Butterfly bush

inbirdlady(Z5)April 16, 2006

I would like to start several butterfly bushes from seed to plant in a sort of hedge. I understand it may take several weeks for these to germinate. Should several seeds be planted close together or will just one seed form a bush? How quickly do they grow? They will be started in a container and transplanted outside when they are large enough.

Any information will be appreciated. I am in zone 5.

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Nurmey(5 Omaha, NE)

One seed, one giant bush! Mine grew to 4 feet the first year and 7 feet the second year. The sprouts stay tiny for a while before they take off. Once they take off, they grow fast but in zone 5 they die back to the ground every winter.

The first winter I mulched heavily with leaves. Once established they are fine but here in Nebraska they need to get through their first winter with some protection.

To sow, just sprinkle the seeds on the medium and pat them in. I've only started them using the Winter Sowing method, never inside, so I can't give you any tips about that.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Sow them thinly, you don't need very many! They are easy to germinate at room temperature. I've seen it written that they need chilling, but they don't. Don't cover the seed with soil.

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I wonder how you did? I just ordered butterfly bush seeds and I am looking forward to planting them. They sound easy to plant!

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I was going to direct sow mine.it's warming up here but still a little chilly...is this a good idea??

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It's my first time growing butterfly bush from seed and I can say it was relatively easy to get the seeds to germinate. So far so good.

Gardengirlz, I suppose it's okay to direct sow but it may just take longer for the seed to germinate.


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