Starting seeds in an aerogarden

inuyashalover21(6 nw nj)March 19, 2011

Been a while since I posted but I am new to seed starting from an aerogarden. The year before last year I had a problem starting seeds. They got up to an inch and then wilted so I had to buy plants. This year I plan on preventing that problem. I got 66 seedlings going in the tray of my classic and 6 seedling pods going in my spacesaver. I think I started to late but I am hoping to have them outside by late may. I planted them on the 17th and a pea seed is already sprouting. Wish me luck and will post pics in a few minutes :)

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inuyashalover21(6 nw nj)

ok got pics. Wish I could edit first post.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I can't help you with the Aerogarden. I have no idea how they work but it certainly looks complicated. However, I've grown an awful lot of peas and those cells look very small unless you are going to transplant them extremely quickly. Also the pea seed needs to be covered about an inch deep.

Are all the seeds peas? It's not quite clear from your post. You actually need a lot of pea plants to make a worthwhile crop. I sow an entire packet of approx 200 seeds per row and do about three rows over a season. That is for 4 people.

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inuyashalover21(6 nw nj)

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I got 4 pea plants in there and we are not a big pea family. I seem to be the only one who eats them LOL. The other seeds if I can remember are purple cherokee tomatoes, Kellogs tomatoes, Rainbow cherry tomatoes, California wonder pepper, Grand belle pepper, Lemon cukes Zinnias, gallardias, Pink butterfly bush, Maximillion sunflowers , Bellflower, balloon flower,cone flower, wild bergamot, jacko o' lantern pumpkins, and Sugar daddy peas which I only planted 4 of. I plan to transplant them soon after they grow a few inches. The 6 pod aerogarden has 3 marigolds and 3 butterfly weed seeds and they as well as the others are an experiment to see how well this thing can grow seedlings. I got 6 aerogardens total but only 2 have seeds in them. 3 are packed away and the other one has tea herbs growing in it. Today I plan to get some seedling pots and get some peas in them just in case this dont work to well. I also have at least another hundred packets of seeds to grow. I think what I did wrong was I should of drilled a bit deeper in the pods to cover the peas. Will do that later after I let the dogs out.

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