I had my doubts, but

wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)April 18, 2006

I didn't think I'd successfully grow Petunias from seed but lo & behold, I pulled it off and I'm tickled pink! (Strawberry Sundae)

As you pro-seeders already know, the Petunia seeds are soooooo tiny, and I really didn't think pressing them into the top of the growing medium would have much success, but I got around a 50% germination rate, which I have to say I'm happy about for my first go with them. Kinda wish I had gotten better results given how much Thompson & Morgan charged for them, but hey, 25 plants from 60 seeds isn't all that bad...I'd guess their retail value would be around $25?. Isn't growing from seed just the greatest & most rewarding thing?! Saves tons of $ and nurturing them from their infancy gives me that warm and fuzzy feelin'.

I can't wait to get em all in the ground this weekend -- a few have even bloomed while in their seed cells under the lights!

Do Petunias bloom until Fall...any special needs they have to get the most out of them? Deadhead, prune back, fertilize at certain times?

Thanks for your advice in advance =)

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beleaf(east Canada)

Congrats.....Try the "Pelleted Seed" next year, much easier to handle. The sure-way to keep 'em blooming is to deadhead regularly and don't crowd them too closely together when you plant, good air circulation between them cuts down on mold, especially during wet periods. Good Luck!!!

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Buy from somewhere else next time. I just used up the last of some 3-year-old seed this spring. I hava 100% germination. If you are going to grow petunias from seed, think about growing the wave series. They don't need deadheading and are the best Petunias I know of from seed.

Fertilise Petunias regularly, deadhead most varieties regularly (although a few are sterile), and they will bloom until the first frosts. Chop back by half if they get really leggy and the flowers slow down in mid-summer.

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seagurl(z6 MA)

I, too, have started petunias from seed for the first time -- the Dolcissima series from Park Seed. My germination rate is also very high--around 99% (not 100 cuz I ended up completely missing a couple of the cells and planting double seeds in others :-0.

I'm surprised at how small they still are. How far from your last frost date did you originally start them? I'm in zone 6 so my last frost date is 4/30 ... and I planted them back in mid-March. I usually don't put out annuals until Memorial Day.

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