verbena seed

anna_lisa(Quebec)March 23, 2006

Hi I'am going to start verbena from seed how long will it take to germinate and what the best way to get it hardy. I have grow lights. I hate these plants that are thin and fall over. I have to learn how to get these plant hardy like you see in the nurery.Is there a way to do this Anna lisa

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ralleia(z5 Omaha, NE)

The verbena seed that I have said that it normally takes 21-30 days to germinate at 59-68 degrees F (15-20C). The ones that I started two weeks ago are coming up now (my germinator is at 72 degrees).

The best way to make them stout and hardy is to ensure they have adequate light and to provide some air and physical stimulation. For the light (assuming they're florescents), let the light be as close as possible to the seedlings. A small fan blowing over the seedings will help encourage them to grow stouter stems. To make some of my plants even stouter, I gently brush the tops of them once or twice a day with my hand, getting less gentle as they become tougher.

Gradually acclimitize them to the sun and temperature extremes at least a week before you plan to transplant. The light of the sun is far stronger than florescents, so don't immediately expose them to direct sunlight. It would be like taking a pasty white computer geek directly to Bermuda to sun tan. It will burn or even kill the plants. Let them gradually get used to indirect/filtered sunlight through limited exposures before taking a full blast of noonday sun...

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hello;I grow V.tenuisecta indoors. Be careful of saturated media during the germination stage as the seed is susceptable to rot.(my opinion)> Try to find the right environment where you don't need to water for roughly 2 weeks after sowing (I drape plastic wrap over containers.... Requirements are dark during this period;seeds lightly covered; ambient temperatures (~65F)-(70F).Hold off on transplanting until 4 true leaves develop. From there I transplant 4-5 seedlings/2.5inch SVD plastic pot; grow on outdoors as is suggested by the poster above;give them a hard pinch at a later stage-dependent on rate of growth (cutting off 1/2 the growth)grow on and begin spacing in a nursery flat as the crop develops... By using a complete fertilizer lower in phospherous, you should be able to read N and feed appropriately...(hopefully there is ~60%N in nitrate form)

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