Prune Rose of Sharon

adxzJanuary 13, 2013

Can i prune my rose of sharon now while it still has the seed pods or do i need to wait until they drop before pruning

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I don't know when R of S should be pruned in your area but whether or not it has dropped its pods would not be one of the criteria for deciding that. (Unless you are plagued by self sown seedlings, in which case prune off the pods). More important would be whether new growth would be encouraged which then might get frosted, or whether removing old wood would remove some winter weather protection. If you say where you live someone will be able to tell you when it's safe for you to prune.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

welcome.. if i havent done so before..

look at your post.. next to your name. it says NONE.. go to your members page.. and TRY to make that zone and nearest large town... where you are.. really matters.. and if you dont want us to ask every time ... then take the time. ..

this plant has invasive tendencies in regard to seeding all over the place ... many would recommend you prune it at ground level.. and apply stump killer.. with malice ... lol ...

that said.. its a run it over with the truck plant.. as are most shrubs.. short of the above mentioned.. i doubt you could kill or harm it.. if you wanted ...

but give us location to firm that up ...

all that said.. HOW YOU PRUNE IT.. is much more important then when ...

google: rejuvenation pruning of ROS

and/or post us a pic .... and we can give you guidance..

whatever you do.. do NOT ... give it a haircut ... or in a few years.. you will be cutting it down ....


ps: TIMING may also be important ... as many flowering shrubs are pruned after you enjoy the flowers ... as they flower on last years wood.. so if you cut that all off.. you miss flower for one year ... but something tells me these bloom later.. on new wood .. i dont have time to verify that.. perhaps other will answer that ... good luck ...

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Location is definitely a help. Rose of Sharon does bloom on new wood so pruning it now or later towards spring won't prevent blooming.
In this area we frequently have dry winters. If we additionally get a sub zero cold snap during winter drought this shrub can get "tipped back," so pruning in early spring vs. winter might save you having to prune it again.
Never tried running over one with a truck, might work.

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I live in east tn in elizabethton. So if pruned now it would not hurt it? It has severe overgrowth and needs to be pruned. Thanks to all.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

PROPER pruning will not 'hurt' a plant ...

are you 'hurt' when you get your hair cut.. no.. you look better ... and so will the plant ...

i am not aware.. of any pruning.. leading directly to death ... in short order ... [there are things you can do that will speed the eventual decline of an otherwise healthy plant... but that could take decades] ...

again.. most shrubs.. you couldnt kill if you tried ...

but back to the haircut analogy .. do it RIGHT ... but it isnt just a haircut ...

so get past 'worry' and 'hurt' .. and google .. aw heck .. hit the link ... rejuvenation pruning.. its the same for all shrubs ... and do try youtube ... gotta be hundreds of variations on a theme ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Prune away - Rose of Sharon (of which I have several) is a pretty weed and can take butchering - if you cut it down to 5 inches, it will be back where it started in a couple of years. As Horster said, it blooms on new wood, so pruning it before it leafs out will, in the end, give you more flowers, as it will make lots of new growth.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

BTW, there are sterile Rose of Sharons. The white 'Diana' is one.

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jlcjlr(9b Sacramento CA)

I used to prune late winter / early spring but I liked the look after the trim, sort of pollarded. So I now prune late fall once most of the leaves have dropped. Then I enjoy the sculptured form all winter. It doesn't freeze hard here in Sacramento so that isn't a consideration. Weather only plays a part regarding the comfort of the gardener!



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