First Bareroots Arrived - a little nervous

harmonypFebruary 28, 2012

I realized when I opened my first shipped box of bareroots that although I've planted plenty of body bags, this is the first bareroot shipment I've ever received. Came last night, was in transit for 1 week, from S&W.

I was surprised upon opening to see canes with growth - I thought they'd be completely dormant. Twilight Zone has only a few white nubbins sticking out. Stainless Steel has about 10 growths, up to a hair over 1" long, a ghostly whitish with pink tinges.

Am I in trouble or ok? Should I pinch off these growths or leave them?

I have them soaking in water, and will pot this evening.

Thanks for any help.


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Karen, I live in your general area. I have planted bare-roots that have had some growth with no trouble. Usually, it was plants received by mail. Since you are potting them, you can be more careful with them and make sure they are well-watered. I would still prune them as necessary, as I usually do prune bare-roots down to about 3 canes. I am assuming you will not have any heavy freezes coming up.

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Yes the white/pinkish canes are normal at least when my bare root orders came they were the same, the canes will green up. I just soaked them in the tub overnight & planted as is into the ground. Even though you are potting them up I would think you'd be fine. All of my roses are bareroot & have had great growth. The easiest way for me was to just make a cone of dirt and arrange the roots around the cone & then fill in around them with whatever mixture you've settled on

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I have the ability to put them straight into the ground as well. Just thought I'd have more control (keeping them out of the elements and moisture control) in pots.

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If your last frost date has passed you should be able to put them into the ground no problem, if not then temporarily potting them is a good idea. If you don't know or are not sure you can check online, my fav site is the farmers almanac. In my experiance as a general rule of thumb, as long as you water your roses they'll grow, the only ones that don't usually are diseased or are poor stock to begin with and just leave room for something better to be put in it's place ; )

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Campanula UK Z8

nah, get 'em in the soil - frost dates don't matter. We stick them in the ground all winter unless the soil is actually frozen. It is never easier keeping a bare root in a pot than in the ground unless you are planting it miles from your house.

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My fall bare roots from Pickering came a couple of months ago in winter because of their shipping problems. I planted them immediately and now in late February they are coming out of dormancy nicely. What I remember is that rose roots continue to grow at 45 degrees or above and I think are viable down to 5 degrees. But by then your soil would be frozen. If I got those temperatures wrong, I know someone will correct me!

I'd plant them too. Happy spring!

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I just got some showing the very same thing and the advice here was to keep them out of the wind so the tender pale growth didn't dry out. I put them in the ground and shaded them for the hottest part of the day. They eventually got pinker and then greener and I took the shade cloth away.

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Thanks all. Seeing in a prior post that I could leave them for days with roots in water, I kept them that way for 4 days until I could get them in the ground. Yesterday I planted them. Cannot wait to watch them progress. Seems like there is always a new exciting adventure waiting in the garden...

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