Getting disappointed when planting zinnia from seed.

bpmontillaApril 19, 2013

Okay, first of all, I live in a tropical country, the Philippines. I have seen zinnia grow here very well. I get really disappointed while planting zinnias by seed because they grow so lanky, and so feeble.

When I grow them, I just basically put some soil in the pot, put the seeds, and then lightly cover the seeds, then I water. But after a few weeks, they grow too high but too lanky and then they just basically lie down and eventually die from i dont really know what.

Could someone please help me? What am I doing wrong and how can i make these zinnia seeds grow and become flowering plants? :(

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

I'm a novice too, so take my advice with a grain of salt- it sounds like they're not getting enough light.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

after a few weeks, they grow too high but too lanky and then they just basically lie down and eventually die

Causes: not nearly enough sun/light, over-crowding, too warm/too much heat.


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Put them in full sun and fertilize them with Miracle Grow, full strength. Pinch the tips off when they have about 4 true leaves...this will make them produce side branches with more flowers. Space the plants about 8 inches (20cm) apart. Pick off the dead flowers so they will keep producing more flowers.

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I replanted the other seeds i still had in a paper egg tray and put it in my windowsill facing the east. They're looking nice even if they're still small. Is it advisable to plant zinnias facing the east?

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these are my zinnia which were wintersown April 8, the picture was taken April 20. As you can see they are not lanky, bec. they have been outside and so have plenty of light. you can go to the winter sowing forum on gardenweb for full directions. It is very easy, and most plants have great germination.


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I'd go with not enough light. I started two zinnias in January when playing just playing around. They were both stocky and healthy, until I killed one with overwatering. The other is still doing well and blooming.

I'm planning to start a bunch soon in 3" pots to transplant out in summer.

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Hi! Can I do wintersowing here in the Philippines?

Anddd, The ones I planted on the egg tray, some of them withered out because i forgot to water them ONCE! Its so hard. :( But they looked like they were growing great. Like I said, I put them on the windowsill on the second floor so they could get sunlight from sunrise to 12pm. Is that fine?

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Hi, im jason from philippines too, im a beginner on zinnias too. i started 20 days ago but unfortunately, the same happens, it is too leggy and weak.

I was told that it lacks of direct sunlight, i already got a tip from a pro with zinnias, he said that in able to start zinnia successfully it will need at least 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness, to achieve that, you may use full spectrum t8 florescent light directed to the plant for four weeks before transplanting them outside.

I will try to germinate another seeds tomorrow and use different method.

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Hi, im lester and i'm from philippines too.... i'm from cebu.! where can i buy zinnia seeds here....? i really love to plant them... Mabuhay!

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This is the first year I am sowing Zinna indoors as well as winter sowing, mostly just as an experiment. I have read that many varieties don't do well as transplants. Last year, I threw a packet down in average soil and lightly covered them. I was AMAZED at the results. They grew fast and were extremely fast to bloom. Because of this, the majority of my seeds are being saved to direct sow. I also plan on sowing them a few weeks apart to lengthen bloom time.

As far as winter sowing in the Phillipines, I am a complete rookie and know nothing about your weather, but I read on one WS forum (possibly even written by the woman who first introduced it) that if it is cool enough to require long sleeves outside at night you can still sow the seeds. My WS zinnas weren't planted until maybe the 1st of this month and I have sprouts. The lows here right now are high 30s-high 40s and the highs are hovering around the 60s.

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Web Loafer

I live in the north-central area of the USofA, and am a huge zinnia lover. May I suggest buying lilliput zinnia seed, or dwarf zinnia seed. I start my zinnia's in Jiffy 7's about 8 weeks before last frost date. The dwarf zinnias are slow to germinate, some of the best colours are the slowest to germinate, so I take that into consideration. When planting out time comes I crowd them in my plantings, and have spectacular results. It is as if they support each other while stretchinig out for more sunlight. Zinnias do need fertile soil and full sun, but the rewards are great. Mine always are lanky, but crowded together they produce long stemmed flowers. I also plant some of the California Giant Zinnia's, and they truly are giants of my garden. Fortunately the seed is available by the ounce or part of ounce at the garden center near me. A fungicide of natural or chemical nature is almost always needed to keep the plants healthy. Like mentioned by others..topping off and deadheading is worth the effort. Yes, zinnias are a great cut flower, and last in bouquets a long time.

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