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dodgerdudetteNovember 18, 2009

A Nicer Note !

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Cyn and Candy..please advise if you have an interest in being added to the IU7 e-mail group. Our trip in 2010 will be Northern California.You can email me from the GW gizmo and I will add you to the list.

K in N

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V., tell them "maybe is the same as no" in your eyes. And that it's time to -hit or get off the pot. I think that reaction would blend nicely with the new, surly you. :) Hey, it works for me. I'm sorry things are not so fun at work, really takes the wind out of your sails, huh? I have had to extract every bit of necessary information for my current project, none of it was on the, ahem, work order... hastily scrawled on a sheet of paper with several specs. crossed out... . I understand.

The hand puppet reminds me of Kevin from the delightful movie, "Up". One I hope some of you have managed to see!! I have wondered if Ivy has managed to repeat the feat of rearing up on her "hind" legs again? (not that I care, really).

I will be thinking of Feebles this morning, 'bug. I have a pretty good idea of how you feel right now. And I just want to prepare you for the sight of her bandaged completely on the affected leg and hobbling on the remaining 3. But it will get better and you will be amazed at how quickly. I think this day may call for something luxuriously decadent... say, hot chocolate with some whipped cream? It will be OK. ((('bug)))

I finished a bundle of alterations yesterday and have another to start today/tomorrow. I arrived home early and took Rex out for an extended Compound Cruise and a full round of "ball", which involves 2 or 3 tennis balls. I throw one and he runs it down and returns it to me, but then I immediately throw another one, etc.. We do this walking around the Compound so he has a variety of terrain to negotiate. It works effectively to burn some of the steam out of him. It was a beautiful day and today promises to be another one.

We went out back to check out the destruction on the lot behind our home. It's hard to believe someone is going to carve out a yard there, but they will. We saw Foxy Loxy's tracks and some deer tracks. I haven't heard much in the way of gunfire, come to think of it.

Time to find some earrings and get a move on here.

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V., I saw a post on your facebook wall stating that someone wasn't sure if someone's boyfriend or girlfriend was going to come or not and I cracked right up!

My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year (like it did when I was born) and I am going to get myself a gluten free cake from the bakery and have desert at home with Sarah (who was born the day before Thanksgiving on the 25th, so this year is just like when she was born). The rest of the family is going to travel for desert.

What you're going through at work is no less than maddening. I imagine that your boss is pretty miserable right now - but it'd be nice if he could keep it to himself!

Cyn and Candy, please consider joining us for IU7! It's always fun to initiate the newcomers...don't worry, it's painless :)

I LOVE the hand puppet GB!!! So cute, and yes, you can see that it is a bird. I liked the play on words: plaiting the daffodils.

I am off to the office. I hope to get home early today and put away the miscellaneous plant stands on my deck, as well as the other JUNK that won't be appropriate to leave out when the snow flies. My porch was fininshed yesterday, and it will be nice to have a fresh porch as a backdrop for some holiday decoration!

Have a great day, everyone! I'm liking surly V. and I hope she sticks around for a while :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I wish I spoke Dog. I wanted to tell Phoebe why she had to waste hours at the vets, that I would return to get her and love her even with a shaved leg. I wanted to ask her if she had anything to do with my missing sewing needle and if we need to x-ray her stomach. I wanted to talk to her about her leg which really will be better after three months even though it will be such a pain at first. Darn....

Just read three reviews by DH on aggregates. They are tough going but well reviewed. Such garbage they write...reaching conclusions with no facts, using charts with no labels, writing propaganda with few facts but warm and fuzzy goals...and on and on. They list no authors, give no definitions and have no bibliographies. There are supposed to be 6 reviews. DH has no time to write up numbers 4 and 5, and #6 has not been turned in...with the excuse that H1N1 prevented its completion.

It is rainy today so I think I'll attempt work on puppet #2 and perhaps start the next book club read for our December meeting..

I think we need some photos on this thread! How about Saucy's deck for starters? I'll look for one to attach here now.

Here is OLPC in Nigeria. I love the fact that it is the girl repairing the computers! Somehow it reminds me of Chelone and her machines...

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Kathy, thanks for the Idyll invitation! Seeing photos from last year, its obvious everyone has an absolutely wonderful time and the garden tours make me salivate. Assuming the Idyllunion falls sometime in the month of July, serious contemplation for attending seems unlikely. Family vacation traditionally is scheduled for the last two weeks of June and we are a summer birthday crowd, celebrating three in July with large outdoor events and gatherings. I, myself, missed being a firecracker baby by arriving on the 3rd but that doesnÂt dampen my spitfire nature, LOL! To be sure, I look forward to living IU7 vicariously and hope Cyn can join you Âpainless initiation sounds like wickedly good fun!

So Saucy is the upcoming birthday girl and her DD, too! Definitely a double Thanksgiving celebration on the calendar for your family. IÂve noted gluten free desserts now in the cake mix aisle, have you tried any of them?

VÂyou were up late and I hope the vent gave you a small measure of relief. I am a true believer in the power of the written word. ThereÂs just something very satisfying about giving voice to your thoughts by writing it down. ItÂs likeÂ"there, IÂve said itÂofficial documentation!" Kind of opens the purge valve without interruption or the distraction of verbal conversation.

And Denise, sorry I missed your post yesterdayÂ.looks like we hit submit about the same time. Like others, IÂve done the bedside vigil with my Dad, too. I can tell youÂre a strong person and handling the situation well (we do that for our motherÂs benefit, right?) but, I can read between the lines and know that nothing of the experience can be easily put into a paragraph. When I say, "IÂm thinking of you"ÂI really am with empathy. Mean that sincerely.

On the light side, Âbug that puppet is perfect, right down to the colors and the way itÂs trimmed out! Puppets sometimes get overlooked in their ages old simplicity of entertainment for children and adults. They are a special conduit for imagination and conversation no matter who slips it on their hand. IÂm sure Phoebe would love to play with it when sheÂs recovered from surgery. Did I miss how soon you can expect to bring her home? Âah, child fixing a computer!? IÂm such a technophobe, which should be added to the list of vacuphobe and germaphobe if anyone is the resident trivia specialist around here.

Must get with it. There are guests expected in 5 days, a menu to plan, décor to consider, that kind of thing. IÂm such a procrastinator, though must admit I do my best work when slightly under pressure. Nevertheless, itÂs time to rock and roll and IÂm not coming back to Idylland until I accomplish a few tasks!

Health tip of the day: Always wear your seatbelt

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Is that a penguin on the telly?


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I awakened thinking of Phoebe. And hoping things are making the turn and heading in an upward direnction. Just think, you have just under 3 mos. to go. :)

It's going to be a gloomy, rainy day and I have a feeling the shop is going to be "crowded" and the coming 8 hrs. will not be a blast. I'll be thinking of our new and improved, surly V., today. And MIA Cindy who is daily monitored by her computer... . At least I can tell my supervisor where to go and it will be meaningful.

Not much to report from this location, I'm afraid. I have a bunch of little "thises and thats" to get done over the course of the weekend, not the least of which is the extraction of a set of side panels from two pcs. of fabric that even as one pc. would barely be enough. I find "making it work" very trying, but it's work. And I'm behind on the job. :(

And I have to relocate a load of crap that belongs to a friend that has been in my bay of the garage for well over a month now. I've had to scrape the windshield twice this week and it's not one of the things I really like to do in the predawn hours. Perhaps I'll put on my REALLY surly hat and raise a stink. ;)

I have toyed with the idea of going to visit my brother tomorrow. It would be nice to get out of the house and I have something for him to sign, too. I could listen to Christmas music in the car and sing along... maybe not.

Gotta go.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A quick read had me thinking that Chelone had a friend in the bay of her garage for over a month. I suppose not.


I must have gotten up too early to make sense of today. I was up at 5 searching for the third cat, and now, having sent off DH toward Toronto, am sitting with the hot chocolate Chelone suggested yesterday and my oatmeal.

Yesterday I received one of those "inspirational" chain type emails. It had a message that applied to the Idylls, part of which goes like this:
Don't forget your sisters.
They'll be more important as you get older. No matter how
much you love your husband, no matter how much you
love the children you may have, you are still going
to need sisters. Remember to go places with them now
and then; do things with them...
Remember that 'sisters' means ALL the women...

Time passes.
Life happens.
Distance separates.
Children grow up.
Jobs come and go.
Love waxes and wanes.
Men don't do what they're supposed to do.
Hearts break.
Parents die.
Colleagues forget favors.
Careers end.
Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how
many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach.

Marie, I think of you often and remember our young, adventurous selves hanging out in Umuahia or Ozu Abam, or on that wild train ride to Kano. The trains don't run in Nigeria any more, but I will always have that picture in my mind of twenty four hours with goats and cinders, sitting on hard benches, and enjoying the novelty of it all!

OK, on with the day! The house feels empty. Phoebe comes home in the late afternoon.


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Hi Everyone. I only have a second, shouldn't really even be on the computer "playing" but I think I was able to shrink some pics to upload. These are pics from the Halloween Parade in my little town. I thought you guys might like to look at them.

The last one is a "turkey window" I painted last night while waiting for Skip to drive back home from Canada. I would not post it anywhere but here:) I know you guys will be gentle...

Will try to get back later today or tommorrow. We have a lot going on this weekend.

Charlie "Monkey boy"

The "idyll view"


Group photo.. Jen's husband and Dev are photo shy:)..

this was just a fun thing I did to put outside my door, and I thought I might put it in the window of the window shop:)

Happy Friday!!!


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Life somehow has gotten in the way of Idylling this week. DD is having lots of issues that require lots of phone calls and things at work are busy, busy. No need to worry about being laid off at least. Thanksgiving at our house is on the Saturday after so Ive got lots of time right? LOL I also offered to make 10 doz. Of Christmas candy for a fund raiser for an orphanage in Africa. These need to be made by the 30th. My oven absolutely needs to be cleaned on Saturday. Hopefully, I can get outside as well. With so little daylight at this time of year, I dont get much time to enjoy the fresh air. We have been having lovely days in the 50s but its nearly dark by the time I get home.

Chelone, Kenzies favorite gift was the locket I sent her. Shes quite into Barbies as well.

bug, great job on the bird puppet. Isnt the internet a wonderful tool for connecting to people you would have never met and staying connected with those you have? Ill be thinking of you this afternoon and hope all goes well when Phoebe comes home.

Denise, sorry to hear that your Dad is in the hospital. I dont envy you the moving process, having done it a couple of years ago. Maybe you should post a picture of your bureau. I love old furniture. Which is a good thing since most of mine is old.

Candy, Im getting a kick out of the pet pictures you have been posting. Isnt it amazing watching a large tree being taken down? Those guys really know what they are doing. A couple of years ago they took

Kathy, I cut my iochroma back to about 6" and brought it in. It seems to be thriving under lights.

Saucy, Im sure that once Jake finds his niche he will succeed. He sounds a lot like my Jeremy. He was like the child in bugs picture taking apart the computer. Now he takes apart cars and loves it. He only works on race or performance cars no oil changes for him. He is flying to either Atlanta or Ft. Worth to work at specialty shops monthly in addition to his regular job. I cant believe you are still dealing with ear problems. Our Thanksgiving will be a joint birthday party for one of Ricks grandsons who turns 6 on turkey day. I hope your day is special. Hopefully, you arent having a houseful of guests.
Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


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Meant to add to my post:

Drema, the turkey on the old window is fabulous! Monkey boy is adorable and the banana is the perfect accessory.


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Drema, I've got the Stones' Monkey Man blaring through the speakers, which isn't a bad thing, thanks to you. And how on earth do you just whip out a painting like your turkey in a day, having all the supplies ready to go? Any art background you're hiding? What a cool parade, and great costumes. I was determined to do a lavish "Day of the Dead" celebration this year, with pots of spicy hot chocolate, candles lining the walkways, a vat of posole bubbling on the stove, opening the gates for the neighbors to stroll in -- reality of course was lights out, gates locked. Business as usual! The life I lead in my head...oy!

Forgive me, either Candy or Cyn said last thread we do it for our mothers...spot on. Nice to be understood so well ;)

Maybe we can coax another Africa story out of 'bug this winter ;) If there's a good time for Phoeb's surgery, it must be winter, right? The knitting projects are just about pushing me past the tipping point, and I may have to hit the yarn shops soon. I'm thinking starting with needlepoint maybe. Playing with bundles of raw color, ooh la lah!

Saucy, I second Michelle -- what a tenacious ear infection. In case I don't "see you," happy birthday to you and Sarah.

V's job issues, for which I offer sincere condolences, got me thinking about working for one's self or being an employee. Some can do both (Michelle's son Jeremy! good for him. What a cool gig.) Most times it's probably either/or. I wonder what Chelone will decide, or if it will even come to an ultimate decision. After 10 yrs, my job fits like a glove, but not everyone is fit for what ends up to be mostly solitary work, not having the same bunch of people to socialize with and get to know. But when does one ever get it exactly "right"? Close approximation is good enough for me.

Yesterday "storm windows" designed by Marty and fabricated by a local glass shop were put up in the bath house. The screens will be retired until spring. The tub's been a godsend during the folks' move. There's been rumors of a monster El Nino winter, but zippo yet. Very dry. I planted a couple white diascia this morning into some very dry soil.

Dune said there was a ferocious cat fight yesterday, and our Joe seems to have been the winner. The other cat, a stray, was severely injured, says Dune (who has little tolerance for any signs of injury, so grain of salt). But I've been thinking of the poor loser, alone and probably facing infection, no one to make him wear the clown collar. I'll keep an eye skinned for him the next few days.

Ola to those I've missed. Gotta run yesterday's job up the freeway for production to have it ready for delivery to the witness on Monday. I had it finished by 9 pm last night. Love the medical testimony, osteophytes forming at T11-T12, etc, etc. The expedited fees will be most welcome. Where's my sister in the legal field to say atta girl?!

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I have a Mary update: indeed, the computer has been on the fritz. And so, apparently, has Mary who's recovering from a round with the dreaded H1N1 virus. (That's what happens when you work with those little vectors of pestilence... you guys should wear HazMat suits). A new computer is on the way soon and Mary is feeling better. She is, however, suffering withdrawal from the Idyll du jour and sends her usual fond wishes, promising pictures in the future.

'bug, I laughed aloud when I pictured my friend housed in the garage for more than a month. :) Phoebe must be back about now, I expect. And it won't last forever, trust me (the large animal to my right is livin' proof). Good reminder with the Sisterhood thing; we're only as isolated as we choose to be. And that's the key!

Drema! how long did it take you to whip up that turkey confection? it's terrific! Maybe it will inspire Mary to have a turkey next year. ;) The costumes are really precious; and the "bum shot" is great. The helpmeet calls Rex "Monkey boy" sometimes, "c'mon Monkey Boy, let's go out!". Beautiful smiles on handsome young people; memories are made of this.

Atta girl, Denise! you remind me of my late Aunt Betty. She was a "secretary" when it was a most honorable skill. She was fluent in shorthand, typed quickly and smoothly and her affairs were in perfect order on her death. Dedicated, organized, and meticulous. I enjoy working away on something all by myself, too. I like being able to set my own hours and work on the schedule that suits me and allows me to set my day for maximum productivity. I love that Day of the Dead stuff, too; very cool. Holidays are such fun. And I have gradiose ideas about festive holiday decorations that never happen, too. It's a sisterhood thing. Like keeping an eye open for The Injured One.

Wow, lots of birthdays on and around Thanksgiving! Don't expect any pictures from me, though. How long has the ear thing been going on, Saucy? I'm all for cake, so go for it with the gluten-free. What do you substitute for flour in recipes for cakes? And what about to make sauces and gravies?

I enjoy working with my hands. I think the trades are very much under valued in eduction even though the core skills (readin', writin', 'rithmetic) are required to really master them. I use arithmetic every day at work. I frequently use geometry, too. I draw. I always outline and organize the layouts and assembly procedures. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do for work; if you do it will be easy to keep doing good work. :) Sometimes you really have to practice to master something, but perserverence usually pays off. The trick is not giving up. Good teachers understand that.

And I think old furniture is pretty much "where it's at", too. I love that it all has a story, and I like looking at different pieces in a room, thinking about the style elements, etc.. That it can be "customized" is even better. Good thing! (lol, Michelle) because it's what we have, too.

Always good to encourage jewellery early, Michelle. I'll bet the locket was perfect and she's worn it many times since. Barbie doesn't look the way she looked when we were kids, does she? Gone, I fear is the 18" waist, and 38DD bustine, and legs that went on forever... am I right? ;)
I'm sorry that DD is struggling now; the Sisterhood remembers times like that in their own lives.

Dinner is nearing completion and this is probably too long.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

bug, "And now for something completely different" was the opening to the Monty Python Show, and one of their bits was the penguin on the telly. I've linked a YouTube clip below. This is one of those things that you will either laugh out loud at, or scratch your head and decide that they (and I) are crazy. Chelone, there's a lovely historical bit on Mary Queen of Scots in this clip.

Drema, I love the window turkey! Can't believe you did that in one night.

Denise, your ruminations on working for yourself versus working for others are rather timely for me. I'd love to "get off the pot" right now. When the group of people you work with no longer offer pleasant socializing on a daily basis, one is not really losing that aspect. My biggest personal concern is my own motivation - would I be good enough about putting in adequate effort every day? This will be something to mull over during the Thanksgiving weekend.

I am looking forward to the activities of Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow I am attending a morning retreat at church lead by my friend Judy. She does very calming, thoughtful programs that always refresh my spirit. After that, my son and I will go to fetch our turkey and do a little winter market shopping. I'm hoping to score some potatoes for Turkey Day. Sunday I will spend most of the day cleaning and sorting prairie seed so that can be sowed as soon as we have snowfall.

Onward, sisters!


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Chelone thanks for the update on Mary. I hate to hear she has the flu. I wish her well. Literally.

I dragged a few more plants into the basement this morning. I bet the odds of them making it through the winter under my care are slim.

Made a road trip with a friend today to look at puppies. She has always had white German Shepards and is ready to add a new one. The puppies are only two weeks old so were just little fat balls. Eleven of them. Mainly wanted to check out the parent dogs since it was a nice day to do that. They had great personalities but she wasn't sure she liked their build. Anyway it was an afternoon spent in sisterhood.
Thanks for sharing that Marie. Thinking of Pheobe tonight.

Drema your turkey window is so cute. Nice job.

DS coneccted with a deer on the road this morning on his way out here to hunt. Luckily he was going slow because of fog and barely bumped it. The other morning he had to shoo a couple away from his truck at his house in the suburbs to come out here to hunt. LOL

I think we are to have a couple more decent days so guess I will get outside some more tomorrow. Have a baby shower Sunday afternoon. Oh yea!.

Michelle, Thinking of your DD too. I went through some times like that with my DD living far away too. Fortunately it finally worked out ok.

I think I will go try to finish my book.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Kathy, what is the IU7 email group? Oops-just went back, reread Candy's post and now have some idea (ADD is not pretty-LOL). Anyway, details!

Love Charlie Monkey Boy pic-that will be worth big bucks someday in the future when he buys it back to keep it from public display! Seriously cute for sure-as are all of them!

chelone-always sing along in the car! I do and I sound amazing-I'm surprised no one has offered me a contract... and it is so much better now that DS (30 years old on the 30th) is no longer in his car seat saying, "please don't sing, mommie."

Also thinking of Phoebe and hoping for an easy recovery.

Have International House Hunters on-not really watching, but one of the male buyers just commented on the "lovely French lines" of the bidet in the bathroom-not sure if he knows what it is. Anyway, pretty funny.

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I was watching the same thing, Cyn, and it took me a while to catch on that the man and woman weren't the couple :) I kept thinking that she didn't have much to add, and that it seemed odd...

The IU7 email distribution list is just us making plans through email for the Idyllunion next year. If you're interested, email Kathy...you can always get off the list.

My ear is going on 6 weeks. I am having some other health problems, so I imagine there's a relation. My body is in turmoil :)

I always liked the Day of the Dead when I was in SD...I like the little skulls. I also like the idea of remembering those who have passed.

I got a lot done today. I'm quite proud of myself. I got a new coat so I've insured that it won't snow this winter :) Sue will be unhappy if she doesn't get to ski, though :) I also signed up for my medical charts online. I can email with my doctor now, and she's already replied. I ordered oil, and a part for Mustang Sally. I feel accomplished :)

My MIL is giving Nick guilt about not driving for desert and now I feel bad. I guess I could bring my gluten free cake and eat it there! I wonder how it will be received if Sarah and I bring our own cake? I don't know how I made this a big deal this year. Now I just want to take it all back.

Sorry. I'm just in a bad mood, sisters :) I enjoyed that little peek into what must have been a very exciting time in your life, GB. Thank you for sharing with us.

Sorry to hear Mary's down with the flu. Norma, good idea to wish her well, literally...I will too!

Hello to all!!! I'm on chauffeur duty tonight, which means I can eat ice cream in the living room and watch t.v. until it's time for pick up! Good night friends.


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Happy quasi Friday to allI have an almost free day tomorrow, need to do a couple of hours of awfice stuff in the late afternoon, and a full day on Sunday. The 4-day weekend ahead will make up for the lack of a full one this week. Rain is back but its a cold storm and I expect the snow level will drop- for those of you out in the cold belt, snow out here in the mythical land is a feature of high altitudes-usually in the 4thou feet above sea level and higher range. Sometimes the level will drop to a thousand or 1500 feet and that is when we might see dustings of snow on our hills here . Once in a blue moon we get it on the ground ( I think about 4 or 5 occasions in the 20+ years Ive lived here) but it only sticks for a short time, and always makes the front page of the local newspaper !

Drema what an attractive bunch, though the orange one looks a bit put out, lol. I know that is a Finding Nemo rig, but I havent seen it for a few years and dont remember all the names ..thats what comes from living in a child free environment. Love that Turkey window !

Michelle, Im going to be interested to see what becomes of my Iochroma over winterthe thing got to at least 10 ft tall , so I am going to leave all the frost burned stuff on it hoping it will protect the roots-mine is in the ground. Ive noticed with marginal plants like Fuchsias for example, the plants in the ground seem to fare better than those in pots.

And re: the birthday thing, my DS s is Thanksgiving day too-he must share it with Saucy-quite a distinction .The John Cleese event was his present this year, and Im hoping I can pull off BBQ steaks (filet) and his late dads twice-backed potatoes for Thanksgiving..well see, he is a traditionalist in many ways !

And, in reality, I think many who wrestle with the work for someone or for ones self find themselves making their decision based on the issue of health careand how many people dont retire because of this ? How many small family businesses cant get staffing because they cant offer this benefit.? Dont like it.

Okay Chelone, I throw down the holiday decoration gauntlet ..I have not had Christmas at my house for a few years and I am even now pondering The Fabulous Mantle Display, which always involves sneaking around the neighborhood and the local park under cover of darkness with a bucket and my Felcos. Bet I could find a boatload of material on the Compound.

Marie ..big hug to you and our Phoebe ! She is young and beautiful and will carry the day

Saucy, looks like Sunny D is ready to venture to the Left Coast for IU7 !

Cyn, Idylls who can congregate every summer-this will be the 7th year. We discuss specifics via e-mail. If you go back a few pages on this forum you will find the photos and reports from IU6, last summer in Maine. Try pages 2 and 3 .

Time to sign off---adios, waves to all..
Kathy in Napa

Thanks Chelone for the update on Mary, I expect to have the same soon on PM2

Gnite friends

Kathy in Napa

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A little bee told me that it was Marian's birthday:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, I'm now up to date on Monty Python and Mary the Queen and penguins. And just to prove you wrong, I'm rather in the middle about it. Likely it has more to do with my gloomy perspective these days. I should be quite content especially because of the warmish weather. Last year at this time we had 3 inches of snow and this year we still have temperatures hovering at the 50F mark. Nice! (Obviously I don't ski.)

BUT, Miss Phoebe occupies a good chunk of time and concern. She returned at about 5pm yesterday, hobbling. She was curious about her leg but did not mess with it too much. The stitches are not on the surface, so she can't really harm anything except by jumping and acting the goof. This morning she was very excited to go outside but disappointed she didn't get to go on a big walk. Once her pain meds take effect I think she'll sleep some more, but she gave me an inkling of what lies ahead in terms of her excitability. DH has set up his laptop for me to use in the same room she uses, so at least we'll be buddies for a while. Her appetite is just fine.

Added to the above, there is anxiety over DSIL and his ex...hence about Skyler. There is so much petty stuff on her mind and it really is getting harder for the ten year old to comprehend. Me too! Superficially, this squabble is about Skyler's ski equipment. Mom refuses to share it because she feels DSIL did not conbtribute enough cash toward it so shouldn't be allowed to access it. No amount of reason will influence her decision, so Skyler does not get to ski with his friend tomorrow. I wish there were a deadline for all this to end. I find it terribly wearing but do enjoy the phone calls and emails. DD is my "sister" as well as my baby. Poor kiddo though...You never want court ordered solutions, but I am beginning to think that might be best.

Early December is the time of DH's class coming here for dinner once again. I HATE frozen lasagnas, so must come up with an alternative to the decades old plan. Perhaps 2 soups with breads and cheeses? We'll see.

Just loved the Halloween bum shot Drema! Also Candy's health tip on car seats.

Chelone's comment on finding earrings before heading for the door reminds me that it has been decades since i wore mine. I admire jewelry but don't wear it any more, probably because my hands are in mud and suds most of the time. With arthritic joints I don't even fit in a wedding band.

I hope V is soothed by her morning retreat! I need a friend like her's, a calming influence for my ragged nerves.

As for another African tale, I'll have to think about that Denise. What interests you? There are many from my young and foolish days, from travel experiences, male Peace Corps volunteers, dealing with the old boyfriend back home, dealing with unwanted and misinterpreted male advances, medicine/health, food, teaching, anger, gardening, and hired help - to snakes, discovering real friendship, my parents' visit and my farewells and mixed emotions upon my return.

Off to the dump now,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Marian, another "close to Thanksgiving" birthday girl! Enjoy your day, even if nothing special is planned. We'll all be thinking of you!
Here's my crabapple tree, trying to be decorative against all odds-

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This was the cake that we enjoyed at David's house when we were in MI. Honey took us to a lovely bakery that had lots of yummy and beautiful creations.


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Happy Birthday Marian !

From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

Hope you are enjoying the day with your family !

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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So, what is everyone doing today? I am making a list of Julie jobs and regular jobs to do before Thursday. Right now I am babysitting Charlie boy while his dad teaches a class at a local college and mom works at the gym. She works 7 hours a week, so I watch my little buddy. He is snoozing right now. It is amazing to me how well 2 year olds can communicate with sign language and sounds. Grrrr,,,, I know he is talking about TRex, too funny.

Denisez, I love your bath house, it is so cool. I also hope your parents are getting settled in their new space. How is your son doing? I love his photography, and wish he could come out here and take a picture of my family. Not everyone can do portraits, and I love his style. As soon as the new babies get here, I would like to get a current group pic.

Chelone, you should definitely put your treasures out of the boxes. I figure if I am going to have all this stuff, I may as well be able to look at it.

Bug, I hope Phoebe is having a good day. They just don't know how to be in the recuperative state, do they? Sorry the kids are having issues, but the good news is that Sarah and Wayne have level heads on their shoulders to handle it in a respectful manner. Hopefully Skyler is picking up on how to deal with people from them.

Michelle, I hope your daughter's challenges a resolved in a good way for her. I am sure she appreciates you being there for her.

Saucy- aren't holidays fun?? I have been trying to figure out seating arrangements for the most congenial dinner conversation. The girls said the boys have to be on their best behavior and polite. I think the boys sometimes use these occasions for manly bonding but the girls don't like the loud guffaws that are generated from this. I will set up my library as a little play area for the babies and moms, and will have the guys in the living room where they can laugh and joke. Hope it works. Sometimes it is nicer to be the guest, then you can leave when you want, lol.

Norma, I am glad your son wasn't hurt by the deer incident. Those can be bad.

Some of you asked about the turkey window. In high school I picked art over Home Ec, and like to play around, but do not have a lot of talent in that area. I really just sat down and sort of put it together. It isn't anything fancy or meant to be fine art. Just something I wanted to do for the kids for fun. You guys are a kind hearted group.

Charlie woke up, so I have to fix his lunch. Hope you all have a good day. I will be back later with a pic for Marian. Happy Birthday!



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Denise, swooning here! That birthday photo is so beautiful! I so love that pale yellow. I don't remember seeing the completed gate project before. Turned out very very well!~ I think I needed a heavy dose of blooms like that today!

Phoebe is doing OK, but she already is trying too hard to act like a dog instead of a cripple. At least she isn't like a cat, punishing or ignoring us for being at the vet's. She is loving and trusting and full of doggie kisses. But she sure looks silly - rather like a French poodle on 1/4 of her body.

Drema, thanks for the support for the kids. I sure worry about their sad situation and what it takes out of them all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I thought this was a fun thread.

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Break time.. I have spent the morning cutting down all the black Dahlia foliage, moved Park Princess and planted DaffodilsWe had a brief rainstorm yesterday, so I am working in somewhat muddy conditions. I saluted the stellar Mystic Illusion Dahlia as her locks were shorn, a definite candidate for plant of the year in the Kathy garden. Another new plant that is continuing to please me is Salvia Wendys Wish..She looks only slightly careworn after several nights of frost. I love the dark stems against the deep pink of the flowers. I moved around most of the plants in her vicinity to create what I hope will be a nice vignette with her as the centerpiece.

Wow bug, I just dont see the logic in exs decision to punish Skylar for what she perceives as a failure on SILs part. What a skewed vision she must have of life..and unfortunate that she is wasting hers on silliness such as this.
No jewelry here either I look at mine once in awhile (such as it is) but dont seem to have a desire to wear it at the moment. I like rings (as you say, impractical for gardening !) and earrings. Wonder if my ears have closed up ? I like the silver jewelry I bought in the southwest over the years best.

So sly of Denise to give us but a glimpse of the gate-door ..I agree with bug ! Wonderful photo.

Lol Drema, I know I would would spend the day in the male bonding room with a beer rather than the women and children area !

Ok, back out before I have to head to work for a couple hours

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Birthday, Marian!

The retreat this morning was lovely! Just what I needed to correct the heading of my brain. Now to keep it on course for the next few weeks. :)

When that was finished, I headed over to a farmers market a few towns east of here to pick up the world's largest turkey. I had to take a shelf out of the fridge to fit it inside. It was a great market - I got potatoes, red onions, fresh cranberries, a lovely loaf of country-style bread, wine, glogg and olives - how's that for diversity? I've just finished a late lunch and have to sort out my to do's for the rest of the day.

'bug, what a bummer about Skyler's mom. So nice of her to punish Skyler for what she believes is Wayne's shortcoming.

Denise, lovely photo!

Back to work,


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Happy Birthday, Marian!

As ususal, I find the pictures great fun, and as usual I'm decidedly disorganized and unprepared. Oh well...

Isn't there some sort of law or something against children raising children (probably not because too many children are having children)?? So the kid has to miss out on skiing with his friends because his mother has decided that his father didn't pony up enough dough for the already owned ski equipment? have I got that right? I have to say, if I do, that's gotta be the most -ucked up logic in the universe. Geez, take a grow up pill Mom! Does she have a problem with the sauce? what a wing nut.

So, 'bug, did they open Phoebe up along the entire front of her knee the way they did Rex? He returned home stapled together and fully bandaged from hip to his toes. His leg just dangled and he hopped around on 3 legs for about a week before he was able to put any significant weight on the repaired leg. He was allowed "out" only to relieve himself and we were beside ourselves when he'd have a BM, we actually helped support him the first few times. And most touching was that he didn't seem to mind. They gave us one of the awful "cones of shame" but there was NO way we were going to subject him to that foolishness. Instead, we scheduled it so we'd be home to keep an eye on him the first few days and he was really good about "leaving it". We used bitter apple spray a few times toward the end of the staple period, when he'd blown out a couple of them and nibbled on a couple of others.

Norma, I laughed about your son shooing away the deer so he could get in the truck to go hunting. Too funny! proof positive that the world is upsidedown. :) Deer/car collisions can be bad news, good that that one was dodged! hurt or expensive and inconvenient are not great options.

Drema, you should not demean your talent. That turkey window is wonderful. I can sketch out plans but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull something like that off freehand... a stencil, sure. I think it's great that you still like "to color". There will be 3 of us here for dinner. I will polish the silverware, set a pretty table (I love doing that stuff) and we'll pretty much just hang out and laugh a lot. I think a play room is a brilliant idea. I like rowdy guffaws, personally. ;)

V., good that the retreat had the desired effect. Sometimes it's hard to adjust the course headings when you're in the midst of a downward spiral. Ask me how I know. So, my sister, I put an understanding arm around your shoulders, look you in the eyes, and say, "you definitely have it all goin' on!". But, practical, resourceful, good-natured people usually do. What's "glogg"?

I went to see my brother today. I left early, listened to Christmas music on the way down, sang along, and shed a few tears for my two deceased friends (yesterday was the anniversary of one death). And I thought about the importance of checking the "emotional oil" regularly, so things don't seize up for want of hope. We went out for breakfast and I was again amazed at how intimately he knows his town, its citizens, and those of the surrounding ones. I was reminded of my father, too. He looks much like him, but it's the easy-going, "even though I just met you I can talk to you easily" manner that is the family legacy. We sat at the counter and I chatted with the guy next to me the same way. Funny thing was, when we were about to leave the guy next to me recognized my brother, who introduced us. The diner thing is my father all the way. :)

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Happy birthday, Marian! Thought I would add a picture from New Zealand for you, but can't seem to do it. I may never be able to post pics at this rate! ARRGGHH!

Love everyone else's, though. That crabapple photo is great, 'bug.

DS arrived a few minutes ago. He is here to move my grandparents' grandfather clock out of our garage where it has been since we cleaned out my parents home up in Pennsylvania. I gave it to him and he has sold it to someone in Chicago, so he plans to drive it up there tomorrow. Somewhat sad (surprisingly so, I find) to see it leave the family, but it isn't my style, is way too big for this house which is a good deal smaller than parents' and grandparents' places, and I am trying to get rid of "stuff" that I don't really need or find totally beautiful! I hope his friends arrive to help him. I will be glad to get the car back in my side of the garage in time for winter-understand your feelings completely, chelone. Definitely time to move that stuff (or have friend pick up) and get your car in!!!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

okay, I am trying to figure this out. Bear with me. If this works, that means I can link to a picture. Still working on copying it directly.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A quick photo shoot.

Ms Phoebe is lounging on her cushion. (Last year's Christmas gift from Indy-dog in Alberta) We have been eating dinner in the back fireplace room with her.

Showing a little leg...

A close up of the surgery area. Definitely still at the 3-legged walk stage. The stitches are internal so she can't bite them. They will dissolve in 3-4 weeks.

They phoned us this morning to check that all is going well. Her next appointment is on December 10th. We expect a two month healing process now, rather than three, and that seems like a huge burden has been lifted!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Hmmm...this is hard. I am feeling like the idyll idiot! Teehee. Oh well. I'll keep at it. Maybe tomorrow.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Super fern shot Cyn!!! Lovely colors & texture.

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Cyn, when you have the photo up in Picassa, and click on Link to this Photo, two boxes should appear, one says 'Link' and the one below it says 'Embed Image' If you copy and paste from the embed image box into the GW message box it will put the pic in your post. Also note the pull down dialog bos for size..I post mostly the 640, but the sizes there are dependent on how you upload from Picasa software on your computer...

PS, I forwarded you some info via E-mail

Kathy in Napa

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Happy Birthday Marian. Hope you had a pleasant one.
I enjoyed your cards along with you.

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Oh what a beautiful day! I accomplished much. Jaden and I walked first thing and spotted a muskrat and two Great Horned Owls who took flight as we approached. The garden furniture and décor are stored away along with all the urns. Most of the garden is cut back and whats left will stay. I even found time to cage a few shrubs and wrap my smaller trees. My Blushing Bride hydrangeas didnt bloom this year so I took a tip from Honeys neighbor Ruth. I used garden staples to pin the branches to the ground and covered them with mulch. I did the same with 3 other macrophyllas. I dug the last of the carrots today and was somewhat amazed that at the end of November we are still eating organic vegetables from our garden. There are still white and red onions left too.

There was lots of activity on the yard today. Rick was driving the combine, his grandson was running a tractor and dump wagon in the field and Ricks son was hauling the corn to the yard and putting it in the dryer bin. Once that was full they quit that process and now Rick and his son are chopping stalks and doing some tillage. We used to bale the stalks for livestock bedding but now we just till them in. All the corn needs to be dried this year its so wet. You get docked so much per bushel if you bring wet corn to the elevator. Not everyone has drying bins. So it really is a problem for those farmers. It really cuts into the profit when you need to do so much drying. The propane truck was here several times this week alone. So when this batch is done it will be unloaded and hauled to town. I provide meals, which means bring the food to them. Cell phones are invaluable in this whole process.

Denise, I concur with the others on your fabulous yellow flowers backed by the wonderful gate. What are the yellow flowers?

bug, Im afraid that much of the silliness that is disrupting your kids lives is disrupting DD and Kenzie's too. Add to that meddling, rich grandparents who think because they have money everything should go their way.

Chelone, it sounds like you had a nice visit with your brother. Sorry you are feeling so blue these days.

Im quite curious on glogg too. Ill probably google it.

I love to wear jewelry and have lots. Unfortunately the arthritis in my hands is preventing me from wearing my wedding band too. I had it made larger once already and it was fairly expensive. It has to be sent to the factory because of the type of setting. The diamonds along the side are tongue and groove fit with no prongs so it must be resized with that in mind. I may have it resized again but Im waiting a bit.

Our male bonding on Thanksgiving will involve doing some hunting together in the afternoon.

Drema, do you do some sort of place cards for the assigned seating? You asked about resizing pictures easily. I use Photobucket and when you upload them they are automatically resized. Doesnt get much easier than that.

Cynthia, great colors on your fern. Keep trying, we would love to see more pictures. Sometimes I think the pictures are what make you all so much more real to me. Although, I have been lucky enough to meet many of you in person.

Saucy, great bee shot. Im thinking how cool it would be to for you to have a nice grouping of bee pictures somewhere in your home.

Norma, isnt it fun to watch puppies?

I emailed PM2 and all is well there, shes just taking a little Idyll break.

I cleaned the oven today since it was quite horrid. Nothing like a holiday to get rid of the crud that accumulates in one's house. I must go wipe out the bottom now.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

What a pleasant surprise! Our company have left, and I just now got to the Idyll's thread.....lo and behold...there are all these lovely Birthday pics and wishes!
Saucy, your bees in blossom pic is lovely!
Marie, the crab tree pic is very pretty. My day was more like a Traditional Thanksgiving Day than a birthday. But it was a good day merely because the 'kids' were all here.
Oh...yum! Michelle. That certainly looks good enough to eat!
Kathy, that is a gorgeous Clem pic!
Woody, what a lovely rose.
Denise, what is that lovely plant?
V, I love your pic!
Chelone, your wish is great...pic or no pic....
Cyn, I appreciate the thought. I love pics of New Zealand. :-)
Thanks Norma.It was a pleasant one.

The kids arrived about 8:30 last night, and left around 6:30 this evening. I really enjoyed their visit. And was pleased that my Thanksgiving meal turned out good. I am very tired, and my fibro has flared up, so I am going to hit the sack early.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Gb - poor Phoebe! Poor you and your DH! Randy looked at the pictures and said 'her leg looks like Dad's!' (His father has been home from the hospital for a couple of days now but is cranky... :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm back once again folks. I wonder if anyone can identify hand puppet #2.(Too much shadow, I know...)

NouNou is curious about this one:

And an update. Skyler will ski tomorrow. His mother brought his equipment to his Tai Kwon Do class today saying at least "I'm not the a$$hole"... My my....

Michelle, full sympathy from my heart to yours.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Poor Phoebe! Dogs always look so sad when their leg has been shaved.

And I'm thinking that Randy's dad has a very hairy leg!

Glogg (which should have those two dots above the o) is a mulled wine - a red wine and port blend with spices added in. It's quite nice when it's served hot, although you only need about one glass of it. We sampled some last year at a shop in town that since has closed, so I was pleased to run across the winery at the market today.

And I forgot to mention that the man who was selling the olives had a delightful French accent and closed the transaction with a "Merci!"

I called the SIL who is coming over for Thanksgiving (SIL on the other side of the family; not either of the SIL's some of you have met) and left a message earlier today. Wouldjabelieveit? My niece responded to me via Facebook. Her older brother and his girlfriend have bailed out, but she, her sister, her sister's girlfriend and her mom are still coming.

I've spent most of the evening curled up with a book, and that's not a bad thing. Clean up the kitchen and off to bed!


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Omigosh, I thought to maybe just do a quick read tonight! DH and I spent 5 hours doing what I hope is a final cleaning in the yard. Weather was sunny and warm so we had to take advantage of the day. Nice forecast again tomorrow and that may allow me to plant bulbs and get a small Blue Prince Holly in the ground. Raking has left my arms feeling the burn and Im about whipped but its a good, satisfying kind of tired. Starting Monday, though, Im going to have to slip into blitz modefamily and guests arriving Wednesday!

Drema, those are wonderful photos and the turkey window is very good, of course you have talent! Its festive and unique .destined to be an instant family treasure.

bug, I have to say that Skylers mother seems to be one of those wretched, unhappy individuals who wants everyone to be as miserable as she is. So sorry your family gets caught up in her spiteful web of issues and I hope, somehow, a resolution will come about for the situation in general.
Awww, Phoebe! She looks so subdued - nice to hear shes home and on the mend.

Love seeing all your birthday cardssounds like you had a great day, Marian and enjoyed your visit with the girls! Even though youre tucked away in bed by now, its still your birthday and my card is not belated, lol.

Michelle, this is the latest Ive seen corn in the fields! We had 3 inches of rain from Monday to Tuesday this last week. I believe local area farmers were out yesterday and today; wet corn must be awful to deal with!

Cyn, just keep practicing posting pictureslike anything else, you do it often enough and it becomes familiar. Waving to all I missed this time around and a get well soon to Mary!

'bug I just saw your update...glad Skyler will be able to ski. Wonder if somebody raked her over the coals for being so selfish or she's just unpredictable.
...I've heard the name Lambchops in reference to a puppet, I think?

Health tip of the day: Bathe regularly

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Lambchops 'bug, , so where is the sidekick CharleyHorse ?


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Shari Lewis and her buddy, LampChop (singular). Anyone remember Kukla, Fran, and Ollie? They used to have wonderful foreign movies for kids that were aired on their show. I loved them. And wonderful Captain Kangaroo with the sneaky, carrot filching Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose, and the marvellous Muppets... . Puppets are great.

I heard a story on NPR the other morning about all the rain and corn harvest, Michelle, and it reminded me of you. They talked about farmers losing money because of wet corn in a year when yields have been great and the price is up. Farming is fickle, huh?

We have lots of work on the docket here, too. Lots of leaves on the ground (and tons of acorns) that need to be raked and contained in the leaf mold container. I have to address the winter needs of my Hydrangeas, too. It's not the coldest winter temperatures that do them in here, it's the lateness of frosts for us. When I've protected them they've rewarded me with a lovely display of flowers. I have Nikko Blue, Tokyo Delight, and Mariessi. The Tokyos are my favorites.

Good to know that PM is OK and maybe reading along?

I'm pleased to know Wing Nut came to her senses. Phoebe looks to be convalescing nicely on her cushion. As long as you're with her to keep her from getting sad and lonely she'll mend quickly. It only gets better from here on out. :)

Hi to Woody and Randy. Hope things are settling down in the world of elderly parents, I think of the two of you often, always with a wish for it to get easier.

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I'm finding it very hard to jump in and out of Idylling but I'll give it a try...

Poor Phoebe, but she looks like she's holding up pretty well and it sounds like she's being spoiled with lots of attention. Marie, I love the puppets. When David was little he loved puppets. We had a big collection of them then and Brad even made him a really cool puppet stage.

Drema, oh I want one of those turkey windows! I wish I had the talent to paint like that but unfortunately no. Did you paint it on the back side or the front? Acrylics? The babies are just so cute in their little bottom heavy costumes. Kate had a similar ladybug costume this year.

On the subject of people not happy with their jobs...I say life's too short to spend every day somewhere that you're miserable. I'd be working on other options. Easy for me to say since I don't work, huh?

I wished Marian a happy birthday over on FB but it bears repeating here. The birthday cards are all beautiful! I don't have any suitable pictures in my PT account and find it to be too time consuming for me to go through all of the steps to post pics on GW these days. That's really lazy isn't it?

Michelle, I hate to hear that Kenzie's going through such an upheaval. It's hard for everyone, but the children are the innocents caught up in these situations and it effects them most of all. I wish I'd been able to join you all for a piece of that yummy cake at Davids. Spending that time sorting through my mom's things was bittersweet.

Denise, sorry to hear your dad was back in the hospital. Hard, emotionally draining times to go through I know.

I can't think of a thing that's going on with me of interest to tell you all about. Living the boring life these days. Jen did get to hear the new baby's heartbeat the other day. Kate's sitting up, not standing like little Ivy though. I'm not looking forward to her being mobile but I know it's coming soon. Bella's busy with school and her assorted lessons. She's mostly into coloring, cutting and glueing in her spare time these days.

Missed saying alot I know. More next time.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Woohoo! See NZ phot below. Thanks, Kathy! Will look to see if any of my own garden pics are worth showing and I'll have to practice next weekend until this process is implanted in my long-term memory.

Love your health tips, Candy! Too funny.

Glad Skler has his skis now.

Love the puppets-big fan of Captain Kangaroo and the Muppets, too. Lambchop was always a favorite of little sis. From Drop Box

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Go Cyn! I remember it took me the longest time to start post photos. I finally talked my son into showing me and then I had to write down all the steps so I'd remember. It's not an easy process here on GW. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden!


    Bookmark   November 22, 2009 at 11:03AM
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I've finished the laundry (3 loads) and have the heaviest items hanging in the "walk in dryer" (the boiler room), the remaining items are on hangers or the rack and will be "finished" tomorrow morning. The galley is clean and I'm about to head out to the Salon for the finishing touches on some work I've put off for too long.

I need to address the window covering issue BIG TIME. At present, I'm doing fittings in the Lab. and toting the work over to the Salon to do the work. I can't do fittings there because there is no privacy. I know what I want to do for window treatments but am having a dickens of time finding the hardware that will make it easy. So, I'm in a very uneasy sort of limbo. One foot on the dock, the other over the gunwale and that uneasy feeling of being insecure in either place. You're lucky you don't "work", Eden! (I miss you). It's complicated to go from employee to entrepreneur. Health insurance is but one small example. Trying to relocate a work space while still working is another.

I've thought a lot about the vagaries of parents who have seperate lives. And I have to tell you that for the most part I'd like to dope slap every single one of them! I don't have any kids and that's by choice (NOT getting pregnant isn't too difficult nowadays). I hate kids and I hate dogs. But when you sign on to have a kid (or a dog) you are signing a LIFE LONG CONTRACT. And you don't have the luxury of putting your personal agenda before the needs of your child (dog). As a child-free taxpayer I am sick to death of paying for breakfast, snacks, and lunch because you (the "grown up" parent) are incapable of tending to the basics of childcare. You have a "beef" with the other half of your kid's DNA? figure it out and make it work between yourselves because people like ME are sick and GD tired of paying the tab for your own inability to take care of business on a elemental level. If it all went -its up tomorrow what would you do? You'd figure out a way to get by! Something to think about. I don't bury foodstuffs in the backyard but if I did I'd head on out to unearth dinner. Responsibility and accountability were cornerstones of how my brother and I were brought up. And we're really tired of paying the tab for those who "missed" that lesson. So, while I loathe those "tea party" groups (we call 'em "tea baggers" here) I totally "get" where they're comin' from. I was relieved to learn that Wing Nut came to her senses... (sobered up?).

I'm happy to learn V.'s retreat was fruitful. But doubtless the new and improved, "surly" V. will be driven into hibernation and that makes me a little sad... . Balance is hard to find and it's a precarious state under the best of circumstances. We share an uncomfortable state, you and I. One foot on the dock the other over the gunwale... . How do we make it all work out? When you figure it out, e-mail me, OK?

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Happy Birthday Marian!!!!

Greetings to all -- I'm on vaca this week and will catch up, but wanted to wish my Ozark friend a belated wonderful day!


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Just practicing. No need to comment.

Chelone, as a former single parent, I agree with you about the responsibility piece. I got no help from my ex at all. Thank goodness I had a family to go home to until I was able to get on my feet (finish grad school and start teaching). I waitressed and did whatever to make ends meet. Not fun, but well worth it. DS has a good appreciation for hard work! Then, on the other hand, I do have students who would not eat if they didn't have school breakfast and lunch, so I don't begrudge them my taxes. There are other things I would take away first like the top-notch health plans of our elected officials (at least until they find a way to give all of us-their employers!- the same), their drivers (let them drive themselves and sit in the traffic jams around here), and their 100% pensions. No wonder few actually ever leave DC. They either stay in office (okay if they are watching out for their constituents...not okay if they are lining their own pockets and trying only to stay in power) or become lobbyists. And, this is a Democrat and wacko liberal speaking!!!

Anyway, let's see if the photos of the yard work. I think I will have to start taking better pics! From October 2009 From October 2009 From October 2009 From October 2009 From October 2009 From October 2009 From October 2009

Hmmmm.okay, captions don't show. More practice later-won't you all be sorry? Time to clean, etc.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Several years ago I posted here about our wonderful friend Ed who had pancreatic cancer and survived an astonishing 4 years caring for himself carefully through diet and daily exercise. He was active and useful all that time as well, working on topics involving his love of physics, writing textbooks, teaching average to slow students at the highschool level, researching and writing reports on gravel pit rehabilitation and on testing for accurate noise measurement. He loved dogs too and always stroked Charlotte's ears to soothe her. (Sorry Chelone!) We planted an oak tree on our property in his honour and today his wife and son came by to see it and collected some of the leaves to press. She is an amazing lady of course, and we chatted about grief together and she is ever so wise about that and other topics too...

Chelone, your observation "that Wing Nut came to her senses" is overly optimistic at best. I wish it were otherwise. This is going to be a never ending, illogical, vindictive tale. I won't mind being pleasantly surprised though....

Thanks for the puppet comments. I'm motivated to start #3. Hmmmm. A bear? A raccoon? A cat???


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I vote for a cat, of course, Marie :)

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh, wouldn't a raccoon be fun-after the cat for eden, of course! Can't wait to see, 'bug. Planting a tree for someone is one of the best ways to memorialize, I think. Ed sounds like an amazing person.

heading to the nursery-I am turning the area in that first picture I posted into a garden with a path, so I need to amend the soil. Trying very hard to get rid of as much grass as possible! The hollies in front of the house will probably be moved if I can't prune them to my liking-they used to be open and had a zen feel to them, but no more. Now they are just big and bushy which would work better in the back in front of the fence somewhere.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm hiding indoors because DH is up on the roof cleaning out the eaves troughs (gutters in the US). I can't watch. (Remember, he'll soon be 69 years old...) I got him the gloves and wheel barrow and then took my leave.

Ms Phoebe was so sad that she wasn't invited to visit with our company this morning. She just gets too excited and I couldn't risk it. She had an accident in the house last night...something she's never done before. Poor girl. I cleaned it up without ever saying a word to her except that she's a fine girl. She'd be so embarrassed!!! Problem is she's used to dallying on her walks before doing her business and now her walks are very short...apparently too short. Thank goodness she chose the linoleum for that problem!

Well it is decided, a raccoon is the next project. It will be a bit more difficult, but fun to do. I think if there's time later, a cat will be easier. I'm aiming for six of these critters by Dec 25th. I wish I could use buttons for eyes, but I don't dare risk it with Ivy. I've become paranoid about safety.

I love the idea of "responsibility for all" but just don;t know how to teach it. I'm all for school taxes because I'd rather pay for education than jail. In my experience, admittedly from the late 60s, kids were too embarrassed to accept the free meals at school. Stupid, but true. They really needed food in order to sit still and learn. This was beyond being kids of single parents though. These kids didn't know where home was or who would be with them for the next hour or two. Police brought them to school. No place knows how to help these situations I'm afraid. It used to be that many of these people were dumped in an institution that didn't know how to deal with the wide range of problems no less pay for the treatments. Then they closed the institutions and parked everyone on the streets. The families didn't want crazy aunt Nelly back so under the bridge she lived. OK, so now who has the "responsibility"? Neither schools, institutions or prisons seem to help the weak learn to live in society. Either way, we pay the tab.

It's enough to make me feel you should have a strict license system to bear children. Maybe require four parents per child. (LOL...imagine the chaos!) And then there are parents of all types who do a fabu job of it all as well as kids who shine in spite of awful circumstances. I think S's Mom thinks a new boyfriend (wealthy of course) will solve her problems. The last two didn't.

I need a few weeks of Sundays to catch up on projects and unwind from frantic Fall activity. Too bad, no rest for the wicked...

Cyn, your gardens remind me so much of Woody's place with the filtered light. Just a lovely soothing spot.

Yeah! DH is indoors once more.

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Just a quick note to let you all know my dad died at home yesterday, which from my viewpoint is amazing good luck to be home with family and not in a hospital bed, where he was just the morning of the day before. My mom is doing fine, and the next week will be a blur of relatives and plans, etc.

(Michelle, the yellow plant is a big shrub, Cassia bicapsularis aka Christmas Senna, bloomed all November, one of those late semitropical bloomers like tibouchina. So sorry to hear of the complications for little Kenzie. Thank goodness she has you and Rick, the gardens and the farm as a mainstay.)`

Rather than scanning, Mitch took a photo of their wedding photo, 1952, elaborate marriage canceled when orders came to report to duty ASAP in Newfoundland, so my mom quickly bought this suit to marry in:

I'll catch up with you guys in a bit.

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What a beautiful photo, Denise.

Thinking of you...


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Denise, such a beautiful photo. Full of youth, hope and promise which I'm sure your dad carried out in a fine fashion in his life. Warm thoughts to you and your family in the coming days.

Marie, "But I asked first!"..in my best whiney voice. LOL, just kidding, a raccoon will be a very cool puppet. I'll be waiting to see my cat eventually though:)

Addressing the subject of parent accountability gives me a chance to brag on my daughter. Megan has always been the sole provider for Bella. She works 7 days most every week. But she still manages to volunteer at Bella's school, take her to church every Sunday, and cart her around to numerous lessons. She takes her to the library, the park and is always there to tuck her in at night. In order to do this she's had to make Bella her only focus in life for now, which is as it should be. Children deserve to be well loved and taken care of and there should be no drama included. I wish that could be the case for every child. No clue on why that so or how to make it happen though.

Cyn, I've turned some similar areas in my yard into garden by simply using the lasagna method in the fall. Putting down layers of newspaper, adding a thick layer of leaves, then bagged compost spread over that to hold everything in place through the winter. By spring I had beautiful garden soil to work with. A painless and easy way to do it.

Two posts in one day, I don't know what's come over me. I must be missing you guys. Denise's news made me think how much we've all been through together over the years. Births, deaths, illnesses, marriages and divorces. Our greatest joys and deep heartaches. We've woven each other into the fabric of our lives and are all much richer for that.

And so with that thought I'll leave you all but will soon be back to check on what you've all been up to. I'm nosey:)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Very beautifully captured Mitch! I zeroed right in on Mom's suit though, I'll confess it. I remember studying the styles back then: the fru fru at the neck, the collars, buttons too. Note the indent at the waist, the shoulder pads, the white gloves.... I was ten years old then and the Sears catalog was my bible!

But imagine, Newfoundland! Only became a province in 1949, so he was there early in the game. Even today it is an amazing place, a foreign country almost!

Aw, stop the whining kiddo! (Just teasing Eden) The cat will happen. As to Megan, she has been outstanding, but Mom & Dad deserve great credit for getting her aimed in the right direction. Both daughters are charming...and great cooks as well. And Bella delights everyone! Good to have YOU back here too. And it's true about the Idylls. Lots of memories over the years. Many missing persons, but they left their marks and are not forgotten!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Denise, I am so sorry. Your story is like mine. I brought my dad home from the hospital the day before he died. We actually didn't expect it, but I think he had a stroke. Anyway, I think you will always be glad that he was at home. I know I am.

Eden, that is exactly what I am doing-lasagna! Sorry about the raccoon-didn't mean to jump in front-lol. If I were as clever as 'bug, I'd make you a cat puppet!

'bug, my DH is 63 and I just couldn't stand the stress of having him go up on the roof any more. I found someone to clean the gutters and I pay for it myself two or three times a year-"Oh, I just called Mr. O and he is coming next week, so no need for you to climb up there!" Teehee. Then, quick to the phone. Thanks for the kind words about the yard. However, lovely and soothing? One of the captions that didn't come through on the really small photo (oops-didn't resize) says "Three plants the idiots haven't dug up...yet." LOL. Anyway, they do make me laugh.

All for now-time to get in pjs and watch some of the Eagles' football game. Glad the Packers won today and always happy when Brett wins even now that he is in Minnesota!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Denise, condolences to you and your family. What a beautiful wedding photo! Sometime later it would be interesting to hear about your dad and Newfoundland. (bug, I didn't realize that it only became a province in 1949 - off to Wikipedia to brush up on Canadian history.)

Chelone, you hit the nail on the head with one foot on the dock, one on the gunwale. The *itch of it all is that one is unhappy in the present situation, but the present situation demands time and energy. And the unhappiness leads to sapping of energy, which makes the leap into the new boat appear to be a near-impossible feat.

One of my obstacles is that I have not "looked" for a job since 1988. The last three changes more or less came to me with not a lot of effort on my part. You know what? Just writing that has made a little light bulb go off above my head - maybe that's why part of me believes a new job should just come to me? Worked for the last twenty years, right? Anyway, I did a cursory review on the online job listings, and it does look like there are possibilities out there. I'm sure the competition is fierce so it won't be easy, but I think I now have convinced myself that it is not impossible.

Hmm, the provincial flower of Newfoundland is the pitcher plant. I would expect nothing less from a province that is on a time zone 30 minutes different from the rest of the world.

Back to my book for the evening. I've made great progress this weekend, but I still have about 350 pages to go! Yes, about the length of an average book. The book is "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. Interesting, but some of the violence is a little too graphic for my taste.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

((Denise)) Our condolences to you and yours...

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(((Denise))) , and such a very nice photo you shared with us. What a handsome couple. Best wishes to you and your family.

I had to work today, it was long and tiring , with a few frustrations, mostly having to do with my battle fatigue over too many years of hand-holding for people that need to take ownership of their own destiny. So when I got home tonight there was discussion here of parental responsibility that mirrored the issues that I dealt with today. I really enjoyed reading the posts - so nice to see Eden around- I agree with Chelone-though we FBers see you daily your contributions here are missed ! and the warmth and conversations posted here today are a snapshot of the Idylls at their best .

Catch you guys on the morrow

Kathy in Napa

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Hugs and sympathies to you Denise. What a lovely picture - your dad was a very handsome young man. I like the play of light across the photo.

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V, I was hired last in 1986. I have been very lucky in terms of my interview to job ratio. I guess I must 'interview well'..I have gotten the job more often than not. I really urge you to see what is out there-the hours we spend at work are such a chunk of our lives , unless it is absolutely necessary for pragmatic/financial reasons I say look for something that makes you happy. I think if I were looking for a job right now, I would ask to see the P&L though !

Two Cents, and Idylls Rock.

Kathy in Napa

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Denise, my sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your father. The photograph is lovely and Eden said it so well. Another era but a gentle comfort as a reminder that they, too, had youthful beginnings and many wonderful years together ahead of them. Thinking of you in the coming days.

Cyn, youre good to go on posting pictures of your pups now! I see a few hostas in your gardens; all that dappled shade looks perfect for planting more. I planted a holly today and after looking at yours, Im hoping its not going to receive too much sun.

Just a quick drop in tonight to post a birthday card for Saucy. And Happy Birthday to Sarah also, kind of neat to have your special days close together. I know its premature but by Wednesday well have guests sleeping in this room and my computer time will be non existent for a few days!

The next two days are full of shopping and preparations so Im wishing a safe and healthy Thanksgiving to all the Idylls a little early!

Health tip of the day: Keep your friends close

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What a nice surprise this morning, Candy! Sarah has enjoyed the health series :) Each day she's tuned in. She couldn't figure out what the wet cat was..."is that a dog?"

Very nice sentiments here this morning. V., I say go for an interview. It'll give you a little boost of confidence...and let you know that you don't have to wait for the right job to fall in your lap.

Kathy, I must interview well, too. I got that first job at Baskin Robbins with one try, and every job since then. For a while I temped which made it so that I could try out jobs before I took them full time :)

I am liking going to the office everyday. I really can't believe how different it is than working from home. Maybe I'm not a work at home kind of woman anymore :)

I painted the front door "Eggplant" yesterday - it is a great color for this house. I got the front porch painted and am planning the decorating phase. Things are coming together just in time for holiday decoration :)

Sarah has talked me into baking her cake for her birthday, but that is not the part I'm worried about. She wants us to decorate it together like they do on the Food Network's Cake Challenge. Fondant and tiers! Maybe it'll be fondant and tears, lol! I've decided that we should video it and make a little cake challenge of our own. So each night this week is occupied with a task for the assembly on Friday. We're also baking a gluten free cake for me with ganache :) to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

Time to get moving, I just remembered that I have a new hire this morning that needs direct deposit paperwork.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Trying to get back into posting mood again...

Eden - good to 'see' you again...

Denise - that picture is a special one. Your mother's suit is great- I like that very tailored fit and could imagine wearing one like that these days. (The hat is the piece of the outfit that 'dates' it the most.) Fashion seems to have a ~30 year cycle - I remember my mother saying in the early 1970s when platform shoes were the 'hot' fashion item - 'those things were in fashion when I was young'. As a teenager, that seemed like a very ancient time:-) so the response was 'But these are different...!' And then 30 or so years later, they rolled into fashion again for a while... I guess that says - don't throw out your good clothes for 30 years; they will be fashionable again!

Cyn - Nice garden! It looks like I'd feel right at home there...:-) But it looks bigger than mine - how much space do you have? And we definitely need pooch pictures now!

V (and Chelone) - Tough times to be contemplating stepping into unknown territory - good luck with whatever you choose. I wonder how much age affects the worry about such things. I remember in the bad ecomomic times of the early-mid 1980s - I was fresh out of university; worked a few years in a job and changed jobs without ever thinking about the possibility that it would be hard to find one... The blind confidence of youth!

gb - I thought I had posted this comment yesterday but I don't see it... The black and white puppet didn't remind me of Lambchop (I thought she was mostly white) What it reminded me of is Phoebe in the snow.... Phoebe's leg reminded Randy of his fathers because of the line of stitches down the center! But Phoebe's stitches look neater that FIL's were :-)

Randy's father went home early last week. SIL is at the condo with him - but she works crazy hours so hasn't been able to do things like take him to the hospital to see MIL. FIL is still weak enough that he can't take a taxi to the hospital on his own, mainly because once he got there, there would be too much walking to get from the entrance to where she is. He's not strong enogh yet for that. So he's (understandably) a bit cranky about that. I'm sure there are volunteers at the hospital who could wheel him where he needs to go but they haven't got organized enough to look into that. I think Randy may need to try to call someone and see if he can arrange it from here.

We went yesterday to a flu clinic and get the H1N1 shot. Ouch! One of the side effects possible is joint pain. I woke up about midnight last night to go to the bathroom. My left knee was so sore I was afraid I couldnt walk on it! Its still sore but much less than it was last night fortunately. My right hip and my back are also sore and I cant raise my left arm (the one I got the shot in) more than a few inches without significant discomfort. The side effects like this are only supposed to last a day or two I hope thats true! I was waffling about whether to get the flu shot or not but decided that, since my surgery date is likely to come up in the peak of the flu season, its probably best to have it and perhaps they might not be willing to schedule me for surgery if I havent had the shot.

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Ah, catching up on Idylls always brings chuckles and sighs and tears and this time is no different. I probably should get like Deanne and make little notes as I go along, but some of the things that stand out:

Michelle -- Ky had some tumultuous times when he was Kenzie's age and my regret is that I didn't leave his father sooner. Sometimes kids "get it" before their parents. While I was supporting my own life as well as his Dad's and his, I knew it was the right thing to do for the long term despite being on the losing end (Ky living with his Dad for the sake of his education and being absolutely shunned from any news other than what was necessitated by more $$ being needed or Ky felt that listening ears weren't around). Guess what I'm saying is that in-law and marriage difficulties hit kids the hardest as they have no control and, as Ky has recently told me, make them feel invisible. His grandparents (my mom and dad) were the constant in his life during those too many years, and that you and Rick are there for Kenzie first -- hey, her mom and dad are the grownups and talking is good but they have the ultimate decision for themselves -- will matter every second it happens now and for years to come. The listening will get harder before it gets easier.

V -- I think you'd work 100 times harder if you were on your own rather than getting lacsidasical (?sp) about it since it's your exclusive reputation that's on the line. The work, as Rich as told me, feels "prouder." During this season of gratitude, perhaps you can realize that your entire work life has lead up to this point and if you're in a situation to do it, why not?? It's never a bad thing to spiff up the resume, either, and I'll be you'll be pretty darn impressed with yourself after the first draft.

((((Denise)))) It will be my turn to say goodbye sooner than later, and the grace and strength you have shown during your Dad's illness will be an inspiration to me when my folks are officially angels. Mitch's take on the picture is perfect. Love the yellow plant.

Kathy -- Thought of you as I was sending a client off on a wonderful four-day tour of Napa as a contract value-added. Couldn't quite fit in her suitcase, but she did promise a good bottle to share upon her return.

Woody -- Have learned from my three-year-old neighbor that the little mini rose hips also make great turkey eyes on pictures, especially when one uses sparkly glitter glue.

Eden -- So good to hear from you twice in one day and catch up on Kate and Bella's progress. The first heart beat......nothing more magical than that, and I'm always amazed at how Fast those little hearts go! Will they be discovering gender or let this one be a surprise? I remember when Bella was juuuuuust born and the commitments your family made to Megan. Just what families are for....

Saucy -- I think all who have built a biz from scratch as you have deserve the right to feel a little bit better at an office than working out of home. You've earned the right to close the door and "leave it" to the best of your ability, and obviously was a great investment choice! Eggplant is one of the colors we considered for our bedroom, but I like the front door idea much better.

'bug - Boo sends all good wishes to Phoebe. Since they are same color he feels they are simpatico. I swear this cat really does talk, and know you understand. Do tell about anything Travel related -- it's always a great story!! I'm jealous of you having students over for dinner. Until Ky is back in school next September the table seems just a little less culturally diverse.
Cyn -- Did you do that rock wall yourself? It seems like such a peaceful place and one I can't wait to see in bloom.

Thinking of and waving to everyone else and will stop back during T-Day preps. As far as I know, 14 here for sit-down dinner with more desserts than anything else. If we end up with turkey and pies and nothing else, I doubt it'll matter to those gathering :-)

Later -- Martie

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

(((( Denise)))).
I am certain that I posted this earlier, but it apparently went "poof"!!!!
I am so worn out, mentally and physically, from the past weeks's activities. Unless I perk up considerably, I will not be doing much more preparations for this weekend's company.

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Just a quick pop in.. hope to stop back again later today or tommorrow...but wanted to tell Denisez how sorry I am to hear about your dad, but so happy he was able to be at home with family. I love the wedding pic, and hope you are hanging in there.


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Technical question, didn't someone say if I upload to Photobucket it automatically resizes the photo? Can someone tell me which line to copy into my message? So far it just shows the writing that I copied in... Thanks!

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(((Denise))) I will be thinking of you and your Mom over the next several days. It was good your dad could be at home when he passed. I know he hated being in the hospital.
I enjoyed seeing their wedding photo.
I also loved the photo you posted for Marians birthday. The colors in it are awesome.

Bug I hope you are resting tonight. I hope Pheobe will be still long enough to heal properly.
I too cringe when DH is on the roof. I keep telling him I don't want him up there anymore.

Cyn your gardens look like a such a peaceful place to be.

It's nice to have more people posting again.

Woody good to hear from you. I know you and Randy have a lot on your plate right now. I hope the side effects from the flu shot are abating by now.

For those of you not on Facebook, T has announced the birth of a new grandson today.

I'm hoping this is not another Idyll epidemic. I have been very down over a big upset between youngest son and wife. I have heard the story from both sides and have no easy answers for them. I think I hurt as much as they do and so hope they can work through it.

I washed some of my windows this afternoon and will hope that when the morning light comes through them they are acceptable. Anything will be better than they were.

Saucy, did you just learn recently that you are gluten intolerant? The cake challenge with Sarah sounds fun.
The cake at the baby shower I went to yesterday was layered with fresh strawberries and a whipped cream type frosting. It was so good. Probaly had nothing to do with the fact that it was the first dessert I've had in two months either. You think? LOL.

I finished reading "Merles Door" and yes it was sad in the end, but I enjoyed knowing him.

Martie Niki is a talker like Boo. She gives us her poor little lost kitty routine all the time.

Bug did I say I like the puppets. I can see those getting some good use.

I have some research to do so good evening to all.


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Been cleaning all day here. A bit more to do tomorrow and then I should be good through the weekend. My dad will be down Tuesday, He stays with my sister but I'm having him at my house Wedneseday. I've also got 4 pies to bake for Thanksgiving, 2 pumpkin, an apple and a pecan. Thursday we'll be at my sister's for dinner and Saturday we have a wedding. Add Bella and Kate to the mix and it's shaping up to be a busy week.

Woody, sorry to hear the effects of your vaccine. Hopefully they won't last long. I decided to opt out on it as has Brad. I kind of wish he'd decided to get one since he has asthma. Jennifer, being pregnant, also decided against getting one. Hard to know which is the right way to go on this one.

Saucy, you and Sarah should try making a topsy turvy cake. I'll link a tutorial below. There are lots of pictures and instructions for making one if you google it. I think they look like Dr. Seuss cakes. A friend of mine made one for a shower not long ago. Her's was only a two tier and was very cute.

I'm a fan of purple doors. My front door's purple too!

We have a new game called Uno Moo that Bella just loves. It's based on the Uno card game but with farm animals that you drop into a barn. She's waiting for me to play as I type. I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting so be back soon. Have a good evening.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Martie, no we didn't do the wall ourselves. We had a patio and dry creekbed (trying to solve huge drainage issues) built at the same time. I will get more pics to show everything, but the idiots have dug up almost all the plantings in one area above part of the wall which runs along the side of the garage and behind it. The part you see in the small picture is curving around one of the oaks. The straight wall with the steps in the middle that you see in the pic taken from above is old and was here when we moved in. Now, THAT is a nice wall! One of the reasons we bought the house-that and the trees.

Norma and Martie-looks can be deceiving-did I mention that the caption for the small picture of the wall is "three plants the idiots haven't dug up...yet"-lol.

Woody, we have 1/2 acre. Wish we had more , but that is a good-sized lot here. Most of our neighbors have only 1/4 acre. Hope you are feeling better. I haven't been able to get the vaccine yet. They are still only giving it to certain groups around here and teachers aren't included yet! I cringe every time one of my kiddoes coughs or sneezes right in my face. Oh well. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right????

I will post dog pics this weekend.

Our front and kitchen doors are purple, too! I love it, but we need to repaint because the new windows which were supposed to be purple on the exterior (boysenberry) are more burgundy/reddish. So disappointing.

Very funny, saucy-fondant and tiers/tears! Should be worth a picture when you've finished.

Uno Moo sounds like fun-I have visions of everyone making animal sounds.

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We need a post from Cindy and Deanne to round things out nicely Maybe Cindy will visit up during the holiday weekend, but I know Deanne is probably rushing about like a maniac prepping for the big to-do she has every Thanksgiving. And Mary !

Great to see a post from you Woody..when you commented about Denises Moms shoes it reminded me of a similar remark from my mother, she said they called them "chippie shoes" , chippie being a euphemism for a lady of the evening. !

Well Martie, regrets are painful arent they ? They always come with a dollop of guilt for good measure. Seems though that Ky has turned out OK in spite of it all ..its not always easy to be well adjusted. And the all important constant ..Yay for your client , I can tell you it has been one of the most beautiful falls I can remember here, so the timing is great ! Hopefully she will reward you with her gratitude.

Saucy, how nice that you are enjoying awfice life ! Hopefully your hours are just right , with the proper amount of leisure time.

bug and Michelle posted some great fall pics on a separate thread, I am going to put mine here as I only have 3..I am going to take a drive Thanksgiving morning to get more photos if the weather cooperates.

Fall vineyards .. From Napa Fall 2009 From Napa Fall 2009 From Napa Fall 2009

Hi to Norma, Eden, Marian, V , Cyn, Candy...and all !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Eden, you did realize that you sent Saucy to mysweetandsaucy.com? Yes, our Saucy is sweet indeed! Looks like another fun blog - I enjoyed her post about baking cookies for Ellen DeGeneres.

I have no need to be surly today, as the bossman laid low most of the morning, and I spent the afternoon at a customer's. She gave me a gorgeous mixed evergreen container for my front porch. By the time it arrived home, it was too dark for photos, but I shall get a photo of it tomorrow.

DD comes home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. She's been sounding very homesick so I am eager to see her and give her some hugs. DS and his wife are coming for dinner tomorrow night. It will be nice to have just the kids before all the craziness of Thursday. And I'm taking Wednesday as a vacation day, so I only have a two-day week that is half over!!!


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OOooo Laa La! Fall has come to Napa :)

Laura, I smiled at "My Sweet Saucy". We like the Topsy Turvy cakes we see on the show, but wanted to start with plain tiers. Tonight we colored the fondant.

Norma, I think I found out last February that I might be gluten sensitive, and when I went gluten free before testing, all gas and bloating disappeared. My doctor said that was enough for him, but I took the test anyway and came back as gluten intolerant. I still don't understand all the differences between intolerance and Celiac, but it doesn't really matter to me. The truth is that I feel better, and that is all that matters.

GB, I am loving the puppets...and Chelone, Mr. Green Jeans was my favorite character on Captain Kangaroo :) Jim Henson was the best :)

Kathy, I'm the boss, so why wouldn't I like it? I make my own hours. I come home for lunch. I take every Friday off :) I worry that if something happened to Nick that things would go south fast, so time for me to tackle that worry.

I had better get to bed. I'm reading The White Garden on V.'s recommendation...set in the Sissinghurst Garden which reminds me of Mary (I hope she's on the mend now!)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thinking of Michelle and Norma and Marian too. How we moms worry about our children...even when they are 40 or more! I know my Mom worried about us when she was in her 90s! Those 'small' worries with little ones become giant ones with age. How wonderful to read about V's, Saucy's, Drema's and Eden's children and the pride they bring their families! I'm forgetting others here I'm sure. Yes, Ky...

Phoebe is trying to heal too quickly. She wants to run and gallop about but I am mean and forbid it. Very hard.

As to puppets, Mr Raccoon is nearing completion. Maybe tomorrow? DD's forums are full of questions about giant gifts for babies. I guess the economy is doing OK after all? No one speaks of making presents any more. How quaint I must seem to my offspring.

Yikes, DH has invited his class over a week early, THIS Friday evening. Hmmm, what will I make? One vegan announced already...and one student with H1N1. :(

Sweet Dreams to all,

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Not a very good start this morning. I got to the pool and discovered that I didnt have my swim bag. Which means no underwear since I had my suit on under my clothes, as well as no towel, soap, hairdryer etc. So I drove back towards home and DH met me. Of course by this time I realized that I needed fuel for the car. Needless to say there was no time for swimming. Ive come to rely on this to loosen me up and relax me for the day - just another manic Monday.

Eden, its so nice to have you posting again. I love hearing about the things you and Bella do together. Of course your garden always interests me along with your decorating. The cake is quite something. Rick and I had a fondant cake for our wedding cake. There was a pretty topper of flowers made out of it. I still have it in my curio; it now looks like porcelain.

Kathy, wow what fabulous vineyard shots. I guess I never knew that grapevines took on such beautiful colors. Ive got you beat, I was last hired in 1983 for a job that I didnt go looking for, it found me.

Norma, sorry to hear about the big upset. Hopefully, there is a resolution.

Drema, that would be me. If you put your mouse under the picture you can click a little box (you can click several pictures) and then click the box on the bottom called "generate HTML and IMG code" it will generate code for all the pictures. I use the second set of codes, just copy and paste.

Candy, that has to be the best pooch picture yet. I love the baby rottie.

Saucy, eggplant is a wonderful color for a door. The door I just replaced was cranberry, but it had this horrid 70s trim on it. DH removed the trim, filled the holes and painted it white. It now graces his machine shed.

Martie, my DD was only a couple of years older than Kenzie when her dad left us. She still deals with disappointment over his actions. She told me he recently called her and that up to that point she wasnt sure he even knew she has lived in FL for over a year. I hate to see Kenzie deal with this all.

Woody, great to hear from you. Randys parents situation brought to mind the Kathy Mattea song "Whereve you been?" a song about a couple and the sadness be apart brings when youve been together for so long. It must be awfully difficult for both of them.

Enjoy your evening sisters


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Purple veranda door here too. I'll have to check it's real name. Desert sunset or something like that I think...

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Happy Birthday Marian!

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Happy Birthday Saucy!!

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Hi Everyone
Happy almost Thanksgiving...

Michelle, thanks for the repeat. I tried to skim and find them, but couldn't. I used my interpretation of your instructions, can you tell me if my pics showed up too big for downloading. I didn't resize them, just let Photobucket do the work. They seem okay from here, but I am not sure. I know what you are saying about wearing bathing suit under clothes and no underwear. I have done the same thing. One day I thought I would be ahead of the game and be at the gym at 5:30 when it opened. After my swim, realized I had no underwear in bag. Had to wait till 7 when WalMart opened to buy some, I could have gone commando, but didn't have nylons either. That was when I had the 1 1/2 hour commute to Cleveland, was late to work:)

Bug, I keep forgetting to mention how adorable your puppets are. I really need to develop those skills.

I am excited today because I think I found a potter's wheel on craigslist that I can afford. I already have a kiln that one of Skip's window customers GAVE me. Now all I will need is some clay, and I can go to town. I love to make pots. It is very relaxing for me.

V- have fun with your kids. I'm glad things are going better for you at work. I feel for you, been there.

Cyn, good job on uploading your pics!

I have to run and pick up a turkey and trimmings, and other errands. Can't seem to motivate myself to head out. I think I am going to have to buy a new pair of excercise shoes. All summer I wear slide shoes, or flip flops. The few times I forced my foot into gym shoes to exercise, they just caused me agony. I can't find any that don't hurt. I am seriously thinking of trying a man's shoe, hoping that it would be wider. Don't want to go up a size overall. Any ideas out there from fellow arthritis sufferers? It is my big toe and that bunion area. I don't have a bunion, but don't want to get one. Am trying to baby it.

Hope you all have a great day!!!


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Cloudy morning with light showers. It figures just washed windows and all.

I have a hose to put away and one or two more pots to take care of. Need to rake the front yard one last time.

One grandaughter thrilled to have moved into their first house (even though it needs lots of love) and one fretting about making the rent payment on her apartment. What a mix of emotions I have these days. It's a good thing that age and experience tells me most things work out ok.

Drema, hope you get the potters wheel. I always thought that would be fun to do.

Seems there are a lot of shades of purple doors amongst us. Mine is more of a dark wine.

Michelle I hope your day smooths out. Somedays I can't seem to do anything right.

Kathy nice fall colors.

Bug, I thought your two soups idea sounded great.

Well I need to get moving here. looking forward to going to see the inside of the new house at youngest grandaugters. She called this morning so excited. I was curious how thier cat had handled the move since he has never been out of the mobile home they lived in. She said he had buried himself in the bed between them last night and wouldn't get out this morning. Her DH carried him around this morning trying to show him it was ok. He clung to his arm and wouldn't look. The only way he could get him off was to put him back in the bed. LOL.

Later Norma

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My plans for this weekend's company have changed. I am now thinking turkey chowder and a nice cake will be the menu!My right arm and shoulder is really hurting. I need to go to town, too, but can make do with what I have if necessary.

Thanks for the additional BD pics and wishes. Drema, that is a handsome begonia.

Denise, the pic of your mom and dad resemble some of my relatives! Are they originally from Nebraska? They are a good looking couple. My mom always wore a hat like your mom's.

Kathy, I love your vineyard pics.

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Norma, cute cat story. Sometimes I think I'm turning into a cat. I don't like change, dislike being in water more the older I get, and would be pretty happy never to have to leave the house but just curl up in a cozy chair in front of a warm fire. I really like your words of wisdom that most all things work out. So true but hard to remember when you're in the middle of something.

Michelle, usually if a day starts out like your's did it's all downhill from there. I think Megan's having one of those days today. On FB this morning she posted when she got in her car it was low on gas and that Bella stepped in dog poop and then sat on her foot. Sounds like they got off to a rough start.

Drema, have you tried New Balance shoes? I'm not sure about the women's but Brad always buys the men's. He has wide feet and they're the only ones he finds comfortable. I hate new shoes. They always bother my feet in the area you mentioned. I keep the laces looser there and once my shoes are broken in I'll wear them until they're falling apart.

Bella took a clay class this fall and got to use a potter's wheel. We all have pieces of her art in our homes now.

I did notice the name of the site I posted for Saucy but not until after I'd posted it. Then I wondered if she's notice. Saucy, fun that you and Sarah are working with fondant. Something I've yet to try.

Cyn, 1/2 acre is a nice size for a garden I think. Just big enough. Looking forward to seeing more picture from you.

Kathy, the vineyards are beautiful in autumn. Thanks for showing us.

V, enjoy your kids and your time away from work.

I've been to the grocery store this morning and now have a bathroom to clean. I always save that for last. Don't know why since it's really the easiest, fastest room to clean. Must have something to do with that dislike of water I was talking about, lol. My dad's in town for Thanksgiving and I'm making him dinner tomorrow night. I decided on beef stew in the crock pot and peach cobbler. Easy stuff since I'll have both Kate and Bella with me all day tomorrow. Then tomorrow night is pie baking time. We have a big group at my sister's every year, 30 or more, so I'm doing 2 pumpkin, 2 apple, and a pecan. I have today all to myself, no husband, he has racquetbal, then work, and no kids! Looking forward to the peace and quiet :)


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Marian, I'm sure they'll enjoy whatever you make. It's hard when you're hurting. Sounds like it's time for Tim to start bringing you and Nolon to his place for Thanksgiving. You need a break. It'll all work out, just do what you can and don't worry!


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Saucy -- Happy Birthday!!!! Thought this link might be perfect for you on your birthday. Wishing you a year of strength in all ways :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Martie, here's a more modern version of "the periodicities of nature and of life".

And here is the third in the series. Eden, your time will come!

Well Norma, turns out the party will be pizza and various student type foods. I was nervous about my spicy soups for this crowd. I'm adding other things too, then ice cream for dessert.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Denise, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and yours...


P.S. Hi ya'll and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so far behind I can't begin to comment. Maybe I can catch up over the holiday? LOL

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GB - you make the best puppets! I wish I could make a puppet like that for my kids. I love that you took a photo of the racoon on the floor for us :)

Back to work...

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Cute! Cute! Cute, Marie! You out did yourself on this one. The children will love these!

Hi Martie!

Hi Jerri!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - that puppet is definitely the best one so far!

Cyn - You have twice the property as we do - 1/4 acre here... I would love to have more but in my rational moments :-) I know we have as much property as we can maintain - so I just garden every inch of it! In my fantasies - that include winning a lottery! - I'd like to buy the neighbour to the south's property when they eventually sell (they are elderly), knock down the house and expand my garden south! Dream on...!

Martie - clever idea to use the rose hips for turkey eyes! There're loads of the hips here this year but I think they will just be food for the birds - and no doubt add to the thicket of roses by seeding around...

Randy is quite pleased with his first retirement project. The garage is now mostly finished inside and half-way organized...:-) It's a good thing we have a double car garage but only one car now because the other side of the garage will shortly be entirely filled with the pots of strawberries, blueberries and garlic that overwinter in the garage!

Next up - hopefully - is to paint the kitchen before Christmas...

I appear to be mostly over the side effects of the flu shot because I was able to raise my left arm over my head by this afternoon...

Tomorrow is a samosa-making day here. Barb and Naznin will be here and we'll have our regular assembly line going. We each make a batch of the filling up to the point of adding the onions and green chilis the day before, then combine the batches, add the onions and chilis, fold and stuff the pastries and fry them. Then we split the outcome three ways - we make enough to last a couple of months (frozen). We make them here because Naznin's teenage son complains he doesn't like the smell! :-) (And my kitchen is bigger...)

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The weather forecast for the upcoming 4 day weekend is promising ! Sunny skies with temps in the low 60s , perhaps a little rain Thanksgiving evening. Hoping to complete all cleanup outside and start the process of readying the house for Christmas guests. I figure If I start now there wont be quite as much last minute frenzy. And of course I need to ponder The Fabulous Mantle Display. Will I repeat one of my old standards or come up with something new ?

Lol Eden, re: your feline attributes. I concur too, on New Balance shoes, I use them for my walking shoes and find them very comfortable, good traction, good support and lots of styles to choose from in terms of design and weight. And by the way, so glad to see you posting again !

The raccoon is great bug.

Woody, I love rose hips and and wish I had room for some of the heirloom varieties that have such showy ones. I have 2 that send out a decent display , if I can restrain myself from deadheading.

Thats all she wrote tonight, going to read the papes..

Kathy in Napa

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Good Morning, Beef stew for tonight's dinner is in the crockpot. Just a salad and dessert still to make for a small family gathering at my house. Dessert will be an easy peach cobbler that only involves peaches, a yellow cake mix and butter. With ice cream of course. And I think I'll split it up and bake my Thanksgiving pumpkin and pecan pies today and do the apple ones in the morning. I like apple pie best the day it's baked. I thought I'd have Bella and Kate today but my sister kept Bella overnight and will have her today and since Megan doesn't have Bella she's spending the day with Kate. She loves to get ahold of her baby niece whenever she can. So other that cooking I have pretty much a free day. Guess maybe I should make a trip to the basement and care for my poor plants that I can almost hear crying out for water.

Rose hips...rosa glauca, my Heritage rose and my angel wing rose (like Woody's) all have nice ones this year.

Woody, Randy did a great job organizing the garage. I like looking in people's open garages when you drive through a neighborhood (nosey). I'm always amazed by the really neat ones and also the one's that look like you couldn't cram another thing into them. You can leave your garage door open with confidence Woody:)

Kathy, looking forward to seeing the mantle display. It will be fabulous I'm sure.

I think I may be getting back into the swing of Idylling:) Have a good day everyone.


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Ahhhhhhhhh, the day before the feast and the house smells like cranberries and orange and roast walnuts. Later the stuffing will be chopped and mixed, the table will be set (with placecards this year -- after six years or so it's time to mix up the various family lines!!), the bathrooms will be spiffed and dust will be wiped up.

Tonight, our traditional french toast and bacon for an early supper. Don't know quite how that came about but it's quick and easy and good!

Long WALAT yesterday afternoon, but without sun the various garden happenings looked pretty blah so no pics. It's been this way all week and is expected to stay this way. Guess what? I don't care!!!! To not have to check the blackberry and not give a hot da&( about what's happening with clients is vacation in itself.

PM-inspired Digitalis has reseeded itself everywhere. Ditto Salvia argentea, strawberries, bronze fennel, Thymus serpyllum, some sort of double shasta daisy and Potentilla thurberi. Hidcode lav self-sowns look like they're trying but not holding out much hope. Lots of others yet to be identified. Grosso lavs are finally old enough for cuttings next Spring. Next year the hoist weekend will be interesting!

Viburnum carlesii is blooming like crazy and I think this plant is really confused! Also noticed some of the alpine strawberries are quite red. Neighborhood kids (who are braver than me to taste at this time of year) report that they are sour but not awful. Consensus was to leave them for the birds.

I swear, promise, commit and Will wrap up the Hydrangea macrophyllas this year!! Yes, I will!! LOL

Like Eden, it's nice to be back in an Idyll swing and talk plants knowing there's nodding heads rather than blank stares!! LOL.

'bug -- The puppet is fantastic, as is the timely aging pic.

Cook on, friends!!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Holy Moly! Miss a few days and I nearly missed an entire thread!

I'm sorry to read of the loss of your father Denise. You did well by him.

Bithday "hello"s to all that I missed -
Saucy, Sue, Marian, and anybody else that I may have left out. Hahaha, typo I am so sorry! That should read BIRTHDAY. You ladies are not Bith's!!

Somebody posted that her birthday is July 3rd, Candy or Cyn maybe? Anyway, hello sister - mine is the same day. I won't bother to tell you which year though!

Poor Poebe - the leg looks pretty sore, but is sure sewed up neatly. I wish the surgeon had sewn up my elbow that well thiry plus years ago *LOL*

Great puppets Bug - I would love those myself!

Did some serious thinking over the last few days about Chelone's comments on responsible parenthood. How do I defend my son? Simple, he did a lot of things wrong but one thing right: He brought the baby home. As far as I'm concerned, responsibility for kids should be, and often is, assumed by extended family as well as biological parents. There was no question in our minds that TCS simply could not be cared for by his parents, and that we would step up to the plate as much as and for as long as we could. And here we are. I am proud of my son for his role in that a lot of young guys would have just walked away from the girlfriend, leaving her with the "problem". In our case, it was the other way around. But TCS has not been abandonned by his family, and we all consider ourselves lucky.

Sadly, I know of a family who son and girlfriend found themselves in a similar situation. They stuck together for six months after baby arrived and finally apporached both sets of grandparents for help; all refused. The child went into the black hole of public care, and none of them knows where he is. Unthinkable, to me.

Love all of the purple/eggplant doors! I have been "discussing" a colour for our front door with DH for two years. I have given up on green or purple, but it seems I do have an agreement for a dark slate/blue kind of colour. That is, agreement in principle - it will probably take us to next Spring to actually find something that we both agree on!

I don't think I can really catch up on the rest of this thread! You sure can tell on here when gardening season winds down! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American Imaginary Friends, and to all those that I now have met. You are all Real!!



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Holiday greetings all - I feel so out of touch - and out of touch I've been of course.... I hope everyone has a lovely, peaceful Thanksgiving. (First day off here in a long time so determined to Idyll some of it!!)

I managed to read this thread and like Jerri hope to get back into the habit -- the last 6 or so weeks of circus at awfice just seemed to suck the life out of me for anything else -- not good -- maybe I need a checkup too. But in any case, hopefully things will now quiet down a bit now that I've unloaded 2 of the 7 attorneys they had me "working" for (the 2 prima donnas have become someone else's problem at long last), Toaster Woman (aka germ woman) is gone,so there are positives to Change....

Im so sorry to read of the recent sorrows -- Denise -- and family troubles -- Michelle -- and likely have missed many many other big things of Idyll life -- Birthdays too.

So, hoping to swing again in idylls as Eden put it, LOL...

From the wayward,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The accurate name of our front door colour is "Desert Shadows" and it is a brownish purple...if that makes sense. I love it! I failed twice to get the hue I wanted...and Benjamin Moore came to the rescue. I remember that Benjamin Moore was what Honey (where ARE you???) chose for her smart red room too. As far as house projects, the last thing around here was replacing lightbulbs (6 of them) and some flashlight batteries. No big projects on the screen for a while.

Cindy, so nice to hear from you. I hope your weekend is all about relaxation. Glad things are looking UP. Speaking of circus...I'm reading Like Water for Elephants. WOW, what an opening. The retirement home is so depressingly accurate, except that the ladies seem more verbal than the ones I met at Mom's place.

Well, the puppet I started as a cat ended up being a bear! In fact, I'm not at all sure it is recognizable as any animal in particular. DH thought it might be a wolf! It is at least fuzzy and brown. Not being able to use button eyes is a real problem as far as critter personality is concerned. I'll try to make the next one a CAT!

Woody, I'm so glad to have you posting again. The garage is looking so tidy and clean. (Ours is not, though several garbage bags worth of plastic pots were given away.) That last photo of Randy is not the best I've seen. You ladies have to know that he is one very handsome dude!

I am of course glad to have Eden and Martie stopping in again frequently.

Today seems to be the day of frantic cleaning and cooking, that is, south of the Canadian border. I have done little this past week along those lines and mainly served soup and cheese and crackers as dinner. That's fine with us, it's Autumn after all!

Julie, just always filled with admiration for you guys turning your lives inside out, after retirement no less. It is for the best of causes and I hope DS has an inkling about what you have done for him as well. I can almost imagine abandoning such a project...but I would have done what you did in the end, given your circumstances. If anyone deserves huge thank yous, it is the two of you. Of course we don't always get those...but I hope you do!!!

I'm told that Ms Ivy was discovered on the second stair up to the main floor, in spite of the gate having been firmly installed. Such a physical little rascal she is. I guess if you aren't pushing through teeth or growing long hair you gotta do something. She stands next to everything these days: walls, the couch, chairs, etc. She also falls at times too.

Drema, that birthday begonia (?) for Marian is one gorgeous plant! I always fall for white blooms...and get teased for it too. And Marian, I hope you are feeling a bit better with each day.

DH is in Toronto once again, so I'm off to nibble a few things and call it lunch.


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Julie, I just wanted to say how much I admire you for what you're doing. I do help Megan out with Bella alot, but she always goes home at night and I have "days off". We also don't have any financial responsibility. To be completely truthful, I don't know that I have it in me to do what you're doing, and doing so well. Sometimes by day's end I'm exhausted and so glad to see Meg's car pull into the driveway. I guess you don't really know what you'll do in a situation until it's given to you. Hopefully your son realizes and appreciates the sacrifices you've made. I know TCS will someday as an adult. You and I are definitely on the same page considering ourselves lucky to have these little ones in our lives.

Cindy, at least you have some positive changes happening at work. Hopefully the tide's turning there for you. Good to hear from you. Enjoy your down time.

I'm avoiding pie baking. And I wanted to post a link that's become an Idyll tradition. Wouldn't be Thanksgiving here without it.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Why don't I ever remember these things on time? Thanks Eden!

And here's another...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

woody, re: lottery

From Dorothy Parker-

"I've never been a millionaire, but I'm sure I'd be darling at it."

I think we'd be pretty adorable, too!

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