Toad pond set up!

robin11034(7b Charlotte)July 4, 2011

Greetings All Y'all!

I have my toad pond, affectionately called Mo-Toad 6, all set up. The pump MAY not be big enough to produce enough ripples to keep the mosquitoes from laying their eggs. I'll post pictures later after I finish "decorating".

I don't really have time to plant some plants around the pond (I'll do that next year), but I kinda did decide that I wanted to put SOME plants IN the pond. The pond is mostly shaded and most of the pond plants I read about need more sun than it gets. I vaguely remember that someone said that hostas loved their pond. Can I buy some hostas and just set them in their pots in the pond?

Robin in NC

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

You can use Mosquito Dunks, you don't have to have a pump in a wildlife pond. They are harmless to pets and other wildlife.

Many pond plants will tolerate shade, my fish pond only gets morning sun and it is lush with plants. Parrot's feather, golden club, azolla, aquatic forget me not, water celery, mare's tail, many different rushes all do fine. Pickeral and waterlilies don't....

Couldn't tell you about hostas, I'm not one to grow non aquatics in the pond.

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The only non-aquatics I've planted in the pond are impatiens, and having experience with them, I feel confident that with soil in the pots, the roots of the hostas will likely rot if they're in a constantly wet environment. Better to buy them barefoot, or you can gently rinse the soil off yourself. Then anchor them in the rocks around the edge of the pond, or if your prefer, fill the pots with small gravel and plant the roots in that.

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I've put hosta in floating foam "islands" before with great success - bare root, no planting medium. I think Nancy has a good idea on anchoring them with gravel or pebbles.

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I've had great luck with growing hostas in the pond, but it's worked better for me if I only allow the roots to be submerged in the water so I usually prop up the plant so that the stems are just above the water. Best of luck!

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robin and nancy,
I'm the one who said Hosta's would grow in water, and I don't think I actually gave a medium for the roots. I do have a Hosta in my stream, so even though it IS in soil, it is in flowing water and only partially covered. It is going strong after 3 years.

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