Plantation Products: Scam or Bargain??

pondmaster101March 18, 2009

It seems Plantation Products's seeds are too good to be true, especially the wildflower mix. Has anyone used the wildflower mix? If so how was it? Pictures would be VERY much appreciated (of the results of the mix). I bought the mix, but am reluctant to use it in my new bed because I'm afraid it will look untame and messy.... although I do love daisy- and daisy-like flowers. Thanks!!!!!

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Does the Plantation seed come in a big box? And did you get it from Wal-Mart or a store like that?

If so, I have used this, and was suprised at the results. They came in very full and colorful. But you do have to keep them well water for a while. I did over seed though, cause the box was meant to cover a larger area than what I used it on. Anyway, it can start to look very untame, and is best used in a area that it doesnt really matter. I planted mine in by my front door, it was very pretty but got too messy for such a space. I ended up scraping up the dirt at the end of the year and spreading it along my driveway, i like it there much better!

I will try and see if i have a pic, but i don't think i have one.


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Last winter I purchased a box of Plantation Products Wildflower Mix from Dollar Tree. I like PP because they use organic mixes.

We had taken a bush out of a planter area and I wanted a quick easy burst of color. We were very busy and my interior seedling area was already full of seedlings growing for my organic herb and vegetable garden.

So we did things the lazy way and seeded outdoors. (Absolute worst case scenario).
Knowing that the seed has some filler, but also knowing that the attrition rate would be significant we seeded in early january and had seedlings in late Feb. There were some bare spots where I gave another seeding touchup and let it go. I will find some photos for you. These were meant to fill in gaps between pink Azaleas and yellow Dusty Millers. What we ended up with was a burst of Yellow, Orange and Golden Chrysanthemums, Daisies, and Poppies with accents of Purple Cornflowers. It was not planned, but it looks rather nice. Could we have done something better with planning? Yes. But it is still quite beautiful. The bees and butterflies seem pleased, and we see the finches and sparrows that roost in the eves (on different sides of our home) frolicking amongst the flowers every day. Probably we will do something different in a year or two. But for now we are enjoying the change and variety.

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Last week I took some photos, but still waiting for AC (my spouse) to transfer them off of the DSLR to our computer(s). Well, over the long weekend came home to SURPRISE new flowers! (Pink Asters/Cosmos)

Overall these flowers are blooming like crazy, and there are LOTS of unopened buds. (We did compost heavily during the winter a month or so before seeding and have many worm castings on top of the soil).
Seeing the beginnings of some types that were not in last week's pictures that have not opened yet so I dont know what they will be. This is going from a like to a love with this mix, I was happy before but becoming more so over time, because I am learning new flowers and enjoying the surprises.

Note: my planter is only 1'x24' so it does not look like the picture on the box, (which to me is a mess) these all are side by side so it is difficult to capture the whole thing in one picture but I think that it looks a lot BETTER than the picture on the box. I really cant wait to share the photos, I love flowers.:)

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Even though it seems like no one is following, here are some photos to give a taste of what the Plantation products wildflower mix looks like in my planter.

Asters, Daisies and Poppies: (see photo)

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Moving left to right, the next cluster of daisies: (The Azalea on the right is not part of the mix, and it is done blooming for the season).

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Farther to the right is a dense cluster of Chrysanthemum, daisies and Pheasant's eye and look at all of the buds (especially that tall cornflower) it is barely getting started blooming and the displays are quite nice.

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Final shot, of the cornflowers looking back at the cluster that we just passed.

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Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures!

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