Help identifying this plant!

knaorozcoAugust 27, 2014

I am trying to find out the name of this plant. My grandfather had a bad allergic reaction to it and the grandkids play around the same area so just worried it could be harmful. Please let me know as soon as possible thanks everyone!

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Umm, it looks like your average garden sedum.

Someone more into succulents will have to id species.

I've never heard of anyone having an allergy to sedums, but I suppose there must be someone allergic to everything.

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Looks like it could be euphorbia, which would explain the allergic reaction. check out Grey Hedgehog to compare. Cut a stem (wear gloves) and see if a milky substance leaks out.

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You're right Olychick...good catch.

OP, are the leaves little fat bundles of goo, or tooth edges narrow leaves?

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Olychick it looks exactly like the Grey hedgehog! A milky substance did come out when he cut a piece. I guess he will just need to wear gloves next time he trims and we will just tell the kids not to touch. Thank you so much!

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