UV Sterilizer/Clarifier question

kntry5July 18, 2010

Hi everyone. We are seriously considering investing in a uv sterilizer/clarifier for our pond. It sits in full sun all day, and we are at our wits end. We get it cleared up, and it goes back to green again. We have tried every bit of advice on this forum that we could, and although it is getting a tiny bit better, we know whats coming! Our pond is about 1200 gallons. One half is about 13" deep, and the other is 2' deep. Our pump is a sump pump that said that it is for pond use as well. It is 3300 gph. Can someone please recommend a good uv product to us, and also what size. My head is spinning from searching online and getting so many opinions. Also, we have water hyacinth, and water lilies, but they currently cover about 25% of the pond. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I use a Cal UV Clarifier. A 1200 gallon pond would use about an 18 watt clarifier, but your pump is way too powerful. It would need a maximum flow of about 1,000 gallons ph, so you would need a diverter valve or invest in a smaller pump to attach to the clarifier.

I got mine at Best Nest, which gives a good description of the product and requirements. My pond is bigger, though, so I had to go up to the next size.

I'm sure others on the site will give you some other brands. Cal is the only one I've had experience with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Nest Cal

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Thanks for the response. That's what was confusing us so much. We knew the pump was overkill, but didn't think that was a problem. We couldn't even find a uv that would go with that size. We knew what size we needed for the water volume, but not the pump. Thanks for your help!

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While I have a tiny pond compared to yours you may want to consider what I did for my clarifier: I added a second smaller pump just for it, then used the outflow to run a water spitter.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

You can also just tee off some of the water to go to the UV and install another tee after the UV to get the water back to the main line. Install a valve so you can control how much flow goes to the UV. Or get a small Mag drive pump and lay the UV right next to the pond, with the small pump providing the flow and a piece of flexible hose directing the water back to the pond. This set-up makes it really easy to take the UV out of service in the winter when it's not needed.

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I just had to put in a follow up post for everyone that helped me out. Nancym's post got us to thinking about our "powerful" pump. We switched the pump back to our old one that is a 1200 gph, and we can now see the bottom of our pond. The pump stirred everything up so much that nothing could ever settle. I think we have algae particles that are just not getting filtered out because they were just rushing around too fast!! I am almost thinking that we need to find a pump that is a little bit stronger than the 1200 because the waterfall is kind of weak now. The waterfall was really pretty with the strong pump so now I miss that.

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I have a 12,500 gallon pond, what do you recommend fro my pond? I have 2 waterfalls. Unsure of the gph

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Looks like you may be stumbling upon a solution by process of elimination. You might get more feedback if you describe your filter system. A UV is unnecessary in a well-balanced pond environment.


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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I recommend following the manufacturer's rating for pond size and flow. You'd need to know the GPH of your pump to buy a UV unless you're feeling lucky. GPH can be computed with a stop watch and 5 gal bucket.

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Agree with Digger, get the pond in balance, a UV may help you get there a bit quicker than without, and keep waterbug
guy recomendation in mind as well. Depending on piping run, pipe fittings, etc., I look to a pump with double the gph of the pond, which considering the waterfall may or may not be the answer. I have not had a wasterfall of more than about 18 inches so not qualified to comment. I just finished installing a waterwheel and a 2nd pressurized filer on to my system and I know I'm not turning the water every hour as recommended so I'm now into another learning curve s I really need to install a retro bottom drain as well. that may an item that you may want to consider as well.

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Okay, It's been a couple of years, and we have learned a lot. First off, our pump was too fast for the pond. It wasn't giving anything a chance to settle, and just kept stirring it up. Second thing is that I can't stress enough how important it is just to let the pond straighten itself out. We had another huge algea bloom this year and I went right to my usual ways of adding algecide for a quick fix and it went on and on. With the heat, I thought we would never get rid of it. It was the worst this year. We started cleaning the filters every day, and after a few days of removing gunk, the pond is crystal clear and maintaining itself once again. All is peaceful at the pond. This happens every year, and next year I am not going to forget to just let it do it's thing, and clean the filters regularly.


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(Ok, so I totally missed the date of the original post, only noted the most recent date - my bad - but, haha at least i'm not alone).

My stupid mistake acknowledged, just wanted to say THANKS, JUDY for reporting back and sharing your experience. Too few make the effort. Also wanted to highlight this bit of WISDOM...

QUOTE: Second thing is that I can't stress enough how important it is just to let the pond straighten itself out.....next year I am not going to forget to just let it do it's thing, and clean the filters regularly.

Your 'second thing' is the 'first thing' in ponding. Unfortunately, most of us don't learn it til much later. It bears repeating and cannot be stressed enough. Many a new ponder could avoid a lot of grief with a good grasp of this oft mentioned, rarely heeded advice.

I trust you're enjoying your clear water.


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Thanks digger,

Imagine my surprise when this whole thread started up after 2 years!! LOL it's always helpful, no matter how timely, to get good info from fellow ponders. The pond looks great, and I am guessing (fingers crossed) that it will stay this way the rest of the year.

We kept our fish food in a gumball machine by the pond so it would be convenient for guests to throw in a little food when they are over...........a raccoon (I guess) found our little treasure last week, and ripped the hinged lid off the top of the wooden roof we had over the machine. Then it ripped the metal lid off of the gumball machine and cracked all the plastic so it could eat all of our food :( I should probably just be happy that whatever it was, it was that close to our fish and just ate the food instead! I'm glad it didn't notice the beautiful smorgasbord sitting right behind him!!!

Thanks to everyone for their input. Hoping all of your ponds wind up crystal clear like ours is right now. With the heat that we have had here, I'm just taking it one day at a time!


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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

Timeless subject. Keeps coming up, whether old or new post.

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UV Sterilizer/Clarifier are effective in function like the carbon and steel clarfiers available with water and waste water equipment company.

Here is a link that might be useful: Used Lamella Clarifier

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