DeeSLPMarch 30, 2013

Hi there,

My tomato seeds germinated and are up about 3 inches. I know I need to repot them in something larger. I've read the FAQs and knew what to look for in potting mix, but didn't find anything that seemed like what I needed at my local Home Depot or at Lowe's. I finally asked some man at Lowe's and he suggested the Miracle Grow Garden Soil Flower and Vegetable. I bought a bag, but as I read on it, it says for outdoor use only and also to mix with half soil. Can I use this to repot my tomatoes or should I not? I can't seem to find what I need.

Thanks in advance for reading and for much-needed advice! Dee

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

he suggested the Miracle Grow Garden Soil Flower and Vegetable

Really poor advice and i'd sure point it out to them when you take it back. It says right on the bag, as you discovered, that it is not for use in containers.

Home Depot and Walmart sell Miracle Grow Potting Mix that many use. Not that it is the best but it is ok to use.

Lowe's if you have one sells Sta-Green Potting Mix - better IMO. Next year plan ahead and buy one of the high quality soil-less potting mixes. There are many available.

Do NOT buy the ones with the Moisture Control in it. Just the pain one.


Here is a link that might be useful: MG Potting Mix

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Thanks, Dave! I do think I saw the Sta-Green there at Lowe's, now that you mention it. I'll take the MG one back and get that. So, where do you get your high quality soil-less potting mix? I'll def plan better next year!

Thanks a bunch! Dee

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Glad your taking it back. MG is well known for developing gnats ! Let's not have that conversation in a couple weeks.

Sounds like you need to get to know your small, local garden stores. Your in for a treat. All plants/seeds/ soil are not equal. It's a quantity/quality thing. Weekends this time of year they will be pretty overwhelmed with customers, so if you can, go on a weekday. That will give you a better opportunity to get to meet the owners/ employees. True plant nuts. :)

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Awesome! I know several small, local greenhouses (I live in a small, rural town in WV). I'll bet some of my local experts can help me. I do appreciate your help!

Happy Easter! Dee

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The 2 most frequently recommended potting mixes are both professional mixes but are also available to the public - ProMix BX and Metro Mix 360. They are often only available through local nurseries or ordered online unless you happen to have a growers supply of some sort near you.

If those aren't available then there are literally 100 online sources for high quality mixes that are much better than those available from the big box stores.

Google 'soil-less potting mix' and 'seed starting mix'. EB Stone, Johnny's, Farfard, Fox Farm, etc. just to name a few.


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I will second plaidbirds comment on Miracle Grow soil coming with gnats. Last spring I used that and Schultz soil and had enough gnats in the house to fry for supper! Eeeww! This year I am using only Pro-mix. I was all set with an arsenal of yellow sticky tape, and mosquito doughnuts, but have not had need of them so far. I planted my first batch of seeds February 14.
I do have a problem with some petunias, eggplant, and basil growing with yellow leaves. I believe the Pro-mix has no nutrients, so I have been adding very weak fertilizer. Today I switched to Miracid at 1/2 strength, bottom watering. If that doesn't work I will find some iron to add.

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