doing a pond after all

hjbartling(7/southern NJ)July 2, 2011

Made the pond a little smaller. It will be 3.5 ft by 9 ft. By around 22 inches deep. I will be using roof flashing to keep sandy soil from caving in. Pondlady told me to put pump in a bucket with holes and lava rocks on top of the filter and submerse. Would also using a skippy filter be a good idea? I plan to buy my plants ahead of time so they are all ready for when I add the water. Can I just keep them in a bucket of water till ready to use?

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Glad to hear you will be ponding this summer.

I successfully kept my plants in a big blue 20 gal bucket for a couple of weeks while I got the pond ready. Of course by then the eggs that came on them had hatched and I had a big blue bucket full of plants and baby fish :-)

I love my skippy filter. Helps keep the water clean and gives me more water gardening space.

Good Luck

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