When to start annuals

bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)March 13, 2011

Hi! I am not sure when to start my annuals for June and later blooming. Should I plant them inside (I have a big gro-light system so no prob there) and if so when? I want to put them in six inch pots - one to a couple plants per pot. Should I plant them directly in the pot? Or should I plant them in 1020 flats and than transplant later into the pot? Or should I do both, depending on the flower? Lots of questions, I know, but I am hoping you guys and gals will have all the answers!

I'd like to plant the following annuals this year:


Baby's Breath







California Poppy





French Marigold


Globe Amaranth

Gloriosa Daisy

Mexican Torch Sunflower


Morning Glory

Moss Rose

Aster Crego

Bunny's Tail Grass


Thank you for any help!

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

I will tackle a few of them. I would start anything inside in a 1020 flat and then transplant into containers because I would start them in sterile seed starting soil and then replant them in a heartier soil they can grow in.

Petunias- I started my yesterday, but you could wait up to 2 more weeks.
Alyssum- either start indoors in 4/5 weeks or direct sow them where you want them outside or in a container outside, after the danger of frost has past. Same advice for Zinnias as well,

Morning Glory- soak in warm water for 24 hours and then direct sow after the danger of frost has past.

Giallardia- plant as soon as possible to you can get blooms this year.

Pansy- start now and harden the off 2-3 weeks before the danger of frost has past, they can take the cold temps.

Datura- I always start mine inside about 4-6 weeks before my last frost but they get big and stinky inside. YOu can direct sow them or start them 2-3 weeks early inside if you have the room.

Cal. Poppy- direct sow outside 1-2 weeks before your last frost, they can take a frost.

Sunflower- direct sow after your last frost date.

Marigold- start inside 2-3 weeks before your last frost free date

These should all be blooming in June- some maybe a few weeks later and the pansies may be done by then, but you will have lots of blooms in June.

I hope that helps


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bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)

Thank you, Keriann. That does help! I think I will make a schedule and hope I get everything in at the right time. I do have another question. I would like continued bloom from June to Fall. Is it possible to do that with any of the annuals I listed earlier? If so, when should I reseed?

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Oh yeah.. you will have flowers till Frost! no need to reseed as many bloom with the temps, not just their age.

For some of the ones I could not help you on. you could go to the Park Seeds website and look at how/when to sow them. They are pretty accurate.

your welcome :)


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