Snoopy did a fly over our pond this morning!

cliff_and_joannJuly 23, 2013

Snoopy patrolling the area.

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gee..don't know why it posted so dark. Took them with my iPad and
they look fine, but posted dark? Here's a closer one...anyone know
how to lighten up the photo for posting. All I know is to use the auto
it's raining so it's dark out, in this photo I turned the light on inside...
but it's still darker than my view on the iPad?

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catherinet(5 IN)

LOL! That's cute!
I usually lighten things up through our Adobe Photoshop program. Your first pic didn't look that dark to me.

Your pond and yard look great, as usual!

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hi Catherine...
I know how to lighten photos with my regular camera, however, with
the iPad I'm clueless???

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Joann, Beautiful work on the model. Is it both of you?

I hadn't thought about photo editing, but the wife has an I-pad so I looked at it and see that the basic setup doesn't do much. However, I looked for apps and there is one that I believe may be free called Snapseed. It appears to have a way to lighten photos or parts of them. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I suspect that you might find it (or one of its mates) useful.

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chas, thank you so much for snapseed. I downloaded it and played
around with it. Was not successful with the snoopy order to
lighten it up enough to see the Snoopy the background was too light.
However, the program seems pretty easy to use...I'll have to play
around with it some more.

We did not make the Snoopy, our son did. He gave it to me for Christmas
a few years back. It's a combination of woodworking and wood carving.
He actually made it to go outside (a whirlijig) instead I hung it in the
family room window.
Here's a close up.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Wow........your son did a great job! That's really cute! I imagine Snoopy keeps a good watch over your garden..........dive-bombing any predators. :)

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