Pruning Privet in the Winter

Starz1122(6)January 12, 2012

We have received a request from our neighbor to heavily prune our mature privet shrub. We would like to prune it so it is about half of its current size. Since it is winter now, I was concerned about pruning it in this cold weather. Temperatures are usually in the 30s or 40s during the day and dip down below freezing at night. I have heard that some shrubs can be safely pruned in the winter but I wasn't sure if this applies to privet. We'd like to comply with our neighbors request as long as it doesn't harm the shrub. Does anyone know if this type of shrub can be safely pruned in the winter in zone 6?

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hi there,
wouldnt do it when it is actual freezing. As long as it is some degrees above freezing u should be fine. You can hardly kill privet by pruning it. If you reduce its size that much it is wise not just to whack it down but to cut out the oldest/thickest branches right down to the base and thin it out somewhat. Thus you get stronger new shoots.
Perhaps that helps, bye, Lin

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you do not renovate an old shrub.. or privet.. by simply cutting it halfway down ....

what you will end up with.. next summer.. is green on the sides.. and a big brown hole on top ... which will take a few years to cover back up ...

read thru some of the articles at the link ...

and good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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