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intris(6)February 14, 2013

So, the michiganbulb couponing sale has tempted me. I am considering purchasing roses from them. What do you make of the following:

grande dame
white licorice
koko loco

I live in zone 6b. Thanks for any insights or recommendations you may provide.

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Prior to your order, why not do a site search here on Michigan Bulb?

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I ordered variosu perennials from Michigan Bulbs last year, and since I cannot help it , I also threw in an Ebb Tide "plug". The Ebb Tide turns out to be great, but all of the other items bit the dust. Will not buy from them again.

I don't grow it myself, but I am familiar with Koko Loco. It is fairly disease resistant in where I live (Northan NJ), very thorny, and has fairly thick petals. Bloom color changes depending on weather condition and age of the bloom. The tan/mauve color scheme is not everyone's cup of tea. Neither is the name.

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I ordered roses from Michigan Bulds a long time ago. Nothing survived longer then 2 yrs. Never again. The roses you want are good roses when they come to you healthy. There are better places to order your roses from. I think you'll be happier too. JMHO

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