Iris dying?

tomtrivJuly 16, 2010


We moved into this house 7 years ago. It has a lovely little (500 gal?) ornamental gold fish pond. I'm told it has been here for at least 20 years (it even has its own water striders and leeches!)

There is a basket of iris that has done amazing for all these years but now it looks like it may be dying. If it were a normal plant I'd say it needed watering or was getting too much water. It seems to be rotting near at the part where the leaf grows. It flowered this year but now I wonder if it needs to be divided, (it has spread way beyond the little pot on the shelf that keeps it in a few inches of water). Any suggestions or advice on where to look for help would be appreciated. I can try to post pictures if needed.


Newmarket, Ontario

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Definitely needs to be divided. Those things spread like crazy, so I'd pull it up, separate them, and the repot a few of the healthiest looking ones in some fresh soil (clay or ordinary garden soil will do). The others can either be put in separate pots, given away, or tossed.

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Thanks a ton! I know little about gardening and next to nothing about pond plants.

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