woodland border plant and enormous bug

w1ldflower(5)August 18, 2014

Spotted this in a public garden bordering a large expanse of shade. Seemed to be performing very well despite receiving only a a few hours of daylight and planted in fairly dry soil with no supplemental water. Most others were showing signs of stress but this one was in her glory. Seems to be just beginning to bud up, so likely a late season bloomer, however, almost all plants have been reaching their bloom cycle very late here this season. Plant stood about 12-18 inches in height and had spread to form a clump spanning several feet across. (Sorry about the enormous bug... have no idea what that is either!)

Thanks all for your help!

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cicada on stonecrop

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Ah, so that's a cicada! I've seen them before (sparingly, thankfully) but didn't realize what they were. Thanks!

Any idea what species of stonecrop that would be? It doesn't look or behave much like the ones commonly available in local nurseries (I believe the Autumn Joy cultivar and some others with purple foliage primarily), This particular public garden does seem to use solely native plant species.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

One of the taller fall-blooming stonecrops/Sedums (same general Sedum group as 'Autumn Joy').

Either it's very late-blooming or the shade and/or other conditions are delaying bloom.

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