Red Tips

lostsoul62(6)January 13, 2014

Everything I've read on red tips say they will get Entomosporium leaf spot which is serious. I've planted a dozen of them at 4 foot apart and I live in AR at zone 6 and I want a huge hedge but I think I'm going to have problems with these and I want have another huge hedge in my back so can anyone recommend something that won't get sick and die like the red tips?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

In USDA 6 I'd wonder about them coming through the winter anyway.

Find your Sunset Zone in the Sunset Western Garden Book and then look at the part of the plant selection guide near the front that lists plants for hedges and screens.

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What are you screening with the hedge? Does it need to be evergreen? What is the sunlight exposure? Soil conditions? How long is the hedge? Are you married to the idea of sticking with one plant species in particular or are you open to diversifying your hedge?

The cheapest most readily available for natural hedging around here is eastern red cedar - juniperus virginiana. Other hedging material that might be suitable would be hollies like Ilex x 'Nellie R Stevens' holly and Ilex opaca 'Jersey Princess' holly. Forsythia can be made into a hedge. Green Giant arborvitae makes a good screening plant if planted in a line. Red tip photinias do fairly well just down the road here in the Fort Smith area but we are certainly a solid zone 7 here.

But before we get too carried away with making too many suggestions, could you answer as many questions listed above as possible.

Why did you never return to your topic in the shrub forum?

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Here is your topic from last week. It's just a couple topics down from this one???

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I'm in NW AR and I bought the Sunset Western Garden Book but it's the wrong book. We are not "Western" or at least the book doesn't think so. I want a hedge that has leaves and is an evergreen. My hedge is about 100 feet long and will be getting over half a day sun. Like most people I'm screening out neighbors. Because of the hilly landscape I need something that will be at least 15 foot tall and the faster it grows the better.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Look at existing hedges in your area and try one of the same kind. Clip a shoot and take it to a full-sized independent garden center, if possible to find out what kind it is - if you go to a big box store plant department they may perfectly well not have the same kind at all (especially at this time of the year) and are unlikely to have someone present who knows plant varieties.

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Westwoods might be able to help you out. I've done business with them several times. Rick at the Weddington location is usually pretty helpful.

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