Butch 'T' Trinidad Scorpion

gltrap54March 9, 2012

They're telling me 30 days to germination. Pepper folks chime in please.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Never done them personally but friends who have tell me 15-20 days. Like most it all depends on the soil temp. One guy told me 82 degrees was the ideal for fastest germination.

You might ask over on the Hot Pepper forum here.


PS: keep in mind the more shallow the dept of the mix in the container the faster the germination but you have to monitor shallow germination VERY closely

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I used a standard seedling tray and cell packs over a heat mat for my peppers. The first ones appeared (and the rest soon after) in one week. I was more than pleased. The heat mat makes SUCH a difference. One week or three? no contest.

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Thanks folks! Shoot Dave, I need to be a little more resourceful...... Never knew there was a pepper forum. I'm on it!

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I just got some seeds & the sites I'm looking at say the seeds germinate between 80-85 degrees. The room I'm thinking about using is 75 degrees. Somone above mentioned a warming pad, would a heating pad work just as well?

Also - are there any special instructions to growing the Scorpion pepper?

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