Little seedlings, sprouts.

scarletsflowers(zone 8)August 21, 2014

I would welcome all advise from my fellow gardeners here. I have these seedlings popping up every where in my garden. We've only been in our new home since spring so there has been a ton to do out back in front. During the summer the backyard was prolific with bluebell's everywhere, they were nearly like a carpet around this old fig tree along with mint. Then sporadically displayed everywhere else. I couldn't remember seeing any in the front but am i correct in assuming that these sprouts are just infact those flowers. Though lovely, they seem aggressive nearly as i took just a few shots but their are hordes. They Are now sprouting around my Cerinthe Honeywort and i planned on tilling the beds and planting lupines where there seem to be the mass of them. If infact these arent bluebells I may up for moving some depending on the ID. As you can see the old owner just had several varieties of chick hens in her beds.

Thank you in advance, hopefully i can post a few pictures. Scarlet
Wa zone 8

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scarletsflowers(zone 8)

second photo

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scarletsflowers(zone 8)

I should of mentioned that the ends are bulbs.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

They sure look like Muscari sprouts. You said bluebells. Are they Scilla or Muscari?

I suspect they are Muscari since they sprout twice a year, once in the spring then once again in the fall .

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scarletsflowers(zone 8)

Oh wow i just goggled that flower, i remember seeing those on the web and thought they were gorgeous, i would love it if that were the case.

Thank you:) That would be fantastic news.

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They somewhat resemble Zephyranthes, the rain-lilies.

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