Question about effect of caffeine from coffee grounds on roses?

bman1920(5b)February 6, 2014

I'm not a chemist just curious about caffeine side effects on roses. I am new to roses and I read coffee grounds are a great thing to use on a rose bed. I'm just wondering about the down side of caffeine on plants.

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

There's very little left in used coffee grounds -- I don't worry about it. And if you're near a Starbucks, they do a "grounds for gardeners" program. You bring a container, they fill it with waste coffee and espresso grounds, you pick it up. I bought a cheap kitchen garbage can to bring there (I stopped in late Autumn, but will resume in Spring when it's not so cold of a walk over there).

One thing -- they tend not to remove the coffee filters before dumping into the container. I pour the contents of the can into a wheelbarrow, sort out the filters as I find them, and use a small bucket to scoop the grounds onto the beds. The filters can be added to your compost heap, or can be buried under mulch if you don't mind the bother. It makes a nice top-dressing over manure -- and seems to mask the odor a bit as well.



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i have never noticed any negative effect on the flowers. The grounds make the soil more friable, attract earthworms and their casings to aerate, and improve the soil. I do notice a HUGE increase in gophers, who feed on the worms attracted by the grounds. This ruins my lawn.

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It will wake up the roses so they smell better!

But putting the grounds into a compost pile as suggested is likely the best idea to neutralize whatever is in the grounds, caffeine or not.

I would think that any caffeine would have dissipated into your cup of Joe. So you can go out and smell the roses!

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Campanula UK Z8

it certainly perks me up!

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