What do bluegills eat?

agap015July 31, 2008

Hi ponders

I asked earlier about putting in 1 blugill to keep my goldfish population under control. My problem is after he or she does what is expected of them what do they eat? Do they eat algae like the goldfish? I don't want it to starve to death. I saw a picture of "Marti" and he is quite large 6"-8". If they do eat algae, this could be quite helpful. Afish Marti's size would eat alot of algae? Do they eat snails?

Alot of questions but inquiring minds want to know.



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john_mi_5a(SE MI)

From my days of "barefoot boy with cheek of tan" when I did a lot of fishing bluegills are meat eaters. Toss in a couple of worms, crickets, grubs or equivalent and they'll be quite happy.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

hang a bug zapper over the pond and they will be thrilled!!

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

My bluegill eats whatever I feed my koi: Cheerios, koi food, watercress, watermelon, canteloupe, oranges. When I go to my daughter and s-i-l's farm we throw them bread. I won't throw bread into my pond though. Whenever I am gardening I toss worms in too.


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Bluegills eat everything but baby bluegills and bluegill eggs. They do not eat algae, but love the fish food. When I throw a grub worm in the pond the bluegill almost always grabs it first. They love earthworms, wigglers, night crawlers, etc. They can eat a baby goldfish that is twice their size. Glenda

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