Will my roses survive the winter??

Susanne27(5a Ontario Canada)February 13, 2014

Last year I got interested in roses again in a big way after I found a small book entitled tender roses for cold climates. I tried some Brownell roses 20 years ago when we moved to the farm but they died out even with careful protection. Although I love the hardy antique roses, most of them only bloom once and in order to enjoy my roses I have to have varieties that bloom all season because I have a severe problem with rose chafers and they destroy all blossoms for 3 to 4 weeks in June. They really love the fragrant roses the most. So last year I followed the instructions in the book and I am anxiously waiting to see if my hybrid teas, floribundas and grandifloras survived the winter. I hope so because it was heaven to enjoy roses all summer long.

By the way, many thanks to the members of this forum who babied me along last season with my bare root plants and general anxieties over my roses.

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seil zone 6b MI

You are not alone in wondering about whether the roses will survive. It's been a really nasty winter for a lot of us. But roses are tough and I'm very hopeful that many of them will do just fine. There are some I figure weren't very healthy going in and won't make it but then most of those I wasn't all that pleased with anyway so no loss.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

My roses look like someone took a blow torch to them. Pruning should be easy--close to the ground. I have some roses on fort. rootstock, which is winter tender for my climate. The graft/bud union is buried about 2 inches deep in the ground. Spring frost protection should be easier, though. Good luck!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Right now we have 20+ inches of snow.
I noticed rabbits have nibbled some of our roses.
I had cages around them but snow got so deep rabbits got over cages...lol
Last winter rabbits ate my newer roses to the ground
and they came back...

Best of luck with your roses Susanne! Hopefully they do great & come through ok...

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I've been worrying about this too. I'm in zone 5b in Staten Island and we have had so much snow coupled with night temps that went as low as 5 degrees. I think the fact that they have been buried in snow might be good for them though as I've heard this can offer protection.

Anyway, we'll see this spring:)


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Susanne27(5a Ontario Canada)

My heart goes out to those of you in the south and northeast who are experiencing yet again unusually severe weather conditions. This has been a tough winter up here as well. According to the US map, I am actually in zone 4 although it is shown as zone 5 in Canada. The deep snow cover probably is a blessing as everything - roses, perennials, bushes etc. - are completely blanketed. Its good to see that there are other cold weather rose growers on the forum. It gives me hope and encouragement.

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Plenty of cold zoners on this forum! Welcome to the optimist club. I also think I will have to prune WAY down this spring. And if they don't survive? Well then we will already have holes dug for the new guys.

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