Zinnia seedlings - germination in 48 hours???

heather_gardener(7)March 7, 2006

I'm a bit in shock. The seed packet said it should take 7-10 days for the Zinnias to germinate. The first one showed up in under 48 hours. By the end of 48 hours I had 8 seedlings.

Does anyone else experience such quick germination?

I have only started sowing seeds indoors since last year.

When I took the close-up picture, I couldn't get all the seedlings in the picture. I realize the seedlings are extremely small, but it's still surprising.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Yup, that's definitely normal. I find that most seeds don't take as long as the package says, but especially zinnia.

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lindakay(zone 5)

My thyme germinated in 48 hours and then the next day the zinnias come up. Happy Happy !!

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In that case, I think I'll go run out to the garage to check on the other flowers. :)

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jrgardner(z8b FL)

Happens with all kinds of things that I usually least expect. Enjoy it -- waiting makes me crazy!

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It is amazing, isn't it? Last year I had a terrible time getting my plants started and this year most of the ones I planted on Mon. are starting to come up today, Wed. I have geraniums, alyssum, verbena, loads of petunias, etc. What goes this year?

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beleaf(east Canada)

48 Hours is the norm for zinnias. They could sprout if planted on pavement!!!!! Seed companies make themselves look good by printing longer germination times on the packets than what actually happens. See how excited you where...now they(seed company), want you to tell your gardening buddies how great their seed is. Don't forget to pinch them back after a few weeks.

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Actually I'm happy to hear that Zinnias are easy to grow. Maybe I'll just throw some seeds on the dirt in the one section of the garden when it warms up.

About pinching back... If I pinch back the stem, will it still grow from that stem OR will it just grow other stems that I should _not_ pinch back?

First year for Zinnias...

I'm also growing:
Salvia Sea Breeze
Blue Eyed Daisy
Torenia Lemon Drop (Did great last year)
Columbine Lime Sorbet
Columbine Songbird Mix
Petunia Supercascade (Red, White, Blue)
Lavendar Lacy Frills
Stock Purple Harmony
Nierembergia Mont Blanc

I realize that perhaps some of these should not be started indoors, but... I couldn't resist.

So far none of these have shown up to the party. :)
I'll go check on them soon. They are getting 16 hours of light and 8 hours of rest.


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Ah Ha! you are using an aero garden. I planted mine yesterday around noon and was totally shocked to see seed roots this morning. Hope I can keep them going indoors til June 1 as that is the traditional safe first day to plant outside up here in Alaska

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