Granada Rejuvenation Experiment: 2 week check

jenn(SoCal 9/19)February 10, 2012

My Granada burrito has been in the cool garage for 2 weeks, and I opened it last night for the first time.

At first, I saw nothing. I didn't see any callus. Hmmm... "nothing", I thought.

Then, upon closer examination, I saw something. A tiny white nub about 1/16 inch, emerging from the side of two different canes. They are the color of the roots I've seen in the photos. I'm certain they weren't there when I scraped off the bark before I rolled the burrito!

Could these be tiny roots emerging without any callus formation?

I gave the inside of the paper a light misting, re-rolled the burrito, and put them back in the garage.

Separately, the stems in the soda bottle have new leaves and I know that doesn't mean roots, but I'm still hopeful. How long does it usually take to see roots from the bottom of the bottle?

I'm still hopeful!!!

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I for one am waiting with bated-breath ! this is better than a 'mystery' on PBS.... be sure and keep us posted on this on-going saga!! sally

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seil zone 6b MI

Yes! Those could indeed be tiny roots starting to emerge! Congratulations! Keep them moist and cool and wait another week at least before you check them again. I've never used this method so I'm not sure how long you need to wait or how big the roots should be before you pot them. But Kim will know, I'm sure!

The leaves on the soda bottle ones does not indicate root growth. Those leaves could have been produced by stored energy in the canes themselves. But it also doesn't mean that they aren't rooting. So be patient! As long as the canes and leaves remain green and healthy looking you're OK. When I root cuttings in plastic cups it can take about 6 to 8 weeks to see any root growth on the sides or bottoms of the cups. They probably root sooner than that but it takes them that long to grow big enough to be seen through the cup.

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Congratulations, Jenn! It's difficult to type with my fingers crossed for you, but they are!

Yes, that white tissue could easily be root formation. I've noticed on a few, Pink Clouds and Wichurana for instance, roots coming from growth bud shields without any obvious callus. As long as you provide the rose with what it needs, it will make use of it the most efficient way it knows. I agree, leave them in the burritos another week. What can it harm? If they've remained fresh looking so far, they may well remain that way for another week.

As I'd previously posted, the first batch I wrapped this season on Christmas Eve, took three weeks before they were sufficiently callused (IMHO) for planting and they're rooting and leafing now. The second, wrapped one week later, only took two weeks. I've now done a third batch which have one more week to wait.

I experimented wrapping lilac cuttings with the second batch and the danged things callused just like the roses! Lilacs are notoriously difficult to root from cuttings which is why they were so frequently grafted to privet and more recently, tissue cultured. Four of the six callused and all four remain fresh looking and are beginning to push growth, just like the roses.

I'd collected Laurus nobilis (Bay Leaf) from a friend's hedge last week so I could dry the leaves for use in the kitchen. There were many seeds on the hedge, which I've planted to see how easily they germinate and I wrapped the stems to see how they'd perform. Not that I want a lot of Bay trees, but it's an experiment to answer the "what if?"

Next, I intend to try caesalpinia. Around here, there can't be too many of them! Good luck! Kim

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Don't do like I did and take your precious newly rooted rose and put it unsterilized garden soil. I watched that cane die off so fast it made me sick. A dead brown splotchy cane with healthy new roots is a heartbreak.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Oh I'm so glad no one said "No callus? Sorry, better toss it in the trash!" LOL I'm so happy to know there's hope! I really expected to see nothing, but hoped for the best.

We were gone over the weekend and couldn't reply until now. Thank you for sharing in my excitement!

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Welcome home Jenn. Nope, never call it quits until it's obvious the things are dead. Dried out or squishy molded, otherwise, leave them alone to see what they'll do. Can't hurt a thing. Kim

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