Prunus Caroliniana Problem - See photo

modern_miss(10A (15 Sunset) SF Bay Area CA)January 31, 2013

The leaves are falling off the bottom of my prunus caroliniana hedge. These trees were transplanted from 24" boxes about a year ago. Not sure if they are getting too much water or too little water. I thought the deer could be eating them but I never see any deer around these plants. Any ideas? Thanks!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

transplant shock.. most likely ..

cant go much further w/o a picture ...

insert finger 2 to 3 inches.. is the soil wet or dry???

how big are they.. that they came in 24 inch boxes ... did you amend the soil.. who planted them.. give us more facts.. other than leaves are falling off ... any pattern to such.. like interior leaves?? how do the buds look .... etc ..

and no.. fertilizer will not help.. i do not prefer to fert already stressed plants ...


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Certainly more information is needed for a definite response, but the most common reason for the loss of lower leaves in hedges is improper pruning. Many times hedges are pruned so that the top is equal to or wider than the bottom. Just the opposite is what's needed - a wide lower portion tapering to the top. With a wider top the lower branches do not receive enough sun and shed their leaves. If the lower branches are mainly shaded they also dry out more slowly and become more vulnerable to various leaf diseases, a number of which can effect prunus species.

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