A huge pine fell on our forsythia, can it survive?

cgordy(7)February 10, 2013

A huge pine fell on our Forsythia (planted by my great aunt who has long since passed) so we have a lot of sentimental attachment to this plant. The pine was approximately three stories tall and had a forked trunk, the upper middle part of the tree squashed the bush over a week ago. Loggers are coming this week to remove the tree for milling, will the forsythia be able to survive? What can we do?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

It would take a lot more than that to kill a forsythia! This event could even make your shrub even stronger (sort of a natural rejuvenative pruning).

You should go ahead and clean up the broken branches (most likely cutting them to just above ground level). If the pine didn't already take out at least 1/3 of the forsythia branches, go ahead and remove some of the older shoots. I wouldn't remove more than half the total shoots (including what the pine damaged), but, if more than that were involved in the pine incident, don't worry about it at all.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yeah.. i agree.. it is a 'drive it over with the truck plant' .. this beats that.. and STILL WONT KILL IT .. lol ...

cut branches.. and put them in a vase.. and force the flowers..

90% will root is you change the water frequently ...

and if your soil isnt frozen [which i doubt in z7].. just stick a bunch of 12 inchers into the veggie bed.. and 80% will root ...

if you cant root a forsythia.. just give up gardening.. lol ...

aunties memory will live.. i am sure ... the root mass should sprout also ...

the only issue will be what to do with the 50 million rootings you will have.. lol ...


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Thank you both very much!!!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Hahahaha. Yep, nothing will kill forsythia. No worries- chances are it will come back better than ever next year-you need to be patient since the new branches will set buds in the summer for next year.

I agree with Ken. This is the perfect time to pick up those broken branches and plop them in a vase to force flowering. Perfect for brightening a cold winter day.

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