What do you wish you started or wished you didn't?

keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)March 13, 2010

I was going through more seed catalogues and pondering what I should have started this year. Then I was looking at my seedlings and deciding what I am NOT going to start next yearÂ

What are your thoughts?

Next year I for sure want to start geraniums, double begonias (from seed, not tubers as I am doing this year), plumbago, alyssum, and I want to experiment with (10) or so different types of petunias for the best overall effect all summer.

Next year I for sure will NOT start, corkscrew vines (they are huge and they now have their own area but the final decision will be made after their summer performance) and double impatiens (next year I will buy 10 plants and propagate them from stem cuttings to get the 50 or so I need).

Lets hear itÂ. What are you already wishing you planted/didnÂt plant?


Yep definitely have Spring fever!

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I haven't started much yet. I have a bunch of geraniums. Most started from cuttings, but some started from seed. They take a long time to mature from seed. I have some begonias that I saved the tubers from last year. They are just starting to leaf. My Impatiens I intend to start tomorrow. I grow tempo Impatiens. They put on a great show and are the earliest to flower. I prefer them to the doubles. Anything else will be started in the greenhouse next month.

I plan out my beds in a half hearted way when I'm contemplating my flower choices. I keep a book with genuses and their varieties that I have ordered and make notes in it about them during the summer. Over the years I have discovered which plants like which conditions in my yard. I mainly order the ones that have performed well in the past but I'm always open to new ones and include some of them in my order. Some of these I would grow again--others not.

I always say I'm going to cut back but I always grow too much. I have a neighbor who is a gardener and we swap plants.

I usually grow Petunias. For grandiflora I like the Storm variety; The blossoms don't droop in the rain. I grow the Grandiflora glorious mix double petunias amd the milliflora Picobella. The last are small plants with small petunia flowers that work very well for edging a bed. I don't grow the trailing petunias because I don't have many hanging planters or a place to put them.

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sleepy33(5b KS)

I wish I hadn't started so MANY of everything. I feel like it's been non-stop transplanting for weeks now! I guess I should have more faith in my germinating/growing on abilities and not sow all the extras 'just in case'.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I wish I had not sown scrophularia nodosa (figwort) indoors. The germination suggestions indicated it could take several weeks at 40F to germinate, or might respond to warm/cold/cool cycles totalling several weeks. I decided to give sown seeds a warm moist period and then place outdoors for some weeks of overnight frost, but they germinated in about 8 days from sowing while still indoors....are now taking up space not designated for them under lights until I can harden them off. Came up like cress, every seed must have germinated.

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