grey rose stems on falstaff rose?

kingcobbtx9bFebruary 23, 2014

I stumbled on this Falstaff last fall at a end of season 1/2 off sale. It looked healthy, but I am wanting to check on how grey/wooded the new stem growth is.

Is this normal for falstaffs or is something going on here I need to address?

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One more pic. Sorry they are cell phone pics.

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Is it powdery mildew? Would be the 1st such occurrence in my garden and it doesn't seem to be a problem here in Galveston/Houston. Plus none ofmy other roses seem to have it.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

You're pictures aren't very clear so I'm not sure whether it's the same thing I have, but some of my roses have rose mosaic, which makes the canes look gray where they're affected. I believe it's a virus of some sort. It doesn't usually affect the roses too much and some of them live on for years. I think I can see tiny leafbuds on the affected areas so the canes are obviously not doing too badly. I'd wait and see what the new leaves look like, or maybe meanwhile you can send clearer pictures.


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seil zone 6b MI

Is the gray a substance on the top of the wood or is the bark of the wood a gray color? It it's something on the top it could be mildew, although I don't know if your weather conditions are good for that right now. If it's the bark that's gray it's just an older cane. As canes age they'll get a darker woody/ barky color, sometimes gray , sometimes brown, it depends on the rose. If it's at the top of the can it could be some die back. Clip the tip of the cane and check the pith inside for whiteness.

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I showed it to a horticulturist I know and he said it is a canker disease caused by various different fungi.

I thought it kind of looked like canker but couldn't find the wound.

He is gonna look at the canes I cut off tomorrow to verify it.

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