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MojaveLove(5 - IL)February 9, 2012

Hi - there is so much information out there about roses that I am willing to read through but before that I need some guidance on what would do best for me. I am not familiar enough with them yet to know if this would even work for me, but it's worth a shot at least.

I am looking for a rose that would be happy in full sun for about 12 hours in summer (from 6am to 6pm when the house starts to block it). I am in zone 5 and it gets hot in my backyard. It would have to go in a pot that housed a large tomato plant last year so the pot has enough room. I would prefer something that is completely winter hardy here, or if I have to something that is easily overwintered. Also, something that is pretty disease resistant as this would be my first rose plant.

If I am surprised and there are actually a lot that would be happy with the above, I love something with fragrance and the bigger blooms the better. But I suspect there aren't that many that would be happy with me so those are far from being requirements.

Thanks for your help!

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seil zone 6b MI

There are lots of roses that would be very happy with you! Roses love sunshine, the more the better! Heat can sometimes be a problem but in your zone that will probably only happen a few days a summer. It's not like you're in the tropics or the desert where the angle of the sun can be blistering for weeks. I usually have maybe 3 to 5 days where my roses can get a little sun burnt each year. And if the rose is potted you can always move it into some shade on those days. You can grow most any rose in a pot so that isn't a problem either. You can even winter a rose in a pot in your zone and since you're looking at just one the garage or shed would be the easiest way. See we're hitting all your requirements!

Now on to what you might like. I would suggest Julia Child. It's a lovely sunny yellow rose that blooms all the time, has a nice fragrance, is winter hardy and has pretty good disease resistance as well. The plant gets about 3 feet by 3 feet for me, has a nice bushy plant structure with glossy dark green leaves. Bloom size is about 3 inches and they last quite well both on the plant and cut in a vase.

I'm sure others will have different suggestions too but this is one I think would be good for a beginner since it seems pretty self sufficient and easy to grow and will give you the blooms you're looking for. It also should be fairly easy to find locally since it's newer and quite popular.

As for how to grow that rose in a pot, I've put a link here to another recent thread where I explain how I do mine and several others do too. If you do a search on here about growing roses in pots I'm sure you'll come up with dozens more ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing roses in pots

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Thanks much!

I'm happy to hear that they should do good for me. Overwintering in the garage is very easy and am glad it is so, as that opens up more possibilities for me. I actually saw the Julia Child rose and thought it was a beaut so I'm glad to see it as a recommendation!

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I planted Julia Child last spring. It out-bloomed all my new roses and was the last one blooming in the fall. Foliage was good looking all season long.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Thanks - have you been to Roses & Roses & Roses? I see you are in SE WI. They carry it and that is most likely where I will purchase Julia Child or whichever I decide to go with.

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The Romantica Roses might be a possiblity. I don't grow them in a pot, but they are wonderfully colorful, with gorgeous fragrance and blooms.

They get blackspot in my organic garden, but this has not dimished blooming or vigor.

Yves Piaget, Liv Tyler, and Frederic Mistral are lovely roses.

For Hybrid Teas: Perfume Delight, Sheer Bliss and New Zealand have wonderful fragrance,do well in a cold zone.

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