mossybertJuly 22, 2014

Finally got the pond moved to a better location. It took about 3 1/2 months, but it's finally up and running. I still have the other half to finish, but there will not be any rock work to do. I kind of have the whole process posted in the "Gallery" section.

The other half of the pond will have the skimmer and a small bridge over the part where the other pond (yet to be dug) will connect. Any good ideas on how to connect the 2 ponds together and have water flow between the two? I was thinking of making a bulkhead type fitting about 8 to 12" diameter where the liners would connect. Maybe you guys will have a better idea.

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Night shot

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This is my concept plan..."Paint" program is a little hard to draw with, but it gives you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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I would say "you're halfway there!" but you probably already knew that! Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest!

As for connecting the two ponds... it looks like you're planning an underwater connection? In other words, you don't want a waterfall over the divider portion? Then a bulkhead underwater makes sense. You'll have to calculate how much water you need to move to determine the size of your opening.

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

The price of an 8-12" bulkhead would turn me off, I'm cheap. You could make one with aluminum or stainless steel and bolts. Still too pricey for me. I assume the large bulkhead is too allow fish to move between the ponds?

You could also make a small channel between the ponds and seam the liners. That would limit the amount of seam needed, maybe to just 24". The seam can be done just like a bulkhead (metal and bolts) or with seaming tape (assuming both liners are EPDM).

When joining 2 ponds I always overlap the liners. The lower pond only has to be slightly lower, 1" or less if you're careful. This does mean most fish will end up in the lower pond. Personally I like that kind of setup because I like more fish in a smaller pool but still have the larger water volume.

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here is a link to a post from Cliff and Joann about how they expanded their pond. I don't know if this addresses your questions and issues, but thought I'd post it. There is a link in one of their responses that goes to the original how-to post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cliff and Joann's joining of ponds

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Waterbug, pashta, lisa---Yes I did look into large bulkhead fittings, but they are very pricey. I have a 3", but that is obviously too small. I'm not really sold on the idea of seaming the liners together. I can just see a slow leak starting from there and I would have to find out where it's leaking.

The large bulkhead is to allow fish to move from one pond to the other, but also, the skimmer will be in the other (next) pond, so it has to be large enough to allow floating debris to move through.

I guess there is really only 3 options: seaming liners together, having one pond higher than the other & overlapping liners or a bulkhead of some sort. I like the idea of having one pond higher than the other....I will have to think that one through. I haven't started digging yet, so I have a little time still. It would be nice to find a 25 gal plastic drum and connect the liners from each pond to it like you would to a skimmer. Know that i'm thinking about it, I could probably use a 55 gallon drum and cut it down to about 15" high....I have a spare one of those. So the only cost will be stainless steel bolts. We know those are not cheap. Probably will need about 35 of those. I will have to make sure the bridge will cover the whole set up.

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