Idyll 245 - age as just a big number

cynthia_gwDecember 19, 2005

Find out when you were (or will be) 1 billion seconds old, and other meaningless ways of calculating what doesn't matter :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Big numbers/little meaning

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Cynthia! I just posted my post on the last Idyll thread...sorry! But at least I got to include all my pics since we were near the end! BTW...What are you doing up so late? :-) Well, I am bushed so I'll have to check out numbers tomorrow....Sweet Dreams! Ei

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Babs., I managed to "miss" the loss of the other leg somewhere in the summer fun and dealing with daily life. It must be a terrible burden on you, esp. when help/support from other family members is not readily forthcoming. I am so relieved I managed to get that worked out with my brother; but it took a very direct letter from me which pointedly spelled out exactly how hard and how long I've been working. Of all things, I think it's the depression that really casts a long shadow over any caretaking situation. Mum was so bad she wouldn't even get out of bed or get dressed. Eat?! nope, and she bottomed out at 84 lbs.; I insisted she be treated for depression and in about 2 weeks she began to perk up. Is you MIL taking any medication for it? you may have to insist she start and it won't make you very popular (I know!). It must be doubly hard on Chris... never easy watching a parent cycle down, really brings up all sorts of things you hadn't considered before or gave only cursory attention. Hang in there. (I can see I will have to reread!).

The iron wall decoration was from my late aunt's home, before that it was my grandmother's. It probably dates from the late '30s or the '40s. I nearly left it in the apartment, but took it for some reason. It sat, propped against the wall in a corner of the bedroom for nearly a year. I had just finished the chimney face and the two brackets were installed when I spied it again... hmmm, I know where that would look nice. Serendipity. The brackets that support the mantel were terribly rusted and two places were broken. My late (architect) FIL had scrounged them from somewhere and they kicked around our "boardroom" for years before I carted them to a welder friend to see if they could be repaired. It's funny how you hang on to things for one reason or another until the "right" spot reveals itself. Sometimes being a packrat has advantages. SOMEtimes. ;)

Larry drinks responsibly. He takes a few sips, toddles back to the dinner plate or the salad bowl, and has a bit more to eat. He never drinks and flies... unless something frightens him, which isn't very often.

Ei, have NO IDEA the variety of the fragrant iris. I only know it is quite old-fashioned (the falls hang straight down, rather than out). They arrived, nearly completely dessicated in a basket from a friend's home. Her yard had grown too shady for full sun flowers and she yanked them out and gave them to me. I gave 'em a soak, shoved 'em into the ground in the crummiest soil I have here, and they took right off. The smell is very delicate but obvious; they get rather tall, too; pushing 3', maybe a bit taller. The roses in your shots are lovely. I don't have "the touch" with roses, at all.

Mum is upstairs, her breakfast is set out for her, and I have to get my hindquarters into the car and down to work. Maybe I'll have more time to "read for comprehension" later today... and play with Cynthia's meaningless calcuation link.

Make it a sparkly day.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Chelone! Just a quick peek and then off to start the busy *sparkly* day! :-)

Just wanted to say Sylvia...I'm sorry I keep calling you Lily! I don't know, I guess your "user name" just suits you too seem like a Lily to me, but Sylvia is a lovely name too! :-)

A song for the early bird...I do remember you were a Joni Mitchell fan too, right Chelone? Have a great day all!


Woke up, it was a chelsea morning, and the first thing that I heard
Was a song outside my window, and the traffic wrote the words
It came a-reeling up like christmas bells, and rapping up like pipes and drums

Oh, wont you stay
WeÂll put on the day
And weÂll wear it Âtill the night comes

Woke up, it was a chelsea morning, and the first thing that I saw
Was the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall
Blue, red, green and gold to welcome you, crimson crystal beads to beckon

Oh, wonÂt you stay
WeÂll put on the day
ThereÂs a sun show every second

Now the curtain opens on a portrait of today
And the streets are paved with passersby
And pigeons fly
And papers lie
Waiting to blow away

Woke up, it was a chelsea morning, and the first thing that I knew
There was milk and toast and honey and a bowl of oranges, too
And the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses
Oh, wonÂt you stay
WeÂll put on the day
And weÂll talk in present tenses

When the curtain closes and the rainbow runs away
I will bring you incense owls by night
By candlelight
By jewel-light
If only you will stay
Pretty baby, wonÂt you
Wake up, itÂs a chelsea morning!

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Hi Ei!; ) : ) : ) : ) back at ya! lol
I enjoyed your woodland ephemerals! I especially noticed the redbud? tree and remarked how it was the exact color of the birdbath! I also like that shot of the mirror reflecting the sky and tulips. All the pics are great from everyone. I need to dig up a spring pic but I need to go shopping for Christmas dinner foods first...It's only 10F out there: ( I'll try to produce spring later.

For anyone curious about that Caf-fiend coffee, it doesn't seem to have any or much extra kick(swindled again lol). Chris thinks I'm desensitized to the effects of caffiene. Actually I only drink two cups/day but he's a decaf tea drinker so he doesn't realize two cups is an acceptable amount(he'd be buzzing around on one cup). Brenda(I think it was)mentioned having to cut back on her coffee condiments-I am the same way I LOVE my milk and sugar in there and would probably lose some weight just by cutting those out...but I can't! I'm planning to not eat Christmas cookies as a goal. Once I eat one I can't stop.

Everybody, have a good day!


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We listen to 'everyone' who shares here and Babs has always been on top for bringing smiles and admiration, even through challenges. Everyone has admireable qualities. Reading the 'challenges' has also been 'character building'. Taryn, had been wondering about your friends. Shift work can be so challenging. Sometimes it is the root of a lot of stress. That and traffic. As an Air Force family we had to learn to 'adapt' (like it or not) but 'adapting' is continual as life changes. Making the right decisions for dealing with changes is also challenging. Teaches us the meaning of 'faith', 'hope', and 'endurance'. Marian has been such an example for that. Smiles and gardens are two of the world's most healing things. Hugs too. We are so glad we chose a 'retirement' home built by a singing, gardening, Dutchman who enjoyed it while he was in possession. We've 'personalized' it with positive changes and a modifications. I'm so glad I have printed off pictures of some of the smiles and gardens and the people who have shared them. BTW, our cabinet has a tag on the back of one of the drawers with name of a furniture Co in Leavenworth, KS but we didn't see any manufacturer's trademark. It's always interesting to be able to connect an object with the past and imagine who might have made it and used it. A Cherokee elder once told my father that we never 'own' anything. We pay for the 'privilege of use' even with 'relationships'. How something is used or appreciated makes the difference. We are born with family, choose friends, and build relationships. Thinking of all. EP

I 'forgot' and put this on the other thread too! So copied it here. It is 103 on the previous thread. I saw on the comments forum that the threads have been expanded to allow up to 300 responses so there isn't any 'reminder' any more when 100 posts have been filled. Also I sometimes don't mention everyone's name when responding , to cut down on time on the internet but feel you all understand and hope to be reinforcing to all. EP

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I have been lost in the hustle and bustle of the season, but have a few moments of clam right now. Hmm, maybe Ill leave that typo.

A balmy -10 F this morning. We are well on our way to one of the 10 coldest Decembers on record.

Lets see if I can catch up on a few comments.

EP, you look wonderful in your purple! Your smile outshines your outfit, though! I admire you attitude and hope that I can maintain a similar one as life goes on.

Martie, count me in on the list of those who didnt respond on the cyclamen cause I always kill mine too. The Trib had an article yesterday on maintaining gift houseplants and they didnt mention cyclamen.

Cynthia, the photo of Katie amidst the fallen magnolia petals is wonderful. Hey, I have a new TJs also and visited there on Saturday. You should have seen the three-buck Chuck flying out the door! I snagged a case of cabernet myself.

Michelle, thanks for eating the Ritz. The total absence of chocolate or cookie ads is my handiwork! ;)

Chelone, I agree with your comment about forced things that end up looking contrived. Wise words that took me a long time to learn. The fireplace/chimney mantle look great! Thanks for sharing your holiday decorations. Lovely job.

Babs? Who is Babs? Sending warm, fuzzy thoughts to your MIL (more useful than warm, fuzzy slippers for her? Okay, stop with the bad jokes!) sowellallknowwhenyouopenthecaffiendcoffecauseyouwontpausein yourtypingforsillythingslikespacesandpunctuation

Did I ever tell Drema congrats on the new job? I think I did, but it may have just been in my head.

Ei, loved your spring and your snowman photos.

Update on the DD/DH situation. Chelone, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. DH mentioned early last week that there are some issues at work. Hes been with the same employer since college graduation, but a recent strategic shift could threaten the group that he works with. They would make room for him elsewhere in the company, but hes not sure if he would want to shift back to the mainstream again. So his group is exploring the possibility of buying out their business. The first step is to confirm the intent of the strategic shift with upper management. I know this is a little vague, but I cant "name names" and be more specific. Anyway, hes had a lot on his mind and it hasnt all been shared with me. At least I have an idea of whats up now.

And I told him how upset DD was and he responded that he didnt realize she cared! I think I would write this off as a typical male response. Hes apologized to her, bought her a little treat and will get the rest of her concerts on the calendar.

So on Saturday morning we cut a tree and, miracle of miracles, it was straight when we put it in the tree stand! Sunday night when DS got home we put the lights and decorations on, so we now look like Christmas at home. Dont know how to rhumba, but we had some swing Christmas music on and DS and I "broke out in dance." The two dogs stared at us like we had totally lost our minds. Maybe theyre right

Sunday afternoon we bundled up and DH and I flagged more buckthorn and honeysuckle for the brush cutting crew on Friday. DH keeps thinking Im helping that day and I keep telling him I have to work. It was so cold yesterday that my face hurt when we got back inside. But a fire and hot chocolate made things better.

Saturday, DD and I did our part to keep the economy going and make the world a better place. In a moment of insanity I signed up for a family of five (5!) for our church Christmas Family Sharing program. A single mom and 4 kids, including a newborn. I forgot how long it takes to shop for that many people. Not to mention wrapping the presents. And lets not forget how long it takes to load all of that in little zippy car! But I hope that we help make the holidays a little brighter for this family.

So Im thinking I may take my coat off soon. Ive kept it on for the first 3 ½ hours because its a little cool in here today.

Time to get cracking! Hope everyone stays warm. I understand were sending this cold east later this week. Please dont return it!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ep , I'm glad you copied your post from the last thread . I opened the last one , it was coming on while I did my mountain of dishes ! :-)
I appreciate all that you said . You do exhibit lots of wisdom , and leave me wishing I had said that !
I have been giving lots of thought to this present'season' ( One dear friend told me that I "think too much" !!! LOL ).
I was thinking about what you said about being "an example".
I have come to the realization that at least 90% of what people think about this season has come from celebrities , i.e.: movies , poetry and song lyrics . Take all of them away , and what would their thoughts be ? All of these things are the personal thoughts of individuals , but have become 'gospel' to the masses . The news media would be at a loss if they didn't have all the quotes from the aforementioned sites .
I DO 'think' an awful lot . But my thoughts are influenced by a differant source than most .
I am also thinking that if just a fraction of the TV time for the past 6 weeks had been devoted to the same source that I refer to , the masses would be screaming their heads off in protest !
I , too , think that all that are posting here have good qualities . I appreciate all the good thoughts and wishes that are expressed for one another .I feel badly for all that are experiencing hard times in their lives , espacially the illnesses and disabilities .
There are many talented folk here ...actually all are talented in their own way .....but some are more talented than others ...;-) .I am one of the less talented ones . :-)
I hope I am using what I have , to the best of my ability .

I love the spring pics , and the frost pics ( they are espacially great ) .


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I forgot to mention Eileen's neat snowmen !
My hands are hurting just thinking of making one !

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

DOH! I was reading the last Idyll and posted there, so I'll copy it over here.

V-I'm glad to hear that DH is making an effort with DD. A cut tree straight when you put it in the stand???? I've never even HEARD of such a thing, lol!
Okay, here's the post from the other page...
Geeze, pics aren't that sharp when it's just me and a camera...can't imagine if I had one of the dogs on a leash to hold as well. Lol, might make a fun guessing game on the Idylls, tho.

Taryn, I can't even begin to imagine what Gigi's going through. Too many unknowns are hard for a highly organized person. I bet she's SO glad to have you to talk to.

Ei-Some folks are slow about posting feedback on Ebay. I'm still waiting on one from several days ago for some embroidery floss I sold. I figure no news is good news. If they had something to gripe about, you'd have surely heard it by now ;) Sorry to hear about the cold-in my family we joke about having the "Warren sinuses". Unfortunately, they don't make Kleenex the size of bath towels!
Your pictures are great! The mirror behind the tulips is a nice touch.

EP-I like to know the story behind things,too. That's why I enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow-they're very good about explaining how things were made, etc.

Babs, what a nightmare for you MIL! And, you and Chris, too. The amputation would be bad enough to deal with, but for it to be caused by incompetence.....there just isn't enough a court can do to make up for something like that.

Had the best of intentions of finishing up my shopping today. Bad thing about having more energy is that I'm easily side-tracked by little things I ought to do. The house is a bit cleaner, but by the time I got done fooling around the house, I decided I'd just wait until morning to go shopping. Since I'm awake really early these days, I'll head to the 24 hour Wallyworld in the morning.

Now, I'm going to attempt to make some flax muffins. Jim curled up his nose, but I bet he'll eat them. I started on milled flax seed a while back to help lower my cholesterol. Since I'm not doing oatmeal for breakfast anymore, I need to find another "hiding place" for it.

Have a great afternoon, all!

PS-Sue, Monique and Deanne-what a stunning group you all make. Deanne, you shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag about coloring your hair. I'd have never guessed. With some folks, it's obvious, others you'd never know. I've had stuff done to mine before, and have come to the conclusion I'll have to learn to live with going grey.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hehehe, I'm getting a kick out of reading all the double posts. Glad I'm not the only one who has those "duh" moments, lol!

Re haircolour, L'oreal and I go back to my mid-30s, lol. Currently L'oreal Feria in a shade very similar to my own, so I don't have to be anal about touching up roots. Re coloured hair not going well with aging skin, I'm not going down without a fight in that dept either. Found a superb home microdermabrasion product on Ebay and can't believe the incredible results I've gotten in less than two months, for pennies a time. I am afflicted with rosacea as well as eczema, BAD skin genes, lol, and this stuff is getting rid of every little bump and red mark. Am parting my hair on the side again, after wearing bangs for years to hide my forehead--no need anymore. Glenn noticed and commented favourably. :) Pretty soon he won't recognize me, lol!

So nice to see the east coast contingent looking all spiffy!
And loved the frosty pics on the last thread, and snowmen EI, and okay spring pics too, though it still seems faintly crazy to be gettin' spring hopes up so very early. :)

Thanks for the good thoughts re Gigi and Bruce. Trying to be a good friend but of course there isn't a lot any one can do, except listen. Thinking of Honey--hope she's okay. Bruce IS doing quite well Babs. He's on a new chemo drug that improves quality of life and extends it, but there is still no cure, and it can't go on indefinitely. At some point his liver is going to stop tolerating the very toxic chemo. He balked at the Kombucha Tea Gigi and I hoped would help with that. Sigh. Stubborn man, even when he's got nothing to lose by trying.

Well back to cleaning the house up for me, and must finally wrap those girly gifts. Had to show Gigi first, she is female-deprived in the kid dept too. Cleaning again because I have a showing at 10:30-11:00 tomorrow. Selling this house would be the ultimate Christmas gift!



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I am about ready to yank my hair out. I was at the town hall to register my car. I walked around the back of it and smelled the distintive whiff of COOLANT. YEAH, BABY! there was coolant dripping from just in front of the passenger side tire. I was also missing an important piece of the paperwork to get the registration done. I've called the mechanic and left a message. I am not very happy right now. But it's MECHANICAL not life threatening. I'll get over it.

Was thinking about Bruce, Gigi, and Cheech, Babs.s' MIL, ailing Idyllettes while working along on the latest "project at work". It's important to move through the days with an attitude of gratitude. From the time someone slaps our haunches and we take our first breath the days are "counting down". Endeavor we must to make the most of our limited time; carefully chosing our "battles", gracefully backing away from whatever we deem petty. Some days I believe it becomes more difficult as we move through our time on this blue marble, other times it has never been more clear. Funny, huh?

Pictures of distant spring have been "cherry elixir" for low times... pictures of youthful Idyllettes equally refreshing. EP, you are so wise to have the history documented. I was not so far thinking. Many of the photographs in the boxes from my late aunt's home are unidentified, and Mum is not really a reliable source of information. Poignant reminder that I am the last of my family. The only things we ever really "own" are our memories, it's terribly important to create pleasant ones, and learn to chuckle those that time reveals as rather inconsequential even though they were "big" at the time.

What sorts of services are available for MIL, Babs.? We have a terrific visiting nurse service in our community; when Mum returned home after the debacle of "rehabilitation facilities" she was able to have in-house OT, PT, and an aid who helped her bathe 3 times/wk.. I then signed her up for PT at the hospital, they even provided a ride. Is she being treated for depression or is she steadfastly refusing to "take anything", maintaining it's nothing she can't "handle" herself (been there, done that and it's the PITS). How much leeway do you and Chris have in speaking with her doctors? I have full medical POA and sit in on every visit and speak with the doctor candidly, I know the HIPA laws can make that very difficult if you don't have the legal paperwork taken care of. Who helps her bathe and prepare meals for herself, or is she capable of doing much of that unassisted? My brother is a wonderful man, but he was totally freaked out by the stroke (it happened at his house on Mum's first visit there!) and it was terribly hard for him to visit her at the rehab. places. But he did, on the days I didn't go, he was there. It was he who raised holy hell when she was transferred and he arrived at noon on a Saturday to find her STILL in bed, unfed, in urine soaked nightclothes and bedding. I'd've loved to have been a fly on the wall at the nurse's station and in the administrative offices when he finished with them! I sympathize with your position, and if there is anything I could offer as something I learned "the hard way" please don't hesitate to ask. Have you checked out the Caregivers forum on That Home Site? it's pretty good, can be slow sometimes but there are lots of nice folk over there. Come to think of it, it might be a nice place for Gigi to visit, too!

Rhumba is basically a syncopated Foxtrot, the key is learning how to move your hips. And swingin' your backside ain't how it's done, lol, and it's a lot easier for ladies to get the proper hip movement down than for the men. Some favorite practice tunes for us were: "My Cherie Amour" Stevie Wonder, "Tangerine" and "More And More Amour", both by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. There are two ways to hold your partner's hand, too. One is the tradtional palms together, the other is less often seen; the man has his thumb "up" and you essentially hold onto it. Personally, I like that hold better, but many instructor's don't use it. Rhumba is typically danced close, you don't want your shoulders to move... only your hips and you take smaller steps. VERY pretty, very sensual, EASY TO PRACTICE in a limited space. One of my favorites; I'll be interested to hear how you like it, Deanne.

(I love Joni Mitchell, was watching "The Last Waltz" last night, adore "Coyote"! and many others.)

I'm getting a pimple on my chin... haven't had one in years... Wow!

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Babs.. been trying to keep up but might have missed if your MIL found a good functional motorized chair. There's a pharmacy in our area that has several models and will rent them for short periods. One of our friends who lost both feet used his inside and outside and was capable of living alone near his family who checked in daily. Another friend also uses one and can live independently. Mobility can make a big difference in self determination. good luck. EP

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Hi everyone,

I'm not even going to try to catch up. All the posts have been so interesting. Reading about caring for aging parents is rather sad. My dad just turned 69 and Mom will be 69 in Jan. So far they are doing well. They have problems but are doing OK. DH's Mom is 84, I think. His father died from Parkinson's complications about 8 years ago. It is sad to see your parents grow older and kind of sad to see yourself grow older too.

I am disappointed that I can't see all the pictures everyone is talking about:-(

EP, when I was in high school, one of my teachers had been stationed in Scotland while he was in the Air Force (I think) and had married a Scottish girl. Sometimes he would bring her to school and she would read Robert Burns poetry to us. I loved it!!

We had a wonderful weekend with DD1 and SIL. My parents and my cousin joined us for dinner Sunday. DD and SIL are working on buying some property to build a house on so we spent a lot of time looking at house plan books for ideas. In fact, I had to stop. My brain can only take so much hard thinking:-)

We're having sunny weather lately but quite cold. I was so glad it didn't snow when the kids came. It usually does and their car does terrible in the snow. They have a truck too but it's such a gas hog that they rarely drive it up here.

I'm very happy to report that my dear cousin arrived safely back to the US from his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. He will be able to spend a few days with his Mom for the holidays.

DH wants me to help him sand and put a 2nd coat of polyurethane on the shelving system he built for our bedroom closet. I tried sanding it earlier today but it was still a little tacky. So I'd better go:-)

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VG, you're one of the people I meant to mention, but forgot... it's ScotS-Irish (always remember that Scotch is liquor, lol). My family on Mum's side is of that lineage, too, but they trickled down from Nova Scotia and there is still a huge contingent of family there. Dad's family came from northeastern England, landing on the North Shore of MA. in the 1670s-80s, I think.

I lived in Ch'ville for one glorious year. I had to laugh at how Virginians drive in the snow... sorry, you guys don't get it, at all. I was going to work in about 4" of snow (nothing if you lived in norther NH before you moved) and people were blowing by me at 50 mph. I was doing a measured 35 mph because there was no evidence of snowplows. People were sliding through intersections, spinning out, sliding off the road. It really scared me that they had NO CLUE about slowing down. But they do the same thing in rainstorms! I was, however, delighted by their reaction to hot weather. Then, they slow down... they don't try to be super productive, they just plunk along, and they don't "sweat the small stuff". I really liked that outlook. I loved living there. The hardest decision I ever made was the one to move back to New England. I wouldn't hesitate to move south again! I learned the difference between a yankee and a damn yankee in a barber shop (best short hair cut available for short money), I laughed and laughed. The guys loved my "nohthehn New England" accent... cracked them up that I said, "hahlf" not "haff" for half... :)

Why can't you see the pictures? would it be more helpful if I posted my pictures as a link? I remember when I had dial-up and how long it took for the shots to load. I expressed similar disappointment and was roundly rebuffed. If a link would be easier for you, then I will restrict myself to that. Please advise, I don't know if links are easier for you, or not.

Yeah, it's not easy to care for an elderly, infirm parent. But you learn to adapt, and you learn to count your successes in smaller, less obvious ways. One thing is a certainty, we all get older, no stoppin' the clock. If you learn one thing from the posts on the infirm, please TALK about the liklihood of infirmaty with your parents... YOU will be in the line of fire and everything you do TODAY will make it easier in the long run. Trust me on this.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quickie to Ei,
"It's a Wonderful Life" is playing on Christmas Eve. Do you have Dish Network? If so channel numbers below. If not find NBC on your cable channels. Time is EST.

NBC [241]
December 24: 8:00PM

NBC-W [242]
December 24: 11:00PM


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I everyone. I just had a minute to quickly glance at the pics, love Ei with the snowmen progression:);)I really liked the pink rose with the maroon colored center. Pistil? Stamen? Not sure what you call it, but it was beautiful! And happy to see the smileys.

I didn't see GB posting though...maybe I missed it.

Sue Deanne, Monique gorgeous picture...

Cynthia, I don't know if I mentioned that I loved the pictures of your pups. I will have to peruse your list some more when I have a chance to get an idea of some cool seeds for next year.

Sad news at our house last week. Jenny had a miscarriage, last week, we got a phone call to go to hospital late one night. There is more to it, but don't want to be a downer. She is pretty upset, and I know her hormone levels are out of whack, which makes it that much harder. Today was my orientation day at the new job...thanks for all the thoughts guys!!! I am excited, I drove today, but think I am going to take the Rapid Transit instead. It isn't too bad going in, but coming out wasn't too much fun. I'd rather leave the driving to them.

Babs, I am so sorry about Chris' mom. It makes it doubly hard when the weather is so CCCCCcoooooollllddd. I about froze today. And there is ice on sidewalks, so it must be pretty hard for her.

Woody, I keep meaning to mention how cool all of your projects are. You are so creative! I never did tell you how much I liked your gate for the side.

Taryn, I hope your house sells soon. Maybe it will go really fast after the first of the year. I had an open house yesterday and no one stopped in. Too cold, and people are very busy. Of course the good news is that the people who are looking are serious buyers.

Okay, have to go get myself ready for tommorrow. I have to leave a lot earlier, because I until I feel like I know what I am doing as far as arrival, I don't want to take a chance on missing bus or being late. Especially since I opted out of the parking pass today.

V. Hope you are having a good week, and that you have some happy family bonding over the holiday. I know this is the last year my daughter will be single, and she is spending more and more time away from home, going to school, leaving the nest. Sometimes it is a little hard for me.
I hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful week. Let's get out the hot chocolate:)

My sister just walked in the door.. have to run..


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm here guys, just quietly so.

Clematis Petit June. (Seems mighty far off!)

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GB, have you started any seeds yet? That's a beautiful photo of Petit Faucon.

Ei, I loved the snowman sequence. Fun!

Drema, very sorry for Jenny's and your family's loss.

VG, wonderful that your cousin is home. Is this the last tour for him? I want everyone to be safe!

Chelone, sounds like you've moved to cable modem or other highspeed? I think people suggested patience or blocking the pictures when you had slow dial up before. Not sure why VG can't see some of the photos, it could be insufficient band width. VG, I don't think you've mentioned (or I missed it) why you can't see some of the pictures. Is it only on the Idylls that you have the problem?

I ate too much of Sue's broccoli recipe but it was really rich and really good. I did cut the butter in half though :)

Brenda, flaxseed oil is one of my favorite things. It has omega 3 and omega 6 and seems to be good for everything. My dogs and cats get it daily and so do I! And I'm not big on supplements. Not sure if i like the sound of flax muffins though. Hmmm :) Actually Taryn, this might help your exzema too.

I wonder what Bella's doing? And Kenzie? Maybe preparing for Santa.

Bedtime! Take care all, Cynthia

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Violets for friendship ...

Sorry I keep going against the flow !

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Cynthia I take 2 tbsp of flax oil per day, plus 2 tbsp of ground flax seeds (grind my own) for fibre, plus fish oil for more omega 3s. Not helping the eczema, though i need less moisterizer on my face, so it's helping something. :)

Drema, so sorry to hear of the miscarriage. While "wasn't meant to be" is sound advice, it sure isn't what we always want to hear.



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Down in the teens again here tonight.
V ..We're headed for the 4th coldest December ever...11 degrees below normal and the rest of the year every month we were 4 and 5 degrees ABOVE!...So TJ's is where you get 3 buck chuck. We've looked for it around here but never found it and I don't know where the closet TJ's is to me.
Eileen..Lily is my spastic tortie cat..not my favorite but easiest to write and remember when I first registered here about 3 or 4 years ago. ..We here in PA love our electric candles. I have had them in my windows for 25 years ..year round and always lit. DD has them just for Xmas time. Funny when they were making the movie Witness here, people from CA were remarking about the candles..BTW..Did I ever mention that I actually ran smack into Harrison Ford in a small booth at an antique show when he was making that movie. I di d not know who he was altho I had seen all his movies till that time. I remarked to my friend when I saw him as we entered the show.."wow..look at that!"..Just a handsome man. It wasn't till I tried to buy something and the person who had the booth was at the door looking out..saying she just loved him and his movies..I have a photo of me as a kid in a backyard SO similar to yours w/ the same fence and the same snowman and I was about the same age..Did you know Chelsea Clinton was named for that song ?
Babs..I would be so angry if incompetence played a role in your MIL's amputation. Maybe an antidepressant would help her. Hope things improve...Sylvia

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Drema, sorry to hear the sad news. Nothing anyone can say can soothe the disappointment, I'm sure. It made me smile that you're opting for rapid transit; I'm wishin' I had that option. I would be the same way, leaving early so I didn't have to feel rushed while "following the bread crumbs".

I don't think I've ever actually encountered a "famous" person out in the "real world"... well, yes I have! I met Bobby Orr (used to play for the Boston Bruins hockey team) in my neighbor's kitchen (neighbor's father worked for the radio station that broadcasted the games). He was quite tall, and very friendly to 12 year olds, as I recall. Do you know what Harrison purchased? anything cool like a spitoon or rug beater? ;)

Had a rough night with Mum last night. She was very crabby about hooking up the collection jug ("I've never had to that before, it's always done when I'm ready to go to sleep"); she's been doing it for close to 18 mos, now. She can be very stubborn and moves very slowly to make the point that she isn't happy. It was not the thing to do last night. I finally lost my temper with her, snapping that she simply needed to read the directions and follow them one by one; even my patience (of which I have plenty, Cynthia ;) ) can run dry every so often. I didn't sleep well, thinking about seeping coolant in the car and all the little details I have to get taken care of in the next couple of days. Oh well, I'll sleep well tonight, doubtless.

OK, time to rally Mum and get her up the stairs and to the breakfast table where my able-bodied helpmeet will take over and "feed and water" her.


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Good Morning,

About the pictures...I do have dial-up and it's quite slow but I really don't understand why I get some pictures and don't get others. I don't get any pictures from Photobucket because several threads back I was trying to get the thread to load faster so I somehow clicked an option to "never receive images from this site" and now I don't know how to get that option again so I can change it! So I've not seen any of Michelle's pics since I did that and I haven't seen any of Sylvia's, Monique's or Chelone's. But sometimes I see the pictures from Deanne, GB, Marian, Taryn, Sue, Ei and others and sometimes I don't. Sometimes there is an image box and sometimes there is just an empty space. This morning when I refreshed, I saw GB's clematis and Marian's violets (all lovely!!) So I don't know what the deal is! As I had mentioned awhile back, if I don't comment on your picture, it's because I haven't seen it:-) I am SO grateful that I could get all of Deanne's driveway pictures. Hmm, come to think of it, I think I always see all the pics on the daylily forum.

Chelone, Michelle made a link for me to see her pictures once but I still couldn't see them but I guess that was because I had clicked the option not to ever see photobucket images. I wish I could undo it! I don't know if it would work from another "image provider" I would love to see your fireplace and your pets:-)

Studying our family history has always been one of my favorite hobbies:-) DD had an author at her store for a book signing back in Sept or Oct from Ulster, Ireland. He's written several books about the Scots-Irish in the Carolinas and TN. DD got me 3, all autographed of course, and I've been really enjoying them.

Re the snow: I had to chuckle at your description of the Ch"villians driving in the snow. Fortunately, here in the mountains drivers have a very healthly respect for snowy roads and do a better job of it:-) We get enough snow that they've learned:-) Now me, I am terrified of snowy roads and avoid them at all costs. DH does wonderfully and I even avoid going anywhere with him unless its an emergency. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your year of living in Virgina. I think I had mentioned before that we spent 9 summers (late April to mid Oct) in Maine and I loved every one of them:-) I wou'd probably feel differently about winters though! It seems to me that we don't get as much snow as we did when I was a child. I remember that we always had snow before Thanksgiving and there was snow on the ground from then until March. And we got snow in feet not in inches! I can remember the older neighbor boy wadeing snow to his waist to get to the school bus (we had to walk a mile to get to the highway) and I couldn't go to school because the snow was too deep for me to walk in. Our principal NEVER closed school when other schools in the county closed. Now they close school if the grass is white.

About regional accents: I went into a restaurant in Jackman, ME to order a pizza for some friends and as soon as I spoke, the owner said "You're from southwestern Virginia, aren't you?" I was startled that he could pin down my accent so specifically. He said his barracks mate in the army was from SW VA and he had never forgotten the accent. We do sound different from eastern VA and from places farther south..GA, AL. I guess the Scots-Irish influence is in there somewhere:-)
Language is another thing that fascinates me. I loved hearing and analyzing all the regional accents when we planted trees and had workers from all over the US and several other countries. I learned that people from Northern England spoke differently than those from southern England and the same from Spain and Mexico. We had one fellow from Mexico City who gave me a demo of all the regional accents in Mexico. In all these countries the northerners tend to speak faster and the southerners slower, at least according to the folks from those countries. I don't know why but find it very interesting. I love the way people from Minnesota pronounce their O's.

Re elderly parents: I know:-( We have talked about it back when my parents were caring for their parents. My parents made me promise to put them in nursinig homes when they were unable to take care of themselves. I was reluctant to make that promise and they got quite upset with me. Finally I did promise to do that "when I became unable to care for them myself". That promise seems to satisfy them. Being an only child there is only me and my 3 kids to help care for them. DH has a brother and 3 sisters to help with his mom. They did end up putting my grandpa in but grandma spent every day with him. Then they put grandma in when she developed dementia. She was the one who hated the idea of being in a nursing home and the funny thing was, she was quite happy. She thought that Daddy owned it and she was running it. The staff went along with her:-) She found herself a boyfriend down the hall and they sat together everyday until he died. When he died she seemed to forget about him quickly. My mom's father died suddenly with a heart attack and grandma died with cancer, cared for at home. Oh, this is making me sad. Time to change the subject. Sorry you had a rough night with your Mum.

Drema, so sorry about Jenny. I hope things are getting a bit better now.

Cynthia, Unfortunatly my cousin will be up for a third tour of duty in Iraq in a year. He is in the Air Force and is making a career of it like his father did. He's been in either 14 or 16 years and I always forget which it is.

I haven't fixed breakfast yet and I'm getting hungry. BTW we did get those cabinets sanded and the 2nd coat of poly on them last nightso I'm hoping that after DH's PT we can get them into the closet and I can start clearing out the boxes under the bed:-)
Hi to everyone else!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is still quite dark out my window and 14F. We expect it to reach a high of about 26 today.

DS may turn up with a friend for the weekend which would be NICE! He would need some home made cookies....

Many things on our minds with grades to submit for this term's courses, work on our gravel watch organization, decisions about the riding mower, settling Mom's estate still, etc etc etc. One thing to keep me going is watching the new clematis offerings for 2006. Things are not settled here about remaining on the farm, so no big seed planting is on my mind. Yet, I did collect some and have old ones, so later on I may get motivated.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning all!

Drema, I'm so sorry to hear of Jenny's miscarriage. I've got two nieces who have lost babies in the last couple of months. Such a terribly sad thing, and it seems there is so little I can do to comfort them. Both are wonderful parents...the kind of people you'd like to see have a dozen kids.
Good luck on your new job.

'Bug-gorgeous photo, as usual. I just love Petit Faucon. I moved mine this past fall, and can't recall where I put it. No matter, it's all in the garden notes I took...they're somewhere in this pile of rubble I call an office :)

VG-Seems that I recall you use Mozilla or something for a that right? Deanne told me how to block them, then load them one by one for IE. Maybe someone that uses your browser can clue ya in on how to do that. I would wait for ages, then get a message that the page wouldn't load. I do not miss dial-up one bit. The satellite connection made my online shopping this year a breeze. I can spend money at the speed of light now, lol!

Cynthia-Your instincts are right on about the flax muffins. Taste exactly like you would expect health food to taste :( They seem pretty dry. The only liquid was milk and egg, personally I think some applesauce would help. No matter, cuz I'm not making them again. I can find tastier ways to eat my flax meal. I like it in yogurt, but thought I would try the muffins, since they have less sugar.

Marian, your violets are just adorable. I've got wild ones that pop up around the yard. They can get carried away with themselves, but they're just so pretty I let them do what they want. Since my yard is mainly an assortment of weeds, anyway, I figure the wild violets are the best of a bad lot.

Taryn, my chiropractor's wife told me to try cod liver oil capsules. They're both in their 70's, and she said she hasn't been to a doctor since she was in her 30's. She started taking them for joint pain. Says she's up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day, with no problem with her kness. Worth a shot. I've only been taking them for a bout a week.

Chelone-hopefully the coolant leak is a minor hose or something. I'd say you've got enough to try your patience. I'm just not sure how good a care-giver I would be. My Mom has discussed health care issues with all of us kids, and has all her paperwork in order. MIL, on the other hand, refuses to even deal with the possibility that she may need help at some point. She's more of an "ignore it and it'll go away" person. My family will discuss just about anything, crack jokes along the way...makes things much easier to deal with.

It's bitter cold out this morning. Why is it that, although both dogs need to go out, they can't go out at the same time?? Sarah always has to have the door opened especially for her, whether she's coming in or out :( I guess she's just trying to help me wake up--that cold air across bare feet and up the nightshirt will do it for ya! While they were out I started coffee, and tidied up the kitchen. By the time Gus wanted in, I still wasn't dressed, so I guess I'm not too bright, either, lol! Sarah is hilarious...she jumps in front of the door. Gets just high enough that you can see her eyes and her ears flapping. They're both curled up warm and cozy and sound asleep again.

Time for a shower and to hit the stores. Meant to be headed out earlier than this, but the coffee tasted good, and I thought I'd play just one game of spider solitaire. There is no such thing as just one game..........

Later, gang!

PS-VG, if you right click on where the picture should be, do you get a menu with the option to "show picture"? Maybe you can get the PB pics that way.

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Marian sometimes those who swim 'against the flow' develope more stregnth. I feel that way a lot too. We love the wild violets but don't wan't them to take over in our smaller garden spaces. They have 2 kinds of flowers. The little seed bearing flowers are underneath the foliage and scatter the seed. Marie, your clems are always beautiful. VG can you bring up our pictures from our PictureTrail site on our home page? I have wondered , because we have dial up and sometimes when I am attempting to post a picture they load very slowly. Sometimes the entire album doesn't load and I need to click on the red x to get the picture I want to show. Also, I have noticed when viewing other's photos that Photobucket seems to load much slower than PictureTrail... Photobucket seems to be more used on the Cottage forum. Good morning to everyone. There isn't a lot to share from here. Our thoughts are with you. EP

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Brenda, try this way of eating flax. Blend equal parts of flax seed and walnuts. Blend in date sugar to taste. Use as a sprinkle on toast or cereal, or whatever. Date sugar is just ground, dried dates. Lots of Omega 3's in walnuts too:-) In fact, I believe that 1/4 cup of walnuts suppilies more than one needs for a day.

I have a Mozilla browser but DS says its not Foxfire. No, I don't get the menu option to show picture:-( LOL about spending money at the speed of light!

GB I can see your lovely pictures!!! Wow you do have a lot to think about. Sometimes I get so tired of thinking and I'm an analyizer. Sometimes it just wears me out and I have to MAKE myself stop thinking about serious stuff. It's good that you can think about clematis and give your mind a rest.

It was 9 degrees here this morning but the sun is up. I think it's supposed to be in the 30's today.

DH says he wants to hang the closet system before he goes to PT!!! That means I can work on organizing while he's gone and perhaps we can do something else when he gets home. BTW good news from PT. They have been able to raise his shoulder 15 degrees!!!
Off to hang a closet shelf:-)

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I noticed when submitting the above from preview that the ads at the bottom were suggesting links for downloading joni mitchell. I am going to see if it happens again. Hmmm... when I checked again they were advertising flax seed. ... the ads seem to be very word sensitive. EP

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! More bitter cold, but it's supposed to slowly warm up by the end of the week. We've have fairly consistent snow cover since Thanksgiving, which is unusual for our area.

I had a meeting last night which we combined with a small Christmas party and white elephant grab bag. We did the present-stealing game, so for a short time I had a pretty cool stepping stone, but I went home with 8 small apothecary jars filled with candy. :( I had brought a set of bamboo wind chimes that I won in a raffle this summer; my DH absolutely hates all wind chimes so they had to go. The woman who ended up with them actually collects wind chimes.

Drema, so sorry to hear anout Jenny's miscarriage. I hope she has a speedy recovery and that all turns out well.

Chelone, I hope you have a better, non-annoying day. It's tough to "not sweat the little things" when the little things start piling on. I think that car problems are my personal "hot button" issue. I hate dealing with them and wish that cars would just work all the time.

I never started coloring my hair for one simple reason. I've seen too many people who let their roots go far too long, so it's very obvious that they color their hair but have neglected it a little too long. And I know that would be me if I colored my hair, so I never started in the first place!

Brenda, do you know the definition of a door? It's something that a dog is always on the wrong side of. Especially in cold weather!

Sylvia, I looked up the Trader Joe's website to see if there was anything in your area. There's a handful of stores in the Philapelphia area, but none of them sell beer & wine, so no three buck Chuck in your neck of the woods!

You mentioned that you had Andrew Weil's new book. Let us know what you think of it; I don't tend to read a lot of health-oriented books but his looks interesting.

Marie, I borrowed your wintry scene for my computer desktop. Only the grass betrays that it is really a color photo and not B&W. Hope you have a nice visit from your son.

I started on a new book last night. It's called The Number by Lee Sternberg, and it's a different look at retirement planning. His premise is that you need to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life before you can decide how much money you need to retire with. I'm just into the intro right now so I don't have any wisdom to impart on that but the book is interesting to read. Very timely for us also. DH has a job perk of a meeting with a financial planner. He ran out some scenarios for us; under the first set of assumptions we run out of money in our 70's, but a minor tweak keeps us going into our 80's and another tweak has us dying in our late 90's with $35 million left. Quite a difference, eh? I kind of question that last number since we aren't starting with anywhere near $35 million. Since the women in my family have this track record of dying at 69, maybe we just go for it and spend it all??? Okay, enough of that. But the book does look interesting.

I just heard Ted Allen on NPR and he had a great recipe for a butternut squash pie. I may try this for Christmas Eve.

Time to stop Babs-ling and work. Where is Babs today?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

VG, when you come out of the closet (sorry, another bad joke!) you might consider downloading Firefox. It's a free download, a nice browser, and if you replace your current browser with it you can start fresh without the blocked picture problem. Just a thought!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V's book is The Number by Lee Eisenberg. (I tried to look it up) I recommend EVERYONE do their reading on this topic NOW! You certainly won't be able to take care of Mom or Dad or the kids if you have no funds, no medical coverage or no place to call home. Plan on all fronts.

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Ihavemoretimetohitallthesubjects; )ThatcoffeewasprettygoodImadeitfullstrengthtodayandit'snot

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The ad next to my previous post begins DON'T READ and then goes on to blather about audio tapes. I find that offensive. There is certainly a place for tapes in our world, but reading should NEVER be discouraged.
Also, I have no idea what kind of business Kohl's is, but their ads are obnoxious and I certainly would avoid them if they were nearby!
Really, I'm not in a bad mood! :-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks, Marie, for looking that up! Sternberg, Eisenberg, Iceberg... I'm not sure if it's the eyesight, the brain capacity or both!

Wishing Babs the best of luck on her science project to document the effects of massive caffiene doses on the human brain.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We are getting light snow ...not predicted to amount to much , but I've heard that before . Actually , I would welcome a nice big snow . We certainly need the moisture .

Marie , if you do have to move , will you move most of your clems ? I think I have reached the stage where I would not be too upset about leaving all that I have planted .
I hope evrything smoothes out for you soon .
Nice contrast with your two views , both are pretty .

Drema , I'm sorry about Jenny . I hope she is taking it okay . My second pregnancy was in the tube , and the tube ruptured . Almost wound up my little ball of yarn ! I had had earlier suspected miscarriages , at very early stages .

Babs , I am truely sorry about your mom's leg snafu . That is inexcusable . It makes me increasingly reluctant to have any sort of surgery ( although I have had many , and no serious problems ). I am also reluctant to take prescribed meds .

Chelone , So sorry about the added problems for you , espacially your mum's memory problems . That is so sad .
I hope the car has a warranty .
You said that you are the last of your family . Does your brother have children ?

VG , your mentioning your 69 year old parents in connection with 'aging' parents sort of seems premature in this age when people live to be into their 90's . I am 73 , and think 69 isn't that old ! Of course everyone ages differantly . That is amusing about your GM thinking the nursing home was owned by her son ( am I correct about that ? ) , and that she was running it . How nice of the staff to go along with her . If I get to needing care , I opt for a care facility ... not a family member .
That is good news about your cousin . I wish all of 'our' service people could come home .
Sorry about your inability to see a lot of the pictures . I hope you can figure out how to undo that setting .

Sylvia , I like the idea of the electric candles in your windows year around .
We are headed for a record cold December here , too . Makes me wonder what January will be like .

The mention of 'Chelsea' reminds me ... One of our friend's 2 grandaughters lost their dad about a week ago . ( The girl's names are Vicky and Chelsea ). The dad was only in his 50s , and it happened at home right while the girls were there . It is such a sad situation . The girl's parents divorced years ago , and they have lived from one place to another . Part of the time they were with the grandparents ,( that are members of our congregation ) .Now they are back with their mom , and left Monday morning to go live with her in Mississippi . I really doubt that it will work out . Their mom is not 'mom' material . ( I've known the mom since she was a girl .) The girls are both teens now , but a ways from adulthood . I wouldn't be surprised if they get married much too young , just to get away from 'home' . So sad .

Sorry about all the 'unrest' between fathers and daughters , and husbands and wives . I never had a problem with my father , I knew what was expected of me ( as a farm hand ) and very seldom failed to conform to his expectations . We never had school activities that I expected him to go to . My mom went to the christmas programs , and that was enough for me . I don't think any of us had any other type of activity , no music , no dancing , no sports , no 'theater' . I'm sure that is now considered a very dull life . I really don't think any of us suffered from the lack of extracurricular activity , but then ...we were farm children . We made up our own activities , when we weren't occupied with our farm chores .
I wonder what our lives would have been like if we had been city children . ( That is another of the things I 'think about' ! lol )

V , good for you for working on the brush despite the cold . I keep telling myself that I am going to get out on the warmer winter days and cut brush , and generally clean up ... then I find so many excuses to not do it ! :-(
I am such a procrastinater !

Brenda , did you say why you are no longer doing oatmeal for breakfast ? I am thinking I ought to try it again . I ate it for awhile , but saw no differance with my cholesterol . Tim said it worked wonders with his .

Taryn , maybe I should try the flax seed oil and seed . I am happy with the results of the Ginkgo and St. John's Wort .

Okay , I hope I was less 'controversial ' this post ! ;-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I few jollies about aging to share:

I feel like my body has gotten totally out of shape, so I got my doctor's permission to join a fitness club and start exercising. I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down,and perspired for an hour. But, by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over.

Reporters interviewing a 104-year-old woman: "And what do you think is the best thing about being 104?" the reporter asked. She simply replied,"No peer pressure."

I've sure gotten old. I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees. Fought prostate cancer and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. Have bouts with dementia. Have poor circulation; hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. Can't remember if I'm 85 or 92. Have lost all my friends. But, thank God, I still have my driver's license.

An elderly woman decided to prepare her will and told her preacher she had two final requests. First, she wanted to be cremated, and second, she wanted her ashes scattered over Wal-Mart. "Wal-Mart?" the preacher exclaimed. "Why Wal-Mart?" "Then I'll be sure my daughters visit me twice a week."

Remember: You don't stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing.

THE SENILITY PRAYER : Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

And for Babs: It's scary when you start making the same noises as your coffeemaker.

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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

I'm not sure if Mozilla's much different from Mozilla's Firefox which I use....
but there should be a 'tools' option for your browser and then a list of different choices. My AdBlock listing is in there. That's where I had to delete a url in order to stop blocking images from a site that I'd accidentally blocked. I found it in the preferences tab.

Don't know if that will help you or not since it's a different browser (but aren't they soooooo much better than using IE?!!!)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone,

It is going to be a lovely sunny day here. It will stay in the 20s but Ill take that over warmer and cloudy any day. We finally put the Christmas tree up on Sunday and had a lovely family day with Doug and DD. I was a bit tired after my marathon chatting session with Sue the night before but it was a lovely day. ~~ His nibs, Rahjii, did his yearly attack the garland routine. We were laughing so hard I thought Id wet my pants. That cat is a scream a minute. I dont know why he cant resist leaping into a pile of Christmas garland but Im glad he does it as it is pretty funny.

Here is Doug getting the tree assembled and retrieving the garland from Rahjiis claws. Notice the size of the ladder we need to get to the top of this behemoth tree. LOL

The Santa corner

So last night we had our last Fox trot lesson in this series and we learned a Fallaway then he added a turn for the ladies in the Fallaway. Whew! In six weeks weve learned three months worth of Fox trot. The instructor was trying to get us to enter a dance competition in February in the amateur category for our age groups. I told him that I didnt know they had an old fart category. LOL the funniest thing was that all four of us burst into laughter when he mentioned it. We talked to him about starting to learn Rumba in January. I think Doug and I are going to start going to the socials on Friday evenings after the first of the year. How neat! Doug is REALLY enjoying himself. I just love doing something as a couple other than going out to dinner.

EP, I noticed the Joni Mitchell ads at the bottom of the page also.

VG I cant believe it is colder there than here today. ~~ Great news about your DHs improving range of motion. The PT Doug saw after his broken leg did wonders. If he hadnt been good about seeing the PT and doing the exercises he might have walked with a limp the rest of his life.

Brenda, Im so impressed with your dedication to changing your eating habits. I know how difficult that is and you are doing so well. Kudos! ~~ LOL about the dogs. My kitties are the same way. Never on the right side of the door, especially this time of the year.

Marie, lovely pics! The winter one makes a beautiful black and white composition. The contrast is amazing and that photo of Petit Faucon is gorgeous. What a gorgeous color!

Chelone, sorry for your continuing difficulties with your Mom. It looks like youve got some difficult decisions coming up. As Ive said I dont think I could walk the path you are on. Dont know what Id do in similar circumstances and Id better start thinking about it as Im the daughter who lives the closest to my Mom. ~~ RE Rumba I cant wait to see Doug try to do the appropriate hip movements. WE are already laughing at ourselves over it but he is willing to give it a whirl.(so to speak)

Sylvia, how neat you saw Harrison Ford in person. Doug wound up sitting next to Gary Collins on a flight from Boston to LA one time. He was quite impressed with him.

RE flax seed. I used to put it on my oats in the mornings but I found it gave me acne for some reason. It really must have a ton of oil in it because my face got shiny like a teenager when I took it.

Hi Drema, great to hear from you. So sorry about the sad news. ~~ Neat that you can get public transportation to work.

Babs, sounds like your days are pretty busy. Sorry about MIL. What a worry that is for you. I guess I dont remember that the whole thing started with improper treatment of a wound. That makes my blood boil. ~~ I know several people who are diabetic and dont take care of themselves and it makes me crazy. They seem to ignore the fact that they are causing themselves irreparable damage. For some reason they seem to have the attitude that if they dont think about it, the situation doesnt exist. ~~ So how are you doing about staying out of the cookies. I succumbed to Sues whoopee pies on Saturday night and it is a good thing I didnt take any home with me or Id have eaten them. Sue makes killer whoopee pies.

Speaking of Sue, I forgot to tell you all how fabulous she is looking. All the exercise and weight training she is doing is looking really good on her. Her arms and shoulders are so toned and fit. And I know she would look like a million bucks in a bikini. How many ladies her age could look great in a bikini??? Ill bet not too many. Congratulations Sue, your hard work is paying off.

Taryn, how great youve found a skin product that works! LOL about not going down without a fight in the hair and ageing skin dept. I agree 100%. I guess I must have a streak of vanity somewhere. I think it has to do with looking like a normal person after being morbidly obese for most of my life. ~~ It is terrific that Bruce is continuing to do well but heartbreaking that it wont continue. I cant imagine being in Gigis situation with young children. Does she have any support groups she could participate in?

Michelle, those ice photos are just gorgeous.

Marian, I have oats for breakfast every morning and my cholesterol levels are really good. Oatmeal is just plain good for you. I think Brenda may not be having it anymore because of her limiting carbs in her diet now. For me now a day without oats is like a day without sunshine! LOL Just kidding.

Eileen, your snowman post is wonderful! How fun. I havent built a snowman for such a long time. Maybe this winter will be a year for snow angels and snowmen. Youve inspired me. ~~ I love Joni Mitchell. Ive sung so many of her songs in my time. My very favorite is called Urge for Going. Most people dont know she wrote this. It was recorded by Tom Rush and I think Mary Black.

I woke today and found
The frost perched on the ground
It hovered in a frozen sky
And gobbled summer down.
When the sun turned traitor cold
And all the leaves stand shivering in a naked row

I get the urge for going but I never seem to go.
I get the urge for going,
When the meadow grass is turning brown
And summertime is falling down
Winters coming in.

I had me a man in summertime
And he had summer colored skin.
Not another girl in town
My darlings heart could win.
But when the leaves fell to the ground,
And bully winds came and pushed them face down in the snow.
He got the urge for going and I had to let him go.

He got the urge for going,
When the meadow grass was turning brown,
And summer time was falling down.
Winter's coming in.

The warriors of winter
Give a cold triumphant shout.
All thats left is dying
All thats living is getting out.
See the geese in chevron flight,
Flapping and a racing on before the snow.
They got the urge for going and I guess theyd better go.

They get the urge for going.

Ill ply the fire with kindling,
Pull the blankets up to my chin.
Lock the vagrant winter out,
And bolt my wandering in.
Id like to call back summertime,
Have her stay for just another month or so.
But Shes got the urge for going and I guess shed better go.

She gets the urge for going,
When the meadow grass is turning brown
And all her empires are falling down
Winters coming in

Yes I get the urge for going,
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down.
Winters coming in.

V. Im so very happy your family has resolved the hurt feelings issues. I love that you broke out in dance!!!! Just because we are getting older doesnt mean we cant be lighthearted and have fun. I break into song often. It used to embarrass DD horribly so I had to curtail my singing in what she considered inappropriate places when she was with me. LOL ~~ BTW you really could keep the cold out that way. I wouldnt mind it one bit.

OK so all you Midwest Idyllers, Whats up with Idyllunion 2006??? Are we still on for this coming year? Ive got some customers who want to schedule seminars and a wedding in June so would like to have some idea what dates you are looking at if that is possible.

Now Ive taken WAY too much time with this and have to scoot and get the rest of my presents wrapped. Have a great day all.

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Good morning everyone!

Drema, I was very sorry to read about your daughter's miscarriage. She's been in my thoughts often and I hope she's doing okay.

What's been happening here? Nothing much! I need some of Bab's coffee! ;o)

It was fun to see Rahjii playing in the garland. Deanne you have a lovely tree.

GB, I liked your photos of the fence...the wintery scene and the blossom covered pics are both beautiful.

V, it sounds like you handled the situation just right between your hubby & daughter. I'm glad it worked out and hopefully it will stop any further hurt feelings in the future.

EP, I never told you how nice it was to 'see' you. :oD You look lovely in purple and I'm hoping you share more photos of your baskets. I've always wanted to learn to basketry....maybe some day I will try my hand at it.

Sue, you, Deanne & Monique looked great! It was a treat to see the three of you enjoying being together again.

Ei, it is always so good to see your posts!

Cynthia....hello! How did things work out for the people who are interested in Rippie? I enjoyed seeing the slumber party photos and always get a smile from your descriptions of the dogs' newest finery that they are sporting for the season. :oD

Woody......your planter benches are neat! Did you draw up the plans for them? I wanted to show Jim the photo and let him know they'd look great on our unfinished deck. ;o)

I need to brave the crowds today. We're out of necessities like coffee, bagels and yogurt. I dread going into the stores this week but if I work it right and buy smart I won't have to go back until after Christmas and that thought will keep me going. ;o)

I've been curious about Idyllunion 2006 also......

I'd better get off to the stores while I still have energy, desire, fortitude and willingness to stand in line for far too long.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Crimenalities! (sp???) Idyllunion 2006 planning right before Christmas? You folks have no heart. ;)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Deanne is famous once again. Check out the URL below!

To answer Marian, I have no idea yet what I will do about a move if it is to happen. (It will be some time before this is all figured out.) There are so many possibilities that it boggles my 'mind'. Maybe I should get Taryn & Glenn to buy it! I think at my age and stage of the game, that I would like to keep choice plants that have sentimental value...if we should move to a place where I can bring plants at all. If we were to move outside of Canada, that would be impossible. The trick would be budgeting enough money to work on a new garden. I'd also want people who care about plants to remove the best of them to their properties. But we don't always get what we want, and I'd deal with it. My goal has always been to leave the place better than I found it, but these days you never know. A shopping mall could be built on top of it all! As Joni Mitchell said...they'd "put up a parkin' lot".

VG, I think that your husband's shoulder improvement by 15 degrees sounds amazing! He must be delighted.

As to famous people I've met...there are a few. I have met famous philosophers due to my Dad's research, but none you have heard of I suspect. One was the brother of Aldous Huxley, Sir Julian Huxley. He presented at the same congress as my Dad and I was allowed to attend when I was 18.
This year DH was honoured as a pioneer in Canadian Computing and it was awesome to be in a room of 60 famous computer pioneers who had influenced the history of computer science in Canada.
Many of you know that I attended Woodstock years ago, and so I saw many famous groups there. Also attended concerts in Monterey in California, as well as attending Janice Joplin's first Filmore West concert. That was memorable! And finally, I sat next to some famous golfer once when flying with my baby son in California. I had no idea who he was and he was shaken! All the stewardesses were fawning all over the place and I was dealing with burping the baby! I think I'd recognize the name...but it sure doesn't spring to mind! OK, it was 1971 and I think it was Lee Trovino.

It's still snowing.....

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Thanks Marie.. I needed that.. I went out and bought butter to make the cookies we have known as 'butterballs' (AKA 'nut balls') that I had stopped making before I turned into one. Cookie making 'used to be' a traditional part of holidays. I will look for the 'retirement planning' book for our 'children' .. who are approaching the point in life where we were when I read the book "Where to Retire on a Small Income".. we found it and love it even tho it is 'boring' to those who live at the 'speed of sound and light'... my thots are 'if you don't want to get run over keep off the freeway'... but here we watch for deer on the curves on the 2 lane hilly roads... and walk to the creek instead of to the mall. Walmart had intercom going on one side, radio going on another and Christmas Carolers were there 'entertaining'.. and I made a speedy exit thru the fast line. Time to go use the nuts and butter... EP

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

VG-Interesting! I had never heard of date sugar. Right now, I have to leave the cereal and toast alone, unless I pick breakfast to be my carb meal...and I like my big suppers a LOT ;) Lucky you, to have the new closet system. I just love organizing something like that! Congrats on hubby's PT-that's great!!

V-You and I must be cut from the same piece of cloth...I'd never be able to keep up with a color job. I'd always have roots showing. As it is now, my hair stylist is stunned at the amount of eyebrow she has to wax off every six weeks. Someday, maybe I'll get really good about plucking them. HA! Well, first off, I gotta find a good magnifying mirror. If I get close enough to see what I'm doing, there's no room between my face and the mirror to get the tweezers in there!!
I've resigned myself to being the door-woman to two spoiled rotten dogs. They'd be in big trouble if they weren't so darned adorable!

'Bug-I'm with you on never discouraging reading. I forced it on my kids, and of course, they both grew to love it. DS was grounded once (well, way more than once, but that's another story) and I told him he should start reading the Harry Potter series. He made the mistake of telling me he'd wait for the movie. I enjoy sarcastic humor, but don't find sarcastic children all that amusing. So, he had to start reading the first one, and tell me what was going on, so I knew he was reading it. Next thing you know, he was after me to go buy the FOURTH book. And, they both get books every year for Christmas. I'm a big believer in reading the book before you see the movie...the story is just so much richer. BTW, I'm going to have to back up and see what's all this talk about you moving-I've missed something here.

Marian-I stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast because I'm only eating carbs one meal a day. I've discovered that I'm insulin resistant, and carbs trigger insulin. So, I have them at supper, because I like bread or potatoes better than oatmeal :) It did help my cholesterol, though. That's why I'm figuring out where to stick in some ground flax. That's also good for lowering cholesterol. Keeps ya reg'lar, too ;)

Deanne, I've always thought that jumping into a big pile of sparkly garland looked like fun, too. I've just never come across a big enough pile of it! Your tree is GORGEOUS! Too cool that you and Doug are doing the dance lessons. It does seem like the only the only thing Jim and I do as a couple is go out to eat, or to a movie.
RE the eating habits....I was just so tickled to find out what was wrong with me, I don't mind at all changing my habits, if I know it's something I can stick with. I've tried the no carb thing, and it's just asking too much for me. I've yo-yoed my whole life, and just wanted to find a way to get it off and keep it off. This sounds like my kind of plan. I was getting to the point where I just felt like I was looking down a long, dark tunnel that went no where. According to what I've read, the carb addiction just makes depression worse, and kind of sets up a nasty cycle where you just eat more and more of the crap that's making you feel bad in the first place. I have to say, this is so simple, and I feel wonderful. I've already sent the book to my sister, my aunt, and my DD. If you saw a family picture of us all, it's all to obvious that we've all got the same thing going on. BTW, I'm down 8.5 pounds now! Okay, nuffa dat!
DD got over my bursting into song in public places. When she was little, she would get so MAD when I sang "Stormy Weather". I have no idea why, and she doesn't know either. Unless, maybe it's because I felt that it needed to be BELTED out......hey, some songs are just that way, ya know?

Just refreshed and saw 'bug's post. "I don't care 'bout spots on my apples, leave me the birds and the bees" Ah, Big Yellow Taxi.....a few years back, DD had a song she wanted me to listen to-and that's what it was. I thing Counting Crows remade it, and they did a pretty decent job-I'm not usually one for remakes. I didn't know you were at Woodstock..and you got to see Janice Joplin, too! The kids still can't tolerate when I play Mercedes Benz, lol!

I still didn't go shopping I live on the edge, or WHAT? Jim wants me to wait until tomorrow so he can go with me. Part of his Christmas duty is to figure out ONE present for each person we give gifts to. Lol, it's part of his forced therapy that I have him home schooling in a way. His idea of shopping was to get his Mom something with a pig on it, one sister got cows because she has a dairy herd, and the other sister got horses because she always liked horses. Now, he's required to spend some time actually thinking about each person and what they might need or enjoy. He likes to have my input while he's choosing. Oh, and I had to tell him that he could NOT buy me a new tape measure and call it a Christmas present, since he's the one that broke the old one. It was pretty could see him mentally scratch that off the list, lol!
I did get all the gifts I have so far wrapped. Probably just as well that I didn't shop, as I'm babysitting an 8 & 6 year old this evening. I prefer to do something with them, rather than park them in front of the TV, so I'll have to see what activity I can come up with.
Later, all!

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This is another drive by....cuz I'm cruisin'along handling house cleaning and cookie making and other things that come along.
Deanne-yes I am going to make cookies and not EAT them!Ever since I tried eating no/few carbs I lost the desire for cookies!I eat 'good' carbs now but not the cookies. Ask again after the cookies have finished baking: )

Brenda the flaxseed issue is interesting to me. Chris had borderline high cholesterol when he was tested two years ago and wanted to try an exercise program to see if it made a difference. He road cycles and runs(I guess that's cross training huh) but he also takes flaxseed oil in a few oz. of fruit juice each day. We also buy "I can't Believe It's not Butter"since it has no cholesterol and he only eats egg substitutes(he loves omeletes)so who knows what in that combination worked but his cholesterol is now normal and he lost the weight he had gained through the years from my excellent cooking(cough, cough-just laugh with me about the cooking; ). I'm not sure which idylls would remember when we had a scare with a growth on Chris' neck(that was two years ago)and the doc wasn't even sure what it was other than it wasn't a tumor. Anyway, once Chris continued with his workouts the 'growth' disappeared. I actually wondered if he had a weakened blood vessel wall that was bulging but the docs never came up with that-lower cholesterol means the pipes flow easier so I do wonder if that contributed to it.
I'm so glad you have been able to lose the weight-and especially that you know you feel more energized!

Since I'm not supposed to be here I better go! Full comments later...really!


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hmmm.. glad I went back to read the recipes thread and decided not to make butter cookies. They are a nice memory tho. EP

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

T - the planter bench plan is one I downloaded from the link below. I'm making one bench 6' long and one the original 3' - the plan calls for two 3' benches but I wanted a longer one to run down the long side of the patio. I had extra cross-bars cut for support and will add legs under the center of the 6' side because it would be too weak otherwise. The bottom trim and top trim on the boxes are a bit off in size - I'm not sure whether that's a problem with the plans of whether Barb's boyfriend, who cut the wood for us, was a bit off in his measurements. It's not a big deal in any case. I didn't use the plywood with the circular hole that is in the plan because I wanted more flexability in the size of pots to use. I added L shaped corner brackets to the top and bottom frames to help keep thing square in the absence of the plywood pieces. We also are assembling it with screws, not the nails the plans call for, because I think screws make for a stronger construction. I'm sure building the planter bench would be a piece of cake for your DH! Marian - I think you had wondered what I was going to put in the boxes...? At this point, I'm thinking of using large pots of variegated spiderplants. I had a big pot of them in the front this year and they grew amazingly well outdoors in a somewhat shady spot so I think they'd do well on the fairly shady patio.

((Drema)) I hope your daughter is doing OK - as best as one can in that situation.

Deanne - love that sleek kitty!

V - I was a financial planner for a few years in the 1980s. The (somewhat) joking perfect financial plan has one spending their last buck on their funeral :-) (The hard part, of course, comes in predicting the date of the funeral...:-)

I'm in the no-hair-coloring group and am a fading blonde.

Shortbread cookies baked here today to keep GB's nut ball cookies company. I think DH's and my cholesterol will be in serious trouble by the end of the holidays! Tomorrow I need to bake 4 batches of dog cookies - Christmas presents for Chelsea and Misty's doggie friends.... No spoiled pooches around here!

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Thanks everyone for the good advice about pictures!!!!
Da, I was able to follow your directions and delete 4 urls..1 photobucket, 2 picturetrail and 1 I don't remember. I clicked on Michelle's winter wonderland thread to see if it worked and it did!! I can see all the pictures there. Thank you!!

Now, where is the picture of Sue's party???

V, I'm going to talk to DS about downloading Foxfire. The white elephant grab bag sounds like fun. Would you rather have had the stepping stone? I meant to comment on the issue with your husband and daughter but while I was musing over what to say it all got resolved. So glad!! DH and all the kids were always having conflicts and now they're best of buddies:-) It sure is stressful fo everybody though. I loved the breaking out in dance too:-)

We finally did get the closet system in. This morning before he left, DH cut the hole in his set of shelves for the light switch and realized he had cut it on the wrong side:-( So he will have to patch it. DS and I put the rest of the shelves in while DH was gone. Right now they are working on the upstairs bathroom that DD uses.

Marian, I guess my parents are rather young:-) Yes it was my father's mother in the nursing home. My only extracurricular activity was cheerleading. Our school only had a basketball team but I was a cheerleader for 5 years (grades 8-12). My father made sure I got to the games but he left it up to me to find a way home afterward. As a mother, I cannot fathom leaving a teenaged daughter to find a ride home at 11 p.m. or later!!! but I always made it home safe and sound. Like I said, I have a lot of cousins:-) Actually I only have 3 first cousins, all children of Mom's sister. Cousin K lives near me and it's her dogs I babysit with. Her brother D is the one just back from Iraq and another brother M is a nuclear phyisist in MN. All the other cousins are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. When you only have three you have to count all those others:-) DH has 80 first cousins!!

GB enjoyed the aging jollies:-) What are gravel meetings?? Yes, DH is delighted with his progress. Congtrats to your DH for his computer honors. You must be very proud of him. Our best friends just sold their house in ME and she is facing moving favorite flowers. The new owners aren't very interested in gardening and won't be actually owning the house until August. I'm serioulsy thinking about going up and helping M get starts of all her plants and some for me too. She suggested it. It would be my last chance to see the place we spent so many happy summers.

Deanne, enjoyed your lovely pictures too:-) Yes, a good physical therapist means a lot! About the cold, I guess it's our elevation here. We're at 3000 ft and we're exactly 1 mile down in a valley. My parents, live in the house I grew up in and they're about 4500 or so I guess. The experts tell us that our climate is similar to New England and more so the farther up the mt you go. The top of the mountain has spruce and fir trees and ohter northern flora, and birds usually found much farther nuthatch, crossbills, ect. It looks a lot like Maine up there. That sure is a sad song.

I think it is super neat that you and Doug are having so much fun with the dancing lessons. It's nice when husbands and wives can do things together like that.

T, I'm with you on not braving the crowds except for necessities. I had to ask DH to get peanut butter today. Can't do without that!

Brenda, I like your DH's therapy sessions! You are a genius:-) Your posts just crack me up!

Babs, sounds like Chris has done a great job of taking care of his health. That growth on his neck must have bee scary. Glad its gone!

I too am in the no hair color group. Or is it the no color hair group? I would never be able to keep up with it. I can barely keep up with haircuts. My hair is dark ash blond with lots of silver streaks:-)

The planter bench looks like it's going to be awesome. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures when it's done.

For anyone who still has dial up, my Dad got us a switcher box that switches the lines (using call waiting) when a call comes in so the caller doesn't get a busy signal. The box rings and when you answer, it automatically kicks you offline. If the phone call is less than 1 minute it doesn't kick you off.

There have probably been a dozen more posts while I've been writing and answering the phone but I'm afraid I'll lose this if I refresh so here goes.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Not much to report from here. We're still eating our way through leftovers from the party. It took me all of Sunday to recover from staying up til 2:30 AM with Deanne. Tom went with me on my walk that day and then I lifted weights, took out stuff for dinner and fell asleep in a chair for almost an By all accounts the party was a success. Most people tend to leave right around the time I can finally sit down and have a normal conversation so I rarely get to really visit with anyone. It was nice to have Deanne, Doug, Monique and Les around to party with after hours.

This afternoon I had to have an old filling fixed. The dentist told me I didn't look thrilled-a rather foolish statement, don't you think? I asked him if alot of people who come in to have dental work look thrilled. He admitted that they did not. As luck would have it the novacaine wore off before it was time for dinner. The last time I had novacaine I bit of a chunk on the inside of my mouth chewing food because I was hungry and couldn't wait.

Cynthia, that broccoli casserole is my nana's recipe-from the times when no one had any idea what cholesterol was. Bacon and eggs were a breakfast staple. Everyone used real butter. Food was fried and salted but usually fresh and cooked at home. Men rarely made it out of their 60s but kids weren't obese. Go figure.

Criminentlies V, it's time to start planning for the idyllunion. Trust me.

Shortest day of the year tomorrow then it's all uphill. We have gained 3 minutes here at night since last week but are still losing it on the other end....tomorrow it starts to balance out. Yes, I'm a compulsive sunrise/sunset watcher but you've no doubt all figured that out already.


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"I asked him if alot of people who come in to have dental work look thrilled."

Sue that comment made me laugh: )and I can picture you saying it too. How fun,I'm having a filling replaced on Jan.4 Chris gets to have his done on Jan.3.(A great way to start 2006) What I'm most thrilled about is the root canal that will be coming up for me: ( I've had braces and a filling here and there,but a root canal doesn't sound like a thrill ride....I must not think about it(gives me the willies).

In the infamous words of V, I have a 'few moments of clam right now' so now I can talk at you ALL night: )
ANYWAY I was a fool to not commment earlier today this will be a novel trying to catch up...I'm not good at shortcuts when I talk ya think?

EP thanks for the ego booster about admiration. I think I was just having a slump day when I posted that but that admiration goes both ways-I think you know that. Now you do; )

Taryn-Well as far as Bruce goes,quality of life is so important I'm glad he is able to have the new chemo to give him more time and still function for as long as it can last. I am trying to wrap my brain around what it would be like to live moment to moment not knowing how soon I would lose the battle. Thank goodness that he has been able to do fun activities though I gather he also has exhausting days too.

Yeah Brenda you're so right-no matter how much money my MIL could be awarded she still has no lower legs-it doesn't get any simpler than that and it's so utterly wrong that it could even happen. Chris works with M.D.s and everyone that he tells the story to doesn't even blink an eye when they say the doctor should be sued-interesting because docs don't voice opinions like that so freely.
Thanks Sylvia for your thoughts-MIL is definitely angry about what has happened to her and that easily fuels the depressive feelings I am quite sure she has. Chris has had talks with her about help for depression but she will have nothing to do with that she says. For now we just do the best we can and help her as we are able.

I feel like I already said this-not sure-but I will color my hair as long as I don't end up with white roots. I know a woman up at school who has red hair but her roots are stark white and she waits forever to touch up so I have a hard time talking to eyes want to creep up to the runway stripe....oops sorry lol.

Taryn can you email me the name of that microdermabrasion stuff? Will I have a red face if I try it the first time??
Good luck with the house viewing today-that would be so exciting as a Christmas present!

Drema-I'm saying a little prayer for Jenny. I know that's a terrible thing to go through. Whether there's a reason or not it's such a deep hurt to experience. Hugs to all of you.
I hope your orientation went well and I hope it's a great job for you. So where do you pick up the rapid? I was wondering how long it takes. You can plow through books while you ride: )Do you knit?

Marian I liked your violets.

Chelone-I hope tonight is easier for your mom & you

Veggirl-That's great that you are involved in your geneology. It's sad that if there isn't a family member interested in their roots you end up not knowing information to pass on to the next generations. I like knowing where I came from. My mom has learned a bit of family info from her side and recently was contacted by a long lost cousin of my dad's who is giving her family info from my dad's side. Mom's got lot's of labeled photos and still gets the faces/names mixed up but I wish I had the time to compile all this stuff on the computer for her. I think she even has a geneology computer program but she left it untouched during my dad's illness and hasn't gotten back to am I rambling? yeah I know: )
That is such an ironic story about your grandma accepting nursing home care-you just never know how things will end up so I'm glad you were able to finally let her go into the home especially since she "owned" it-wonderful that the staff went along!
I think for that exact reason that we never know what our experiences will be healthwise as we age it's not fair to burden our kids with the "no nursing home"demand, I want my kids to do what is best for me and themselves. I'm certainly not going to be mad at them if they can't handle my care themselves. Educating them on what to look for in a home BEFORE I need it would be a priority(plus all the legal stuff)-it drives me nuts that my MIL takes things as they come and refuses to PLAN for the future-it's too scary to imagine what her future holds but you just have to face it and take care of it. Deanne-you mentioned something that just makes me cringe. MIL knows she has a nonreversible health condition so WHY won't she plan for her future? It makes no sense to be in such denial and it's putting wedges between Chris and his sister.
Good for your DH gaining 15 degrees range of motion!
Can you come and organize my closets? lol

Psst Deanne-Sue looked wonderful even before she started the workouts...: ). Imagine this, idyll workout sessions together as a group-would we really work out or would we yak the whole time?
Lol I drive AJ nuts with my singing voice-at home I am always breaking into song much to his regret...I know he secretly enjoys my lovely voice....Ryan just says,"Mom, that singing is driving me crazy" well, he's honest: )

I did as best I could commenting but I bet I forgot someone-sorry; )

Whoooo hooooo I get to sleep in tomorrow! And drink high test coffee so I can accomplish so much more...

Something big happened tonight. AJ actually wrapped his own present for the first time(he's such a guy). It was cute to see the pride in his eyes and the pile of wrapping rejects scattered around


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These pop-up are annoying the heck outta me..I have Mozilla firefox, but no help there.
GB..Kohl's is a dept store with annoying ads that keep coming up.
Deanne...Beautiful tree and Rahjii is so pretty. I see him on the cover of 24/7 when I go to the library. I tell people I sorta know him..
Drema. I'm so sorry to hear of the miscarriage. It's a rough period in any woman's life. Hope she's feeling better.
Taryn..I am a Wonderful Life junkie. My husband might have seen it once and bits and pieces and looks at me every year watching it and wonders why...15..20 times?? It reminds me of my childhood when Xmas was so different. The Main Street of their small town reminds me of mine and I love the cast..all dead now..
Once walking on Martha's Vineyard ,we passed Carly Simon. H and I were wheeling our bikes and went around the block to make sure it was her. How could you miss w/ all that hair and height and she was wearing thigh high leather boots in Ausust. H being the hick he is embarrassed me by saying "hey Carly" as she was coming out of the A&P w/ 2 bags of groceries, but she was kind and posed for a picture w/ me which i still have. DD was much impressed since we love her music and her ex's. Her kids were on Martha last week. Talented as well and look like the parents. Also we sat next to Joe Frazier in a diner somewhere. See how unimpressed I was ..can't remember where. I don't know what Harrison was buying but I have a lot of spittoons and rugbeaters..and old wooden toilets that are made like priceless furniture. They have wooden rounds over the holes and are painted and decorated like fine furniture..
EP Big brother is watching...Joni Mitchell and flax ads..Kinda scary
V..too far to Phila for 3 buck chuck.... I haven't read the Weil book yet. Am reading Mary, Mary and the book on JFK , Jr's death by his cousin's wife. Cousin died 2 weeks after John and they were best friends and the same age..DD and I have never gotten over Jr's death. What a huge waste..
Husband created what could've been a disaster yesterday. He went to work before i got up and took the garbage out. We have a 200 year old door w/ weird hardware on it and it needs to locked , not just closed. The reason being Louie, my ancient 17 yr old cat will work the door w/ his paws till it opens. You guessed it. When I came down the side door was hanging wide open and the house was cold. Three cats were standing right outside the door. I freaked because I didn't know if we were robbed or not. I counted heads and called those 3 back and they came because they wanted wet food. Always something. The others didn't budge. They know a good thing. I don't know if the door was open 5 minutes or 2 hours!!!!!SCARY!! That woman who walked in awhile ago missed her opportunity...Sylvia

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PS..We made the big time today w/ the Intelligent Design trial which turned out so right. The judge was so correct in his ruling and went on to say that former school board members who professed their Chritianity constantly lied and committed perjury..I thought this was settled w/ the Scopes trial in the 20's....

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Psst...Taryn...Iay on'tday antway nyoneay otay nowkay m'Iya askingay...hereWay ancay Iay etgay hetay ermabrasionday itkay?:-) Seriously...I would definitely be interested. Totally understand the forehead thing and unfortunately curly heads can't do bangs so would love *anything* that could make those wrinkles go away. Luckily, curly hair tends to hide gray cause you can't see the roots, but admit that I have succumbed to using hair coloring. I've started using something called Natural Instincts. It's not permanent...I'm afraid to use anything permanent because curly hair tends to be so dry. I've set the date that I will go gray as age 64, in honor of the Beetles...Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64! :-) I have been quite smug for many years, as hubby has been graying for about the last 10 and also balding and I thought I was going to skate - neither of my parents turned gray until they reached their 60's! I have to admit I am *very* envious of Marian *still* not having much's just not fair! :-) On the other hand my best friend Anita has been totally gray for as long as I have known her and I'm *totally* envious of her hair...a gorgeous shade of silver, very shiny and luminescent...of course she has that fabulous peachy skin and piercing blue eyes to go with it. Anyway, I'm still keeping good thoughts that youll get your Christmas gift Taryn! Oh, and thanks for the heads up on It's a Wonderful Life!:-)

Hey Babs...I've been busy baking cookies in my free time and planning not to eat them too! :-) Actually, it's pretty easy for me to pass up *baked*'s the cookie *dough* that gets me in trouble! :-) But as Mae West would say, "I generally avoid temptation...unless I cant resist it."...LOL...and I can't resist cookie dough! I know it's a terrible thing to do, I mean *raw* eggs! I like the cookie dough *before* you put the chocolate chips, etc. in it. Sugar, butter, vanilla and flour whipped to light and fluffy...what's not to love? Anyway, I think the whole addiction can be laid right at my mother's feet. When I was a little girl and had a hankering for something sweet, she would give me something she called "Poor Mans Cake"...have you heard of it? It's simply a slice of buttered bread, with sugar sprinkled on top! Admit it sounds pretty grossy to me now, but I *do* still love my raw cookie dough! :-) Laughing about your coffee addiction too; was almost going to do a google search to find your Caf-fiend, but then when you said it didn't really hype you, I kind of was disappointed!:-) No offense to anyone here who drinks decaffeinated, but I have just never seen the point...isn't *caffeine* the point of coffee? LOL! I keep on getting this mental image of you and I together in your kitchen Babs, hyped up on Caf-fiend and it just cracks me up...I can just imagine it.

Drema I'm so sorry to hear about Jenny's miscarriage and I can certainly understand her sadness it's a terribly sad thing. I hope that there will be brighter days for her soon. BTW, Congratulations on the new job! Your talk of rapid transit brings back many years of riding the "L" to work when I was a young girl...kind of miss the excitement of that and all the fun people watching.

Sylvia :-) - I think if I lived in a charming old home like yours I would have those lovely candles in the window year round too such a cozy and inviting look! How cool to see Harrison Ford, right in your own little town!

Brenda, thanks for reassuring me about my buyer. I checked again today and he still hasn't left feedback, but hoping you're right; no news is good news. BTW, I googled cod liver oil capsules and found that there are many benefits. I really perked up when they said "can darken hair..." ;-) Okay there were more important benefits like "fights heart disease, arthritis, depression" and they say there is no concern of mercury poisoning (which did cross my mind) "One concern about taking cod liver oil is the presence of contaminants of heavy metals (such as mercury, cadmium and lead), PCBs and so forth. Fortunately, consumers need not worry when it comes to cod liver oil. All cod liver oils in the US must be tested according to protocols of the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) and approved free of detectable levels of 32 contaminants before they can be imported into this country. Furthermore, mercury is water soluble. It may be present in the flesh of fish, but it is not present in the oil." So I'm putting that on my grocery list this week!:-)

Chelone, sorry to hear about the how did it all turn out? You brought back fond memories talking about Herb dad *loved* him and Getz/ I haven't thought of them in ages!

Deanne loved the pictures of Rahjii...he is a *gorgeous* cat and your tree is so pretty! Thanks about the snowmen...but didn't you like my Dainty Bess? :-( I put her up just for you cause you asked about her. :-) I think it's so neat that you are taking dance lessons with hubby. I've tried for years to convince Paul, but it's a no-go. That's a beautiful song by the way.

For my *forever* friend Marian...
Here are some violets for friendship from me to you (sorry this is the only pic I have of them - they are to the front of this bed.) I really love *your* violets!

I tried to crop for a better close up, least you not see them in the big pic:

Hope you're holding up okay. I admire and value your conviction, your strength and your friendship!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my snowmen and I thought it very nice that no one commented on the fact that while my snowmen seem to keep getting bigger and bigger as the years pass, I remain the same height...LOL!

Hi T! Good to see you posting...I always look forward to seeing you here! :-)

VG that's happy news that hubby is improving! Am enjoying reading about all the healthy lifestyles here...just amazing the things you learn at the Idylls. I have to admit it all seems a little overwhelming to me though. I mean, I've definitely decided on the cod liver oil capsules and I already take potassium, calcium and vitamin C, but wondering if there are other supplements I should be taking? Overall, I feel pretty healthy and have no serious complaints and I don't think I have a "bad" diet, but after reading how well you guys take care of yourselves, Im beginning to feel like I'm taking my good health for granted. I usually have a salad just about every day; eat cereal in the a.m. and have what I consider a normal dinner (meat, veggies and a salad and most times a potato too). Should I be taking things like flax seed, etc.? I mean, what made you guys start taking all these supplements?

Did I mention how great Deanne, Sue & Monique looked in their pic from Sue's party? Well you do; lovely ladies all! Sue you really are turning into quite the girly girl and I loved your outfit. I hope you take it in the fun spirit it is meant, but are you wearing one of those rubber bracelets on your arm? If your are, the reason I ask is that I wear one too. Several months ago I donated money to the Children's Miracle Network and they gave me the bracelet which says "Glow for Kids" and I haven't ever taken it off. Anyway, mine glows in the dark and has got me in trouble more than once. My hubby is a light sleeper, can't have any noise or light in the room when he is sleeping (this from the loudest snorer I've ever known). Anyway, he's asleep in bed and I climb in for the night. Suddenly I hear this cranky garbled voice..."Is there a light on in this room?" glow in the dark bracelet *is* glowing and quite brightly too...I quickly shoved my arm under the covers...LOL! The second incident happened just a few weeks ago. We were at a rather fancy schmancy wedding and I have to say I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had on a beautiful jacket (with a camisole underneath) and that frilly skirt (kind of like Deanne's) and was wearing a gorgeous jet necklace with matching earrings...very tasteful. :-) Anyway, the lights go low at the wedding (it's dance time) and I go to pass something to Paul's boss and just guess what is glowing very nicely on my arm...yep! I quickly shoved it way up my forearm, underneath the sleeve of the jacket, but not before Paul's boss got a good look at it. Well, at least he didn't comment...LOL! Oh well, that's what I get for getting full of myself! :-)

GB, I hope that everything works out the way you wish it to, regarding the farm. For the last few years Paul has been itching to move. In fact, he's been working with a realtor looking for vacant property to build on. Don't know what the future holds, but just rolling with the punches right now. I have told him that I really do not want to move while mom is still with us...she really needs me right now and he seems to understand that, but wants to keep the door open. Thanks for the link on Deanne...How cool is that? Congratulations Deanne! :-) BTW, got a kick out of your "aging" quotes. And, BTW, got a kick out of your "aging" quotes...

Another reason I can't wait till I can see Woody's new benches all planted! :-) BTW Woody, did I tell you I kept a copy of you're planting with the elephant ear and acidanthera from last year? I just thought it was beautiful in its simplicity and loved the textures. BTW, did the acidanthera ever bloom and if so, did you get a pic of it? I would love to see that! I love acidantheras and thought your planting was so elegant!

P.S. V...guess we need to talk! :-)

Okay, I think I'm caught up now. I may not be able to post for awhile...busy week and then Christmas of course. What I'm really excited about is that I *finally* got an appointment for mom with a geriatric specialist! Long story, but I've been struggling to get her in somewhere, but we now have an appointment for Thursday. Hope there will be some good news about all of mom's issues. TTYL! Ei

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I'm falling behind.... ahhh... wait for me!

No time to chitty chat this morning, urostomy is changed, breakfast is on the table, I have to rally her and the race out the door. Oh, cat box is mined, too.

The cold air from the mid-west is rolling in here; a bracing 18 this morning and probably won't get much above low 20s today. Unusual for this time of year.

Talk to you all later, MAYBE.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, it is officially winter, starting today. The snowplow has passed by already. The countdown begins!

Dentist again today...Joy to the World, right Sue? ;-)

Later Folks,

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Ill make a few comments on the last thread. I havent had time to do anything more than skim this one. I spent the day in the city yesterday. I had to take my car to have the new part put on that they had to order. A long process and lots of $$$. I did get all my shopping done though.

Hugs to Drema and DD.

I thought the frost was very cool and just had to get a few pics. I believe you would call it hoar frost Cynthia. Interesting how it formed on the little bits of ice that were on the creek. Actually, we were surprised that there was running water in the creek after all our cold temps.

Babs, sorry to hear that MIL is experiencing depression. I would imagine that it is a common occurrence after all shes been through and the lifestyle changes that she will need to make. We do care and do want to hear about it, so go ahead and vent.

Ahh, the Sound of Music. I love it.

Ei, what a wonderful set of snowman photos. That Dainty Bess is now on my "to get list".


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning, Yea!!!!! we are over the top and the days are going to start getting longer after today.

Eileen, yes, I love the Dainty Bess. Sorry I forgot to tell you in my last post. That is a gorgeous rose and one that would make a lovely painting.~~ Love the white and green tulips with the violets. What variety is that? ~~ I can't wait to see your tulip photos in the coming spring. I never got my act together this fall and didn't plant one single bulb. :-(

Sylvia,how neat you met Carly Simon. I love her music. ~~ Re the pic on the Cats 24/7 book: That is a photograph of Rahjii's grandfather Luke (we call him Buda because he has such a fat belly). We decided to get Rahjii after we fell in love with Luke because it was our last chance to get offspring from him(Full name Bamboo Luke of Askari Bengals)

Babs, how fun AJ wrapped a present. Did you watch him do it or was it your present?~~ So I know Sue has always looked Fabu-fabu but now she's got better and more fantastic muscle definition in her shoulders and back. I lift weights like a maniac and will never look that good because of the extra skin from my fat days that is never going away.

OK I'm really late getting going this morning and speaking of lifting weights I've got to get to the gym and get some exercise. Have a great day everyone.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Ei, lol about the glow in the dark bracelet. Mine is the original Lance Armstrong one and I've had it before rubber bracelets became a craze in the charitable world. One of the women in my office passed them out to all of us when Bryan's daughter was so sick with cancer earlier this year. Unfortunately it doesn't glow in the dark-that sounds like a useful feature.

Chelone I'm hoping the January weather in December means February weather in January and March weather in February and best of all, April weather in March. Sounds good to me.

Happy Winter Solstice!


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Sylvia, I found your little added post above to be insensitive to other's beliefs and inappropriate on this forum.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Babs - I have a lot of sympathy for your MIL's position. In my experience, depression is normal after such a traumatic experience. I certainly was after my brain surgery that left me imobilized and in severe pain for the first month or so. They tried to give me anti-depressants and I objected strenuously. I felt that depression was the only sane response to what I was going through and putting me in a drug fog was not going to help me learn to cope with the state I was in! Anger...lots of that too (still there 7+ years later - it takes a major effort of will to be civil to my neurosurgeon!) Anger is not necessarily a bad thing - although undoubtedly uncomfortable for family to watch and cope with. Anger kept me going through the hardest times. Anger makes you do things and the alternative is probably apathy, which would be worse. I'll bet ,when you take on the school about problems re AJ, there's a fair bit of anger driving you - but you get things done and it makes things better, right...? If your MIL can use her anger in a focused way to drive her to work on her PT and/or find out how to increase her mobility and independence by finding out what services are available to her and using them, that will be good for her - and all of you. Of course, everybody is different so, what worked for me, may not work for her but understand that the post-traumatic-surgery depression and anger are not necessarily things that need chemical fixes in all cases. Talking with her and letting her freely express both the anger and depression may be the best thing you can do. Sympathy and understanding is probably a better response than trying to 'talk her out of it'. Randy calls 1998/1999 his 'year from hell' so don't expect a fast return to normal!

EI - I did take pictures of the EE/acidanthera combo when the acidanthera first flowered but they were lousy pictures so I didn't post them and now I can't find them!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

In response to T's comment to Sylvia: Since I don't know about your current events, this one passed me by. But I do understand that when we feel strongly about something, the temptation is there to share it here.
That is what happened the other day when I brought up Gravel Watch Ontario and mystified some of you. We began this organization which acts in the interest of Ontario citizens on matters that relate to aggregate resources. There is a lot of pain inflicted on folks out there and we work to improve things. There is a new website if you are interested.
An interesting story is that I opened my mouth on our work on another forum one day, and it turned out that I frightened someone I had been corresponding with privately. It turned out that her DH works for a gravel company! Well one thing lead to another and I eventually visited her. The first thing she did was apologize for her husband's work. I had to laugh. She had been so nervous about my visit but we are certainly friends and don't let that stuff bother us. In fact her husband's company has been very good to them over the years during difficult times.

After that lengthy bit, I just want to say that caution is always wise. Now to follow my own advise!

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Woody, I think you're so right about apathy. After my husband's accident, he was totally apathetic. He just sat in the recliner, didn't smile, didn't talk or anything. He says now that he remembers very little of that time period but he does remember when his "mind" started to come back. He remembers the first time he laughed at something DS had said and that he felt happy that his emotions were returning. It makes me so sad to hear him talk about it but I let him talk, of course:-) His accident was Dec 19, 1997 and just this year he has been talking about his feelings.

I went back to the last thread to look at all the pictures. i saw lots of beautiful flowers, a lovely lady in purple, Chelone's fireplace (now I understand more about all tte hard work!!) and the sweet bird, winter scenes, etc. For some reason, my computer got stuck and never did download the party girls completely. I waited while I ate breakfast ladies do have lovely foreheads:-) I'll try again later.

Sue, i keep up with the sunrise/sunset too:-) Every minute of daylength causes me to rejoice.

Brenda, I'm sorry I must have missed the part about your MIL. How frustrating. I had to spend 36 hours in the ER as part of my EMT training and I saw things being done or not done that really bothered me. As a result, I don't ever go to that particular ER any more! When my MIL had hip replacement surgery, we were all there to visit her when an RN came and said "Here's your blood pressure pill". MIL told her she didn't take BP med but she was groggy and I guess the RN didn't really believe her. Fortunately the rest of us chimed in. The RN went to check and, indeed, it was somebody else's pill!! But what if we hadn't been there??? I've had enough scares with family members that I take NOTHING for granted in the medical realm.

Babs, I have a family history program for the computer. Had it on the old hard drive but it fried and I haven't had time to reinstall it on the new one. It's a lot of fun. How sweet that AJ wrapped his gifts. He sounds like such a great little guy. If I ever get my closets done, I'll come do yours LOL!

Ei, I personally don't take many supplements now. I take calcium on the days I don't think I've had enough in the food that day. Several years ago, I took a bunch of different vitamins and supplements to help correct some problems. They did help and I feel a lot better. I try to get everything I need in whole food (I consider flax seed a whole food too:-))
Most people get way too much Omega 6 and not nearly enough Omega 3 fatty acids so it's good to pay attention to that balance. LOL about the bracelet!! Good luck with the geriatric appointment!!

I must get to work. I am hoping to clean out Fred's house today while all the "contents" are still frozen solid:-) It was 6 degrees here this morning and the sun is shining.
Good day to everyone

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOl , Ep . I am trying to figure out which you turned into ...a butterball , or a nut ball !!! I so understand about the 'music' in Wal Mart . I am not going there until well after x-mas ,if I can possibly find what I need elsewhere . Even the Country Mart that I grogery shop at had offensive music when I was last there . I attempted to stop my ears with tissue , but it didn't work . :-(
We have the same deer problem in our country roads .
I love your "those who live at the 'speed of light and sound '. " I never felt the need to do that , and even less so now .

Brenda , thanks for explaining about the oatmeal . I like the fruit flavored packets . ( Is that acceptable ? ) I don't need anything for 'regularity '! Just the opposite !
So , the flax isn't too tasty ? I should add it though , if it helps lower high cholesterol .

RE : famous people ...I can't think of any 'celebrities' that I have been in close contact with . I am not impressed with them , anyway . They are only human , and riches sure do not make the person any better ; in a lot of cases , it makes them worse . ( Okay , I'll hop off this soap box. )

Babs , it's so good to hear that your Chris is doing so well . I am so sorry about your mom . I wonder if St John's Wort would help her depression .

VG ... you're kidding ! Your DH has 'EIGHTY' first cousins ! ?? How many aunts and uncles does he have ?
How nice that your dad got you that switcher box . I checked on a system that would do that for my PC , but it was too compicated for me to figure out , and I would have had to got a differant phone system ... so nixed it .

Sue , I get a kick out of the watching on the daylight changes . Last night was 'really' long due to it fogging up around 4PM and still being foggy this morning . I have heard the expression :" When the days grow longer , the cold grows stronger ." Brrrrrr !
Ooooo , I HATE those filling's jobs ! I've done the mouth biting too .

Congrats , Deanne , on the clematis pic on the clem web site . There are so many varieties that have no picture . That would be a good project for Marie , I imagine she has a lot of the clems that aren't pic'ed . I was surprised to see that the Sweet Autumn Clem was not even listed ( I looked for it's botanical name . too . but it isn't there .)
I have pictures of mine , but they sure aren't posting worthy ! I think my Virgin's bower pic is better than the one there , but still not that great .

LOL , Ei . I had quite a time deciphering your pig latin !
Funny !
RE , my hair ...I think the hairdressers are humoring me . I think I see gray hairs , or at least 'faded' hair ! lol ..
What ever , it doesn't matter . I'll take what I am given .
It's wonderful seeing you 'chatting ' again ! But I'm sorry about your mom . I know what you mean about not wanting to move as long as your mom is still with you . I was like that with mine . It was over a year after she passed that we moved back here .
Re : humoring ...I think a lot of that is done here , too . It's the advantage of being the oldest member . Humoring , and pampering
Thanks for the violet and tulip pics . My white confederate violets are much too invasive , but they do make a pretty show .I have several more wild varieties , than what I posted . They are in one of my PT wild flower albums . THe first one that I posted is a Bird's foot violet , but the leaves aren't visible ( they are what looks like a bird's foot ).
I have added a Lily album to PT , and updated and edited most of the others .

RE : Herb Alpert and his TiaJuana (sp) Brass . That is one of my favs . I have 3-4 of his albums . Any one here like Frankie Yankovic ? I love his polka music , and have several of his albums . I love 'Stormy Weather ' , and used to sing it a lot !

I was going to watch 'The Sound of Music" ( again ) the other night , but didn't because of the Pres. speach . It would have made my bedtime too late . I did watch 'It's a Wonderful World' for the umpteenth time . I am a Jimmy Stewart fan .

Hmmmmmm , eyebrow waxing ... that is something I have never had done . I used to pluck mine , but quit many many years ago . Unlike a lot of men's , mine have got thinner and shorter with age .

Marie , How great that Deanne followed up on your suggestion about the Clematis pic . If you haven't contributed any of yours , you sure need to .

I read a quote that I really liked : " One's mind , once stretched by a new idea , never regains it's original dimensions . " - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thanks , Teresa . I appreciate what you said .

We are scheduled for a warm up . Highs in the 50s . That will feel almost warm !


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

COTW is a part of my day, every single day Marian! Here is what you are looking for. And I do have a few posted there, but the photos they need are most often very new and not (yet) in my garden.
If anyone has a problem with the COTW site, feel free to contact me about it.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

EP , I 'grocery' shop ... not 'grogery' shop ! LOL
I thought I corrected that typo !

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks , Marie , I will change the name of mine in my PT album .

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning!

Babs...did ya eat the cookies?? I found that after the first few days of leaving carbs alone through the day, I lost the craving for them. I was Jonesin' a little for my creamer and sweetener, but not too bad. Now, it doesn't bother me at all.
Sounds like Chris really took the cholesterol thing seriously-good for him! Milled flaxseed and flaxseed oil are supposed to be good for all kinds of stuff. We've used I Can't Believe for quite a while. Actually, I like it better than real butter. Of course, depending on who you listen to, it's not good for ya either. All the information that floats around can get just a bit confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Lol, I remember when I was in Jr. high, the word was that if you ate bacon or slept in a bra (why WOULD ya?) you would get cancer. And, there's always something different on the news, health-wise. I do remember Chris having the growth on his neck...always comforting when the doc doesn't know what something is,isn't it??
BTW, I searched for your high-test coffee online, and came up with nothing. I just love a good caffeine tweak to get the day rolling along. Now that I'm up WAY before Jim, I brew a pot of espresso roast-he doesn't like it. He finds me just a touch annoying when he gets up and I'm all cranked up and perky. I do my best to leave him alone until he gets some coffee in him.
Good for AJ! Phillip tried a couple of times to do his own wrapping, but my control-freak daughter was just disgusted with the results. He didn't like doing it, and she's been doing his wrapping ever since.

Woody, I'm planning for my last few $ to get spent on catering a big get-together for my family after my ashes are scattered. I've instructed DD that everyone is to have a good time, eat too much, and listen to lots of Jimmy Buffett..and Poems, Prayers and Promises by John Denver. And, it the weather is fit, they should have it here, outside, and maybe pull a weed or two ;)

VG-So glad you can see the pictures! Now that I have the faster connection and can see them all, I'm just a little sad for all the cool stuff I know I missed.
DH was seriously over-mothered, and since I already HAD two kids, I didn't really want to take on a third, so the therapy started pretty shortly after the nuptuals ;)

Ei-I emailed my buyer yesterday and asked if she got her package okay, and she did answer my email, but no feedback. But, she was happy with her stuff, so as long as I don't have negative feedback, I'm happy.
I don't know if it's the cod liver oil (really can't think it is, no longer than I've been taking it) or the change in eating habits, but my knees and feet feel ever so much better. The ones I got are peach flavored...kinda nice, since I burped them for the first few days I took them. Rather burp peach than fish!
I've always taken a multi-vitamin and calcium, but started the cod liver oil because my chiropractor said it's good for joint pain. Can't recall where I heard about milled flax seed being good for cholesterol, but that's why I started that. Also, the book I was reading about insulin resistance said to take Glucose Tolerance Formula chromium. It helps regulate insulin. That's about it for me. I'd rather take supplements than prescriptions, and since the dr. was threatening a prescrip for cholesterol, I figured I'd better get it down before he got too serious about the scrip.

VG-I can sure relate to your ER story. Several years back, Mom wound up the the hospital, suspected stroke. Turned out, her meds were conflicting. They took her off everything, then got her on a program that worked for her. However, in the meantime, a dr. came in and announced that she had cancer. Of course, everyone was devastated.....until he realized he had the wrong chart. I like to ask LOTS of questions at the doc and hospitals.

Marian-I always ate the apple cinnamon oatmeal. I figure if you don't like it, you're not going to eat it, so that was better than not having it at all. Actually, flax meal is supposed to even things out either way, as far as regularity goes. And, I believe you want the flax seed ground, whether you do it yourself or buy meal. VG-correct me if I'm wrong here ;) It doesn't taste bad, just not something I want to eat by the spoonful. And, if you DO add it to your diet, start slowly and make sure you drink plenty of water. BTW, who sang Stormy Weather?? I can't think of the name right now.
Oh, you just haven't LIVED until you've had wax ripped off your face, lol! You give me something to hope for...perhaps my eyebrows will thin as I get older :) If I don't keep up on them one way or another, they'll grow right together in the middle, and DD tells me the "unibrow" is powerfully unattractive!

If this post seems a bit fragmented, sorry. My sister came over for a visit, so it was kinda done a chapter at a time, lol!
Have a great day, all!

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Marian, LOL yes 80!! Unless I've forgotten somebody, he has 9 aunts and uncles on his mother's side and 8 on his father's side. And most of them had a lot of kids. One aunt raised 13 to adulthood! I like that quote too:-)

Famous people..I've only met a few "Grand Ole Opry" stars of country music long ago when my dad was in the music profession.

I did clean Fred's house. It was a balmy 19 degrees but felt much warmer. Our snow is just not melting. It's hard enough to walk on and not fall through.

I also love "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Sound of Music".

Can you believe it? I go for weeks withoug posting and then post twice today already.

Eyebrows--I have thick. dark eyebrows but would NEVER pull them or have them waxed. That hurts doesn't it?? I don't want to do anything that hurts! I think mine are getting thinner and lighter too as I get older.

Lunchtime for me:-)

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Ei that's so cool-I didn't know that I was eating poor man's cake as a kid.I LOVED sugar and butter on bread! I also ate honey and butter on bread: )
Ei you just gotta come over and have coffee with me! The pot of Caf-fiend I made wasn't to the strength of flavor I require-I mean I actually had THREE cups today and I'm 'clam'(V-sorry but I liked that typo and need to use it). Even if it has the caffiene I like,it's missing the flavor of Seattle's Best which I drink now(owned by Starbucks but cheaper!). Yeah I could do a taste test of coffees and tell you which one was decaf-I agree, why drink it if it's missing the 'juice'...of course for those who like the taste and can't have caffiene it's understandable.
That's funny about your glowing bracelet-think the glow was done for that exact reason?-drawing attention to the cause: )it worked! I haven't seen the glowing ones. My whole family has the Lance bracelets but Chris wears his continually-I had to take mine off during the summer because it was too sticky in the heat(I'm so overly sensitive) I need to find mine now and wear it to keep my wrist warm lol.
Oh that's great that you got your mom in with the specialist-I hope things go well.

Thanks Michelle: ) I think to a certain extent I'm accepting that I can't change my MIL to do what I think is best so we're just doing what we can to support her. I'm anticipating dysfunctional tidings for our Christmas celebration with her. Fa la la la laaa? lol

Deanne-During the wrapping I was within earshot and acted like I didn't know what he was up to-he'd come and ask me advice then whine a bit in teh other room then he figured it out he was cheering-too funny: ) I am tickled pink because now he wants to wrap everything-perfect!
That is a bummer that you've done so much for your body and have to live with the extra skin. Has your trainer told you there's nothing that can be done-(besides plastic surgery)? Then again,you really do look fantastic!

Woody thanks for your support and sharing your own experience. I knew MIL would experience the postsurgery depression but I also think this is stuff that began way before the loss of legs-she's had a hard life. Unfortunately MIL isn't showing *constructive* anger,she's stewing to the point that she really isn't using the anger to push herself to function where she should be right now. That diabetes really is destructive and I think the saying 'use it or lose it' is serious stuff for diabetics especially. I worry that her mindset will cause her to go downhill. By now she should be able to come to our house and use our stairs-but she hasn't been practicing so she can accomplish that. PT says she is ready to use crutches yet she challenges that and won't do it. She had two boughts with inflammation of the stumps which set her back but each time she has a setback her confidence is compromised and she gives up and I worry that a pattern is setting up. She refuses to come to our house because of the steps one flight up to the bathroom. I do want to have her come over if at least to see our Xmas tree just to get her out even if it's just to stay and hour. Believe me she does get our sympathy and I realize that if her depressive thoughts span back many years it's not going to clear up in a year.(I know because my own mom went through that) As far as meds go I don't think that's an easy out and never meant she should be drugged to avoid what she's experiencing.She definitely needs deeper therapy than just popping drugs. The main issue is that she's simply not open to GET the help. She will give us the silent treatment when we try to suggest outside support. I just don't think we can allow her to go that route into an even deeper closed world so we're supporting her but looking for an opportunity to show itself when she can be helped. We tell her about support groups but she poo poos them. Another aspect of this issue is age. The older a person is,the harder it is *sometimes* to push themself to heal their mind,I do agree that you probably have a different drive to succeed than my MIL. I mean,it's amazing what you accopmplish despite your limitations-you don't let them stop you-MIL on the other hand had work as her only form of stimulation so she has no interests even inside her home now that she's there. I was shocked on Thanskgiving when she turned her back to all of us to watch her soap opera-that's her one interest now and I don't recall her being like that before not to mention that was rude to shut us all out-very unlike her.
Another issue about meds is that with all the other meds she's on I am quite sure she wouldn't accept taking anotehr med.Drug interaction is very likely too.
Overall I really don't understand why a person isn't automatically given extended counseling when a limb(let alone TWO!) is removed. Beyond the initial loss of limb there's the daily living tasks down the road not to mention PT that just compund the difficulty. I know insurance probably has a lot of say in the lack of services offered-that's infuriating.

OK I need to be silent a bit and get off my box of soap; ) I don't want to have to defend my thoughts right now though. I'm not upset with you Woody.(sometimes the words here don't express the inflection correctly)

Chris went down to the westside market this a.m. and brought back beautiful produce and Cuban sandwiches: ) Asparagus is on the menu tonight....And more homemade mushroom soup.


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

I tried downloading the last thread again and was able to see the whole pic of Sue, Deanne, and Monique. And as I strongly suspected, they are all as lovely as their foreheads would indicate:-)

Babs, hang in there! I'm sure it's tough for all of you.


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I'm missing whats wrong with Sylvia's comments. They were factual. Indeed the issue was settled with the Scopes trial. There was no castigation of christians in her remarks. Frankly I see too many unveiled comments from one member about those who are not acting according to her set of beliefs, and find it odd that passing along news is ver boten but prejudicial comments towards those who are not of the same beliefs is not. Sorry, the rules are clear on no discussion of religion but those breaches are ignored, and a comment on current events is not? What am I missing?

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There's so much to comment on! mercy, but we have a very active group today. :)

Oh Babs.! I empathize with what you've shared. So much of what your MIL is exhibiting is what Mum did, too. To watch it is agonizing; you really are in a tough spot. Your MIL is too deeply mired in depression to be able to see how far she's withdrawn from the world. She's from an era when depression was tantamount to "crazy" or "weak"; NO WAY will she ever be able to understand that depression is a different "animal". And forget the support groups, too... I would have had to hog-tie Mum and carry her into one! (nice mental image, lol).

I share your frustration with the lack of support services for mental health care following something as traumatic as an amputation or a cancer diagnosis followed by the removal of a bladder and the "life sentance" of "peeing into a bag" for the rest of your days on this earth. Following Mum's surgery she went to a "rehabilitation facility". My brother and I were told she's be taught how to "work" and change the urostomy appliance, receive PT, OT, etc.. NOT ONE PERSON KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT UROSTOMIES! No one taught her ANYTHING about how to change the damn thing, they didn't even know how to do it! It was a complete horror. And it wasn't until I contacted the local "wound care/ostomy nurse" that we got on track. What I've learned is that you have to be BRUTAL and dogged in your commitment to getting her the help she requires; she can't do it for herself (it's easier to have a pity-party and do nothing because it gets attention and others do the work for you).

I'm no fan of medications for the sake of blotting out life's unpleasantness. But I can honestly tell you that a carefully and thoughtfully prescribed anti-depressant doesn't turn the recipient into a zombie, at all. Quite the contrary, it lifted Mum OUT of that state. And I'll be quite frank, Babs., I discussed her mental state at lenght with her doctor while she was right there. She would shoot me black looks that I pointedly ignored. It was pretty awful. The doctor prescribed Zoloft and I began adding it to her pill box, I told a complete lie, too! I told her it was another blood pressure medication. I don't like dishonesty and lying to her filled me with guilt, but she weighed 84 lbs. wouldn't eat, get out of bed, get dressed, or wash herself up. I had to DO SOMETHING. If you have to, speak to her doctor(s) and give them the staight story. Lie to her if you have to, but from what you've shared here, she needs intervention before the inevitable happens. And you are certainly savvy enough to have foreseen and articulated it. I wish you well and would give you a hug if you were beside me. It's awful to watch it unfold before your eyes.

MIchelle, I meant to comment on those amazing pictures. I don't believe I've ever seen hoar frost like that here in our area. I wonder if that's because it's normally quite humid with the ocean not 200 yds. away? anyway, they were dazzling.

VG, interesting that you're so informed on diet. The helpmeet ran a natural food store when I first met him! Faithful organic gardeners, we've been members of MOFGA for many years now. We support local farmers. I'm delighted the pictures are now "on view" (thanks to our own little gamer, Da!). I love listening to local/regional accents, too. They vary widely from Maine, NH, and Vermont, but you have to have a keen ear to pick up on it. And it's very interesting that the drawls are so closely related to those of England, esp. the northeastern areas. My brother does not have children, so he and are the last of our line; we have cousins who'll carry it on, but when we're gone, that's it! There are many photographs in boxes that are unidentified and will remain so for eternity. I was quite wistful some weeks ago when I looked at jewellery my late aunt gave me and didn't know the story behind it...

Which makes me applaud Cynthia for her determination to clean, document, and pass along her family's pieces. Always practical and thoughtful, I admire that so.

I'm hitting overload and need to refresh my memory with another scan, LATER.

Car goes to the greatest mechanic in Maine next Tuesday. The coolant is doing a slow drip, not a hemmorage; and will "keep". I purchased the car "as is" and with Mum, work, holidays, and my own general sense of personal responsibility and accountability I am not interested in going back and grousing about it. It'll be OK.

And speaking of Da... I saw the neatest tree decorations not too long ago at the home of a friend. They were crocheted "snowflakes"; make of string and about 4-5" in diameter. They were simply draped over the branches of the Christmas tree and they were GORGEOUS. You should have some on your tree, methinks!

OK, I'm going to read more and think more (is that a good thing?).

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Cynthia, you aren't missing anything.

I've become exceedingly tired that the rules of no religion and no politics are being ignored by a few people when they post here.

The rules about these subjects being taboo isn't something that is new or just on GW. These rules were set in place because these are topics that conjure up very strong feelings in the majority of people. No one wants my religious or political beliefs shoved in their faces and I don't want anyone else's beliefs shoved into my face when we are together to discuss gardening.

Yes, it is true, we've all allowed the rules to be ignored time and time again because no one wants to hurt the feelings of those we've come to care about.

This morning, for some reason, hit my last nerve and I felt I had to speak up and let people know that what is said may be offensive or hurtful to the next person whether you mean it to be or not. I hope I was able to remind people that these rules are important so that others are not driven away from sharing.

I apologize if I've hurt anyone's feelings, it was not my intent.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Babs - I didn't read that as upset with me - it fills in missing pieces. Age is undoubetly a factor in desire and ability to fight back, just from physical strength alone. You mentioned before, I think, that she had worked (or was it volunteered?) in a hospital reception sort of position. Perhaps that that might be a way to get her out in a social environment to give her much-needed distraction and increase her confidence - she'd probably get a lot of positive feedback re having the guts to be there. I think the need to feel useful is very important and helps counter a lot of the depression and isolation that comes with being disabled. It's one of the reasons I volunteer at the long-term care facility. Is there any possiblity that she could do something like what she used to do, even if it was only for a few hours, a day or two a week? She'd probably appreciate it if someone from there approached her with the idea of her helping them out. At the long-term care place, the people who seem most settled are those who have found something that makes them feel like they have a 'job' to do. We were just up there this afternoon delivering nut balls and shortbreads to our resident garden helpers, one of whom is a double amputee. These three residents spend a lot of time in the garden and bug staff to water things when they need it and are actively involved in 'supervising' our work and suggestsing plants and bulbs they'd like to see. Having some sort of purpose helps a lot in coping with limitations of age and disablity and it sounds like your MIL needs to find some way to have a purpose - easier said than done of course! Hang tough and best wishes to her to find her way to coping.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hey all,
I read Sylvia's comment twice but have no idea what it's about. Think I'll stay a blissfully oblivious Canadian on this one. :)

Okay I did 'the big shop', and nearly had a stroke when it rang up at $346.00! But that did include weekly grogeries (LOL Marian) plus all the Christmas chocolates and eggnog, etc, plus a $58.00 standing rib roast for Boxing Day dinner here for possibly 18. DH doesn't do turkey leftovers so I don't do turkey any more, lol! Toyota did give us a $50.00 gift card for Zehr's so that helps. Another $118.00 on wine, Baileys (actually cheaper Kempers) and Bacardi for the nog. So we're broke but done! I'm waiting for Glenn to get home from work to bring it in, but some will have to stay in the makeshift freezer, trunk of the Kia.

We survived Shane's Christmas concert at the school last night, lol. Actually they were all very good, the little ones were so cute in their Santa hats. Kids have school right until Friday, but Glenn is off as of tomorrow until the 3rd of January. Maybe we can squeeze in a couple of dates, antiquing or lunch would be nice, before the monsters are home for the holidays.

Babs, yes it would be a great Christmas present to sell the house, but no phone calls since the potential buyer came yesterday with the agent. He did say several times he really likes the house and asked a lot of questions regarding schools and travel time to the main highway etc, so maybe he's thinking about it? My Ebay psychic said we'd sell around my birthday so that isn't too far off. As long as I don't have to wait for the Easter Bunny, lol!

Babs, so sorry about all the stuff going on with MIL. You have got some great advice already. It sounds terribly stressful, both for her and for you guys. But I had a thought re making it easy to for her to visit at your house--get an indoor portapotty to keep on the main level for when she visits. We have one we use at night in the tent-trailer and they are small, easy to empty and even flush. I don't think they are more than $100 thereabouts, and could make a difference for her.

Eileen, lol re the pig latin! I actually still haven't figured out exactly what you said but did get the microdermabrasion part, lol! So for you and Babs and all the lurkers out there, the product is EPIDERMX, and it's fabulous! The seller, Amy, who helped develop the product for her model daughter, is a sweetheart too, very lovely lady. Check out her feedback on Ebay--many happy users. She sells little trial sizes for $2.00 which give 2-3 uses. That's what I got initially to try it for cheap. If you aren't an Ebay user you can also buy from her own site, If anyone orders please tell Amy that you learned about it from Taryn on Gardenweb, maybe she'll give me a discount, lol! I want to try the Dermabutter next time I order from her. That includes all you lurkers out there!

Deanne I don't see it as vain at all, wanting to put your best face forward, be the best that you can be. Actually in my case I got it for 'medicinal purposes' as the rosacea was really starting to worsen. I could hide the forehead, but not my cheeks. Bumps, red blotches and tiny spider veins are all going away and I couldn't be more thrilled. Re the peeps who don't colour their hair because they wouldn't be able to keep up with dark roots--that is the beauty of dying it your own colour! I don't get 'roots', even though the colour is grown out about an inch right now. I am too busy to keep up with it too, but it just looks like I'm 'starting' to get a bit of silver.

BTW Ei, if you are new to selling on Ebay I would email the buyer a nice note telling him how developing feedback is important because you are new and gently reminding him to please leave it. I am furious that I got my first non-positive feedback recently, though it was neutral at least, not negative. Still, it was for Lakota, which has a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Not only did the buyer (a newbie) not opt for her money back, she didn't even bother to CONTACT me to say she wasn't happy with the results! And she didn't even have the product long enough for the load-in period, so didn't give it a fair chance. I wrote her through Ebay saying that no one on Ebay would want to deal with her if she were so careless with feedback and that she owed me an apology, even though she couldn't amend her comment. Not a word back, big surprise. I've been lucky that most people I deal with are excellent, and I'm up to 410 positives and just the one neutral right now.

Deanne I loved your Christmas pics and kitty in the garland is so funny! I'll have to take some Xmas pics soon to share. Drac is enjoying batting the decorations around, lol, her first Christmas. I made sure to put the non-breakable ones on the bottom. I remember my dear deceased kitty Garbo eating a strand or two of tinsel and making her own decoration, lol, swinging out the back end on the tinsel. I nearly died laughing as I chased her around with a pair of scissors.

Enjoying all the posts, VG the geneology is very interesting, and Brenda you are cracking me up! Don't have time to respond to them all though, got the mega-shop to put away now. But I did want to share an awesome recipe for getting healthy flax seed into the diet. Made one today to check amounts as I couldn't quite remember, and took a pic to share with y'all. PERFECT with a cuppa Tetley, Yum!

Apple-Flax Pancake

2 tbsp ground flax seed
2 tbsp water
1 egg, beaten
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/4 c grated apple
1 packet of Stevia Plus Sweetener

Combine all ingredients, then cook for 2 minutes per side over med-high heat, in non-stick or lightly greased pan (or well-seasoned cast iron which is what I use). Absolutely delicious topped with wild blueberries sweetened with Stevia or yogurt. Brenda, Stevia doesn't cause insulin spikes or cravings and is completely safe. Do yourself a favour and get the packets of Stevia Plus though, which tastes much better than the extract, pretty close to sugar even in coffee or tea.

Wish Honey would check in, and Eden, where has she got to now? Well, gots to go, so hi to all....



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Come on Cynthia, you disappoint me! You've got to see why Sylvia's post would be offensive both religiously and politically to some. I do agree with you on the rest of your post. We have let alot of things go by here without mention that we shouldn't have. And I think it's been for the reason T stated. It's because we've come to care very much for the other people here and don't want to hurt them. I emailed Theresa earlier today and thanked her for being the one to finally stand up and say something about the things that are being discussed that have no place here. We've been swimming in dangerous waters and nothing good will come of it. I haven't even been posting because this has just not been an enjoyable place to be for me lately. Like I told Theresa in my email to her, I miss the days when this was a kinder and gentler place where we shared our lives and love of gardening with each other not our opinions on subjects that will only hurt or anger someone. I think we should reemphasize the rule of no politics or religion and everyone should be held accountable to stick to that. If you want to talk about those subjects do it in a private email conversation. We've got plenty of other interesting subjects to explore and enjoy here.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I'm sorry . I am not ignorant of the fact that I am the one who has offended so many . I am not offended by those who have openly admitted that they do not believe in God . Their lack of faith is no threat to me . Why is my faith a threat to them ? I have never told anyone that they must believe the same as I do . ( Most do not really know much of what I believe unless they have read my member page , and that is not posted on any forum threads . )
This off-topic conversation forum has never been meant to be a gardening only forum , that is why it is called "off-topic" .
Some of the topics are rather offensive to me , too , but I care for the members enough that I can skim over the things that are not of interest to me .
If it boils down to only me being the offensive one be it . I probably can find some other diversion in my life !
If I must leave , I will certainly miss you all . I have become very fond of all of you , and miss any who 'drop out' . You have filled a huge void in my life .


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Re: the crocheted oranments, one year I made quite a few and put one in each Christmas card sent to special people. Our daughter asked for more for her tree and it's something the kitties love playing with. This picture is from another year but the tree doesn't change much from year to year. This year I did several more eggshell oranments, because I had materials to use up. Also have more crochet thread and other things to use up. We already have 'enough' but am sharing things with others. The blue eggshell ornaments were done in 1976 in commemoration of the American bicentennial and have little figures of a 'patriot' boy and girl inside. This year I decopauged the outer shells and put tiny 'nature scenes' inside including tiny animals. One reminds me of ... T.. with a little cottage in the woods decopauged on the outer shell and tiny figures of trees and deer inside. Our grand daughters did the sequin ones a few years ago. All part of the fun of life and memories. Speaking of 'memories' I am also going thru 'memorable' recipes of things I 'used to make for Christmas' (including some using butter) .. so little by little I plan to get them onto the word processor for the family and can copy and paste more onto the recipe thread. I have some of the recipes the idylls have previously shared including Sue's Whoopee Pies but still haven't tried them.. I do plan to do some 'nut balls' but decided to wait until Friday so they will be as fresh as possible for sharing. Thanks, Woody, for that insight.. One of my earliest memories is of my sister making fudge with one of our neighbor's daughter when we lived in a 'shack' in Arizona.. fudge has always been traditional, like tamales.. I have several good recipes but haven't made any for 5 years. A good way to use up some of that butter... I always have jars of nuts in the fridge. It's such a priviledge to get so much insight from this group, especially with the 'parental challenges' and so forth because it really is needed and it is true that denial can be a real challenge.. We've 'been there' with our moms and sure want to make things as easy as possible for our family members. We want to keep living here 'happily ever after' as long as possible but hope to keep the property 'market ready' at all times because it doesn't move very fast in this rural area.. Thanks to everyone for the input from 'real life'.."The world always looks brighter behind a smile". EP

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Hi Da. Been wondering what you have been crocheting lately. We all enjoy your creativity.

For those interested in researching family history, I have found it amazing what is already on the internet. I found one web site that is now no longer available but it included verbal history I had heard from my father and someone listed had the same first, middle , and last name as my father.. I am sorry I cannot contact the person who shared it. Also another site had my mom's Scot history from Colonial times... I happened to have family pictures from the late 1800's which I emailed to the researcher and she was able to include them on her history page.. Very fullfilling and reinforcing.. good luck! EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Concerning depression medication, I am for it in some cases. For my mother, it produced a miracle, giving about 3 years reprieve from the pain of paranoia and allowing her some more time in assisted living. Figuring out which medication and how much took what seemed forever, and I give huge credit to one nurse in particular who cared and followed up on hunches and brought in a psychiatrist to help us find a solution. Otherwise, it would have been Hell. Another nurse who left to have a baby returned with the little girl to visit Mom and this was wonderful. And Babs, Mom thought the psychiatrist was a university professor writing a book about her family tree! Poor love!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

The subject of depression medication is a touchy one for me. I don't doubt that is is useful - even esseitial - in some cases. But I do not believe it was a valid choice for me and I had rejected it forefully when the toipic was raised by the doctors when I was in my worst state in the days and weeks immediately following my surgeries (two of them because the neurosurgeon made a bad judgement call on the first one and a second one was required within days to put in a shunt.) There were certainly valid reasons for me to be depressed and I was struggling hard to overcome the fog from the surgeries and premature withdrawal of anti-inflamatory steroids. I didn't need to complicate matters by adding mood altering drugs. I was LIVID therefore when I realized that I was beiwg given an anti-depressant while being told I was not. NO ONE had the right to make that decision for me - I had lost some of my brain but not my mind! DH had to have been aware or authorized the drug, although he said not, so he heard my opinions loud and clear. So - there, I've disclosed the origins of my bias in favor of not assuming drugs are the first choice to deal with post-surgical depression. A pre-existing depression or depression for reasons apart from medical trauma are different matters. There is just so much going on in your body as it tries to adapt to life after medical trauma that I think you have to allow some time for a natural order to reassert itself before you can really assess what is needed going forward. VG's comments about her DH when he started to 'feel' again strikes a familiar chord with me.

Marian - don't be silly :-)

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Woody, you have no idea how much what you've shared has made me THINK. I read it and find myself nodding in agreement. Then I remember what I DID, and I feel weird and uncomfortable, but I had to do something.

Lying to Mum to get the Zoloft into her made me feel so sleazy (I'll never forget how "dirty" I felt). But I tried to be direct, I tried to convince her that she wasn't going to become a medicated zombie. "I'm FINE, just give me a few days!". At 84 lbs. and losing 3+ lbs. week, she didn't have time, at least not much of it, left to squander.

Mum was a vibrant woman. But when she was functioning, she was a functioning alcoholic; went to work tirelessly and faithfully, and dissolved when she was at home. Once the inevitability of her 60+ yrs. of smoking caught up with her, she spiralled down quickly. Smoking and drinking are part and parcel of a depressive cycle; Mum rolled the dice one too many times. But the depressive cycle was present YEARS before the actual decline and fall. I never saw it then, but with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it's all too clear right now.

What strikes me most is the uniformity of experience; what dazzles me is how individuals rise to what can be a seemingly insurmountable wave of misfortune... and come out RIDING the damn wave. Woody, m'dear! you are an inspiration... I am reminded that the more we talk about and share experiences such as these, the better it will be for those who, unhappily, must retrace our footsteps.

Gee, I wanted to share more, but I'm tired and have lost all track of all the witty, fond things I wanted to share with such a lovely group of people.

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Hi guys, you would have had to laugh at me trying to find my way to the rapid station. I only got lost going and coming...that is just to get on the train. I was "shaking like a leaf on a tree"(insert Elvis wiggling:).Getting on the right train was a whole other adventure, I think the ticket guy thought I was a goner...but he was looking for me at the end of the day when I got back. The good news is that I made it:) At least twice. The first day I drove, decided I can't do that. This has been a week of lots of data input in my little brain, windburn on the cheeks, and reddened ears. And my little legs are even chapped from walking in the cold. I feel like a kid again. I haven't had these symptoms since I was 10...and that is a long time ago. All I'm missing are the rubbed raw back of my legs from the plastic boots:) I don't think I have spent this much time outside walking in the cold in forever. I did buy one of the really big muffler type scarves at Kaufmanns, but tonight I stopped and got some wrap around ear muffs. I am sure I am growing new neurons...all over the place. It is almost sensory overload, just because I have so many other things going on, but I am getting better at getting there every day. By the second week, I'll be a pro.

Babs, tell Chris to stop in and say hi if he gets a the spring, we can trade plants. He can be the courier:)
On another note, thanks so much for your sweet thoughts about Jen. You guys are the best.

v. as far as Idyllunion 2006, Mary Kate is getting married on July 1, so I can't make it that weekend. (Not that I would expect you to plan it around me, just tossing that out there as an FYI:)

I have to go do inventory of gifts and wrap a very large present before Skip gets home tommorrow.

By the way, one of the things I didn't do was take the leaves off my brugmansia. It is still green. So is my basil. Was that okay, or do I need to strip them off?

Deanne, I love your tree. Mine is a mess this year, everything is falling off. I think we got the wrong kind, and I don't have time to play with it this time.

EP you offer such interesting information...Thanks!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, you need not feel dirty! I think what Woody expressed so well was intended for "post-surgical depression". This is what she had to deal with and what Babs' MIL is dealing with.
In the case of your mother and mine, the causes for depression began earlier in life and were affected by strokes and more. Each case is unique.
I will only know how to deal with my own case when the time comes. I hope I chose well. I have had fine examples to observe with both Mom and Woody, among others, as my guides. The problem is that my thinker may not be working, and so my family will be deciding. They don't always know how strongly I feel about issues.
In Mom's situation, one aspect was her deteriorating brain function. She knew she was no longer in control and could not express it. She told everyone she needed diapers and had lost bowel control...her only way of describing how she felt. Her doctor gave her medication for diarrhea! Now I spoke to the doctor and said she did NOT have diarrhea and she was startled. She had never checked! She had no idea it was a thinking/emotional problem. One would think in a geriatric situation a doctor might know some of this. Anyway, we could jointly write a book.


Went to the dentist today and afterwards Christmas shopping at the mall. Bought NOTHING. It was all junk and foolishness in my eyes. Will have to rethink it all.


I am sad to see people personally critical of other members here. I love differing opinions and think they are the spice of life. I'd prefer we criticise the opinions not the person while at the same time sticking to the rules of the forums.


I am definitely in the let's spell "definitely" right camp. "lavender" too. I am also in the no hair colouring camp. I take calcium, vitamin B (dementia runs in the family), lipitor and all the awful stuff. I usually eat well and cholesterol is a family problem that develops in mid life. Before I had low cholesterol.


It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

Elton John

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One of the most delightful aspects of this group is the diversity of it. Inevitably, there will be differences in opinions on a myriad of subjects. I'm OK with that. But let's be "up front" about it, please. Heavy duty discussion of politics/religion shouldn't occur here. But we'e dealing with a pretty savvy group and it's inevitable that the REALITY of the PLANET'S affairs will trickle over into our discussions. How we chose to address that is up to US. Obviously, it's time to "cool it"; but how far must such a vibrant group "back off"? MORATORIUM is simply unrealistic; one member's "moratorium" may not mesh with that of another... see what I mean?

I've smoked and eaten grass (it was fun), slept with a variety of men (some more fun than others). Big Deal! I've violated the speed limit, too... forgotten to register and have my car inspected (went one whole year once!). But I'm honest, fair and decent in my relations with my fellow man. That's COMMON GROUND, and that's what this wonderful group has in abundance. We must always remember that!

I've said my piece, I have a really long rope, and more patience than I ever thought I had. Cleanin' up a parent's pee really focuses your attention on the important stuff... .

What I REALLY want to hear about is Da, and what sort of wonderful web our Renaissance babe is weaving these days (daze)...

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Thanks Cynthia, and apologies to all I offended. I was commenting on a trial which is right in my backyard and it was the top of national and international news all day yesterday. Not quite as big as the Scopes trial which was huge, but a deciding factor in how this affects public science education in this country. I said nothing offensive to Christians of which I am one..You need to live in this real conservative belt of PA to realize that this is important news since the judge is a Republican and appointed by Bush and was harsh in his rulings. All eight of the school board members who brought ID in the school were voted out by a big majority in the Nov. election in this small rural town. It will not be appealed. This is a big news event, and the ONLY reason I mentioned it was reporters from all over the world...yes,really, have been camped here since the trial began. It was really a huge deal around here. Again, my apologies..I was shocked anyone was offended..
VG Tell again about your husband's accident. I can't remember if I read it, and also please tell me where to get flax seed. Can I buy it at my local mega grocery?
Marian...I am a huge Jimmy Stewart fan. I can't remember any movie of his I didn't like.
Babs...What a sad situation about your MIL. It must be tough for everyone in the family...
Chelone..Don't feel bad about fibbing to your mother. I did the same w/ mine. I suggested Zoloft to her doctor since she seemed depressed but told her it was an extra vitamin because that generation thought it terrible to admit to depression...Sadly it didn't work as none work for me either
Deanne..Sorry about the kitty mix-up. Where is Luke now? Do they look alike? I guess maybe they do since they're Bengals, aren't they? You might have extra skin, but you look great as I said before ..very toned, You should feel good about yourself. I never had a drastic weight loss but have "wings" when I wear sleeveless..Sign of the time.
I hope it warms up so I don't have to walk the mall tomorrow because it's madness weaving in and out..!!!...Sylvia

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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

I've got 20 minutes before I head off to work. Let's see, I could be honest about one or two of the reasons why I got more and more quiet around here but that would mean talking about something that may or may not offend someone. I thought about emailing one of you a few months ago to say why... but vetoed that because it wasn't really important. Not really.

I don't talk politics or religion because they're dangerous topics and I don't see that anything I may have to say would change anyones mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and ways of life. We have a lot of people to thank for that, as I'm reminded by a note from an internet friend who's spending Christmas overseas in uniform. Whether I think it's right or not, that is what is going on and I can't turn a blind eye to that and pretend like there are no such things as wars, terror, and third world countries.

I'm lucky to live in a country where I can be who and what I want to be if I only make the effort to do it.

Who am I?
I am Da. A 31 year old woman who smokes pot, grows flowers, crochets, and writes interactive stories with her friends online. I am a Christian who hasn't gone to church in at least a decade because of the hypocracy I constantly found being pushed in my face. I find that my garden is the most lovely sanctuary I've been in and I'm closer to my maker when I am sitting there than when I'm sitting in a stuffy building surrounded by people with too much perfume on that are trying to out dress each other.

What does all of that mean? I have no idea. I shouldn't be writing this early in the morning. It's going to be busy as heck today at work because.... well... see Taryn's post that talked about grocery shopping? I'm the chick who's ringing that up for everyone today from 8-5 with only a half hour break. Do you know how hard it is to keep smiling when there's a kid on the other side of the counter screaming his fool head off because he isn't getting any candy? (Duct tape, anyone? ---- that's a joke)

I've started a pretty pink crochet hoodie but won't be able to go back to working on that until some comissioned scarves are done. Am I getting paid for them? Barely considering how much the weather's making my hands hurt this winter. I want to tell the woman I don't want to make them anymore but that would be rude.
I've seen lots and lots of snowflake ornament patterns but the ones I've seen that I really liked the look of were the ones where the person took a regular orb ornament and then crocheted a beautiful lace looking wrap around it. That doesn't come anywhere close to describing the beauty that those were... but I don't have links or patterns right now. If I had patterns, I'd have whipped a few up to put on the tree.

I'm running out of time already. Big surprise.

Looking forward to: Christmas
Why?: The Christmas songs will finally stop being played 24/7

Wish I knew some other singers because it would be lovely to sit around one night and sing some carols acapella.

PS.... I have extremely mixed feelings about anti-depressants. I was on Paxil for a year or two. The doc gave it to me to see if it would stop my headaches. No dice but I got the full effects of all of the side effects. I decided it was time to stop taking it when the vertigo had me almost falling face first into a large HOT fryer at work.
Funny... the depression that was always there despite the pills? Went away 85% when I removed myself from the situation that I was living in and moved across the country. Hmm... and my old friends (the two I wish I could have brought with me in my luggage) wonder why I don't ever want to go back "home".

Enough. I've written FAR more than I should and am going to shut up now.


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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

I am also very much in the group of "gimme color!" group of hair stylists. But... I think that was already a given. I'm pretending like I don't see the brown growing out.

~da, probably late for work now. heh. Whoops.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well, Hmpf...Hurm... There is a whole world of things to discuss on this forum OTHER than religion and politics. They are taboo for a reason. "Off Topic" does not mean religion and politics. Too many people have too many very strong and differing opinions and for some people, hearing opinions that don't coincide with their own on these subjects causes anger, dissention, and hurt feelings. As much as I enjoy a lively debate over many of these issues this is NOT the place for it. That being said, we are all adults here and should just abide by the rules.

So I thought in honor of the days growing longer we should have a bit of color today. It always amazes me this time of the year that all this incredible lush growth and color is all sleeping quietly and waiting for spring. Cool!
Do any of you grow "Clara Curtis" chrysanthemum? That pink blob of color in the lower middle of the pic is this gorgeous girl. It looked particularly great with the Beacon Rosa fuchsia this year. (I know Sue it is pink LOL)

Im so happy Ive saved this fantastic variegated fuchsia. It is happily growing under the lights this winter because I couldnt bear to lose it so just stripped it of leaves, cut it back, root pruned it and repotted. Ill have to grab a pic of it under the lights. It is VERY happy there right now not to mention the iresine which got the same treatment.

Now here is what is so incredible and fabulous about this forum. I first saw Lemon Queen in Davids garden in 04 then in Moniques and Monique gave me a division of her plants. This is from my Idyll friends Les and Monique. How great is that? I especially love it with the asters and Russian Sage. The coreopsis Moonbeam echoes the shape and color of the Lemon Queen flowers nicely in the front of this little garden. This is the small area we dug up in front of the fence on the street side of the driveway garden. I normally dont post pics from this angle.

One of the many containers from this year.

Speaking of containers, I have to confess that by the time I got around to making the recipe booklet for our container gardens that thread was GONE! Im so peeved that I didnt save it. Does anyone know if there is any way to retrieve that container recipe thread? That was going to be this years calendar. Bummer.

OK Im going to try to get back here later to talk to everyone but Ive got to get to the gym or Ill lose my motivation to exercise. I dont know how Sue does it after work. I have to go in the morning or I dont seem to get around to it.

Have a terrific day everyone. And you know what? Today will have more daylight than yesterday. Woohoo!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I don't know what to say here, except that I'm sorry there seem to be some hard feelings. You are all a wonderful group of caring individuals and I was totally taken by surprise that so many have been unhappy with things going on here. I have never been offended by anyone's opinion here, as long as their words weren't said in a mean-spirited way or directly *meant* to hurt someone else. I know Marian has never said anything *meant* to hurt someone else's feelings and I know her to be a kind, caring individual, with a good heart. I also don't think Sylvia was trying to hurt anyone's feelings. I *do* understand and appreciate the reasoning behind not allowing politics or religion to be discussed on these boards. Im sad to think anyone has been feeling uncomfortable here Da, I had *no* idea. As I've said before, I think you are all very special people and this is a very special place. I'm fairly new at the Idylls (relatively speaking) and don't know how to take any of this and feeling pretty uncomfortable now myself. Having not been here from the beginning, I don't feel I can make any more comments, just that I hope that you can all work it out and that *everyone* will feel welcome and comfortable here again. This has been a very special place for me. GB thanks for the beautiful song...Ei

Bill Withers - Lean on me
Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you don't let show

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

If there is a load you have to bear
That you can't carry
I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
If you just call me
So just call on me brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on

I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Lean on me when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
Till I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
Lean on me...

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A fast good morning. We have a lot going on so might not be 'lurking in' frequently but it's interesting to read about everyone's lives. Da, once when one of our special ornaments broke off on one side, I was able to crochet a 'shield' to glue around it and keep using it. It's among the favorites..along with the 'snowflakes' and 'stars' . I have 'made up' the ones I have done but plan to do some from patterns... One year I crocheted so many hats to give away that my hand ached so much that I tossed the pattern.. but wish I'd kept it.. but being creative helps produce appreciated gifts... thanks for sharing your creative talent. Deanne, we always appreciate your pictures and sharing.. same to all... Drema, you have a lot going for you... hope you will find your work very fullfilling... hi to all... EP

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's pretty busy here as we prepare to be closed for a week, but I thought I'd better post before anyone thought I'd gone missing!

One of the issues with "controversial topics" is that often you can have the best of intentions but just not realize when you are touching on someone else's sore spot. I may be repeating myself, but my senior year in college I shared an apartment with two other girls, one Christian and one Jewish. Pam and I had a couple of huddled conversations after Thanksgiving and decided out of respect for Amy we would not do any holiday decorating. Just before we all left for the holidays, Amy told us that she was disappointed we had not done anything, as she always enjoyed the decorations! It's so, so hard to judge what someone with differing views will or won't accept.

Babs, I'm so glad that you're staying clam. Good thoughts to you and your family, including MIL.

Chelone, we have a lot more in common than I ever guessed. I'll leave it at that! ;)

Drema, you'll figure out quickly the tricks of the commuting life. I spent a few years riding the train into downtown Chicago and then walking a mile to my office. Nice warm boots are a must, more for cold weather than for snow. I also learned many shortcuts through buildings or underground tunnels for the very worst days.

Da, I'm sending you some "mental duct tape" for those screaming kids! I miss your posts...

Ei, you're right we need to talk. I think I'll start a separate thread to start taking roll call and bouncing dates around.

'Nuff for now. There are four very busy days ahead, which will climax with me dropping my son off at O'Hare at midnight on 12/25 for a two week service trip to Guatemala. So I will try to read but may not post much in the next few days. But send whatever good thoughts suit you to my son and his friends on their trip. Thanks!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Please take the time to read the following link

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Oops, I forgot I was going to address "famous people I have known".

Marian, I never met him but my uncle knew Frankie Yankovich. My uncle had had his own band before I was born, and shortly after I was born he opened a record and card store. He sold a lot of polka records and always had nice things to say about Frankie.

I had an encounter once with Harry Chapin when I was in college. I was ticket manager for the concert and had to deliver a ticket sales report backstage after the concert. As I went through the curtain Harry and I ran right smack into each other. He put a hand on each of my arms and said, "My, what a nice person to run into!" But the facial expression bordered on a leer, and that encounter forever changed my opinion of him and his music.

Once on my long walk to the office (mentioned in the previous post) I saw a large crowd of people all staring across the street at a small cluster of people. I slowed down and saw that there was a movie being filmed. Finally realized that everyone was gawking at this short, not very attractive or impressive man. Turns out it was Chuck Norris. I would have passed him a million times and never given it a second thought.

But I did see Audrey Hepburn at a banquet and she was every bit as stunning and elegant in real life as she was in the movies.


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Morning all. I hope that everything is smoothed over today and we can all get on with the conversations (minus religion and politics) Can you tell that I am a peacemaker? :o) Like Deanne said there is so much to talk about.
Well, I've finished my mom's bracelet and I think it turned out pretty nice. I'll have to post a picture later. Tonight I'll be setting everything up for tomorrow night with Rick's kids.

Deanne, thanks for the fabulous garden shots. That fuchsia was surely worth keeping. Lemon Queen is on my "to get list", I just haven't come across it yet. I need more height.

As of yet I have no gray hair, but I do highlight my somewhat plain brown hair. I do think that hair color is just like nail polish. Both are intended to make you look better, but if not kept up they tend to make you look worse.

Seems like the dentists will have a good Christmas thanks to the Idylls.

Eden, how many gifts are under your tree for Bella? ;O)

VG, how great that you can now see pictures. That is one of the wonderful things about this group is all the fabulous pictures. In fact this thread is loaded with great pictures. Marian's sweet violets. Marie's interesting winter garden, Ei's lovely tulips. Ep's quiant Christmas tree, Taryn's yummy looking breakfast and Deanne's golden tree and kitty to match.

I am going to share a few pictures of Christmas as my house.

This is my built in buffet:

The big present on the right is for Kenzie :o)

Have a relaxing day

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Famous people I have seen in person:

Slim Pickens in CA in the 70s. We were looking for Starsky and Hutch but had to settle for Slim.

Cindy Crawford had lunch a few tables away from us in Steamboat Springs, CO a few years ago. She was eating a large sandwich and big plate of french fries.

I saw Tim Allen scurrying along the streets of Vail village on yet another ski vacation. Western ski resorts seem to be celebrity magnets.

As you remember, last month we "lunched" (more or less) with Glen Campbell at the Waldorf in NYC.

I think that's it.

Michelle, I love the blue and white Christmas decorations. Lately I've been getting away from using alot of bright red for Christmas, opting instead for burgundy and more muted red tones. In our bedroom this year I'm just basically using just greens, golds and whites and for me it's very calming.

Sorry for all the discord around here lately. I have to admit I barely notice the religious and political references as well as any other topics that don't interest me. Rarely, if ever have I been personally offended by anything anyone has written here. Life is too short.

Well I'm scooting out of work at noon in hopes of getting the last minute shopping done. Right now I'm drawing a blank on what to get for a couple of people. Hopefully that will change as the afternoon progresses.



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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a quick post...Taryn, that pancake looks great, I'm going to give it a shot. I love pancakes, but haven't been able to eat them for years, as they cause me problems with my blood sugar. Thanks, too for the info about the Stevia, will have to check that out, too. You seem pretty well versed on this subject, and I appreciate the tips!
Gotta run..Jim and I got all the shopping done last night, except for shopping for each other. That's on the agenda for today, and he just pulled in the driveway, so I imagine we'll be on our way shortly.
Peace to all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well what do you know! The phone rang. I answered. It was our dentist. "How are you feeling today?" "We're both just fine!" "Well that's great. Enjoy your Christmas!" I'm stunned!

More colour and 2005 memories...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thought for today :

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Artist: Harry Connick, Jr.

You say either
And I say either
You say neither
I say neither
Either either
Neither neither
Let's call the whole thing off

You say potato
I say potato
You say tomato
I say creole tomato
Oh let's call the whole thing off

* Oh if we call the whole thing off
Then we must part
And though if we ever part
That would break my heart

So I say erster
You say oyster
I'm not gonna stop eatin' ersters
Just cause you say oysters
Let's call the whole thing off

* Repeat

So I say pajamas
You say pajamas
Sugar what's the problem
Oh, for we know we need each other so
We'd better call the calling off off
So let's call it off, oh let's call it off
Oh, let's call it off, baby let's call it off
sugar why don't we call it off,
I'm talking baby why call it of
Call it off...
Let's call the whole thing off


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I see and understand exactly what Chelone,Marie and Woody are saying and it really illustrates that each case is different('unique'-good word Marie: ) and each situation sometimes requires a different action. Woody's situation is a great example of working through the process of recovering from major surgery and how the psyche also has to recover when a part of our system is removed. Yet in Chelone's case if she hadn't taken the steps she had her mother would have died. Depression in conjunction with a physical illness in an aging person can *sometimes* be deadly. My mom would have died if from not only the ovarian cancer she had but the depression was causing her to have high blood pressure-she would have died had I not insisted she get help-the doctor told her this. I am so fortunate that she had the sense to take care of herself and respect what I advised/begged her to do. When a person has dementia in the case of Marie's and Chelone's moms those 'lies' are sometimes a part of helping them so I certainly can't/won't judge them. Until you have a family member with dementia who you need to guide toward medical help you most likely won't easily understand what the role of 'lying' takes on. Just imagine,how many people whose family members won't lie to them about hiding their car keys are now on the road and driving among us. It seems horrible to lie-but not when a life/lives are at stake. Those lies are not meant to trick them maliciously or abusively. In my MIL's case she's got a full mind to work with so I think that's the problem as far manipulating the situation to get her treatment. Just know I am doing OK emotionally right now but waiting for the right moment when Chris can do what's necessary to help his mom. He had a meeting(not related to MIL) at a retirement community yesterday which includes independent living & assisted living-it was impressive he said. We would feel much better if his mom could be in a place like that and are looking into the feasibility of it. I truthfully can see her in independent living once she's on track. As far as MIL getting back to work she's not ready or able because she hasn't done enough PT! If she'd 'just do it' that would definitely be an option. There's a problem apparently with transportation. The city van will not take a person to employment but they will take a person for groceries and errends(isn't that silly?) Anyway-about the retirement facility,being around all the people would be the best medicine for MIL. Chris and I are discussing the idea of gently suggesting this place to her. She's of the mentality that moving to a living facility for aging people is the path to a nursing home. It's irrational thinking but for her generation it's so common.

(((Drema)))) I am so proud of you!!! I admire how you faced the uncertainty of riding the rapid and whether you'd eventually end up at the right place-you go girl: ) LOVE your descriptions of those cold weather feelings from childhood-I forgot all about those sensations but everybody had them!

OK everybody make nice-nice it's the idylls dysfunctional Christmas: ) just being funny; ) Hey who threw that pie? mmm-nope that was figgy pudding!

I wrote this quickly so forgive things that don't make sense-and any mispellings.

I gotta go AJ just asked me to explain 'zen' to him : )


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Again, I am amazed at the controversy I caused by simply stating a big news event in my area. I thought it was appropiate in off topic since I wasn't slandering anyone. I've been a member at Garden web for over three years, I think and never posted regularly on a forum except ocassionally asking a question on the pond forum. I came here because I thought you all were a diverse group in which lively conversation could occur.We generally are of like mind, love pets and deal w/ children, grandchildren and elderly parents, besides our intersts in gardening. Others in the past, have made comments which were the antithesis of my beliefs, but I made no comment . Let's celebrate our differences. I am what I am and you people all have your distinct philosophies and none of us will change , but let's celebrate diversity and not castigate others. I WILL not comment on any thing controversial any more. As Marian said..Let's call the whole thing off..Agreed?...Sylvia

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Good Morning:-)

Brenda, I can just imagine the relief you all felt when the doc realized he had the wrong chart! A egotistical doc almost killed my dad. Daddy is on insulin but he also has severe ulcerative colitis and was in the hospital with that unable to eat more than a few bites a day. This doc kept ordering the insulin like Daddy was eating full meals 3 times a day. Daddy was getting weaker and weaker. He and Mom had already agreed that he would check himself out of the hospital and come home to die. The RN came in to give him his next insulin shot and he begged her not to give it to him because his blood sugar was already dangerously low. She didn't but a short time later he heard the doctor swearing at the nurse for not following his orders. When he came into Daddy's room, Daddy asked him if he ever bothered to read his chart and told him "you're killing me". The doctor was angry and stormed out of the room but later came back and apologized. Finally used his brain and ordered insulin on a sliding scale according to the food eaten. Daddy did come home to die but I hooked him up with my wonderful doctor friend who saved his life and he would save my son's life a few years later:-) Daddy is about 6' 6" and had lost weight down to 117 lbs.

Chelone, how very frustrating to expect the staff to teach your mother what she needed to know and they didn't do it. Grrr!!! I appreciate the diversity of this group too. That's part of the fun of sharing:-)

Taryn, thanks for sharing the flax pancake recipe. It looks yummy!

Since I'm quite new here, I don't know how the forum was before (re Eden's and Ei's comments) I've been wondering about how religious is too religious or how political is too political. Like yesterday, I was going to say that DH and I had to go to a meeting where our potential new pastor was being interviewed but didn't post it because I was afraid it would be too religious. This is the first and only non-garden specific forum I've ever participated in so I'm continuing to learn how it all works:-) Advice is welcome;-)

EP that is so neat that you found that history with your father's name. It would be great if you could contact the person. Yes, it is amazing what you can find on the Internet. I've been able to fill in some missing links in my family tree and help some folks fill in some branches in their tree:-) Those eggshell ornaments are so pretty!!

Drema, I can identify with you trying to find your way. I am "famous" in my family and DH's family for getting lost. In fact it has been said about me that "she can't find her way out of a 2 ft square box with both ends open". You are so brave!!

GB I am definitely in the category of misspelling definitely:)

Sylvia, I may have told about DH's accident on the Introductions thread but maybe not. Anyway, we were tree planting in AL in Dec of 97. The planting site was a typical clear-cut with huge ruts about 3 feet deep. He being crewleader, was busy checking tree spacing, depth, etc. He tripped on a tree branch and fell into the rut but his upper body hit the ground on the far side of the rut. He turned his head to avoid smashing his nose (which has been broken several times, twice by me:-)) and put out his arms in the hands up "I surrender" position to try and break his fall. It was that quick and that simple. He had some pain for a few days then the pain grew worse and worse. He went to a chiropractor in the small town nearby who put him in traction for a couple hours every evening after work. That was the only pain relief he had. In mid January we had to move the crew to NC. DH drove a semi that pulled our travel trailer, I drove a small pickup and DS drove the big Ford. It took us 24 HOURS to drive from AL to NC because poor DH had to stop and rest so often. I begged him to call his uncle to come down and drive the semi but he was too stubborn to do it. He saw another chiropractor in NC. I tried to get DH to quit and turn the crew over to another crewleader but he steadfastly refused. This was a very tough good-paying contract that our company only got because our crew did the job. DH knew that if he quit, 30 men would loose their jobs. He would get up and go to work at daylight after having slept one hour or maybe none. The crew pulled together and supported him. One guy drove the truck, they loaded the trees out of the cooler and back in, checked each others' planting quality, etc. Sometimes all DH could do was lie down in the field and wait for the day to be over. He hung on until the contract was done April 1. His left arm hand grown weaker until he couldn't even put his hand in his pocket or roll the truck window down. I don't know why we didn't realize that something was seriously wrong. I am normally much smarter than that!! I learned a lot from this experience about knowing things and asking questions!!! Then he faced the 6 hour drive to his parents home also in NC. When we made it there he immediately saw another chiropractor who set him up for an MRI, then a neurologist. After many, many tests, some quite painful, he was diagnosed with brachial plexus injury. The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves that come from the spine. His were stretched. Apparently if they are torn they can be reattached by surgery. Because of the nerve damage, the muscles that are ennervated by those nerves atrophied. For him this included muscles in his left arm, shoulder, torso, neck, face, and the left vocal chords. Not every muscle in every area though; some just tingle as if they are waking up from being asleep. The constant severe pain and lack of sleep pretty much bankrupted him emotionally and mentally. A mild anti-depressant helped him sleep which started him on the road to mental and emotional recovery. He doesn't take it now. The neurologist said that the nerves have the capability of healing themselves but they grow at a very slow rate and some people have miles of nerves so they don't regrow enough in the person's lifetime. There is no way of knowing which person will recover or to what extent. The purpose of the physical therapy is to help build up any muscles that are capable of being improved and to strengthen other muscles to take over. Also to prevent further debility, as would happen if the left torso muscles stayed weak and caused pinched nerves in the spine. Some functions are just not there anymore and some are coming back somewhat. He has constant pain at some level, usually low unless he does something to trigger more pain. And he often does that:-( He is gradually learning what he can do and what he can't do. He was very troubled about losing his singing voice. He had a very nice baritone voice and now can't sing at all. Especially heartbreaking because our family and his siblings often gather around the piano an sing for hours at a time. Now he joins in by playing guitar or bass guitar with us. Well, I'm sure I've told you way more than you wanted or needed to know. I just got carried away!

I get my flax seed from a co-op in MI that delivers to a buying club that DH's aunt runs in NC. They ship UPS too.

Da, come sing carols with us:-)
I tried posting this early this morning but it was rejected by GW. I don't know why.

Deanne, what lovely pictures! You continue to inspire me with your gardens and plants.

Michelle, thank you! I enjoyed your lovely Christmas photos too. I have never seen a picture of Kenzie so will be looking forward to some:-) I must have missed the post about the bracelet. What are you making it out of?

Marian, I read the definition on your link. Very interesting and enlightening. I'm glad you shared it.

GB you are making me want some clematis so badly!!! What a contented dog:-)

I hear DS sanding the dry wall in the bathroom. It will be my job to help paint the room. We haven't picked out any colors yet so it will just be the primer for now. I will attempt to post this again and see what happens.

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