NorthEast - When do YOU start your seedlings?

connecticutbugMarch 17, 2011

Curious to know when you all start your seedlings for vegetable plants? How many weeks early?

I'll be starting them under 2-bulb T-8 32 watt fluorescent and wanted to find out about how early to start.

I've been reading around and here is what I'm seeing:

Cabbage (8 weeks early)

Broccoli (8 weeks early)

Eggplant (8 weeks early)

Peppers (8 weeks early)

Tomatoes (6 to 4 weeks early)

Bean Varieties (6 weeks early)

Zucchini (4 weeks early)

Cucumbers (4 weeks early)

Lettuce (Sow outside, or start a few weeks early)

Herbs (Anywhere from sow outside, to 4 to 8 weeks)

Anyone agree, disagree, suggest different?


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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)

From my past experience on just a few items:

tomato: 4 weeks (otherwise, they seem to get too big)
basil, sweet: 6 weeks
rosemary: 10-12 weeks (slow growing and slow germ)
cilantro: 12 weeks (because they like growing in cold weather, and then they bolt come June)

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