Atlantic Water Gardens customer service stinks

mgmineJuly 26, 2013

A warning to those that may be considering purchasing a product made by Atlantic Water Gardens. DON'T do it. I bought a can of their waterfalls foam for $16.00 dollars. Not a huge sum but not cheap either. The can was defective so I went on line to find a number to call. I made two calls the first I left a voice mail but never received an answer. The second was to a customer service manager. After explaining the problem his solution was to take it back to the store. Now why didn't I think of that! Because to take it back, would have involved over 40 miles of driving. I told him that and his reply was simply silence. I'm glad I learned my lesson on something small and not a skimmer. I can imagine them telling me to dig a skimmer out and take it back because a minor problem that could be solved if they simply mailed out a part.

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Sorry about the hassle. However, next time just get a can of 'great stuff'. Yes it is beige, not black; but it will get covered with stuff and junk (algae) and you won't see it in a while.

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And trust me, the atlantic water garden stuff turns that beige color pretty quickly after exposure to the elements. Think it took a week for me.

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If you are in the Atlanta area try Splendor Koi in Marietta, I think they also have an online business. The products, fish and all materials are first rate and the staff is beyond good. I am a very satisfied customer. They built my ponds and we get all of our fish there. It is the only place I would buy fish and we also get our pond supplies there.

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What chas said. It's well under $4 at the big box stores. As I've said before, stick the word 'pond' in front of anything and the price doubles or triples (or more than quadruples, this this case). It pays to research before purchasing. There's always a better way.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Customer Service has, on occasion, outweighed price for me.

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