Alyssum seedlings failing

jjstatz29(5)March 20, 2014

So this is a new one to me...

Alyssum - like the go to easy to grow plant... My seedlings on it keep failing.
I have 4 trays of alyssum - 3 Aphrodite wine-red and 1 tray of carpet of snow white. One of the Aphrodite trays is performing as expected, the other two and the white tray are germinating, but then the seedlings turn red or brown and die. No indication of dampening off, can't imagine the soil mix is infected because all 10 of my trays of mixed seed are growing in it (everything besides the three trays of alyssum are doing fine - well past cotyledons now).

All 4 of the Alyssum trays are getting the same amount of light, circulation, and water and the seed source is reliable - swallowtail gardens.

Any ideas?

Normal performing alyssum tray

Defective tray

Other trays doing fine

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The one where the seedling is down looks like damp off from too much water to me. I don't know what signs you are referring to. There is often no more sign than seedlings dying off.

I don't know what soil mix you are using but it might be that those trays that are dying have components in the soil that retains too much water.

Put a fan on them and cut back a bit on the water

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Alyssum is the only thing I have ever sown under lights that succumbed to damp off. A similar situation where some containers did fine and others were completely wiped out - or mostly.

I know thats not helpful, except to let you know that sometimes these things happen even when you are doing every thing right.

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Think I solved the issues - lights were too close and were over heating soil-less-mix and frying the cotyledons - cool season seedlings like to be cool... -face palm-

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Update - Turned out this was an old/batch of seed. Supposed to be receiving a replacement soon. Grrr

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