Should I sterilize the pots

foolishpleasureApril 12, 2011

From almost 100 plants I have two died. The way thay died it looks like a fungus because the stem was eaten away at the soil level. I stopped watering and has an electric fan blowing air. Looks like the fan is doing good job because things are drying up. I will make some transplanting to save the situation. I sterilized the potting soil I am going to use in the microwave for about 25 minutes. I have old beaten up Polypropylene pots I use from year to year. Should I sterilize these pots too. I saw two weird looking pugs on the squash they are gone in the flush. Is some fungicide or insecticide advisable. The area is completely controlled environment with enough lights.


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rince pots then soak in chlorox it helps. fungicide firs (including heat &/or chlorox) the prime insect that will eat stem at soil level would fungal knats. if found then use soil drinch insecticide.

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I am using now captan to drench teh soil and it seems it is working.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

It sounds like damping off to me. I do use a sterilzed germinating mix for starting seeds, and there is never any harms in sterilizing pots and equipment. As long as any chemicals you use (bleach, etc.) are completely washed off.

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I gave up the sterilization routine after the first couple of years. If I have a problem with damping off it is my fault for not watching the growing conditions close enough. Too warm and/or too moist, with too little air flow promotes damping off. Fungus is everywhere, learn to live with it, by NOT providing the conditions it needs to flourish. Al

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Al - I am relieved to hear some of the experienced gardeners dont bother to sterilize. I didnt even wash mine. They were in the garage all winter so at least -20 degrees. I was hoping that that would kill anything. I just shook out any older soil that was still inside and planted them up. I did use fresh mix. And while I got a tiny bit of damp-off on a couple of things, I dont think it came from the un-sterilized pots.

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