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Partsman41953(8)February 22, 2013


I am looking for suggestions on types of shrubs or hedges I can grow along my fence line for privacy between my house and the neighbors. The area gets between full to partial sun most of the day. I live in the Columbia, SC area and the ground area has red clay in some areas of the fence and in other areas there is a couple of inches, where our garden is, of black soil about the clay.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how long a planting ....

diversity is highly recommended ...

and how tall are you working toward???

and how big is your lot? ... how wide are you thinking ...

a picture would sure make you able to skip a couple hundred words ...


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I am looking for a shrub or hedge that is 5 to 6' tall. My yard is around a 1/2 acre. I am looking for a shrub or hedge that is around 12" wide...just an estimate.

I am open to suggestions. I would like something preferably that would attract hummingbirds, something with some color if possible.


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Wax myrtle, butterfly bush, (there is a new one out called Flutterby bush that is sterile), Pittosporum, Green giant arborvitae, any kind of cypress, juniper, (Hollywood juniper does very well in SC, try not to cut it, it's gorgeous the way it grows,) mix them up when you plant them, Sweet olive is a great privacy bush and smells heavenly in spring and fall, don't plant everything too close even though you want privacy, that way they will look better when they all grow in.

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