here! I am not concerned about what the first group sees, but I am about the new lady friend. Some people can be hypercritical about such things. I guess it will be a good test of what she is made of? I can pretty well tidy up the lower parts of the rooms, but wall and ceiling work is just too hard on my arms, shoulders, neck, etc. I am seriously considering putting dark curtains on the windows. The dirt and webs do not show up as well if the sun is not shining in. :-) But then....what would putting them up do to my body!!!! It is a catch 22!

Marie, that is so sad about Phoebe. What a shame....I hope it all works out for the best.
I love the pic of Ivy helping with the floor work.

Drema, How I wish I were able to do what you are doing. We do not have wallpaper to remove, but we have that cursed 'cottage cheese' on many ceilings, and in the livingroom espacially, they are covered with dusty webs....mostly above the wood stove area. I hope the visitor won't be looking up! As for bathrooms...the hall bath, (my bathroom), is in pretty good shape yet, except for a dripping tub faucet. Nolon's, which is the master bath, is in bad shape, The lower wall between the tub and the stool is rotting out, and black with mold! Not a good thing!The floor below that is also rotting out, beneath the carpet. Thank goodness the moldy place is small, and I keep spraying it with disinfection and anti bacterial spray. Even if we could afford to have it fixed, Nolon would think he had to supervise the operation. I can understand that, but he can become rather a nuisance!
The good thing about it is that it is never used by company. I diligently avoid directing anyone into there.
(And it smells in there!I will spray it well with deoderant spray before company comes.)
Having chronic sinus problems makes it hard for me to know if my house is smelly!

Okay...I have vented long enough on that!

Nolon finally, accidently, met the new neighbors. According to his report, they were not happy about the previous owners leaving the goats and dog behind. But they are keeping all three of them. They fixed the goat fence, and have not had them get out again. The dog continues to do it's job in our immediate yard! Naturally Nolon did not mention that to them. From his report, the man is another middle-aged hippy type, like the one that lives on down past them. Naturally he considers that they "seem real nice" , but he says that about everyone he meets. :-)
I haven't felt motivated to work my way through our 300 feet of woods to meet them. I will be very surprised if they stay there long. Chelone, I sympathize with you and your new neighbors. I sure liked it better the years before anyone moved there. I am getting really 'gun shy' about new neighbors!

Okay...I rattled on long enough. I don't want to kill this thread....LOL


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It's a wet dreary day here although the temp is mild. I don't believe it rained much at all, so I hope to be able to spend the day in the garden tomorrow. It is so nice to have the weekend upon us.

Drema, I plan to strip my bathroom wallpaper this winter and I'm not looking forward to it.

'bug, bummer about the expensive surgery.

Marian, I'm sure its not easy to do lots of cleaning for you. Hopefully the new lady friend is understanding. I'm so glad you will get to see the girls.

This Idyll is moving awfully slow without imput from so many. I miss you all.

I ran across some pictures from a garden I toured a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if I ever posted them or not, but since we have so many readers here I thought you might get a kick out of this teacher's garden.

The title of the book in the second shot is "Everything I Know I Learned in the Garden"

In the last picture she has a picture of each of her grandchildren in a large flower pot as a baby. I thought it was quite cute.

Thinking of you all

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Norma, my DH bought Merle's Door, read it, and passed it on to me. It is wonderful, but I do find myself putting it down after reading just a little. I think I don't want to deal with what comes at the end, even though it comes for all our pets (and us!). I seem to get teary just anticipating it.

Chelone, don't know what you do, but from what everyone else is saying, it sounds as though you have what it takes to go out on your own. Your brother's comment about burning your candle at both ends made me think of a poem on that subject by Edna St. Vincent Millay which led me to her "Safe upon the solid rock/The ugly houses stand/Come see my shining palace/Built upon the sand." Long-winded way of saying do what makes you happy. We all know that life is way too short.

Speaking of being happy, lucky you Kathy seeing John Cleese. We love Monty Python!

And now, for something (not) completely different...off to read in bed. So pleased that I can sleep in a little in the morning-what a luxury! 'night all.


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There may not be anything much better than a Friday night after working a 12 day week ! Even doing the laundry seemed like fun. (sort of) . I have turned the heat on as a reward for my diligence. Thermostat is set at 66..we have had three light frosts in the last week- last night is the first time I saw it below roof-top level. I still have zinnias (the few I didnt yank) and coleus outside that are protected enough to have not kicked the bucket yet. Im going to deal with all of them this weekend and rig my succulent tent . More plants will come to live inside.

And how pleasant to have gotten all my electrical issues dealt with today as well. I have fully operational light switches and an illuminated garage once again.

Michelle what a nice group of garden photos you posted today ! We definitely need a few more pics on this thread ..Ill see what I can do ! I do miss posts from many of our regulars too. I still have unpleasant memories of stripping the wallpaper from my bathroom. I highly recommend a heat gun.

Marian, do you have a Webster" ? They are light weight and it seems to work best for areas that are not cottage cheesed ..I have a very large population of webs in my house since I keep it open all summer. I will have to do a web-vacuum Julie Job now that I have started closing the place up. The worst area is my living room which has very high cathedral ceilings (cottage cheese as well) and requires a ladder and a 1 gallon Shop Vac with about 6 extensions on it. Have you considered asking your DS and family to spend a couple of days helping you and Nolon with some of the heavy cleaning and small repair projects around your place ? Nice to hear that your hippie-esque new neighbors have stepped up to the plate concerning the animal abandonment of the previous residents. Folks who are willing to take on neglected livestock cant be all bad..

Drema, I dont think Mary is on vacation, she has started a new job and is probably still adjusting her schedule. It sounds like you have a can of worms in that bathroom project !

Hi Woody ! glad you are reading along and good vibes out to you

Seen at the Mendocino Art Center ...this seems do-able. From Mendocino

A bit of fall in my garden, before the Begonias are toast.. From Garden Fall 2009

Kathy in Napa

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My lightspeed scan has gleaned that surgery lies in the future of Feebles. :( 3 mos. is a long haul, 'bug, I won't lie to you about that (we've done it twice, so be prepared, regardless of what you've been told). It's a "one day at a time" kinda thing. From our experience the last month is the hardest and really the most crucial because the dog is feeling great but the healing is not complete and the loss of muscle tone puts greater strain on the repaired site. You simply have to grit your teeth and "follow the directions". If there is a bright spot to all of it, the results will be worth the effort you put into the recovery period. AND, all the leash time give you a wonderful opportunity to insist that commands be followed immediately and for you to enforce them. We spent a lot of the time just handling Rex, gently moving the leg as prescribed, handling his paws, clipping nails, "examining" ears and teeth, etc.. Perhaps postponing the surgery until after Christmas would be a possibility?

A warm and special "hi" to Woody, who crosses my mind often and who, I'm happy to learn, is reading along.

I would like to be at Drema's house helping with crappy wallpaper and crummy ceiling. Bet she wouldn't mind if I began to cry for no apparent reason. ;) I still have to paint the bathroom walls, but having anice "john" is nice. You will not be sorry you've undertaken the chore.

Give your honest daughter a hug for being so honest, Michelle! The world is full of creepy people and it took guts to stand up for what was right. The pooch purloiner is just peeved that she was nabbed in her act of dishonesty. She'll get over it, or not. But your daughter has demonstrated by example the virtue of honesty. I doubt the lesson is lost on the latest birthday girl, Kenzie. How old now? (you didn't think I'd care enough to remember, did you? ;) ).

It started to rain when I was out with Rex just predawn. We need the rain badly and the low overcast suits my glum mood perfectly. It will be a good day to spend in the Salon. I was looking for a phone number last night and ran across my late friend's cell phone number in the back of the day planner on my desk. I broke down completely, regret over not using bubbling over and culminating in wracking sobs. Helpmeet has no clue how deeply this has affected me and because its "uncomfortable" he prefers to distance himself from it. I understand that. So I kicked the dog instead. Stange how the littlest things trigger the most visceral responses to loss, huh?

Work hasn't been great but it's still there. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do, frankly. At present I don't much feel like having a "heart to heart", even though I know it's the right thing to do. Just don't quite know how to organize my thoughts on the subject into any sort of outline or "action plan" that will be meaningful. My mind is too taken up with other stuff at the moment to focus on it.

Warm hello to Marian! I can't believe anyone would abandon animals (the dog, yes; children, definitely! the goats, no) at the sale of a home. What's up with ceding all responsibility of that sort?? It will be strange to see lights behind our home and I will be sad that the buffer of wilderness is diminished but we have an opportunity to make new friends and be good neighbors and that's how I've chosen to look at the construction process.

Still grossly behind and it'll probably remain so for some time. Sigh. Talkatcha later, guys.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Please remind me never to speak of the luxury of sleeping in, even when I mean staying in bed until maybe 8 am. Those pups must have been reading over my shoulder as I typed-they were up begging to go chase something in the yard at 2:58 am, 5:35 am, and 6:20 am when I just left the door unlatched so they could let themselves in-LOL-which they did at 7 when I finally got up!

((chelone, woody,'bug))

Marian, I use swiffers to get the cobwebs-can't see 'em, but run that thing along the crown/ceiling-wall edges. I wouldn't worry. No one cares anyway. Let the sun shine in and be sure the hugs and laughter outweigh all else.

Michelle, meant to tell you how wonderful your DD was to ensure that dog got home. Good for her! Like your pics, too!

Kathy, nice pics as well.

DH (who did sleep in-arrgghh) needs his smoothie. It's grey and damp here, so maybe we'll have a fire later. First, the smoothie, then cleaning-how does the house always get so cluttered????


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Did you feed those little dogs something you shouldn't have, or did they steal something (lol)? 3 AM would get a very stern, "Lie down" from me, relenting only if they insisted on "going out". REx "sleeps through the night" very well. What are their names? since I've clearly missed that part of your biography. :)

Houses get cluttered because we forget to "put things away", I've decided. I fear it's a battle I will never win, either. A modicum of control would be nice, though!

The latest I ever sleep is 6AM, but that's an hour and half after my "usual" time, so it's all relative. :) It was a "toad in the hole" this morning, for me. I am a proponent of always eating your breakfast. It's important to, "gas up" your brain by feeding your body properly!

Cleaning is "small stuff". And so, Marian, you shouldn't "sweat the small stuff". I'll bet the chow at your crib will be good. I can't wait to see how well "Bruce" roasts our turkey this year. I want to make a custard pie (my favorite) and a pumpkin pie (close runner up). Popcorn ceilings suck. They really do collect dust and cobwebs, so keep the lights low and the conversation bright. ;)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

The idiots are called Annabelle (named by shelter and it fit, so we kept it) and her completely goofy son, Clouseau (named Dreamer by the shelter-did not fit in the least). Annabelle looks like a miniature Newfoundland with white boots, but is actually part border collie and who knows what else. Clouseau looks like a golden shepherd mix Actually, until you asked, I had forgotten (not entirely lucid at 3 am) that Annabelle had gotten an almost-empty bag of chips that for some bizarre reason DH had put in with the newspapers for recycling, so Clouseau was probably feeling that he could get something, too, if he could just get one of his humans up! He was wrong. After that, I guess I had set a precedent for the night-oh well.

You are right about the clutter! I am swamped by junk mail which I try to put straight into recycling. Of course, I do need to check out some of those catalogues, don't ya know?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Just a quickie update from here.... Randy came home yesterday afternoon after 11 days out west dealing with elderly parent issues. Both his parents are in the hospital. His mom has been there since Thanksgiving Sunday (Oct 11) when she started hallucinating. She is waiting now for a placement into dementia care - one of the things Randy was doing was checking out long-term care facilities in order to be able to give the local health authorities the list of the top three choices - she will be placed in the first available bed, regardless of the top 3 list, and if the available bed is in a facility not on the list, she will go on a transfer list to transfer to one of the top 3 once a bed is available there. His father has knee-replacement surgery Oct 29 but recovery has not gone as smoothly as hoped and he is still in hospital. Most of the problems seem to be clearing up (had fluctuating BP and UTI and GI infections - fortunately not the super-bug sort!) His mother has deteriorated quickly - as expected - and now cannot walk and is mostly 'not there'. It's all ben very stressful.

I'm still waiting for an appointment for my surgery. The doctor's office says they don't book more than 4 weeks out and I'm not on the list for the next 4 weeks. (The doctor had told us it wasn't likely to be until the new year some time, so that's not surprising.) We will get 1-4 weeks notice of a date (depending if the appointment comes up on the regular schedule - 4 weeks notice - or is a cancellation - 1 week notice...) So things are still very topsy-turvy here and likely to stay so for a few months!

I'm reading along and enjoying pictures etc. but am not focussed enough to make coherent comments on anything!

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Woody, you sound quite coherent to me ! What an ordeal for poor Randy , and fortunate that he doesnt have awfice issues to juggle too.

I think Anabelle is just a splendid name for your pooch, and Clouseau has the distiction of being the 2nd so-named Idyll pet. The Mary household has one too, though we've seen way more chicken pics than doggies from her this year !

I am on break from garden clean up duties among other things ; chez Kathy was woefully neglected during my work-a-thon. Remarkably, Moonlit Madness is blooming , with three heavily budded scapes. Bet she would have a great time living down yonder with Denise. A couple more nights of frost and these promising plumb buds will be slime no doubt..

Still scanning the posts for signs of PM..

Back later

Kathy in Napa

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Oh, Woody, what a situation for you and Randy. Hope one of the top three places has a bed soon and that FIL recovers quickly. Nothing is easy when we get old, is it? How lucky they are to have you and Randy watching out for them.

Kathy, too funny about the other Clouseau. It really did become the only name for him as we got to know him-he is such an enthusiastically bumbling, lovable ding-a-ling. Truly, the best dog I've ever had (and that is 57 years of having them!).

Hope you had fun in the garden. I plan to do the same tomorrow.


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Woody, nice to hear from you, though I wish the news were better. I feel for Randy, esp.; it's so wrenching to watch your parents evaporate before your eyes. Neither of you are having much fun right now, and that's a shame. Hang tough!

You'd have been proud of me today, though. I've had a hankerin' for chili, so I took the bull by the horns. I found a recipe, did a quick kitchen and pantry scan to determine if we had everything required. No. I put together a list, grabbed the grocery bags and headed out in the driving, northeaster to acquire the provisions. Returned home and prepared it according to the recipe. It smells wonderful. Earlier I made chocolate almond tapioca and a yellow cake, as well. I've decided that frosting it will wait until tomorrow. I'm about outta gas (until the chili kicks in later on) and it's time to chow down.

The helpmeet was suitably impressed. And he's assumed the caveman position on the couch with some stupid football game one. Ugh. Actually, he has the cheese grating and cilantro chopping duties and he's now "on the move".


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Woody, glad you gave us an update. It sounds as though you have things well in hand, and are doing all that can be done. My thoughts are with you.

Marian, I know what you are talking about as far as household repair. I am sure your guests are coming to see you. Light a cinnamon apple candle, or if you don't like candles, make cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, or boil some water with cinnamon in it. Put on the teapot and enjoy your visit. It is hard to keep it up. My house needs many things done, but I don't know how to do most of them, and Skip is gone a lot. So, they get put on the back burner until something happens that moves them to the front. Well, this system has semi worked our whole marriage, and at this point, I am not going to worry too much about something I have no control over. Just do my best.

Chelone, you are MORE than welcome to come down here and help me demolish my bathroom. Tears are fine.. I may join in:) I am waiting for Skip to install the vented ceiling light that we bought when we moved in 12 years ago. Yep. Then he has to put up some sort of foundation for the tile. I can't paint, because the wall around the bathtub is caving in, so I would love to have you here to help. I bet we could have it done in the 3 days he usually takes to travel. I am the type who likes to jump in, and get it over with. Check off my list. He is not a hurried person at all. It does come in handy though, when things go wrong in life, he doesn't come unglued, is very stoic, stable, and steady. Nothing is a big deal, rarely gets angry. I like that aspect.

Cyn, sounds like your puppies keep you hopping. Maybe try again tommorrow.

Michelle, I liked the pics of the garden tour. I bought a similar Fairy Book for Nina last Christmas. It is really cute with little pockets inside that open.

Well, I am going to go veg out, and drink more liquids.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Dear Woody...how I wish there were something I could do to help.....You and Randy have much more on your plate than anyone needs. I am surprised you have the strength to post here at all. You are one amazing lady.

I appreciate the encouragement and suggestions about cleaning the enterior of our house for the company. There is no tool I can use to fix the mess on the livingroom ceiling. My arms will not tolerate holding up any type of tool, no matter how light, and the stuff that would fall from the effort would really play hob on everything below, including my chronic nasal problem! Sooo, it will just have to be ignored. I am gradually working on the lower areas, and am pleased with each improvement. It may not do my muscles good doing such things, but it sure does do my spirit good. :-)

Today was an absolute perfect day outside. I did several chores, including washing the summer's mold and mildew off my car!

Chelone, it is a toss up for my 'retirement' as to whether I will move into a cruiseship, or into your "biddiesuite". I like the sound of the food at your house. :-)
I really am thinking that living on a cruiseship may be an option! I have heard of elderly women doing that. Lots cheaper than an assisted living, or nursing, home, and I love ships. They have everything one needs there. And I would never have to contend with chiggers, ticks,and other plagues anymore. :-) Naturally I would have to have a computer, and some house plants....

I would like to post a pic of the lovely dawn we have had the past two mornings, but it is a hassle having to put a pic into PictureTrali before posting it here. I wish this site would adopt that option that most other sites have....just going to your documents and chosing any pic that you want....and it is free!

Okay...that's enough from me....


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Gee whiz, for the first time I just lost an entire wordy post when I went to preview. Photos and everything. Well He double hockey sticks anyway.

The gist was, sorry so many of us are feeling downhearted just now - comes with the dreary month of November as our bodies start to hunker down for the winter. Change in light, change in temperature - resulting in changes in biorythms. Blah anyway.

We have had a rotten week with TCS - the psychologist report went to the school and has so far been met with indifference. Our eight year old will spend yet another weekend chained to his desk as he tries desperately to keep up. The snippy note from his teacher has not improved my mood much either. Today was his first day on meds - we didn't see any difference. He will be alternate days for two weeks until we assess things.

On a brighter note, it sounds as if many of us are turning our energy, or what's left of it, to the inside of our homes as garden time wanes. Even the fridge and the fish tanks got grubbed out here this week, and we straightened out some financial issues, which I absolutely hate doing.

Our guest room looks great, but of course I neglected to take photos of anythiong but the baseboards! For what they're worth, here they are:

This is what we have in most of the house now:

and this is what the revised ones look like. We added a thin strip of moulding two inches above the original baseboard and then painted the whole thing to give a larger more elegant look:

We are so pleased with this that intend to do this in the whole rest of the house. The baseboards need painting anyway.

All my best wishes to you who are in the doldrums right now, expecially Woody, and also Bug re: Feebs, and Chelone, who is still reeling from the loss of friends.

Till next time,



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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Julie-the baseboards look GREAT! How clever. I am very impressed!

Chelone, chili sounds wonderful. If the pups wake me up in the middle of the night again, I may create a brand new, beef-free variety of chili tomorrow! Teehee.

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Coincidentally, Chili is on the menu here tonight as well- I used ground turkey ,black beans, 1 Poblano , a can of Muir Glen toms, various spices and a dollop of molle. No lovely dessert though dam*itt! I do have the makings for chocolate chip cookies however , with the intent to make them next week for the awfice.

I hauled more plants into the house and rigged up a quasi-shelter out of frost blanket fabric and the benches from my former now demolished greenhouse. The fuchsias and some succulents are the residents.

Marian, lol I like the cruise ship option ! Youll have maid service and a cabin steward, and hopefully special arrangements will not be needed for the African Violets. You could not possibly set sail without them in my opinion .

All for me, Im going to have a movie night and need to get going as my selection is almost 3 hourswaves to all !

Kathy in Napa

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Wow, Julie, your addition to the mopboards looks terrific! Isn't it amazing how a little bit of thought can really dress up something that is too often just an afterthought? I think of you every day when the guy walks his Boston past the shop... . It appears to be a very bright, cheerful little dog, and his Daddy talks to him as they're walking. :) I'm sad about TCS and his trials at school. It's hard enough to be a kid without all that added garbage. How many hours a day do you think TCS has to put in to "keep up"? It astonishes me that we so routinely require gruelling days from children; I know several who spend the better part of 9-10 on their "work". I wonder if they're ever permitted to PLAY, run around, and be kids. Is it any wonder they hate school? I thought "child labor" put an end to that sort of thing years ago.

The chili was good. Pretty spicey; chipotle peppers in adobo (something new to this house), chili powder, coriander, cumin, and a little cinnamon. We have frozen about half of it, retaining some for lunch today or tomorrow. I substituted chicken broth for the vegetable broth, but other than that there was no meat in it. Interestingly, it called for raw bulgar wheat as a thickener. I immediately wondered what Mary or Saucy would substitute for the wheat to make it gluten-free. In all, it was a good exercise for me. I can do nothing about the recently dead, but I can channel some energy into making the lives of the living a little bit better... .

I don't know what the rainfall total was yesterday but it was a lot. There is standing water at the base of the red maple and the highbush blueberries in the centre of the driveway circle. That's fine because those plants have no problem with water and soak it up readily. More problematic was the flood in the helpmeet's garden. He decided to cheap out on the work and failed to install perforated drain pipe leading to a drain in the large, buried drainage pipe that was installed when we built the bahn. I told him I thought he was making a mistake... "it's C student work from someone far more capable, since you asked" were my words, I believe. He ruefully agreed the result was less than desired. I don't know what he is planning to do next. I hope it's installing the proper drainage pipe and I've offered to help with it, too.

Time to deal with the dishes, frost the cake, and get on out to the Salon and clear out some more accumulated work. I feel like I'm drowning right now but it'll pass, the way it usually does. I hope!

Marian, you can take over the Biddy Suite, so long as you'll oversee the Pride and letting them in and out over the course of the day... . You'll have to do some cooking, too. I'll clean up the trail. I'll bet your grand daughters would love some time alone with you. I used to love spending time with my aunt when I was about their age. The quiet and "lack of activity" was actually very nice. And I think it's something too many people overlook in this age of instant communication. We have a friend who is always checking her "crackberry". When she's here we make her leave it in her handbag... she's a little too "wired", if you ask me. :) Learning how to just "be" without constant activity or stimulation of some sort is important; it give your brain time to "cool off". Life in the slow lane ain't half bad!

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I think you're right about needing some flowers in the house, Marian (and all others). I think I would like to try my hand at an African Violet. I love their "candy" flowers and the color variety is amazing. The fuzzy leaves are appealing to me, too. I am also interested in a Christmas Cactus. We had a lovely white one years ago that was huge and gradually died off; the neon colors appeal to me, esp. the salmon-y ones.

Mum had an African Violet that lived contentedly on the kitchen counter with a northeast exposure. The house had a woodstove, though it was not immediately near the plant. What do you do for your's, Marian? I know you heat with wood and I'm concerned they'll dry out too much. I'm also unsure about how much sun they like or will tolerate. And how chilly at night is OK?

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A very damp good morning from Cornfield Park. The bittersweet that has almost completely taken over the Russian Olive stand seems to be the only thing with color. When does March get here?????

Woody......good for Randy to get out there and do what's best for his parents, tough as that might be. I surely know the ups and downs of dealing with a system for healthcare, and I've heard that Canada has a tendancy to take its sweet time doing what's right. You are in my thoughts every day, and want you to know that some little blackish/bluish bird with bright yellow eyes loves the hips on the mini roses.

Chelone -- some tough love, here. Get the heck out of that job. Take the leap and become your own boss. You've obviously got the talent, motivation, space and smarts to do this. The agony you go through just isn't worth whatever perks you get working for someone else. Can't remember if insurance is an issue, but if it isn't, what's holding you back? Certainly not fear, my friend, I "know" you better than that. Your mother did not raise a shrinking violet, and my guess is that when clientele find out that they don't need to go through a wretch to get your good work, they'll be swarming. Just my thoughts, but a good kick is sometimes needed -- you taught me that!!!!

Poor 'bug. Keeping the Pheobs quiet???? On what planet??? My brother says "hi" to her, by the way, but wishes all dogs could be so loved.

I missed the news about Mary's new job (finally!!! know she was getting nervous). Fill me in?

Kathy - Monty Python. Firesign Theater. Gone are the days when one has to be somewhat smart to get the humor ....

Marian - LOL about your house and your worries. Is there someone in your church who could help you out? Seems that the folks there love opportunities to give, and this could be a good one. Ditto others feelings about the goats.

Cyn -- Sleeping in is one of those things here that just happens. I can plan it, end up getting up a 6a, then the next day need to be up at 6 and boom, it's 8.

Today is my "home" day. Washing my delicates, ironing, Thanksgiving decorating and dinner planning (yes, the gang is converging here once again to my delight). Need to remember how to do pomadours (?sP) as the 7-year-old neighbor and I are going to craft to our heart's content on Thursday afternoon. We'll also be making dried apple slice stars, and glittering dried stuff to make bouquets. Our "indian" corn this year failed miserably, but he came up with the idea of using cranberries and raisins to mimic the look. My kind of kid!!

Everyone enjoy your days, hello to all I missed, and off to the mindless chores that sound just about my speed at this point.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Martie - my wait for a surgical date is largely an issue of we want a particular surgeon, who is very good and, therefore, in high demand. There are a limited number of hours in a day so a limited number of surgeries he can do, so under any medical system, there would be a wait time... I find the debate in the US about health care mind-boggling! If we were in the US, the medical care I've had would probably have bankrupted us. Here, I have paid exactly $0 for, over the years, several brain surgeries, uncounted numbers of MRI and other brain scans, three diffent rounds of hi-tech radiation treatment etc... Our system is far from perfect but I'm not complaining! (Sorry for the 'political' comments but I couldn't let that one pass - it's a bit 'too close to home' and I don't like the slurs that are being made in various places about the Cdn health care system.)

Watch out for random rose seedling popping up - those little birdies scatter rose seeds all around the garden!

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OK Woody, here you go. I've had to "upgrade" the software for my camera and as a creature of habit I'm struggling to retrain myself on how to post pictures.

I present the Wrecking Crew:

aka: Dumb and Dumber. They are brothers and going on 4 yrs. old. They will eat anything (including excrement that's still warm). I don't allow them to give me anything remotely like a kiss. I'm all for boosting the immune system by exposure, but not that way!

Here they are in action. They will do this sort of thing all day long and they "play rough" which can be tough on Hydrangeas and Hostas if I'm not paying attention.

This is the favored viewing platform. I have actually seen all three sitting up there looking out over the Compound.

The Wrecking Crew requires a good deal of mentoring. And that's tiring business.

And here is a good portrait of the Brain Trust:

Please note the harnesses on the Wrecking Crew; they are absolutely useless for any sort of control. The Doginatrix purchased the training collars they're wearing. And the 6' leather leashes that go with them. Gotta have the right tools if you're going to get the job done easily.

Polly remains skeptical about the value of having the Wrecking Crew around:

You are standing behind the bahn and you're looking south/southeast. This is the Fertile Cresent:

One of the Dogwoods we added to replace a dead Viburnum. I've weeded the area and rearranged the multitude of native reedy things that clearly like the area. This is about mid way down the Fertile Cresent.

And this was taken at the fair. Can't you just smell it?

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Thanks for the insight, Woody. You're right, your treatment here in the US would've been bankrupting, and is for many. I didn't realize you were waiting for the best surgeon possible and commented out of turn. I thought you were waiting because, well, you were waiting for your turn. We are often mislead about many issues healthcare given the dramatic "sides" that have been taken in the US of late, and I really appreciate your first-hand feelings.

Love the possibility of little roses all over -- there's always a place for transplant, it seems, when one loves a particular plant.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Chelone - I love the Wrecking Crew and their 'royal' buddy! Thanks for the pictures :-)

Martie - waiting is always a hard process, whatever the reason... And you do start second-guessing whether is is better to wait for the top surgeon or go with whoever is available soonest. There's no easy answer as to which is the best option on that! Re the roses popping up - I have one that was seeded at the edge of the pine trees a few years ago. It keep coming back, although it's too shady there for it too bloom. This year, it clearly decided it needed more sun - and grew about 6' tall! It's obviously decided to climb into the tree, so I staked it and tied it up. If it gets another 2' taller or so it should reach enough sun to be able to bloom! It'll be interesting to see what it does next....

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Woody, thanks for sharing. I, too, wish reports on your health system and that in G.B. were more forthcoming and honest. Maybe we wouldn't have such difficulty passing legislation-oh no, that wouldn't work, would it?-Congress is involved!

Chelone, love your pics of the brain trust/wrecking crew and their domain. They would have so much fun with my ding-a-lings! Poor Polly. Still, I bet she holds her own one-on-one.


Now, to my newest idea for saving my garden and plants in the back yard (wish I had the space you and others have, Chelone). I wonder if it would work to plant the areas now and then lay down the wire fencing over the garden areas as the plants go domant. If I cover it with some dirt and mulch, when Annabelle (lead digger) and Clouseau (her idiot assistant) try to dig to get those chipmunks, they will hit the wire and (aha) stop! It may take too much fencing/wire, but other than that, can anyone see any downside? DH suggests electrified fencing-he has no faith in my solution! I am hoping that the pups will learn not to dig in those places near the wall and wood pile before spring when I can remove the wire, but they won't realize it is gone. Sort of a Pavlovian thing??? I am betting there is something that makes this unworkable and I am relying on all of you to figure it out for me. THANKS!

Now, off to the store to buy cheese and crackers and brownie mix for 120-our grade-level team has to bring snacks for our faculty meeting tomorrow-grrrrr-our principal's idea that we all take turns feeding each other. Won't share my thoughts on that or her!

It is a spectacular day and I want to get out in the yard-that being the front yard, don't ya know.


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Could that be a glimpse of the Lucky Shorts above Dumbers head ?

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Indeed! quick tell Sue! :)

I've been opening the drainage ditch that drained accumulated water from the low area by the road this afternoon. I've decided that it will now be called the Eerie Canal. It was some tough diggin', and pretty mucky, but the water is now flowing nicely and draining away from the newly planted shrubs. Its been freakishly warm and very humid with intermittant fog all day long. Sort of spooky in a '50s Sci-Fi kinda way.

I gotta get back to work.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I just now got back here, and saw your questions about African Violets. Actually, I think the humidity is higher in our house, due to our wood heat. I very seldom let the livingroom get above 72, and the humidity is usually close to 50%. Most of my violets are in my bedroom, where it is pretty cool all winter. I have them in the only window, and it faces southwest, so it gets lot's of afternoon sun. They aren't right in the window, but are on my old fashioned commode/chest of drawers. They do dry out rather drastically when I am negligent, which is becoming more and more frequent. :-( But perk back up when watered.They don't like to set in water very long. When they are either over-watered, or get too dry, they tend to lose some lower leaves. They seem so forgiving, for me, I can't imagine anyone not being able to grow them. Right now they are all pretty well covered with blooms. I 'did' douse them with fertilized water a few months ago.....a rare thing for me to do.:-(
Holiday cacti is a very good choice, but are not all that handsome unless in bloom. I like my Thanksgiving cactus better then my Christmas cactus.They have a larger choice of colors. I espacially like the orangish ones. They started blooming about 4 weeks ago, and are pretty much done now. Their bloom time depends on the light situation. A dark spell helps bring them on. Not dark...like no light, but like a lot of cloudy days, or a room with no direct sun on them. At least that is my experience with them. I've grown, and hibridized them, for a lot of years.
As for overseeing the pride...if you mean the mutts....my cats endanger my life bad enough,when I am trying to feed them. Well, Trubby does. He gets underfoot, and I am constantly thinking I am going to hurt myself falling over him.

Juli , I love your baseboards. Most of our rooms have none at all! Not a great situation....

BTW, I love the name "Eerie Canal" LOL. You come up with the 'neatest' names for everything, Chelone....

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Well, here it is Sunday night already. Tomorrow starts another extended work week, but Im going to try to avoid working Saturday,(will have to work Sunday) and should be able to recover over the Thanksgiving holiday period. This morning I awoke to a very pronounced frost, and patted myself on the back for the plant re-positioning I did yesterday. The Dahlias, remaining Zinnias, and my lone tomato were toast, and the Lantanas are burnt on the topmost new growth. All of my Lantanas overwintered last year , though one of the variegated models came back green .

For some reason I thought the Wrecking Crew were smaller dogs. I cant even imagine what they would do to my dinky back garden ! I can well imagine Pollys disdain- my cats are very put out when canines come around.

Marian, I am ridiculously proud of my one little African Violet I t has bloomed twice this year , and there have been no near death experiences either ! I want a white one too, but AVs sure seem to be hard to find anywhere. I say go for it Chelone..I think the light exposure is probably the most important factor.

Have any of you attempted to propagate Ipomea ? Im going to give it a go this year, I always buy a few of them every year , it would be nice to have some freebies. I think you just dig the tubers and replant in spring when the eyes sprout ?

Okay, time to hit the kitchen..waving to all ..

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll add a short rant on health care and then shut up. A couple of weeks ago, DD cut her finger while slicing bread in the evening and had to get four stitches. The bill is in and it's over $1,000! Turns out that none of the hospitals in her college town are considered "in network" for our insurance. It just does not make sense to me that we should be "penalized" for this minor emergency. I know we can afford to pay this, but I also know many others would be set back by a bill of this size. Our system flat out does not make sense.

Woody, so sorry to hear of all that Randy has to deal with right now. Tough times, indeed.

Julie, I too think the revamped baseboards look great.

Chelone, thanks for the photos of the wrecking crew. I sent the link to DD, who is missing her Mystic right now!

Speaking of dogs, Cooper the "granddog" made a trip to the emergency vet today. I helped out as they only have one car and needed to be in two places at once. Cooper's had bad diarrhea that appeared to be clearing up but then worsened again, but it looks like it is nothing serious.

I did a lot of outside work this weekend as Saturday was warm and today was, well, not miserable. I have several muscles that are letting me know they've not been used this much lately.

Here's my photo of the day - the duck blind out on the wetland.



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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Gee, Chelone, I guess I hate dogs almost as much as you do:) The Wrecking crew are really hiding their true selves behind those adorable faces, right? You have quite a houseful when they are there....if they are not big on manners, it is no wonder that their parents like them to visit you - Rex can be a shining example to them. Of course, I am sure that you don't pay any attention at all to them *LOL

Yes indeed, my Bostons are certainly cheery little fellows. They have a hard time controlling their exuberance, but we are getting there. They play with toys in much the same way as Dumb and Dumber. I confess that I too chat away to Ajax and Tucker when we are out strolling.

Woody, I am sorry that you have just so much to cope with right now. I agree, the fact that one can have major medical care without necesarily losing your shirt is a true benefit - one that we are also very aware of. I hate the stress involved in dealing with aging parents. You do your darndest, and you know the outcome that gives you relief will be the loss of the loved one. I have to say, though, that I was the one of the four sibs that went the extra mile and beyond to care for Mom and Dad, and the grief and sorrow suffered at the the inevitable loss was directly proportionate to the amount of effort made to ease the journey. That is, I was grief stricken and sad at the loss, but knew in my heart that I had done every possible thing to help them in their final years. My sister, who had been some help, suffered pangs of guilt and thus more difficulty than I did. My youngest brother, who did a bit every 6 months or so, completely withdrew from any mention of the parents. My oldest brother, who did nothing, still, decades later, weeps and moans about how he would have liked to have seen Mom just one more time,although he went on two Alaskan cruises in the two years but didn't make it to the nursing home....Anyway, what I want to say is, Randy is a good son, and in the future will know in his heart that he has done what is right.

Marion, I have been thinking a lot about your insecurity concerning the upcoming visit of your son's new friend. I live in a very nice and quite new house, nothing wrong with it and I am able to keep up with the housework pretty well. That being said, if I know in advance that company is coming, I race around, tossing any clutter into hidden closets, dusting, looking for fingerprints and dog licks on the windows, etc. Freaking out about the condition of my house. If company arrives unexpectedly, I race around closing doors, cleaning the bathroom, turning over the cushions to hide the dog hair, and chucking stuff out the back door so what I see as my lack of industry doesn 't show. On the other hand, if I go to visit someone else's house, I never even notice this stuff. I notice the warmth of my welcome, the cup of tea offered, the laughs and sometimes serious conversation, and the much too quick passing of time in good company. I was in Chelone's house for four days at IU 6 - ask me what colour her walls are??? Haven't a clue. I remember that the chairs were all comfy - but not what they look like. Same at Deanne's. I remember the gardens of course, but not much detail about the house. What has stuck with me was the amazing hospitality, the laughs, the smiles, the sharing. That's what it's all about kid. Don't worry about your house.

After reading the snippy note from TCS's teacher one more time, I said, well, the heck with this, he needs to play with his friends and we did only one hour of stuff and nothing is complete. I sent a very nice note back reqesting some time with the teacher. I am calling the VP today for a more overall look at the situation. TCS goes to school for six hours every day and does at least one hour of work every night plus 15 minutes of music practice. His only outside activity is Cubs. Interstingly I had calls from two other parents this week-end asking about a research project that each child has been assigned. None of the kids had a clue and nothing come home to give direction. When I told them that I wasn't even touching it until I had more info about what the child needs to do, they all gave huge sighs of releif, and we made play dates for the kids instead. WooHoo, rebellion is in the air ! *LOL*

Sadly, when DH cleaned out his fish tanks this week, he added a chemical to clear the water and instead killed off his whole collection of African Cichlids. Back to square one for hime. Akin to accidently spraying your best garden with Weed'n'Feed.

Well that's it for a sort of seious post from me. I'll try to lighten up tomorrw.



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"The finest health care in the world" is that healthcare which is affordably available to any and all and one that rewards the maintenance of good health rather than simply the treatment of malady. To achieve that other countries have focussed on prevention starting at birth by making the system freely available to all. A system where there is effectively no competition among providers (guaranteed by exemption from the Sherman anti-trust laws) will hardly deliver anything of the sort. Every single boat owning doctor I've surveyes shares that opinion. But they aren't paying multi-millions to lobbyist to guarantee the protection of their "market share". 'nuf said.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

V, I know what you mean,about your muscles. I am feeing the effects of the window washing, and car washing that I did saturday, plus some cleaning out of the little shed connected to the woodshed where I had spent years throwing 'gardening' stuff...Nolon gained somemore metalic objects for his barrels of metal that he is rounding up for recycling. I moved the savable stuff into the little red barn. Next spring I need to clean IT out, again.
I hope the price of recyclables goes back up and Nolon can get our friend with his trailer to haul it to the center.
I am so glad that he is cleaning up all the years of stuff that he hauled here from his remodel and building projects. There is still a long ways to go. Thank goodness most of it is out of sight behind his shop and sheds 'complex'.

We got rain last night, but no thunderstorms. Now we have fog.

I like your duck blind pic, V.

Back to my african violets. They do tend to get pretty tacky looking in the summer, and I have frequently threatened to throw them out....then they start perking up, and bloom for a very long time. In an air conditioned house they may not get tacky.
I checked how many differnant colors,shades and types, that I have, and came up with at least 13, and lots of duplicates. I need to ease up space by giving some of the duplicates to friends.

Kathy, several of mine came fron WalMart. A lot of them were given to me from a friend in Idaho before we moved from there. That was over 32 years ago !

Speaking of 'old' houseplants....my original jade was a start off of my Doctor's large plant, from his waitingroom. I got it when Tim was in grade school. He will soon be 52! I still have the split-leaf Philodendron that I had at about the same time.It has never grown here like it did there. It was up a door case, over the top, and down the other side when we were preparing to move from there, I cut it way back, and it never has grown up like that since...

Just for the record....I like our house, and the arrangement of it. And even the appearance of how I have it 'decorated'. It is just the year's accumulation of both dirt, and needed repairs, that bother me. Twentyfive years can really take a toll on a house that does not have anyone to care for it properly. The correcting of the livngroom ceiling is just way too much for me to comprehend. It would be a very major job, partly because of the moving of all that is in it out, in order to do the job, and no place to put it! Even just cleaning the ceiling would require protection of all that is under it. It is a rather small room, and is very full of furniture , etc. Those who said to ignore it are the ones I am going to chose to go along with. :-) I will pray that it is cloudy when the new lady friend is here. All the lights are low enough that they do not show the ceiling very much. :-)
I know, I am a worry wart.....just like my dear mother was.

I have taken my free turkey out of the freezer to start thawing. Although it is only a 12 pounder, it is almost more than I can handle. I used to be able to wrestle a 20 pounder! I will move the table out of the pantry to set the roasting oven on. I sure like that roasting oven.
I plan on making my pie crusts early, and refigerate or freeze them. ( Now if my arms and shoulders will just get better! ) My plans are rather like the "eyes are bigger than the stomach" saying...:-(
Tim said he and his friend would be happy with turkey sandwiches, but I want the entire traditional meal, as my mother always made it.

My my, this fall weather has got me very chatty!!!!


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Boy Marian, do I ever understand the accumulated clutter thng. We've been here going on 19 yrs. and in that time there's not been a lot of throwing out/culling of accumulated treasures. It seems that no matter how hard I work at it when I turn around there is another pocket of accumulated crap and blight. Seems only the feminine eyes see any of it, too. ;) And over time things break, wear out, and need to be replaced. And inevitably the accomplishment of it is messy and inconvenient even under the best circumstances. It's all part of home ownership. And I'm still trying to decide when a home moves from "new" into the "maintenance" phase of its life.

They are unloading huge pieces of granite across the street and Rex has been beside himself watching all the activity. I leashed him and we went over to say hello where he was warmly received by the driver and the masons. He is much more relaxed about it all now.

I am working on finishing a coat hem and then I will attempt to finish up the recover of an interesting folding step stool/ottoman. I've been trying to make a list of the necessary tools I'm lacking to make small upholstery jobs like that easier. I'm thinking about adding a pneumatic stapler since I know a large capacity compressor would be useful for a variety of things.

So what, in your opinions, do you think is the optimal exposure for African violets? bright indirect light? I would like to keep some plants in the Salon but I'm not sure if the nightly temperatures might go too low for them to prosper. I'm thinking the coldest would be in 45-50 degree range. Since there is no water to the building and I don't work out there every day there is no reason to keep the place any warmer, though all that could change at any time.

The Wrecking Crew total about 160-170 lbs.. When excited and out of control (their usual setting) they can wreak havoc in nanoseconds. We typically put the pretty lamp behind the woodstove for protection until things settle down. They are basically deaf until they've had a chance to burn off any steam (of which there's a lot) and so letting them run and wrestle out of harm's way is key to getting them to settle down, listen, and obey. My assessment is that they don't get nearly the amount of exercise they should and food occupies entirely too much of their time with their owner. When they are here I basically run them several times a day and then we work on obedience. A tired dog is much easier to train, I've found. And I NEVER use a food reward with them because they're too obsessed with it to pay any attention to the command given. I don't ususally use any with Rex, either; preferring to beat him into compliance. I seem to get more accomplished with simple repetition and a thrilled reaction to compliance. I find a quick game of "fetch" is the best reward, gives 'em time to run a bit before getting back to work.

Cyn., dogs and gardens are a tough mix (the Crew has reminded me). I would be more inclined to ramp up the basic obedience work, with a focus on "leave it!" and a promise to myself to watch them more closely when outside. The fence thing would probably work but it seems like a lot of work to put it down and bring it up every year. I'd rather beat the dogs. I did use an electric fence several years ago when my BIL made no effort to keep his Golden out of the gardens here. She hit the hot fence exactly once and stayed out of the area. They're pretty easy to set up and for a dog barrier the wire doesn't have to be much more that 12-18". I think it's sort of presumptuous for a principal to tell faculty that they must provide nibbles for their collegues at a meeting. Bring your own damn snacks! maybe the self-sufficiency part of education was lost on her? or maybe she doesn't understand that that is an imposition on someone ELSE'S time and pocketbook. That would irritate me, too. :)

I hope Copper's dietary isssues are resolved soon. Puppies are more than enough work without that wild card added to the already stacked deck!

And Marian, thanks for the reminder that I need to sign the death warrant for turkey this week. :) And add a few items to the grocery list as they come to mind. Do you have a George Foreman Grill. I think I'd like to have one of those!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

You are soo right on all counts about preparing for company. I was the same way, even when my house was brand new. We have had two brand new ones. and our other two, that we owned, were in good shape before we moved into them. The second one required major cleaning (the elderly lady that owned it was unable to tend to it, and all the walls and ceilings were grey with what I think was smoke.) We are much younger, and able to do all the cleaning and painting before moving in. I painted the livingroom salmon! (Also the livingroom in our last house in Idaho.) I love that color. I painted the trim on the outside salmon also. The rest of the exterior was white.
I guess I should do more remembering of what I once did. It is cathartic, knowing I have not always been so handicapped, and was once very energetic.

Yarrrgh ...the poor fish, and your poor DH! Having an aquarium is too denanding for me. I had one many years ago, but nothing major.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A very nice time just spent catching up with my Idyll reading!

Very good to meet Dumb and Dumber and see the tidied up fertile crescent and learn about the Eerie canal. Bolognaburgers????? YUCK.

I'm sorry to see the condition of the duck blind though I too liked the photo itself. Is there a message there about even having a duck blind at all?

Julie, I could go on for hours about TCS's teachers...so I'll save you all from that and say nothing ...except that I'd love clean, neat, handsome baseboards.

I am among those to have an ugly textured ceiling decorated with cobwebs. Too bad, but there is absolutely no way to remove them except to remove the ceiling here. That ain't gonna happen. But we had a weekend guest who never noticed a thing, even though her own house is beyond immaculate. The next item on our house list I HOPE is a new bathroom fan which will require a newly patched ceiling and anti-mildew paint. First though, we need to pay for Phoebe's surgery. I'm nervous about this Thursday morning and the three month recovery period. Never a dull moment.

I have lots of emotions concerning care of the aged and those dealing with illness. I can't begin to go there... The Canadian system has been a giant relief to me and my family, but the complexities involved in my parents' care in the US was a horror show of bungling and thoughtlessness...creating anxiety when I least needed it. I really don't understand why the Canadian system, even with its flaws, is so maligned in the States.

On the up side of things I received a phone call yesterday from DD. Contrary to what I expected, the message was not about Ivy not yet taking to a bottle even though DD is returning to work today, but rather "Your granddaughter decided to stand unassisted today for the first time!" OMG.... I realize this is not a sign of intelligence or genius, but it certainly is amazing. To think that she has moved from birth to bi-ped in 6 month's time boggles my mind.

Book Club is tonight and I must go finish my reading.

Happy fresh new week to everyone!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

First: Marie....I feel that you do understand about the co-web covered ceiling.
I am very sorry about Phoebe's condition. I pray that it can be corrected.
And to all who are speaking about this country's health system....my son contends that 'we' have the worst one of all the 'civilized' nations...and I agree. We (Nolon and I) would not be so poor now if I had had access to a system like Canada's when I was younger.

Now...for Chelone, I added a pic that I just took, of the african violets.

There are more 8 more elsewhere in the house.

As I said, the bedroom window faces the Southwest, and is not shaded, from leaf fall until the leaves come back on. When the leaves are on, it has filtered sun.I have no curtains on the window.
I think 40-50 would be too cool. I let mine get down to 50-55. But they actually prefer cool to hot and humid.

My orchids are still plugging along. I put them all out on the deck this summer for a short period during a good rain. It really seemed to appeal to them. The "Eileen" Slipper orchid has one bloom stalk. Three of the 7 Moth orchid's have stalks coming on. I wish they were going to be in bloom at Thanksgiving, but it will be much later than that. The Thanksgiving cactus will be done, but the violets will be doing their thing. :-)
I will concentrate on having all my plants at their best. They should draw the attention. :-)

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Too bad Cyn. couldn't have prepared mini-bolognaburgers for the meeting, huh? Hey, if it's good enough for NASCAR it should be fine for teachers! ;)

I was thinking about Randy today as I was working away in the Salon. I agree with you, Julie, about feeling pretty good about making the effort and "doing the right thing". It takes a long time to reconcile it all and make a place for it in your head. I have plenty of regrets and some longing for things I wish I done differently, but I feel good about stepping up to the plate and gettin' the job done when it needed doin'. One day Randy will feel the same way. But it sure is tough when you're in the thick of it. Give him a warm pat on the back for me, willya?

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Just in case anyone needs to know this:

If you have to clean splashes of mustard off of your cellular blind, a q-tip dipped in Shout followed by a cotton ball and cool water does a good job.

Don't ask.



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Hmmm ..Cellular Blind ? Thats not Canadian for 'white oxford shirt' is it ?

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Kathy, I think a "Cellular blind" is where you go to make cell phone calls without being seen.

Cooper is doing much better today. The food seems to be turning things around. In the meantime, DH gave Mystic a rather large soup bone last night, and did not give him enough time outside this morning. I'm dealing with the consequences.

Chelone, I am another who is losing the battle with clutter. DH has the bad habit of stopping a job when the task itself has been completed. He forgets about those last steps of cleaning up and putting away. It's a never ending battle, and sometimes I feel like all I do is trail behind picking up the pieces. Real progress is elusive.

That said, I think I shall go clean the large pots that DH had left in the garage since our pig roast in September. In all fairness, they had been rinsed out with a hose, so they're not gross, but they do need an application of soap and water.

Yours in suds,


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Oh darn! I should have thought of bologna burgers for the meeting! Something like that might put an end to requiring us to provide the snacks-teehee. Actually, I still enjoy the occasional bologna sandwich...just not sure about a quarter-pound slice!

Beautiful violets, Marian. My mother always had wonderful ones. Me, not so much. I think our house gets too cold at night.

Julie-funny. And keep after that teacher!!!!

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Marian, that is one impressive display of Violets ! They do look very content

LOL V, the Cellular Blind could very well be the place where employees go to make personal phone calls on company time.

Chelone, Senco is a manufacturer of pneumatic nailers and compressors and they usually have kits available that bundle the compressor with various finish /brad nailers/staplers. This is the preferred brand for contractors in our area of Northern California. I think thats a great investment for you . I would do some research on the compressors, some are designed to accommodate multiple framing nailers on jobsites which would be overkill for you. As I was viewing the photos of the wrecking crew I noticed the arm of that fantastic chair your have near your computer desk. I think it was my fave of your stash. All those little pleats, the shape , everything !

Julie, what a very nice statement in your post regarding the enjoyment of visitors, and the environment one presents to them. You are spot-on, the warmth of friends is what its all about. I have numerous friends and neighbors who hire a service to do cleaning..sure would love to do that ! Its hard to keep up a 2000 sq ft house and work a 50 + hour week. I just clean up to the level that helps me to enjoy the room and the surroundings after a long day. I have a lot of very low wattage light bulbs ..out of sight out of mind !

Time for some grubstill missing the absent ones

Kathy in Napa

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Marian, Im very impressed with the age of some of your houseplants. I thought I was doing good to keep a schefflera for 11 years. It really likes it outdoors and lives upstairs during the winter. Last winter it lost all of its leaves but looked great on the patio this summer. It came from my BILs funeral. Most of mine fizzle within a year or two.

I should really be in the basement watering the plants under lights of which many look mighty sad. Although, there are some that look fabulous.

Julie, nice job on fancying ups the baseboards.

Kathy, the pinecone display is certainly an unusual use of them. Ive saved the picture for future reference. We use ground turkey a lot these days in lieu of hamburger and black beans are added to our chili as well.

Chelone, I very much enjoyed the pictorial from the compound. Dumb and Dumber do play the parts well. Since you asked, Kenzie just turned 5. Have you done much reupholstering? My mom and I once tackled a love seat when I got my first place. It turned out quite nice, but then shes a master seamstress. I have 3 chairs that Id love to have recovered and must search out someone that does it. One is a wooden rocker that I maybe could do myself, but thats a big maybe. The other 2 are tufted.

Woody, thinking of you and Randy and the tough spot you are in.,

My company changed insurance for one year to one with a lot less "in network" Drs. Etc. It was the bunk. They have now changed back. I really cant complain, but I know many can. DH has had several major surgeries at Mayo and the out of pocket expense has been manageable.

Clutter is a constant battle isnt it? It does seem easier with a large house, but then I have to clean this large house too. Im in the mood these days to have the decorative elements of the house to be easy to dust. Like pictures on the walls instead of shelves with stuff on them. The problem is that I have so much stuff that I love. Ive been using the Swiffer dusters which do make dusting easier.

This quote by William Morris says much to me "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful", now I have to get DH who is our clutter bug to understand the sentiment.

My son's girlfriend just returned from D.C. She was covering the South Dakota Honor Flight. I've added a link below to the first in a series of stories she did while there. She's the lovely young lady in the pictures.

Good night

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I'll have to check out your link, Michelle, when I have more time later this afternoon. How is Kenzie enjoying bein 5 yrs. old? what was the "hot" birthday gift this year?

I have all sorts of visions of how mustard happened to find its way onto the cellular blind, none of them particularly good. I recall how deep the and thorough the coverage was when I managed to drop a bowl of turkey grease some years back... .

It's comforting to know I'm not alone in my failure to keep clutter under a modicum of control. Misery loves company, 'n' all. The helpmeet is not good about dealing with his mail. Nor is he particularly good about the finishing details when it comes to cleaning up. Remember the fracas over the missing coating shears a year ago? well guess what I found yesterday... discreetly atop one of his tool chests. They were not rusted and when queried he fessed up that he'd "found" them atop a pile of lumber that he'd moved last fall. I was immune to his apologies and told him to "put them away properly and keep your grubby little meathooks off MY professional tools. They're not marital property!". I deal with it at work and I deal with it at home; I'm not a neatfreak but it drives me nuts because it eats up too much of my time to clean up the trail.

One of the machines I'm looking at (to replace my elderly Juki) has an automatic foot lift. With heavier duty machinery the electric solonoid is often replaced with a pneumatic lifter. This is because the machine's feet and needle bar are heavier and the electric solonoids often burn out quickly under the added strain. So "air" may be a very nice upgrade. I'll have to see if Senco is a player in upholstery staple guns (of which I know virtually nothing). I want one with the long nose so you can the staples down into more recessed areas without driving yourself crazy. Years ago I worked in a plant that used pneumatic cutting for its overlocks and it was great... .

I've not done much upholstery aside from pretty simple stuff. But it's long held a fascination for me. And, as ususal, my interest tends toward the renovation of older pieces; in particular the more "classic" upholstery techniques involving hand sewing and horsehair. The chair you like, Kathy, is a very advanced project as it wil have to be stripped to the iron frame, and rebuilt from the frame up. That piece is either late Victorian or Edwardian and is in its original upholstery. The majority of the sewing on it was done by hand. It was given to me by a charming woman who moved to New Zealand with her Kiwi husband. I think of her whenever I look at it and wonder how they are.

Gotta go.

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I very nearly lost my passport to Idyllistan but finally located it under a pile of desk clutter ;) Turbulent times, with my dad in his second hospitalization in a week, but their household has been moved and they're now esconced in a dwelling that my mom will be able to afford on only half my dad's generous union pension should she survive him (which looks increasingly likely), and it's all one level, a definite plus. Something large and ungainly has been moved daily by me for the past two weeks, and that's including availing ourselves of professional movers, the kind that supposedly "do everything." Yesterday was a leather sofa that doesn't fit in at the new digs, fodder for craigslist. I know if I were sick in hosp I'd love to be read to, so yesterday I rummaged the shelves for something suitable. Dad's a history buff, and I know he loved H.G. Welle's The Outline of History in his 20s, so grabbed that but at the last minute added Cahill's excellent How the Irish Saved Civilization. The opening chapter, with the Roman army nervously eyeing the Germanic hordes over the frozen Rhine in the 5th century, is a stunner. I ended up just reading to myself as he slept, occasionally reaching up to calm his hands which keep trying to pull out tubing.

Decompression the last two nights came in the form of Antique Road Show. Laying in bed this morning, I did my usual post-Roadshow mental inventory of stuff in the house. Nope, no real Roadshow material here. Not 3 feet away from the bed where I lay is this very old bureau I abuse daily, stuffed to the gills, a home sale find from an eccentric aunt given to me in my teens, which has this curvilinear front. Hhmmm... So I start googling. Serpentine seems to be the adjective I need. It's very beat up but I'd like to know what style it's in. Dovetail joints, keyhole locks. Two full drawers at the top, then two small drawers on the left, adjacent to which on the right is a cupboard door, then three more full-length drawers below that. Still mid google on it.

Loved your yellow and red room, Kathy. All this talk of ripping out wallpaper is helping to arrest a drift I have in that direction. There's none in the house now, but I love pattern, and there's such amazing wallpaper to be had with the click of the mouse these days.

Ein's been accompanying me to the new mobile home for the long work of unpacking, even though dogs have always been strictly verboten with my parents. The utility room off the back door is linoleum, so I tell him to sit there and not enter the carpeted areas, which he of course does very well. I doubt I could handle Dumb & Dumber, but a corgi is very much my speed because they have such razor focus and watch people so intently for cues and meaning. My mom chats with him as he sits there, watching us carry boxes up and down the hallway in front of him, never leaving the assigned space. She finds it amazing that dogs understand so much -- and I find it amazing that she's so amazed! Ein and I are both dismayed to learn Phoebe has more therapy ahead and wish her the speediest recovery.

Drema described an aspect of her marriage a few posts back, a kind of turtle and the hare comparison, and I was nodding me too, me too! I want to do things now, this minute, because something else always intervenes. An interval of 20 years is common with projects here. We're in the midst of picking up a a stale project and replacing a lot of the old windows, having new ones rebuilt but saving the old glass where possible. For a week or so, a portion of the west side of the house was windowless, entirely exposed, day and night. A local shop does this outmoded type of work rebuilding old windows, mainly for historical districts now, a fascinating shop to visit, and the owner is full of stories. Of course, I couldn't leave without taking a discarded wooden window frame set out for trash. (Clutter? Was there some talk of clutter?) The owner said it was from Olvera Street, birthplace of LA. (Amazed I remembered how to hyperlink.) I just like looking at the weathered wood that seems to have aged into a different substance, almost stone-like. And I'll probably hang it on the fence ;)

Shaking my head at the bad timing for Randy and Woody re his parents medical issues. About the healthcare debate, Woody, all I will say is I'm envious of those who can view it from afar! I've always expected once wrongs are recognized they will be immediately righted, or if errors in thinking are clarified, that the new info will be eagerly absorbed. If only it were so.

Loved the new baseboards, Julie, and the budding rebellion against the tyranny of schoolwork ;) No easy solution there, that's for sure, but it does seem childhood is out of balance these days.

Martie, the work you're doing for your brother is to be commended. State budgets out here are decimating our glorious state college system, with enrollment slashed and semesters canceled -- just as Duncan is about to transfer, of course. A teeth-gnashing time for so many on so many counts.

The advice to Marian is spot on. Good job!

Michelle, loved hearing about that tractor date you and Rick had a few posts back and how the training goes with new employees at work. I shared the lost dog story, and we all admired your daughter's sense of right.

Enjoying the new idyllers' input and all who keep writing. It is appreciated more than you know! Now if I can just get the hang of brevity again...

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Whoa!gone a week and so much reading to catch up on! I guess you just have to take the leap and hit the ground running. Wonderful five day visit with DB made better with beautiful sunny weather allowing us all to enjoy the last boating of the season and a rock hunting expedition among other family activities. Now its back to typical grey November with cold, blowing rain keeping me from the remaining yard clean up. On impulse, I had purchased some spring bulbs but it will be days for the soil to be workable and the weather evens out - if it does at all.

Can Thanksgiving only be 8 days away?! I have not even started a mental plan let alone an actual list; many late nights ahead of me for sure. And I shall do exactly what Marian said"ignore it if it cant be done!" Thats such a good motto! Julie, your thoughts on visitors and being a guest is so true in putting perspective on the subject, how timely for you to have the right words to remind us all! Oh, and I love reading the clutter comments - that might be a fun Idyll title. Around here clutter can multiply in the dark closets during the winter.

Martie, hope youre making some headway in your continued efforts. Kathy, your eye for color makes that room so upbeat, I love it! Special wave to Woody and Cindy out there, thinking of you both during these stressful times. Keep posting more photography V!lol at the cellular blind. Bug that is a precious picture of Ivy working with her Daddy! With her tiny hands mimicking his and her little head (I can almost smell that wonderful baby scent!) looking down in fascination - its just a very endearing photo. Michelle, that sounds neatIm about to check out your link when I get this posted.

Chelone, happy you persevered with the uploading and I get a chance to see the infamous Wrecking Crew. And what big ol handsome boys they are! Cyn, your two pups sound so comical I hope youll post some photos of them soon.

Drema, you must be my kindred spiritI too wear the germaphobe cloak. It dates back to watching one of those hourly news shows where they did an episode on raw chicken, public restrooms, restaurant food handlers, and viruses. I have never been the same since, LOL!

Time to end this tome. First a photo of our 70 ft. tree being removed, the day after DB left! You can just see the roofline. I love trees but they should never be planted close to a house. This caused so much damage; cracking the driveway, debris on the roof, a limb falling on the car and it developed oak blight causing dead branches to come down on a regular basis in all seasons. The fall clean up had become unbelievably high maintenance so we are feeling quite liberated.

So, still some Idylls missing it seems. Hope all is well with PMand Mary, wasnt she having computer woes about the last time she posted? Then theres the elusive Sue Ive not met! Ill take your word for it shes real but I remember somebody (Kathy?) coined a phrase about "imaginary friends" that struck me as such an amusing remark. So Im still waiting for Sue to appear

Health tip of the day: Limit intake of junk food

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This is such a busy time of year for us...and I am nervous about quite a few things. I have to remember that it will all be done in one way or another by the end of the year. I've always liked the saying "Only Robinson Crusoe got things done by Friday." I just wish Friday worked for me once in a while!

I'd love to join the anti-clutter brigade. If I stop to look at furniture and the things that take over every horizontal surface, very few of them have sentimental or monetary value. As for function and beauty...hardly!

The things that are weighing on Julie's mind strike a chord with me. I do hope that she and the school can develop a working relationship that will benefit TCS.

DH has just walked in the door.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Back again.

Saturday night's local theater production was great fun with memorable characters.

Last night's book club was very enjoyable too. What a nice gathering of friends. One woman is a health care worker and has been very busy giving H1N1 vaccines lately. She always has wonderful solid information on aging, Alzheimers, manic/depressive behavior etc, as well as her own opinions. I came home with new ideas concerning depression and diabetes, something which affects DSIL's father. We all enjoyed the discussion. One member had just returned from Germany and caring for both her elderly hospitalized parents. She was there for the anniversary celebrations of the fallen wall as well. This all sounds gloomy but in fact was NOT.

Last night DD & DSIL went out to buy a few more fish for their aquarium. DD has been getting things in shape over the past few weeks so that the fish are content and healthy. They got some Kuhli Loaches and some Neon Tetras. It seems that last night the remaining goldfish must have eaten a couple of the Neon Tetras. :(

Today when DD returned home from work, she discovered kitchen utensils everywhere. It seems Daddy was playing "Pots & Pans" today with his little girl.

Phoebe looks so healthy and is so antsy to run and jump that it would be easy to cancel her surgery. We won't, but it is hard to believe that she needs it by simply watching her.

I am frustrated by the poor directions of my knitting pattern still. I spent a long time trying to figure them out again today but gave up. Instead I raked more leaves.

Cute photos Candy!!!

Nighty Night!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Well, here's hoping. I've sent messages to the school requesting meetings and the notes have come home, obviously TCS didn't remember to hand them over. The kids each have an agenda book where their homework assignments, teacher comments etc. are to be written. It seems that my comments written there are not seen or attended to. When TCS writes the homework assignments down, they are completely indecipherable so we often have no idea what is to be done....tonight I looked at the array of math sheets and decided that we were going to catch up on just this subject..took an hour and a half, but I was surprised to find that he can add and subtract three digit numbers in his head. His psychologist assessment put his mental math skills as "superior" - he was at the 92nd percentile for this. Yet his processing time for translating stuff to the written format put him at the 2nd percentile. Well, the kid can't write....

Anyway, tomorrow he is going to the observatory with Cubs to look at the meteorites, and there will be no homework done. Fine with me.

The meds to assist with focus and attention seem to be working, as we certainly notice differences on the days he takes the meds. Funnily enough, one of the possible side effects is appetite suppression, something his doctors and we all worried about, as you know how he got his name! (TCS stands for Three Carrot Sticks, which is what he ate for Thanksgiving dinner last year). Surprisingly enough, his appetite seems to be enhanced by the meds. Believe me, when he says "Do you think I could have another piece of pizza?" I hop right to it! Although the red onion and mustard sandwich on whole wheat that he had for an after school snack did not appeal to me...

Anyway, I am tired and rambling here and I haven't really read all the posts, so I'll sign off and "see" you all tomorrow!



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Only a brief WALAT can be performed on late November evenings- after several nights in a row of freezing temps there is not much to see besides scorched Lantana, a black Iochroma, various summer annuals laid low. My frost blanket tent for the fuchsias worked like a charm. Rain is coming in tonight so freezes are over for the present.

Happy to see you check in Denise, and such a bittersweet report for us on the parental front. A quiet reading time with your Dad in the midst of the turmoil I hope offers some peace of mind-and you seem realistic about what may be on the horizon. Hope your Mom is doing ok under the circumstances. I think we would all enjoy a view of your Ant. Roadshow bureau..maybe one of us will have insight to the origin..we are frightfully knowledgeable here on the Idylls !

I can imagine how advanced an upholstery project The Chair must be Chelone,all those pleats and tufts-I would not even begin to be able to imagine how to do something like that. Not enough manual dexterity or patience. You have plenty of nice pieces around the compound to practice on though !

Julie I wish you the best with teachers, admins and the like. It seems that the cookie cutter approach is the most comfortable for bureaucracies.. TCS is lucky that he is a Julie Job !

Candy, Sue does in fact exist, as does her garden ..and a fabu-fabu garden at that . Think I took about a hundred photos there in July. I did see a post from PM over on the conversations side today-I often go lurk there when I am eating lunch at my desk in the awfice.

All for me tonight, I have to conserve brain cells for the extended work week, such as they are.

Best to all, and calling out to Mary..YooHoo Mary ???

Kathy in Napa

Idylls mingle with the mysterious Sue in the foreground From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

And a small slice of Sues garden.. From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

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Denise, your post confirmed the nagging worry I'd had that your Dad's health was not all I'd hoped it to be. Time slows or nearly stops when you are on bedside vigil. I did a lot of reading, too. I commend the willingness to confront "reality" with respect to single storey living and reduced size in the face of reduced monthly circumstances. Not a pleasant thing to have to confront ever, but best done before a crisis hits. FEin work!

An excellent decision on the large tree, Candy! We've had several "big uns" taken down over the years and while we inevitably gasp at the price the end result is worth it. We have the best part of 6 seasoned cord of wood stacked and at the ready for the woodstoves. Whenever I pass a new home and see a recently planted sapling I always make a mental not of its proximity to things like buildings, septic systems, power lines, etc.. We have a large Acer rubrum that has been threatening BIL's garage for years now and it's my wish that it be removed, but that may have to wait until the ground freezes as the requisite bucket truck would find the terrain of the Fertile Cresent a bit too soggy about now (we received several inches of rain on Saturday). And I love Mr. Plump Kitty in the box... :)

I find beaurocracy increasingly frustrating as the years roll by. I've never suffered fools gladly and to be faced with abject institutional foolishness can send me right around the bed. I ran headlong into it dealing with "the finest health care in the world" and nursing holes. I suspect I'd be beyond consolation if faced with the school system. Several friends have been in that position with struggling kids and I've seen what it's done to them over time. One couple decided to simply go sailing, returning some years later with a happily adjusted kid who was several grade levels ahead of the classmates left behind... so while learning to walk "in step" is important to getting along in life, there are often alternate ways to master core skills. Hang in there, Julie.

OK, time to organize my stuff and get out the door.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

~~~~ My kids simply were not cookie cutter material. Of course their parents weren't either. In the end we realized that we were the ones guiding them and THEY were the ones with the plans and the curiosity to create their paths. But we did not have obvious special problems to surmount. And at the time, I would not have had the ability to deal well with TCS's issues. That's why Julie was planted on this earth.~~~~

Chelone, schools are another universe and can be Heck to deal with. Because parents care terribly about their offspring, no school understands the seriousness of a parent's involvement. Sort of like a hospital, right? With luck you may get a person here or there who clicks, but not a well coordinated effort. So you have to deal with the school as well as with the child. Life is tough and you acquire skills along the way that you never expected (or wanted).


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So much going on here. Denise, my first thought was, "how nice of Ein to do his part and impress Denise's mom." SunnyD's corgi, Small, both impresses and mystifies. It is good when a furry friend can help relieve some stress and tension. How nice to pick a book your father would enjoy and read to him.

Julie, I don't have much advice to offer, but though my son learns differently, he still learns. We struggle each and every day during the school year. The school has been little help except when it was to their advantage for him to pass a test. I know that my son is so much more than the grades that he makes, so I look forward to a day when his true talents can shine and the focus will be off the grades as the be all end all...

Woody, you are proof that when it rains it pours. You deserve quite a break after all of the stressors of late. I enjoyed hearing your take on the Canadian healthcare system. I am of the mindset that I will survive anything they throw at me by doing the research for my family. I did government healthcare while in the Navy. I didn't mind it, though I think I'd be a better advocate for myself now.

I meant this to be a quick post. I've been trying to get to the office early and get home early, but as we are transitioning into a new software, there is lots to be done. I am enjoying the job a little more now that it is not in my house always staring me in the face. I always felt guilty over the pile that was sitting in the other room :)

I had to see an ENT yesterday. I still have a middle ear infection, but I think I'm already feeling better. I am so thankful to have my hearing back, as my ear was plugged with debris from the first infection.

Waving hello to all! What in the heck am I bending over for in the picture above? Looking at the 'tufa on the table, I suspect.


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Okay, its been raining for three straight days so my house is decluttered of dust bunnies and piles of papers to be filed. It is passably clean. I will be happier when I can get the windows washed.

Denise good to hear from you. Sorry you dad is back in the hospital.

Julie, I'm hoping things will eventually get better for TCS. If he didn't enjoy being with his friends so much, I would suggest homeschooling.

Saucy, I was wondering what you were looking at too.

Candy,wow getting that tree down was something. I think you were right about Mary having computer problems.

Since I have been on the go all day cleaning Niki has decided to get some lap time while she can. She's curled up fast asleep. Sometimes she doesn't want to be held unless it is her idea. She has been sleeping in the house at night since it has been raining so much. It may be due to the earlier darkness that she would rather be in too.

DH and sons have not been hunting due to the heavy rains and wouldn't you know it their were two deer in our front yard this morning. I don't know where Rebel and Rocky were because they usually don't let them get close.

Not much going on here. I am hoping to get the rest of my bulbs planted and some more mulching done as soon as it stops raining long enough.

Take care everyone.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma, there were at least 8 deer in our yard today. They came right up to a few feet of the house. I saw six all at one time, then 2 differant ones appeared, and much later a nicely racked buck was working on destroying one of my small paw paw trees! I took pics of all but the last one. I ran out and yelled at him, and he bounded away into the woods. All together, there were three antlered bucks, and 2 or three fawns with buttons. The rest were does. They are very comfortable in our yard, since no one has shot at them in our area. I suspect the woods around us were teeming with hunters, but we heard no shots today.

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What ever it was Saucy, I think Deanne, Doug and Wendy are looking at it toowas there a cat ?

Hi Norma ..I remember when my felines were younger they were less interested in lap-sitting, but now they are very insistent, and will compete for available laps. I need to get my bulbs planted too, I hope I will get a few hours this weekend-looks like I will have to work a couple hours on Saturday afternoon, as well as all day on Sunday. I have Dahlias to move too-poor siteing on my part last spring.

All for tonight !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Plated snowdrops this morning, raked leaves, bought buttons, ribbon and fabric for Christmas gifts, walked Phoebe in the sunshine, knit a bit, helped DH with reviewing some abominably written papers on aggregates, ...and now am worrying about Phoebe's surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

In the photo above, I don't remember what Saucy is looking at, but I believe we were studying some interesting weavings done by the gentleman of the house at about the same time.

Norma, I hold off on mulching until much later because I want the mice, rabbits, voles, etc....to find their winter homes and build their nests before I mulch around plants they'd love to munch.

By the way, I found a solution for my knitting problem. I used my brain for a change and determined what the printed word had forgotten to include in the instructions. So the first hand puppet is nearing completion.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

No, I plaNted snowdrops. Braiding them at this time of year would be impossible.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks for clearing that up, bug. I thought you were arranging them on a plate, and that made no sense to me.

I really should start a new thread but I'll bury my whining on this one. I feel like I am really struggling with my mood at work lately. During my morning drive, I told myself I was going to be positive all day long. It lasted until late morning, when the bossman announced that the office would be closed as usual the dat after Thanksgiving, but all salary personnel would be charged with a vacation day for that day. Well - I specifically asked him about this last month before I took the vacation day to attend the Rick Bayless luncheon. I told him I would save that day for the day after Thanksgiving if we were not going to be given that as a day off. He assured me then that it would be treated the same as it has in prior years.

It's really relatively minor stuff, but it's taking all the fun out of my job. Monday morning, he and I had a little disagreement about how to handle a specific transaction. He was all piss and vinegar about the advice I offered; but when I called a total stranger at an outside company, the outsider thanked me profusely for recognizing an error that had been made and reacting correctly. A couple of minutes later I got a lovely email from a customer thanking me for following up on another matter. I feel like I'm turning into Stuart Smiley, "... and gosh darn it all, people like me!" Yes, other people do, just not the one I work for.

And what is with Thanksgiving this year? Okay people, either you are coming or you are not. The only appropriate answers are yes or no. "Maybe", "I don't know" and "it depends" are not acceptable at this point, ok?

If I get any surlier, Brenda is going to make me drive the combine for her. Heck, we won't need the corn head, I will scare the corn into the hopper!

So if you have gotten this far, I have to say that it did make me feel better to get this off my chest. Sorry to end this idyll on a sour note. Now someone needs to get #462 rolling on a nicer one.

(really, thanks for letting me vent!)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here is my attempt at a bird hand puppet for the kids...and also for V and anyone who needs a smile... SMILE!

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Hello Fellow Perennial Fanatics, :) I'm off to Paris...
Your Monkshood?
I have an established stand of some unnamed aconitum...
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