Bayer Advanced 3 in 1 granular

kublakanFebruary 13, 2011

Just saw this product at a local big box store. It's not cheap at $19.95 for an amount less than the old 2 in 1 that sold for cheaper.

Any experience with this product? How well did it do with insects and fungus? I imagine the chemical would uptake through the roots (systemic) but I've never seen an effective fungicide that works in granular form. Before I make the investment I figured I'd ask the sages on this forum.



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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The 3-in-1 fungicide not effective in my garden with very modest disease pressure (nothing as bad as FL). The insecticide was like nuclear war, any insect dropped dead instantly.

--spray with the Bayer fungicide as necessary,
--choose roses with high BS resistance and don't spray at all.
--skip the insecticide altogether. Encourage beneficial insects and birds in your garden to minimize insect damage.

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buford(7 NE GA)

It's over kill on the insecticide and underkill on the fungicide. As hoov said, if you need to spray, spray. This may help a bit, but not enough to stop spraying. And you are better off with organic fertilizers and no insecticides.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

If this product contains Di-Syston (disulfoton) as the 2-in-1 granular fertilizer product does, it's about the worst thing you could possibly waste your money on. It's just cheap granular fertilizer combined with the most hazardous insecticide that can be used in home gardens.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The 3 in 1 is Merit (imidacloprid) not disulfoton.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I don't find a "3-in-1 granular." The granular product is 2-in-1 with disulfoton and cheap fertilizer. The soil drench is called "all-in-1." The 3-in-1 is an insecticide/miticide spray concentrate, not granular. The names are confusing, but a good rule of thumb is, never buy combo products.

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Thank you all for your input. I spray regularly with a combo of Banner Maxx, Conserve, Dithane, and sometimes some SuperThrive one session and the Bayer 3-in-1 Spray during another. I think that given that spray program I'd likely be overkilling things, so I'll heed your advice. I just looked forward to being able to take a nap from spraying for fungus every now and again, but I guess not. Michael, the 3-in-1 granular product is fairly new and will be replacing the 2-in-1 product. The Lowes by my house has the 2-in-1 on sale now as they migrate the newer product in its space. I prefer to purchase the fungicide alone, but most big box stores around my house only sell the combo products.

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The following linked to 2011 reviewed scientific paper may be of interest to those who have, or are considering, an extensive spray program.

Some interesting quotes from that paper follow:

"Our findings are consistent with previous results for farm
workers who were found to be at higher risk of cognitive
impairment,23 31 37e39 although the agricultural settings varied between the studies and none were vineyards. The review by Kamel showed that among 21 studies on the cognitive effects of chronic pesticide exposure, 76% found positive associations with some tests and 82% found a relationship with psychomotor function.2"


"Overall, 13 (81%) of the 16 animal studies addressing
cognitive impairment demonstrated a positive association with pesticide exposure."

"The mild impairment we observed raises the question of the
potentially higher risks of injury in this population and also of possible evolution towards neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer�s disease or other dementias. Numerous studies41e43 have shown that low cognitive performances are associated with risk of dementia. The recent review by Santibanez concluded there was a possible risk of Alzheimer�s disease in relation to occupational exposure to pesticides,8 a finding particularly borne out by the data of Tyas et al44 and Baldi et al45 in their prospective studies. The 12th year of follow-up in our cohort should shed light on this important issue."

H.Kuska comment. I recommend utilization of the Precautionary Principle.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2011 reviewed scientific paper

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"Many agricultural pesticides � including some previously untested and commonly found in food � disrupt male hormones, according to new tests conducted by British scientists. The researchers strongly recommended that all pesticides in use today be screened to check if they block testosterone, which is critical to men�s and boys� reproductive health. Thirty out of 37 pesticides tested by the University of London altered male hormones, including 16 that had no known hormonal activity until now. Most are fungicides applied to fruit and vegetable crops, including strawberries and lettuce. "This study indicates that, not surprisingly, there are many other endocrine disruptors that we have not yet identified or know very little about," said Emily Barrett, a University of Rochester scientist who was not involved in the study. The findings come as the EPA faces opposition from the pesticide industry after expanding its Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program, which requires testing of about 200 chemicals found in food and drinking water to see if they interfere with estrogen, androgens or thyroid hormones."

The above quote is from the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: New tests reveal many pesticides block male hormones

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

The Bayer Advanced Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs is a stand alone fungicide with no insecticide. Actually it's a more concentrated same fungicide that's used in the 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 products.

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