Viola--BlackJack Seeds

rose_is_a_rose(z4 SW Ont)March 7, 2006

I've gone mad!! ;) I've planted seeds probably to early.... so my house will look like a jungle for a while..... good things the kids are away at school... their bedrooms are growing!! ;)

Anyway... I planted some Viola Black Jack annual seeds and the pakage says to germinate in the dark... so I put them in the closet 2 weeks ago but I'm wondering if the closet is to chilly??? nothing showing yet... anyone familiar with these??? They look very much like what I call King Edwards or Johnny Jump Ups but are black in colour

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

How cold is your closet? Viola will germinate quite well at 60F or so. If the closet is too cold, then put them somewhere warmer and cover with a board or a blanket over the humidity dome, anything to keep the light out. I find they take about two weeks to start.

Also, they are somewhat frost hardy so they can go out quite early.

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rose_is_a_rose(z4 SW Ont)

Thanks shrubs... I think I will move them... the closet is on an outside wall and it has been VERY Cold here I'm thinking they are to cold.

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